Best Hack Ever! Woman Turns Fridge Water Filter into Wine Dispenser

Yes. Water to wine. She’s pretty much the new-age Jesus. 

Follow her ingenious wine hack idea and, you too, can have cold vino on tap, all the time!

There are A LOT of amazing hacks out there. These Kmart cubby house hacks are pretty brilliant. And this post-birth hack is another winner in our eyes (and for our post-birth lady bits). But, British blogger, Clare Potts, officially became the hacking master of the century with her water-to-wine dispenser.

Clare Potts wine hack

‘My adult life just peaked’

The British blogger shared her wine hack on Twitter, explaining that the decision came after buying a new fridge.

“We’ve just bought a house and we’re in the process of buying all the grown up things we need,” Clare explains. “My boyfriend Joe was telling me [the fridge] came with a wine rack and I just said ‘why don’t we just put it in the water cooler?’

It seemed like the obvious thing to do.”

So how does it work?

Exactly the same as a fridge water dispenser where you need to add your own water. Except you add wine to the water tank. Then, simply replace the lid, close the fridge and you’ve got your very own personal goon bag.

Wine hack goes viral… because #wineislife

The world has gone mental over the super simple solution with Clare’s tweet receiving hundreds of thousands of shares, retweets and comments. And rightfully so!

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