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Five Year Old Bitten and Dragged into Pool by Python

Five-year-old Beau got the shock of his life when a massive python took a bite out of his leg before rolling him into his backyard pool. Luckily the little boy is okay now, thanks to the quick-thinking moves of his grandpa and dad who were nearby.

Beau was outside by his pool with his dad, Ben Blake, and his brother. The boys were playing outside and having a swim while their dad watched on.

Ben explains to Nine radio’s 3AW how he noticed a big black shadow come out of the bush and grab Beau by the ankles as he walked past. The snake grabbed hold of Beau pretty tightly and rolled the little boy into the pool, with the python still attached to his leg.

“I think the python was waiting for a victim to come along, a bird or something, and Beau was it,” Ben said.

Beau’s 76-year-old grandfather instantly jumped into the pool to save the little boy before Blake was able to remove the snake from his son’s leg. 

Beau is now on the mend. He’s taking a few days off school for his leg to heal but the snake bite was not venomous. And as for the naughty nope rope: he was released back into the bushes, only to return to the pool later that day.

It’s snake season!

Beau and his family live in Byron Bay, NSW and Blake admits they do see a few snakes around their home. However, he’s never experienced a big python “lurking in the bushes” before, almost waiting for his chance to strike.

We’ve shared a few shocking snake stories in the past that prove these creatures can literally slither anywhere.

Snakes in a car 

Gladstone Region Snake Catchers shared a terrifying tale of finding an Eastern Brown snake in someone’s car. The snake catcher then discovered that the snake had actually been hiding in the car for over an hour. In this car, the driver traveled from Rockhampton to Gladstone, some odd 110km, not aware there was a freakin’ snake under his feet.

snake found in car
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Of course, this isn’t the first time a snake has come to a party uninvited and ruined it for everyone. Last year a Brisbane family discovered a carpet python sunbathing in their car. The family had stopped for a picnic, left the windows open, and guess who decided to make himself at home?

No mention of whether the family just Ubered home. But my guess is yes.

We’ve also shared stories of people discovering snakes in their son’s water bottle, wrapped around their child’s LEGO set and even in her baby’s cot.

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What to do if your child gets bitten

Below are some tips if you or your child ever comes into contact with a snake and get bitten:

  1. Do not panic – Snake venom travels through the body during muscle contractions. Help your child stay calm to keep the muscles from contracting and the venom from spreading.
  2. Don’t let your child walk – Try not to move him at all. And, if you must, carry him instead. Again, any movement can push the venom through the body quicker.
  3. Bandage the area – An elastic compression bandage is best, wrapped as tightly as you would wrap a sprained ankle.
  4. Head to the ER – It’s too risky to assume that the snake isn’t venomous. Go in, no matter what. The emergency department will be able to evaluate your child and give the appropriate anti-venom.
  5. Do not try DIY – Don’t try to wash the area of the bite or suck out the venom.
  6. Do not attempt to identify the snake – No need to try and take a photo of the offender or try and catch a glimpse of it.

Know the signs of a snake bite

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Inability for blood to clot

For more information on snake safety, see: Snake Survival Guide 

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