We all have a stretch mark or two (okay, several) on our bodies that can sometimes leave us feeling a little bit blah. Of course, we try to embrace them, but how nice if we could minimise or reduce those scars and stretch marks.

And imagine if we could tackle marks and dry skin without having to spend a fortune or use a product that might damage our skin even more.

Well, now we can, thanks to the all-natural P’URE Papayacare Skin Range. This latest skincare find has our entire Mum Central team cheering.

Cheer along with us and witness just how amazing your skin can really look (even after growing a baby or two) as we give away 10 P’URE Papayacare Prize Packs.

Each prize pack comes with three all natural different skincare products including:

  • P’URE Renew Cream (seriously, this stuff is a MUST for every pregnant mamma out there!)
  • P’URE Vapour Balm (designed to open up the airways and breathe easy again)
  • P’URE Papaya Ointment (perfect for dry, damaged, cracked skin, lips and even nipples)

All three are 100% natural, safe for the whole family, formulated by naturopaths and made using only skin-friendly ingredients like organic herbs and nourishing oils. Plus, they will leave your skin looking and feeling awesome! tell-me-more

pure-papaya-ointmentDo you know what’s in the products you put on your skin?

Many of us don’t. But many of the skincare products on the market aren’t exactly natural. Or safe.

Heaps of skin care products contain things like petroleum and silicone. Mineral oil, which is a by-product of the petroleum industry, is especially worrying as it doesn’t provide any nutrients or hydration to the skin. It simply coats the skin, blocking its ability to breathe and rebalance.

A 2011 study in the Journal of Women’s Health reported:

“There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body, amounting to approximately 1 gram per person. Possible routes of contamination include air inhalation, food intake, and dermal [skin] absorption.”

Other skin product nasties out there include ingredients like palm oil, which results in damaging deforestation as well as, phthalates and parabens, which are not only harmful to your skin, but also to bub.

In a study, researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in August and September of 2004 in US hospitals.

Scary, right?

So, the founders at P’URE decided to do something about it.Given the main paw paw product on the market contained 96% petroleum jelly, they set out to create a truly natural paw paw product which didn’t exist. P’URE Papayacare Ointment was born.

Pure Papayacare Papaya Ointment Range

5 Reasons we love the P’URE Papayacare Range 

Sure, there are heaps of skin care products on the market, but here’s what we especially love about P’URE Papayacare.

1. It works!

Yes. P’URE Renew really does go to work to help soothe and smooth stretch mark and scars. It’s vegan friendly, ethically formulated and Natural certified.

2. It’s super safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Papaya Renew gives mums a natural choice to the standard mineral oil based products out there. Instead it uses Gotu Kola, which is scientifically proven to help decrease inflammation as well as stimulate healthy collagen formation.

Each tube also contains silky butters and oils like shea butter, rosehip and macadamia oils as well as Australian Organic Fermented Papaya, which gently exfoliates skin and promotes healing and skin renewal.

3. It’s great for nipples too!

P’URE Renew is your go-to for stretch marks. But P’URE Papaya Ointment is also a must for all mums, especially mums with dry, cracked and irritated skin. It’s great for lips and even on your nipples to ease the damage from breastfeeding.

4. You can even use it on bub!

Plus, P’URE Papaya Ointment is also effective to soothe nappy rash and cradle cap too.

5. It clears your head

P’URE Vapour Balm is a great product to keep in the medicine cabinet, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. Best of all, it’ll open up the airways and you can breathe easy again.

Aussie made and owned, P’URE Papayacare products are certainly worth a try.
We just know you are going to love them as much as we do!


What others are saying

We’re not the only ones who think so. Check out a few of these testimonials from happy customers:

  • “Oh. My. GAWD. I was AMAZED at how my skin responded to it!” – Katie
  • “Worked so well given my stretch marks were already 2yr postpartum before I started using it. My skin is feeling a lot softer and I can definitely notice the difference.” – Toni 
  • “I have severe eczema on my hands. I’ve used it twice only (last night and this morning) and [notice] the difference already.”-  Robyn
  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.” – John 


Get your own P’URE Papayacare Prize Pack. We have ten packs to give away, each valued at $52.97, with all three products.

Simply fill in the form to enter. And be sure to head over to P’URE for more information about their all-natural range.

Win 1 of 10 P’ure PapayaCare Skin Care Prize Packs, valued at over $50 each!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Papaya renew for stretch marks is my must have , to help banish my tiger stripes from having big babies.

    • I havent had opportunity to try their products as yet. Im sure i would be difficult to have just one favorite

    • Shannon McCarroll Reply

      I received a sample of the VapourBalm when I visited my local pharmacy when I was quite run down and it was so soothing and helpful!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      P’URE Vapour Balm would be perfect for the upcoming winter. With 3 kids, there I s always one with a cold or stuffy nose. If it’s not them, than it is my partner or Myself.

    • Love the Pure Papaya Range – just makes my skin so soft to the touch anf gloowss

    • Awesome. Love to try these products. Never have. So great opportunity. I have skin on me like a Crinkle cut potato chip. Ha! Ha!

  2. Papaya ointment is my must have- I use it every night before bed on my lips and hands

  3. Any of the products would be awesome. I need something to repair my dry, cracked hands


    A Triple whammy – Things come in 3’s. Well this is my PERFECT 3. So useful for the whole family. This is all we need to keep our bodies healthy – inside and out.

  5. I would choose the P’URE renew to try get rid of some of my many stretch marks but also to soothe my dry and irritated skin. They all sound heavenly

  6. Papaya renew would be my go to. Gotta keep those hands from drying out after so many nappy changes!

  7. Ointment! My belly and breats have been so itchy since the beginning of my second trimester.

  8. My must have is the papaya ointment, don’t leave home without it.
    Must admit havent tried the others but would love the chance.

  9. Sarah mary Reply

    P’URE renew would be my pick. I would love to see the difference papaya makes to my stretch marks

  10. Courtney Pascoe Reply

    Definitely the Papaya Renew Cream… Perfect for my scars and dry skin, i’m really trying to look after my skin after a few years of disregarding it!

  11. Papaya Ointment – I live in the remote outback but don’t want my skin to look like I do! P’URE products soothe dry, irritated, wind-burnt skin – bliss!

  12. Lisa Phillips Reply

    All of them! To help with my troublesome owrn out skin! Would love to use for my babes aswell.

  13. ross powell Reply

    renew, my choice, pure and soothing, always does the trick, dry old crocodile skin no more

  14. Krystle McCarthy Reply

    P’URE Papaya Ointment – great all rounder for FTM!

  15. Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    Have never tried it but would love something to help rid me of Stretch Marks

  16. Wendy Hatton Reply

    P’URE Papaya Ointment for me. I have very dry skin so a chemical free product is exactly what I look for.

  17. Must have would be Papaya Renew Cream as I have a 4 week old baby via c-section and would love to have minimal visual scarring and also to keep my skin smooth

  18. Vapour – I just stocked up last week … I am converted! It is my household’s MUST-HAVE go-to every winter because it smells fantastic, does not leave a greasy residue and does not have lumps in the formula like other natural balms on the market.

  19. I haven’t actually tried any of the P’URE PapayaCare range, but I’m deeply curious about it. I’ve heard a lot of good things and it’s been recommended to me before, I just haven’t had the time to hunt it down in stores yet.

  20. The Papaya Renew cream would renew my dry and itchy skin beautifully.

  21. Leah Saunders Reply

    I would love to try the renew, to see if it makes a difference to my stretch marks and the vapour balm to help ease my frequently blocked nose.

  22. Emma-Leigh Reply

    Papaya Renew Cream is my go-to, must have product. Having had stretch marks since I was an adolescent, well before having children, anything to improve my skin boosts my confidence by miles.

  23. Alex's mum Reply

    Since I lost my son, I felt like I aged 20 years overnight. I admit I haven’t been kind to myself since in terms of looking after my skin & it’s become incredibly dry & patchy. I have paid alot of money for expensive hydrating moisturisers & have found supermarket brands better but nothing is being kind to my skin. I remember when I got a tattoo, I used paw paw ointment on it & it healed & moisturised beautifully so I can only imagine what Papaya Renew Cream would do for my skin understanding that they are different fruits but from the same species. I’d love to try this!

  24. Papaya Renew Cream as it has lots of healing properties for my dry skin!

  25. I’ve only tried the P’URE Vapour Balm and it is amazing. I would love to win so I can try out some of the other amazing products on offer.

  26. jane gardam Reply

    I haven’t actually used this particular brand of pawpaw ointment but would certainly love to try it. I use pawpaw ointment on my daughter who has eczema , and find it is most helpful especially on the inflamed areas.

  27. I would love to try the Papaya Renew cream. As much as I embrace my stretch marks and love the reason they are there.. I would also love to reduce them! I would also love to try it on other scars that I have including my c-section scar!

  28. The Papaya Renew cream for my csection scar! I have literally tried and tested everything on the market and nothing seems to be cutting it, so I would love to give this a shot

  29. Nicole Woods Reply

    The Vapour Balm sounds like exactly what I need right now… I have so much pressure in my head, and the doctor thinks it may be related to my sinuses. She suggested those nasal sprays, but I absolutely hate using them because the stuff always goes down my throat and makes me gag.

  30. P’URE Papaya Ointment would be perfect to try on my dry skin. I’ve had trouble finding a good product.

  31. Linda Pepper Reply

    I have heard and read great reviews about pure papaya care and i would love to be able to give it a go myself. I have many skin flaws from stretch marks, dry skin, eczema so the cream and ointment would be perfect to help ease my flaws. The vapour would be fantastic to help my kids as last years winter was a nightmare for this mumma bear. Hospital visits and minimal sleep due to blocked noses.

  32. Jenny Wright Reply

    Definitely the Papaya Ointment. I carry with me everywhere, it’s perfect as a handcream, lip balm and to soften elbows

  33. Nichole McKee Reply

    Papaya Ointment, it just has so many uses from bites to dry lips and skin and everything inbetween. A magic stellar multi purpose product

  34. My favourite item is the vapor balm. Being winter in Melbourne, both my kids are constantly picking up a sniffle and cough, so this would be amazing to have in our cold and flu kit.

  35. Karina Lee Reply

    Papaya ointment. I use this on everything and it works! I can’t live without ointment in my bag!

  36. Sarah Blockley Reply

    The Pure Papaya ointment – I run 35 km every week in Tasmania – it’s often windy or cold/dry, my poor lips are often left dry and cracked and I’m constantly having to treat them. I’d be happy to discover a more effective, longer lasting product!

  37. Wow that looks great, the cream would work so well for my psoriasis which gives me dry itchy skin!

  38. Sarah Robinson Reply

    The Papaya ointment sounds perfect for my dry hands, And the Vapour balm, because winter is coming!

  39. Papaya renew – i always seem to have dry skin, so i’d love to try this product out to see if it would help me.

  40. Donna Bennett Reply

    The Papaya ointment to me is a miracle cream that is always in my first aid cabinet at home also in my hand bag. Great for so many ailments especially dry or cracked lips, nappy rash or when my families skin is dry, itchy or irritated. It soothes immediately, also great for chafing the relief is instant! Love the range!

  41. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    The renew cream sounds divine I need this for my scars and stretch marks

  42. I would LOVE something that can reduce my stretch marks. And to be able to use it on the kids would be a big bonus.

  43. Kim Hardacre Reply

    I’d love to use Papaya renew as my skin is always so dry and with winter on its way it’s 10 times dryer.

  44. I love the sound of all those lovely natural ingredients and my skin gets itchy and dry on my hands , arms, legs etc I would really to experience this product on my skin

  45. Maria Gillies Reply

    Haven’t tried these products yet and I would love to try them all!!! If I had to choose one, at the moment, I would choose the Vapour Balm as I have a terrible head cold and with Winter trying to break through, I could do with this in my medicine cupboard for the family to share, if they need it!!!

  46. Please Renew my 40 year old skin! Two kids later, not enough time spent on myself.

  47. Have just started using the Vapour Balm and love it! I didn’t even realise there were other balms. Would love to try the other two and gift the winning vapour rub to a friend with a baby

  48. Danielle Wilkins Reply

    I’d love to try the Renee for my stretch marks, that are currently growing bigger and darker. I know they’ll fade but I’d love to try this natural goodness to see if it helps

  49. Carol Rittner Reply

    Papaya Ointment with Calendula, A very healing and gentle ointment.

  50. P’URE Papayacare is the product I would love to try as I’ve heard amazing things about it and as I’ve recently become a nanna it will be perfect for the little one

  51. Papaya Renew would be awesome for my aging 40 year old skin. Gentle and oh so luscious.

  52. Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    This cream sounds like just what I need ! I sink know if it’s menopause or what but my skin has gone very dry lately !
    I need rehydration !!

  53. Nicole Williams Reply

    The products sound amazing, I need to try these and have them in my life.

  54. I would love to try Renew for my body which has changed a lot because of my decision to become more lean and fit!

  55. I just purchased the vapour balm today and am so in love. My children are amazed that they can breathe again

  56. It would definitely have to be the P’URE Renew Cream as I have a lot of scars on my legs and I love that it is a sensitive skin formula. I also have quite a few stretch marks that I would like faded, so that I would feel comfortable to wear a bikini again.

  57. Mary Preston Reply

    The P’URE Renew tops my list. I think some of my scars have scars. All of the products sound amazingly helpful and safe.

  58. I haven’t tried any of these P’URE products as yet, so would love to win some of their products to try as they sound amazing for me & my bubs who both have sensitive skin

  59. As a first time expectant mum I’m keen to try as much as I can to look after my skin while pregnant. The P’URE Renew sounds right up my alley! Would love to be able to try it on bubs, too!

  60. Kate Slack Reply

    Papaya ointment i would love to try this on my sons cradle cap to see if i can get rid of it once and for all.

  61. Julie Parsons Reply

    The Papya ointment as it’s great for everything from insect bites, to skin irritations. I use it to combat the skin issues I get as a result of being in my wheelchair.

  62. Papaya ointment to soothe and protect my skin against the elements.

  63. Maree Gray Reply

    The papaya ointment is just what I need for my poor lips which really cop a beating once the weather cools down

  64. Tess Doyle Reply

    I’d love to try out the vapour balm. So great to have a more natural cold remedy, especially one that is safe to use on my children’s sensitive skin

  65. The Papaya Renew as three months ago I had surgery to remove a melanoma in my upper arm. I had 15 stitches and the scar is still red and raised… I’m thinking (& hoping) the Renew could work its miracles on my scar!

  66. i am so desperate to try anything that will reduce the inflammation on my hands.

  67. Jaime Thompson Reply

    Papaya vapour balm sounds like the perfect antidote to upcoming winter colds!

  68. With Winter on its way, Im sure the P’URE Vapour Balm will make life & breathing easier!

  69. I would love to try the Papayacare products, especially the cream to treat nappy rash and cradle cap on my son.

  70. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    P’URE Papaya Ointment perfect for dry cracked lips would love to win this and share with my daughter who is expecting her first baby in October

  71. Danielle Tassan Reply

    I love the Pure Papaya ointment as it’s great for so many uses.

  72. Renew cream – I just had spinal surgery and they went in through the front of my neck… just another scar to add to my collection.

  73. Charlene Hutchinson Reply

    Ooh, always looking for new things to try for sensitive skin

  74. Leanne Richardson Reply

    P’URE Papaya Renew would be wonderful must have for me. After losing 45kgs I have quite a few stretch marks that would benefit from using this awesome treatment.

  75. Papaya RENEW cream would be my go to. Ever since high school I have had deep pitted acne scarring from a horrendous puberty. At 28, I am looking for a product to visibly reduce & fade all my scars from my war torn teen years.

  76. With winter coming up the Vapour Balm will be a wonderful addition to the natural medicine cabinet.

  77. Louise Patterson Reply

    P’URE Papaya Ointment is great for dry lips, especially in winter.

  78. With winter coming and I hate Vick’s vapour is love to try out the p’ure vapour balm for me and the kids.

  79. Nicola James Reply

    The Papaya ointment with Calendula has been marvelous on a strange inflammation around my mouth over the last few months. Nothing the doctor gave me worked, but this Papaya ointment was slowly calmed it down and it has nearly disappeared – thrilled! I need a new tube!

  80. I’ve been searching for a product that is organic yet effective for my dry and cracked skin. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments and the effectiveness of this product so I would love to try P’URE Papaya Ointment for myself.

  81. I’d love the Papaya Renew Cream to help reduce the likelihood of getting stretch marks. This is my second pregnancy and boy am I much larger than I was first time round and I stilk have 3 months until I meet bubs.

  82. Papaya ointment. In the dry winter, my lips need its care a lot.

  83. Papaya renew will kill two birds with one stone. My Stretch marks and babys cradle cap

  84. Ointment would be wonderful to help my cracked nipples and my baby girls cradle cap

  85. P’URE Papaya Ointment because I need something to soothe my horrendously dry skin, especially now we’re getting into winter!

  86. Vapour balm sounds like it’s going to be my best friend during this cold season. Sinus be gone!!!

  87. I’ve always used the ointment for dry lips and also find it amazing for any skin ailments! It’s my ‘fix all’ treatment for my toddler now too!

  88. The Papaya ointment because my skin often has dry scaly patches since going through the menopause.Also dry cracked lips especially in winter.

  89. Sonia Chang Reply

    Nothing better than enjoying Papaya ointments for improving dry skin conditions in the cool season. It has no artificial fragrances, chemicals and Australia made . I keep it in my handbag for a lipgloss, itchy skin and moisturiser. It can be used for all skin types. My husband has diabetes, he used for wound care. The Papaya ointment is truly a beautiful ointment for everything and everyone.

  90. The renew cream, to help with my stretch marks, scars and patches of dry skin. Finally something that is natural and works!

  91. I love to try the P’URE Papaya Ointment. It would be perfect for my cracked feet that hubby keeps threatening to take the sander to when I rub my feet on his in bed. I’m constantly reminded there is nothing sexy about that not to mention all the bed sheets I seem to be going through!!! lol!

  92. Sarah Wallace Reply

    The balm sounds really interesting. I have dry skin and with winter around the corner this would be very handy! I’d love to have a product that actually works!

  93. I have very dry skin that often cracks and I honestly think these products would be wonderful and a truly great relief to me.

  94. Papaya renew is my must have product. Being my first pregnancy I was overwhelmed with the amount of products that was suggested but nothing natural. I was so glad that I found this product and tell everyone who asks what they could use.

  95. keri smith Reply

    I’d love to try the renew for my rough dry and sun damaged skin

  96. Papaya renew will be the one! This could be our beauty saver to save me and my sister from stretch marks and scars!

  97. The Papaya Renew sounds wonderful – I have such dry skin. If it could reduce my stretch marks a bit too, that’d be wonderful – but it’s the moisturising properties I’m most interested in.

  98. Nat Hollis Reply

    My 7 yr old son gets excema, particularly bad during the winter months.
    We have found papaya to be a great barrier for his skin. It helps relieve the itch and reduces the dry patches!
    The ointment would be perfect for this!

  99. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The P’URE Vapour Balm, we have a lot of issues here with sinus problems and feeling unable to breathe at night, so this would be a godsend! Being gentle on the skin too would be soothing and comforting.

  100. Rita Maguire Reply

    Would gift this to my daughter who is a new mummy-to-be. She has had dry skin issues all her life (due to a dodgy thyroid) and we both love to use chemical free products when we can.

  101. The papaya renew cream would be perfect for the upcoming winter which always leaves me with dry hands!

  102. Viny Vabriany Reply

    Papaya Renew perfect for dry and sensitive skin, for me and my children

  103. Jessica Maloney Reply

    P’URE Renew Cream, because as a girl doing swing dance, no one needs or wants to see my stretch marks when I’ve being spun around the room!

  104. sue petrie Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm as it is great to help mebreath on my sinus days

  105. Jeanette Latter Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm because having facial cancer it helps me to breath. Also the natural ingrediants, no petroleum. no preservatives are healthier for me.

  106. Would love to sample the papaya ointment my skin is like a snake shedding now that winter is here my skin just cracks and drys out no matter what I do!

  107. Mick Tebeck Reply

    This stuff is great for so many things! Our family has used paw paw products for many years! Would love to try some of these products!

  108. P’URE Papaya Ointment sounds amazing and I would love to win some as the space in my hand bag / kid supply bag is limited and a just one bottle of magic ointment – which could be used for such a multitude conditions would be fantastic!

  109. Michelle Budge Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm. Both my husband and myself suffer from sinus and allergies. The Vapour Balm is the only product we will use to clear our sinus passages. A must have for every family.

  110. Tabatha Voss Reply

    P’URE Papaya Ointment is just want my lips cry out for when the odd Aussie climate leaves them dry and sad

  111. I’d love to try these products to help me feel fresh and confident after childbirth.

  112. Michelle Ward Reply

    Papaya Renew is perfect for my dry parched skin. I even love it for my face and it is gentle enough not to flare up my rosacea.

  113. P’URE Renew would be great for my sensitive skin and I love that it helps decrease inflammation because who doesn’t feel a little puffy every now and then.

  114. Justine Drake Reply

    p’ure renew for my hands so dry,
    at this point – I would give anything a try!

  115. Christina L Reply

    Ointment. You can use it absolutely anything and everything and works such a treat.

  116. Lesley Olariu Reply

    The Pure Vapour Balm would be a godsend when feeling clogged up and sniffly with a cold or hay fever!

  117. PURE Papaya Renew – with dry skin this cream is superb, soothes and calm my dry and sensitive skin, my skin adores it.

  118. stephen elsworthy Reply

    I would love the vapor balm to help clear up my sinuses as other products are either too harsh or just dont work

  119. Renew ceam, excema, acne scars need attention for my own self confidence

  120. Carlin Lee Reply

    As someone with dry and sensitive skin, I would love to win the ointment, as this sounds like just what my poor skin needs!

  121. Papaya renew for scars, my sister has a huge scar on her stomach from surgery as a baby and I’d gift it to her for confidence

  122. I use the lovely wonderful papaya ointment on my sons head. He has one dry spot that flakes and this makes it go away and not itch.

  123. P’URE Renew Cream! I am currently pregnant with my first and trying my best to avoid those dreaded stretch marks.

  124. nicole larsen Reply

    Have heard amazing things about this product and would love to try it

  125. Stephanie P Reply

    Definitely the P’URE Vapour Balm. Winter hits hard in our house! With a 2 year old in day care who picks up every sniffle, cough and cold that goes around the centre we struggle through the colder months. I am also pregnant with baby number 2 and all mummies know there is very little you can take to relieve symptoms! P’URE Vapour Balm will be a great addition this winter for the whole family!

  126. The vapour would be great, The whole family has been sick on and off for the past month, and don’t think it will be the last time so this would have come in very handy

  127. wanda swierczynska Reply

    Few years ago there was a series of programs about papaya creams and qualities of this fruit to heal. There was this guy in Queensland who manufactured these potion in his small factory run by volunteers

  128. Papaya renew cream. My wife is self conscious of her stretch marks after our son was born. This would help her.

  129. Lara Daebritz Reply

    The Papaya Ointment would be my ‘go-to’
    A versatile product, so much it can do!

  130. Cindy Nickels Reply

    I have been recommended the Papaya Ointment for my dermatitis. Would love to try it for a bit of relief from itching

  131. I’d really love to try the Vapour Balm and see if it’s makes a difference to my sinus.

  132. The P’URE Vapour Balm because I love natural approaches to health and having clear airways offers a lot of relief for colds and sinus related issues

  133. Amy Petersen Reply

    The Vapour Balm is my go too product, protects against the harsh conditions of everyday tasks, I’d love to win to share these great products with my family!

  134. P’URE Papaya Ointment – I always have my lip balm on me, i hate dry lips!

  135. Papaya renew! Would love to get rid of these pregnancy stretch marks

  136. Lara Haynes Reply

    Ointment it’s good for alot of things dry lips grazes we love I would love to win a prize pack

  137. Becky Palmer Reply

    Papaya ointment, good for soothing dry winter skin and maintaining the goodness within!

  138. Diana Angel Reply

    I haven’t used any of these products and id love cream for my extremely dry red hands and renew cream id give to my sister who’s expecting her first baby!

  139. The Pure Balm sounds perfect to add to my first aid cupboard heading into winter.

  140. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    Anything for dry skin/stretch marks scars is a MUST HAVE for me, would love to try the PAPAYA RENEW Cream please!!

  141. I love skin products made with natural ingredients and I love papaya too. I believe these should be a great products to try!

  142. These are lovely products. Have used Pure Papayacare before and can attest to the great moisturising and healing properties especially for cracked lips and dry skin.

  143. The renew cream, I have a few scars, I’d love to reduce the appearance of them buy using a natural product.

  144. I would love to try the renew on mine and my children’s dermatitis

  145. Chloe Heatherill Reply

    With most new Mums concerned about stretch marks and sore nipples, my skin issue during and after pregnancy (currently 3 months postpartum) is dry, itchy but sore skin around my nose. I feel so self conscious about it being in such an obvious spot and make-up doesn’t cover it, not what you want with all the photos that come with having a new baby! Coming into the winter cold and flu season, I’m already dreading how much more aggrivated it will get with using tissues to wipe my nose! I would love to try Papaya Renew on this problem skin, as well as on my baby’s after-bath skin and toddler’s eczema flare ups!

  146. Defiantly the restore one as i cant stand cracked lips during the cooler months

  147. Renew for its many uses, both for me and my babies. It would be be wonderful to try a product with such quality ingredients and I can onby hope it would help heal my stretch marks and prevent new ones!

  148. I haven’t had the chance to try any of this range yet but definitely like the sound of the vapour balm for littley this winter ❄️

  149. I’d like to try P’ure Papaya Ointment for my never-ending cracked lips. I’ve tried lots of lip balm but haven’t found the suitable one yet.

  150. Kodie McMullen Reply

    The Vapour balm is a must have as myself and my daughter always have hay fever and a snuffly nose and this helps to clear the nose and head

  151. I’d love the pure papaya ointment for my very dry skin. Save me!

  152. I could honestly use every PURE Papayacare product but the amazingly natural Vapour Balm sounds awesome. I spend my days in 18 degree temperature as my body is always overheating due to a non-working thermostat inside me and because of living in the cold, I suffer sinusitis and always sound like I have a cold…..Vapour Balm would be so easy to use every morning, allowing me to breathe.

  153. This product look great! would love to try the scars and stretch marks.

  154. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Papaya Renew cream to keep my skin balanced in the winter months.

  155. Shae Pryke Reply

    Papaya Renew, for stretch marks would be absolutely perfect for me. I must try it to look less like a tiger and more like me!

  156. How fantastic that PURE Vapour Balm is made from Australian oils and herbs including Organic Papaya. Being free from menthol, camphor and petroleum makes it ideal for everyone in the family with the up and coming winter season. Hats off to PURE for making an all natural Australian product.

  157. Wendy Christidis Reply

    Papaya ointment sounds perfect for my dry hands , elbows and feet

  158. Awesome all natural products for the whole family! Lovin’ the beautiful NATURAL scents and PURE ingredients to soothe and protect, nourish and love our bodies.

  159. The papas he papaya renew cream is amazing on the stretch marks and smells so good.

  160. katie gilham Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm was my life saver when I had a cold later winter, got me through the work day

  161. I’m loving my Papaya ointment at the moment!! Thanks for tha chance

  162. Sharon Markwell Reply

    P’URE Papayacare’s Vapour Balm is perfection for the upcoming cold evenings. It soothes and pampers and who doesn’t love that!

  163. Debbie Moody Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm, with winter colds on my door step I wouldn’t be without this product because we all need to breathe.

  164. I need Papaya Renew for my aging dried out skin to help it be new again(well as new as it can be) for an older mum of 3 and grandma to 11 babies.

  165. Dominique Towns Reply

    It’s a tough choice, I’d go with the papaya ointment for my lips they’ve been getting quite chapped.

  166. All natural is the only way to go far too many chemicals in EVERYTHING

  167. I would love to try these amazing products you see
    As my son suffers from eczema terribly
    P’URE Papaya Ointment would be my pick
    I’m sure I would just do the trick
    To stop all the itch and help him sleep soundly

  168. Pamela Khoury Reply

    Im a hairdresser… my hands are always really dry and cracking would love anything to help nourish and rehydrate them

  169. Would love to use this on my hands as they are really dry and cracked especially during winter.

  170. I am expecting another bubba and would love to try out the pu’re renew cream this pregnancy. I was very careful what I out on my skin during my last pregnancy bit unfortunately got a few stretch marks. I am having great hopes that this toxin free cream can help.

  171. Rachael Smith Reply

    Papaya Ointment for sure as it will help when my lips are dry and sore.
    Would love to win because they are 100% natural and I know they would be really useful throughout WInter.

  172. I would love the stretch marks one. They are so hard to get rid of especially once you have had kids

  173. Want to try the VapourBalm seems like someone in the house is always sick this would be great to have on hand.

  174. breezy9694 Reply

    I have the dryest skin and would love the opportunity to try this product to see what it can offer compared with other products I have tried in my lifetime.

  175. Papya Ointment, a product i can use for EVERY family member. Finally a brand where i dont have to purchase 2 or 3 different products just to accommodate our little family. Safe for bub, safe for our girls sensitive skin and a great all rounder.

  176. Jo Cardamone Reply

    I really need the vapour balm, with winter chills and colds coming up soon, we’ll need to to breathe easy

  177. Tracy Mackay Reply

    The papaya ointment would be brilliant as my kids both suffer from dried, cracked lips all through autumn and winter.

  178. I would love to try this range, i have sensitive skin and always looking for new products.

  179. lorexstevex Reply

    P’URE Renew for my stretch marks and P’URE Papaya Ointment for my breastfeeding boobs!

  180. Kathleen G Reply

    Pure renew as I have always suffered with extremely dry skin and it just helps to re-hydrate so much!

  181. Anu Wilson Reply

    Renew.. If something can be done about my stretch marks, it would be great

  182. Yasmin McWhinney Reply

    I haven’t tried this range yet but can’t wait to get some to give it a go. I have very sensitive skin and it dries out so quickly so looking for a miracle cream.

  183. Catherine C Reply

    Unfortunately I haven’t tried any of the P’URE range, each product sounds AMAZING! I use pawpaw ointment alot so I’d be keen to try a natural, harmfree version. If I had to pick one the P’URE Vapour Balm caught my eye the most. When pregnant or breastfeeding getting sick is a pain and you don’t want to use something with lots of nasties in it so I think the Vapour Balm would be the best option.

  184. Kathleen Ostapenko Reply

    I suffer from very dry lips and dry skin it would be awesome to try these products

  185. Tori jones Reply

    Papaya Renew -after two kids I need it for my stretch marks to make my skin feel amazing.

  186. Milly Howells Reply

    My husband bought me the Papaya ointment with Celedula after I had my youngest daughter in hospital. He bought it for my nipples. That was 3 1/2 years ago now and we have continued to use this produce for sore bottoms, chapped lips, dry skin and many many other uses. Thanks for a great product.

  187. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Ointments are always best because they cover for longer and stay where it is supposed to! I just love the smell of Papaya!

  188. The renew cream so I can use it on my tummy for the effects from this baby and to prepare for the next.

  189. Rebecca Blackmore Reply

    I would definetely love the renew cream. I have stretch marks on my stomach and hips and also have dry skin on my face, They all sounds amazing though

  190. PURE Vapour Balm its as soothing and as natural as a motherly hug.

  191. Renew – It is so amazing with how dry my skin gets when i get hayfever bad!!!!

  192. The ointment, this I soothe my daughter’s skin and see her smile instead of itch.

  193. After finally losing 15kg, the Papaya Renewal Cream would be the answer for those pesky stretch marks.

  194. I must have (please) the Papaya Renew Cream! I have so many stretch marks, on my tummy, my hips, my boobs… practically everywhere. I would love to try this product and share it with all the other Mums I know.

  195. Would love to try, my son gets bad eczema on his hands and this may help.

  196. This would be awesome for the cold winter ahead. Working with chemicals everyday my hands are always dry and look terrible. This would help with this.

  197. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    Would love to try the vapour balm with winter coming.

  198. I could do with all of them. The Vapour Balm to help my cough and cold, the Papaya Renew for my stretch marks post baby and Papaya Ointment for everyday use and emergencies with the kids.

  199. To try the Vapour Balm would be amazing as we always seem to be suffering from colds in this family!

  200. kristy nicholson Reply

    Papaya ointment. I’d love to try different products and this’d be a great way to do this

  201. Taryn McPherson Reply

    ‘Papaya RENEW cream’ is the product to choose,
    If stretch marks are what you want to remove.
    Natural and livht with no oily residue,
    It makes my skin feel brand new!

  202. Ashleigh E Reply

    Would love to win the papaya renew, as recently given birth my tummy is covered with stretch marks that I would love to get rid of!

  203. Papaya Renewal Cream as I’d love to RENEW my skin and RESTORE it back to its natural beauty before the stretch marks and scars!

  204. The PURE Papaya Ointment sounds like an amazing product with its multiple uses not only is it family friendly but budget friendly too!
    Could this be my new winter savior?!

  205. With winter on the way it’s the P’URE Vapour Balm as my must have, especially with a family who’s seemingly forever got a cold!

  206. Susanna Martin Reply

    Papaya ointment is amazing! For dry lips, cuticles and feet to my baby’s nappy rash. This stuff is truly amazing! I am addicted and would love to try their other products.

  207. Papayacare Vapour as I love the combination of smells and its good to clear the noses of my little ones and myself

  208. Renew selection of Papaya, I would love to heal and lessen my noticable scars, which I try to cover up and hide

  209. Papaya Ointment is a wonder healer!! I really couldn’t do without it! It’s like having a magic potion….apply and wave the problem good-bye!!

  210. Kirstynkutz Reply

    My must have item is the restore, soothe and protect ointment, an absolute winner at keeping chapped winter lips at bay.

  211. The Papaya Ointment. A must have for the handbag or medicine cabinet. Lots of uses, much relief.

  212. rachel sinclair Reply

    renew for my dry hands from multiple nappie changing, i work as an educator so i change a lot during the course of the day

  213. Tamara Lamb Reply

    I love the renew! Little scars and marks vanish with this gem!

  214. Renew please. I’d need it for my dry hands and areas of my face as I work outdoors and the winter wind is drying and harsh.

  215. Lynette Wicks Reply

    Papaya Ointment is great for dry rashes and scraps. I used some on an allergy rash on babies bottom, after urine burn from red food colouring. Seemd to smooth the itch and give a waterproof barrier between nappy changes.

  216. After 3 kids I really need to pay extra attention to looking after my skin and the Renew would be my must have to use on the stretch marks.

  217. Jo Stephens Reply

    Wow, these look just the thing to try out in winter, should stop skin problems before they start!

  218. Chrissy Roberts Reply

    Amazing prize. I’d love to look after my skin better and I’ve been told Papaya is definitely good. I’d really like the opportunity to use this pack and make my skin nicer and better looking too.

  219. Tania Jenner Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm in winter is my essential go to product – it really makes a difference to my skin in winter.

  220. P’URE Vapour Balm just in time for the winter chills and the stiff joints

  221. I’d love to try P’URE Vapour Balm. With winter on the way and two babies in daycare we are sure to have another winter full of sniffles and sneezes. Something that will help clear the head and open the air ways sounds like the perfect natural product that my whole family can use.

  222. Toni Tuccia Rowland Reply

    P’URE Vapour Balm – our household suffers terribly during winter with cold, sinus infections and coughs & this would be used all winter long.

  223. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    I would love to try the Vapour Balm as an alternative to Vicks. We’ve already been hit with our first colds for the season, winning this prize might make the next few months a little more bearable!

  224. Nicole Strachan Reply

    Vapour Balm – to help keep the nose clear this winter.

  225. I have eczema and cannot use anything containing phthalates and parabens so these products would be great to try to see if they offer some relief. Unfortunately my poor little grandson also got my sensitive skin so they may help him as well.

  226. I’d love to try the P’URE Vapour Balm to help my family get through the inevitable Melbourne winter colds. Would be great to use on bub knowing it is completely natural. This would be an amazing prize pack to win.

  227. I get the worst dry hands during winter and I’ve always found Papaya Cream to be the best. Can’t wait to try a more natural alternative than the usual! Renew would be perfect for me.

  228. Jaydene Jusseit Reply

    Pure Papaya ointment is a great way to keep my lips moisturised. As I get cold sores I find if I keep my lips moisturized it minimalizes breakouts and shortens the duration of the cold sore.

  229. Madeleine B Reply

    I had the Papaya Ointment when my 3rd baby was born in the middle of winter, and it was amazing. I used it on everything from nappy changes, to cracked lips, itchy skin and even first aid for cuts and scrapes. Love papaya ointment.

  230. julie morton Reply

    the papaya ointment,really hydrating on my acne prone problematic skin issues, gives me confidence and assurance

  231. Viviane Lambreton Reply

    I use the Vapour balm on myself and my daughter, really helps at night when you are sick. Want to try the other products!!

  232. Sheena grey Reply

    I’d love to try the pure renew for my stretch marks on my belly and scars as I have big ones and would love for them to be able to fade at least a bit

  233. The Papaya Renew cream is so needed by my old skin which got way too much sun when younger and needs all the help it can get!

  234. I must have this as i have tried so many products and none of them works on my stretch marks and my lil one has severe eczema so would love to try this on him too

  235. Kelly Ryan Reply

    Vapour balm is perfect for the whole family and doesn’t smell quite as bad as other vapour rubs.

  236. Faye Hannam Reply

    DREADED STRETCH MARKS!! Most Mums have a few (or a lot) and creams that can help are definitely looked for. These creams look good and after reading the information supplied, I reckon they might be a MIRACLE!

  237. Jacqueline Dodd Reply

    Definitely the Renew! I would love to see the difference 🙂

  238. The ointment as it says its good for sore/ cracked nipple. It will be great for while I’m breastfeeding.

  239. The ointment as my skin and lips could definitely use some restoring!

  240. PURE Papaya Renew cream will captivate my heart
    Luxuriously pampering formulation; intrinsically part
    Of a creation so beautiful and naturally entwined
    Embracing femininity, uniqueness & individuality, one of kind!

  241. I would love these. Being currently pregnant i would have many uses.foe the oniment for both me and bub.

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