This Cake Hack Fit For a Princess (No Skills Required, PHEW!) is Breaking the Internet

When this mum delivers birthday cake, boy does she deliver. But hang on she doesn’t actually bake a thing. And it only takes her 5 minutes. WHAT?!

Yep, this clever mama performed the ultimate princess cake hack AND she tells us all how to do it too!

Who doesn’t love an epic cake hack story?

Olivia White is a mum of two, Bella and Teddy. When Teddy turned three, naturally cake was a must. After all, if you don’t have cake, is it even your birthday? Turns out, Olivia is also some sort of magical cake hacker extraordinaire.

Exhibit A: The Princess castle cake

Olivia comments on her Facebook post: “Hacked two Woolworths cakes, slapped the Red Velvet Cake and Marble Block Cake together… put together with a few trimmings… to a princess cake fit for my little princess. It only cost me around $20 (even with a spare cake and extra icing needed) 💃🏼 How did I do mamas?”. Erm, how did you go Olivia? Outstandingly, I’d say. I for one am standing, applauding and throwing confetti Olivia, you bloomin’ nailed that cake, girlfriend.

Princess castle cake hack

The 5 minute cake hack

I’m hedging my bets (if going by what Olivia says is 100% accurate, that this cake hack takes only FIVE minutes – and who am I to question it?) it’s going to take you longer to get around the Woolies aisles, through the checkout and home again, than what it is to construct this epic castle cake. So have your basket ready.

Princess cake hack

We’ve done the calculations and all of the cake requirements come in at $30.15 – I think we can unanimously agree, that’s a REAL STEAL for a princess cake. Not to mention, great for anyone on a strict birthday party budget.

Let them all eat cake!

Proving Olivia really is nice as pie cake and not just hacking cakes for the ‘gram, this wonderful cake-loving lady goes on to share on her blog, all the details on what to buy and how to construct your very own princess castle cake. For all the nitty gritty construction bits, check out Olivia’s Instagram highlights, they’re saved there. Thanks Liv, LIFE SAVER.

Nailed it

If the look on Teddy’s sweet face is anything to go by, we’re safe to assume this is one three-year-old princess who adored the princess castle cake her mummy made her. All hail the cake hack!

Princess cake hack

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