QLD Mum Discovers Intruder Living in Her Roof After Finding Chicken Nuggets in Kitchen

Ever feel like you’re being watched? For Rockhampton mother-of-three, Monica Green, that feeling was confirmed after discovering a random intruder (or intruders) have been living in her roof for possibly weeks or months.


I know – it seems like something out of a horror film and this is exactly how Monica describes the whole thing.

Bumps in the night

As Monica told 9News, she first started to notice a few things in her home had been moved or missing but pushed it over to the kids. However, she then started to hear bumps at night and suddenly her security cameras stopped working. Horrified yet?

Monica also relies on a family whiteboard to help keep track of her kids’ activities and appointments.

One day Monica came home much earlier than she wrote on her whiteboard only to find the air con and TV on.

The back door was wide open and there was a half-cooked meal of chicken nuggets in her kitchen. Monica wasn’t able to find the intruder but she immediately called the police.

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Police discovered a manhole partially opened in the garage, leading to the roof and evidence that someone was, indeed, bunking in the roof. Police hope the evidence will lead them to an arrest and hopefully some answers as to WHY he was in the roof in the first place!

Not your usual break and enter

Now, here’s the especially creepy part. Police are unsure just how long the intruder was living under Monica’s roof but it could have been weeks. It appears the intruder would watch the family, wait for them to leave the house and then come out of the roof and make themselves at home.

As expected, Monica’s kids are now too terrified to sleep in their own beds and Monica is left with a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

Monicas’ husband is currently away for work so Monica and her children are staying with relatives. They’ve changed the locks but the fear remains.

What was he doing in the roof? Was he here to harm us? Was he here to steal one of my kids? The hardest thing is to stay in a home where we don’t feel safe. It’s violated our little personal bubble and we don’t know how we’re going to live in the home now.”

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