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Pregnant Mum Given Just Hours to Live after Shopping Centre Attack

Diane Miller’s family is preparing to say goodbye after a horrific and brutal incident at outside a Perth shopping centre. Diane, 30, was hit in the head by a piece of concrete in what police deem as an “unprovoked” shopping centre attack.

Diane is mum to an eight-month-old son, Lloyde, and is five months pregnant with her second baby. She is now in the ICU at Perth hospital. Today doctors shared the heartbreaking news that the mum is considered brain dead with only hours to live.

UPDATE: Friday 11:30AM DECEMBER 2: We at Mum Central are saddened to report that Diane and her unborn baby have passed away in hospital. 

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Diane is now in the ICU unlikely to survive. Source: Nine News

What happened? 

The attack occurred outside Waterford Plaza on Tuesday night. Police explained that Diane’s partner, who was driving the car, became involved in an altercation between two groups of teens.

The teens were blocking the car when the confrontation broke out.

It is alleged that one of the boys, a 17-year-old, threw a piece of concrete through the open front passenger-side window. It hit Diane in the temple, knocking her unconscious immediately and sending her into cardiac arrest.

According to Diane’s brother, Malcolm Clifton,

“All I heard is there was an argument, and my sister told them to go away, and as they drove off, someone threw a brick through the window,” he said.

“She didn’t even see it coming. It hit her straight in the temple. We are destroyed. We want these people, whoever they are, brought to justice.”

shopping centre attack
A devastated Malcolm spoke to media outside the hospital. Source: Nine News

Police officers and members of the public performed CPR on the woman until paramedics arrived and transported her to Royal Perth Hospital.

Unlikely to survive

Her family has since confirmed the devastating news that she and her unborn child are “unlikely to survive”.

“Her brain is swollen, it’s swollen too much,” Mr Clifton said. “They’re going to keep monitoring her brain. If it keeps swelling it’s going to stop the blood going to her brain. She’s going to end up brain dead and once that happens, she’ll be dead and the baby will die.”

Diane is five months pregnant and was planning on finding out the gender next week. According to her brother, Diane was in a good place before the attack.

“She just got on her feet, she just got a house, everything was working out for her and now everything is gone.”

Who was responsible?

The teenager who hit Diane with the brick was not known to her. He is now being charged with grievous bodily harm and breaching bail.

“The assault including the melee were unprovoked,” Baddock said. “I put it down to senseless unprovoked violence.”

Baddock said the teenagers had “gone out looking for trouble” and “found it”.

The 17-year-old accused appeared in Perth Children’s Court yesterday and was remanded in custody. Inspector Brett Baddock said other people involved in the alleged altercation may also be charged. They include teens and adults in their late 20s. 

Police said their investigation was ongoing and detectives urged anyone who saw the incident, or who has footage of it, to contact Crime Stoppers.

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