Teens Take Home Fake Babies for the Weekend. Let’s Just Say it Doesn’t End Well

We’ve all seen those shows where high school students have to take home fake babies as part of a home ec. or life planning class. The babies are mechanical but are designed to mimic a newborn’s reactions – sleep, cry, eat, poop. We all know the drill.

But you know who doesn’t know the drill? High school students.

Especially these particular students at Chippewa Secondary School in America. The students were all given fake babies to take home for a fun-filled weekend with very simple instructions – keep the baby alive and happy.

The fake babies cry, need to be held, burped, and their nappies changed. The dolls also record the way they are handled.

The experiment was part of a year 11 class called Raising Healthy Children, explains teacher Andrea Lefebve.

The students bring home one of the Real Care babies for the weekend to apply their learning for the caring for a newborn unit.

Students look forward to this unit when they register for the course. We really love this unit. Great discussions and real-life learning.”

Oh yes, it all sounds great in theory. But what happened when the students were knee-deep in baby whinging and questions about how to actually care for a baby?

They texted their teacher. Andrea shared her favourite texts with the world and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Check out these golden gems below.

When teens take care of fake babies 

1. So I have to carry it?

mum central

Sorry mate, but you can’t just shove your baby in your backpack next to your homework. Nice try though.

2. Quiet time

teens take home fake babiesQuiet time? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

3. Can I have Sunday off?

mum central

Surely Sunday is a day of rest, right?? Nevermind the newborn…

4. Did she die?

teens take care of fake babies

Don’t worry fake mumma. We’ve all accidentally slammed our baby’s head on a car door or two. She’ll be right.

5. Should I touch it?

teens take care of fake babies


6. Shut off my baby

TEENS FAKE care of fake babies

Come on teacher, shut this damned thing off!

Kids. Welcome to parenthood. We’re sure all the students were looking pretty tired come Monday morning!

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  1. Avatar of Blossom

    I hate to disappoint you but this is not a new idea. My niece who is now 36 years old had one for a few days (it was school holidays) when she was about 14 or 15. She didn’t warn us and her elderly Grandma nearly had a heart attack when she woke up suddenly during the night to the sound of a “newborn” baby screaming. Poor Grandma was not impressed. Lucky I was there to calm her down.

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