I’m Calling It. Being Heavily Pregnant in Summer is the Absolute WORST

You know what would be fun?  Being super duper pregnant through the very hottest (and busiest) time of the year!

 Said No Mum Ever.

Yet here we are. Barefoot, pregnant and baking our babies through summer.

Thousands of mums put themselves through the hell (and I mean temperature wise) that is having a summer baby. In 2016 alone, close to 25,000 mums had a baby in December. 24,000 more mums had bub in January, which is equally as hot and awful (but probably a little less Christmas crazy).

This year, I am one of those thousands of mums who forgot how to count when planning for a baby. Fast forward nine long months and now I am waddling back and forth to the final days of school pick up, sweating my arse off through even the easiest of tasks like cutting an apple, and praying my waters don’t break in the Kmart checkout as I purchase Christmas gifts.

I’m hot. I’m sticky. And I’m seriously ALWAYS sweaty.

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What’s to love about being pregnant in summer? Not a whole helluva lot 

While it’s important to think positively during those final days of pregnancy, it’s also important to complain as much as needed. And, today, I choose to whinge my pregnant ass off in hopes other mums feel my pain and send some positive vibes my way. And perhaps a bucket of ice.

You see, I live in Queensland. North Queensland to be exact, where we’ve been hit with a serious heat wave for the past week. It’s 37 degrees by 7am, 42 degrees at noon and, when you factor in the humidity, it’s about 100 degrees hotter. And I know I’m not alone. The mercury levels are rising across the country, making us preggo mammas not only hormonal, but also hot AF. I’m looking at you, Melbourne mammas-to-be!

Truth. I hate everything. 

When you’re extra sweaty, everything is annoying. Strangers are annoying. Family members are annoying. Tasks are annoying. Like showering which leaves you refreshed for a grand total of seven seconds. And unloading the dishwasher, which requires you to bend over AND miss out on the fan hitting you directly in the face.

Shopping is by far the most annoying though. But it has to be done. Because if Santa doesn’t make an appearance then I will be letting my two older kids down. And, even though I hate everything and everyone, my kids are the exception. They deserve a good Christmas, even if their mum has transformed into a whale for the occasion.

So off to the shops we pregnant women waddle, swearing as we enter the busy car park and notice there are no special parks for pregnant women. Seriously, why the EFF is this not a thing in ALL car parks? Heavily pregnant woman parking. Needs to happen people. Like yesterday.

Up the stairs we crawl, sweating before we even hit the air con and over it before we’ve even entered a shop. Yes, ’tis the season to be jolly. But ’tis NOT the season to be pregnant.

Party like you’re pregnant and it’s a trillion degrees out. So, don’t party at all. Go to bed at 8pm instead. 

Of course, being pregnant in summer also means you get to be pregnant during the extra fun festive season. It’s a time when the drinks are flowing and the Christmas parties are pumping. People are merry and bright, half tanked on the dance floor.

And then there’s me and the rest of the poor pregnant souls. Drinking boring soda water, chaffing in the corner, desperately in need of a wee but worried that our feet are too sweaty to walk to the bathroom without slipping in our shoes. #goodtimes.

Water and icy poles – the silver linings to summer pregnancy

But before we all accept defeat, let’s remember that there are some good things about being pregnant in summer. For one, you don’t have to wear much. It’s hot enough to basically live in a bra and boxer shorts when you’re at home.

Being able to float in a pool of water is also a massive plus when pregnant in summer. If you happen to have a pool (which, thank the gods, we do).

And you can eat ALL the kids’ icy poles without feeling guilty. You need them more than they do. Except for the green ones. They can keep those.

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Keep the end goal in mind – NOT being pregnant in winter

So, to all the pregnant mammas with summer babies on the way, enjoy those icy poles and keep on floating on. We’re almost through the worst of it! Soon we’ll be holding our squishy newborns and probably sweating as we attempt to breastfeed them in the heat.

But, hey, at least we won’t be pregnant anymore! And at least we can chase that heat away with an icy cold cider (if we can time it right!).

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.

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