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Save Money, Time and Food Waste with Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods

Hands up if like me, you have jars of pasta sauce remnants in the fridge. Or perhaps you have no hope of finishing a jar of tomato paste days after opening it. And those apples that travel back and forth to school all week that no one wants to eat? ENOUGH. Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods are a GAMECHANGER.

Food wastage be GONE

I’m the first to admit that my fridge can sometimes be a space for food items in varying stages of decay. There, I said it. It’s because I hate to throw anything out. I have excellent intentions of using up that last bit of pizza sauce / coconut milk / extremely soft whoops-I-left-them-in-the-car blueberries. AND I KNOW IT’S NOT JUST ME.

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods
No more jar remnants left to die in the fridge. FREEZE THEM PRONTO!

Sadly it’s these good ‘saving for later’ foods that ultimately get pushed to the back of the fridge and as a result: food wastage. UGH.

Freezer Portion Pods To The Rescue

I’m making a promise to myself this year to make an ABSOLUTE effort to minimise unnecessary food wastage. And to do that, it’s best to be prepared. Meal prep for family cooking is brilliant for saving time and freezing leftovers (big and small) is awesome for reducing food waste and ultimately saving money! And these Freezer Portion Pods from Progessive Prokeeper are going to save me.

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods
Save those well travelled lunch box apples and stew them for later.

Built To Survive Freezing Conditions

The price point of the Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods reflects their amazing quality, it really does. There’s nothing flimsy about these freezer gems. Designed to be reused constantly, the Freezer Portion Pods won’t become brittle with constant exposure to sub-zero freezer temps. They’ll show up to do the job every time – they LOVE the freezer climate.

BPA-free materials are used to make the Freezer Portion Pods so I can rest easy knowing there are no hidden nasties leaching into our food. Not only that, the soft silicone lids and plastic pod trays can even go through the dishwasher for easy and time-saving cleanup. WINNING!

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods
Stack Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods high and save space!

Don’t have a lot of space? The silicone lid sits flat against the pod contents, preventing freezer burn and allow the pods to be stacked. This combined with the slimline design, makes the most of valuable space, no matter the size of your freezer!

A Freezer Portion Pod for EVERY. THING.

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods come in four sizes and I can confidently say I have found uses for all of them. I have used them at all stages of cooking – from making and storing stocks and baby purees to freezing leftover sauces, even gravy and the ProKeeper provides perfectly sized portions every time.¬† Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of their uses:

Two Tablespoon capacity Freezer Portion Pods ($29.95, set of two)

The two tablespoon portions are awesome for freezing all the little things!

  • Tomato paste
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pizza sauce
  • Curry pastes
  • Fruit purees
  • Vegetable purees
  • Ice cubes with leftover berries
  • Lemon juice
  • Preserving herbs in ice
  • Flavoured butters.

I can make the most of my basil plants by making and freezing pesto now too. YUM.

Half cup capacity Freezer Portion Pods ($29.95)

  • Coconut milk
  • Cooking stock
  • Sauces and wine for cooking
  • Espresso coffee for Friday night espresso martinis!

¬†Furthermore, this is a great option for freezing and portioning bulk mince meat – plus it’s quicker to defrost!

1 cup capacity set Freezer Portion Pods ($29.95)

Dinner size portions of

  • Baby food
  • Stewed fruit
  • Individual portions of mac and cheese for quick school lunches
  • Soup
  • Pre-made smoothies (just pop in a cup to defrost overnight, shake and slurp!).

If you’re going on holiday and haven’t finished the milk in the fridge, freeze it in a Freezer Portion Pod to save it from spoiling!

2 cup capacity set Freezer Portion Pods ($29.95)

The two cup Freezer Portion Pod is perfect for storing ALL THE LEFTOVERS! Two cups is generally a generous portion for an adult. These Portion Pods make lunches or quick dinners of leftovers super easy. Just pop them out, defrost and heat! Similarly, if you cook tomato pasta sauces from scratch – this is the tray for preserving that deliciousness.

Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods
Perfectly portioned pesto!

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So What Do I Really Think of Progressive ProKeeper Portion Pods?

Honestly, the Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods are kitchen GEMS and worth their weight in gold. They’ll soon pay for themselves with what I’ll be saving in no longer throwing out half tins of coconut milk. Huzzah!

I found the capacity markings in the base of each Freezer Portion Pod really handy. They leave an easy to read embossed marking on the frozen food. I can then empty the contents into another container and know EXACTLY how much coconut milk (for example) I have – no more guesswork.

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Measurements – SO HANDY!

And speaking of no more guesswork, the tabs on the silicone lids can be written on with a marker (and easily wiped off) so there’s no mistaking butter chicken sauce for pumpkin soup when it’s labelled. No more surprise dinner mix-ups for us.

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Save time and have baby and toddler food at the ready!

So in short, I love them, but will anyone else? YOU BET. I ADORE practical gifts – I think a Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pod set and a baby or toddler cookbook would make an awesome baby shower gift!

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Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods

9.8Progressive ProKeeper Freezer Portion Pods


  • Reduces food waste
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to freeze and use portions
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Space saving!
Easy to clean
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mum centralStart saving time and money today while putting an end to food waste! Progressive Prokeeper Freezer Portion Pods are priced $29.95 and available from Howards Storage World. Shop them in-store or online.

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