The Bank of Bubbles: Prosecco ATM Opens in London

Our prayers have been answered. You can now make a withdrawal of bubbles from a prosecco ATM. That’s right ladies, it’s an ATM, but instead of dispensing money, it dispenses wine. #SoMuchYES!

This may seem like a joke but it’s actually not. This is actually a thing. And the timing couldn’t be better!

Vagabank Wine atm
Source: Vagabond Wines/ Facebook

Cheese hotel and a wine ATM

Last week we shared a story about a new cheese hotel opening in London. The hotel is loaded with cheesy decor, from cheese soap to cheese wallpaper and, of course, a platter full of Fromage to taste test.

Well, now you can pair your cheese with a glass of bubbles thanks to this incredible wine-dispensing ATM.

The bank of bubbles

It’s also located in London in front of the new wine restaurant Vagabond. The wine restaurant itself boasts a massive selection of wines and beers to try while the machine, which sits outside, dispenses all the bubbly you could ever need. Because let’s face it, we could all use a glass of fizz when wandering the streets of London.

The restaurant has dubbed their ATM the “Vagabank” which, sounds a bit like a bank of vaginas, but, hey, it serves cold wine on command so we’re cool with it.

Wine ATM on London
A glass of bubbles for the road? Don’t mind if I do. Source: Vagabond Wines/Facebook

Honestly, if this isn’t a reason to hop on a plane to London ASAP, I don’t know what is!

So, let’s all raise our glasses and toast to the Bank of Bubbles. May we one day make it over to London to experience it.

If you’re not ready to embark on the long-haul flight to the UK, then how about making your very own wine-dispenser at home? This clever woman transformed her fridge’s water dispenser into a wine dispenser. Water to wine. Yep. She’s a modern-day Jesus and we are ALL for it.

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