5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Mums (No More Mum Bun)

We’ve all seen the signs of a mum who JUST CAN’T with her hair any more. Top knots. Low-slung ponytails. And of course, in extreme circumstances, the mum bob (AKA the infamous “I’d like to speak to a manager” haircut). We get it, they’re easy hairstyles. 

Not to knock the ladies who are rocking their short ‘dos, of course! Short hair is most definitely on-trend. But when you lop it all off because you feel you’re out of options, you may have hit “lock bottom”.

The days of leisurely standing in front of a mirror to practise the latest braids and complex up-dos ends the day you high-tail it to the hospital to bring forth your first mini-me. But a lack of time in the morning doesn’t mean your hair has to suck! And it certainly doesn’t mean that your only option to keep it under control is to chop it all off.

Luckily, there are loads of mum-friendly hairstyle options out there! So before threatening your washed-a-week-ago ponytail with the kitchen shears, take a look at these quick and easy mum hairstyles.

1. Mini Front Braid

Add a bit of interest to your ponytail by quickly side-parting your hair at the front and braiding the longer section down toward the back of your head… then tie it all together in a ponytail! It’s easy, super pretty, and as a bonus, it’ll keep the overgrown fringe out of your eyes – no polka-dotted snap clips required!

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2. Topsy Tail Updo

Though it looks complex, this feminine ‘do is surprisingly simple. Just three topsy tails and a quick braid/plait tucked in up the top, and you’re ready to wow at school drop-off! Easy hairstyles for the cool school mum win!

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3. Simple French Twist

This is a sleek, elegant look that can be achieved with wet hair. We repeat: With. Wet. Hair. Jump out of the shower, give your hair a quick comb, and assemble this bad boy in less than five minutes! If that’s not the definition of mum-friendly, then we honestly don’t know what is!

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4. Half-Up Bun

If your hair is clean and looking its best, a half-up hairstyle like this will help you look put together AND let you flaunt those freshly washed locks. This versatile style is great if you’re into the mummy-and-me look too; check out the gorgeous mum and her two daughters all sporting it together at the end of this video! #familygoals

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5. Bandana/Head Scarf

If you and your mate MB (Mum Bun) truly can’t part ways, you can at least jazz her up a little with a funky head scarf! This is a perfect look for when you’re five days post-hair-wash and still want to look cute. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to bust out the scarves collecting dust in the back of your accessories drawer!?

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Feeling inspired to give those neglected tresses a shining spotlight again?

If you’ve been stuck in a hair rut for a while, you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel simply thanks to a new hairstyle. Our self-image can really affect our emotions and confidence, so as vain as it sounds, it’s actually super important to feel good about the way you look!

So show yourself some love and get styling with these super easy hairstyles! And while you’re at it, pop in a cute pair of earrings and swipe on a bright lippie for the ultimate self-image boost. Even if it’s just for a quick trip to Aldi… you’ll feel a million bucks.

Once you’ve done you, try these on your kids.

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    hanks so much for the scarf tying tutorial, I needed that! I never have the time to do my hair and wear a ot of scarves but they never look as good as I think they do on everyone else. I know know where I am going wrong.

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