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VIDEO: Do You Believe in Ghosts? You Might After Seeing This

Call Ghostbusters, guys.

Because there’s some freaky deaky sh*t going down in this baby’s bedroom.

A dad from the UK was left petrified after spotting a strange glowing blob floating near his 13-month-old daughter, Ella’s cot. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Hello from the other side

Stephen Armstrong managed to film the ghostly orb, which he could see via his daughter’s baby monitor.

Can you spot it? It’s in the corner of the room. Glowing. EEK!

‘I just froze and I didn’t move’

The 31-year-old father from Blyth, Northumberland, says he was left white as a ghost after spotting the strange thing on the baby monitor.

“I just froze and I didn’t move. I don’t usually believe in spirits or stuff like that, but this was creepy.”

Okay, so there’s a weird glowing white blob floating around the room. It could be anything, right? Maybe a glitch with the baby monitor? Or a shadow from the curtains?

“We thought at the beginning that it must have been a bit dusty,” Stephen said. “But the movement, how it goes in one direction, turns a little and then flies is very strange.”

Strange things are happening here…

After filming the floating object, Stephen built up the courage to investigate the glowing orb. But when he entered his daughter’s room, it was gone.

But, wait, it gets creepier. Because a few months ago Stephen admits he also discovered a doll he’d never seen before left in his daughter’s cot. He initially brushed the mysterious doll off, but now he’s wondering if there is some sort of paranormal connection in these weird events.

Perhaps Ella is getting visitors from another dimension?

In an attempt to get answers and hopefully sleep again, Stephen has turned to paranormal investigator, Sammy Rawlinson.

It looks like an orb, someone who visits the child from the other side.” – paranormal investigator, Sammy Rawlinson

But local ghost busters Eidolon Paranormal reckon the ghostly orb is actually a spider.

“It looks like a spiders leg on the camera to us – something we have seen many times on our own IR CCTV. NO GHOST HERE!,” they wrote on Facebook.

Since the sighting on the weekend, Stephen hasn’t seen anything else floating around his home. No word on where the weird doll is now either. Strange.

What do you think, Mum Central peeps? A ghost from the other side or a spider? Hmmm…

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