When my kids were little, there were often days that they hung out in their pyjamas.  That’s how we coined the term, ‘Pyjama Tuesday’. Some days it just seemed easier than wrangling them into clothes.

And if we had nowhere to be, no one to see, did it really matter anyway?

I thought I was the main lover of this pyjama clad leisure day until one morning my four-year-old asked hopefully “is today a no clothes day?” While he is at times a nudist, I knew what he meant. There’s no rush. We forget the routine. Be damned scheduled activities. We’ve nowhere to be.

Time to just be.

As the kids have gotten bigger, life has become busier. But we have hung on to our “no clothes day”, and for my family, Pyjama Tuesday is the best invention ever. There is something about being in PJ’s that makes everyone more relaxed. More content to potter. There is a freedom in not having to get up and get going, in having to put in an appearance in outfits appropriate for the outside world. Pyjama Tuesday is about rocking that Batman PJ top with those dump truck PJ pants. Being completely awesome in a unicorn nightie and slightly scruffy bedtime socks.

Without rush and routine, the day is full of little moments. A bit of drawing. Cubby building. Books. Lego. A favourite movie. Cardboard box creating. With no rush, no schedule, my kids are free to just do what they feel like. To rest. Relax. Recharge. For all our doing and achieving on other days, Pyjama Tuesday is one of the happiest days of our week.

I think the Dutch are onto something…

They are one of the happiest nations in the world, and apparently, it has a lot to do with their concept of “hygge”. Apparently, pronounced “hooga” (strange I know, it feels like it should rhyme with piggy to me too), it means something along the lines of “spending cosy time together”. So perhaps our Pyjama Tuesday really is a little slice of happiness, a little bit of cosy time hygge.

I know that our days of Pyjama Tuesday are coming to an end. School and all its busyness is lurking just around the corner. But for now, we rest, we relax, we love being together, all snuggled up in our slightly scruffy pyjamas. Maybe you should try it too mumma – you’ve now got official reason to bunker down at home in jim-jams all day!

My 5 favourite things about Pyjama Tuesdays!

  1. There’s no fighting, no fussing. There’s no “get up, get going, get dressed, find your shoes, find your bag…” No one has to do anything until they’re ready. Including me!
  2. We’ve no routine, nowhere to be. I love a whole day sprawling ahead of us with no sense of get there, do that, get to somewhere else.
  3. Forget the rush. Just rest, relax and recharge. Life is busy. And life with little kids it’s even busier! I love a day where we consciously choose not to rush.
  4. Time to be – and be together. Some days it feels like we are all heading in different directions. I love the chance to slow down, enjoy the little moments and just spend time together.
  5. Perhaps the most obvious, and my favourite – no getting dressed. No one needs to find a uniform, an outfit or scrounge for matching socks. Yay for Pyjama Tuesdays!



I love my three country kids - and all things writing! Like most mums, I wear lots of hats - writer, children's author, organisational psychologist and the pairer of the odd socks!

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