9 Sweet and Sassy Toddler Hairstyles Your Little Girl Can Totally Rock

Think back to when you were pregnant, and you first learned your little bun-in-the-oven was team pink. Did you have visions of mother-daughter bonding moments in front of the mirror, expertly styling complex braids and ballerina buns?

Or did those lofty ideas of expert-level coiffures vanish when you realised that your hair styling skills peaked the day you learned how to style a topsy-tail without that nifty plastic tool.

Mum Central to the rescue! We’ve scouted out a range of toddler hair styles that are perfectly adorable for little girls.

Stock up on a good supply of tiny, colourful elastics and super cute accessories (think bows, flowers and clips in every shape, size and colour) and the world of little girl hair styling is your oyster!

Easy toddler hairstyles to try

1. Ponytail Waterfall “Braid”

Love the look of a waterfall braid, but yet to master braiding? A similar look can be achieved with just a few hair elastics! This simple toddler hairstyle is perfect for weekend get-togethers with friends and is sure to elicit a few impressed comments.

YouTube video

2. Elsa Braid

If Frozen has been playing on repeat in your home since 2014, your mini-Elsa will probably adore this gorgeous braid. This is one seriously pretty look – just prepare yourself for the constant renditions of “Let It Go” you’ll no doubt be subject to for the rest of the day!

YouTube video

3. Faux hawk toddler braid

Or take your braiding to the next level with a faux hawk style braid, like this edgy beauty from Briana’s Braids. Style it neat, as shown below, or ramp up the mini rock chick vibe, like Briana did up top (far right image).

YouTube video

4. The “Get This Hair Outta My Eyes” Fringe Braid

Ah, that awkward phase of growth where the hair is too short to tie back, but too long to just leave flopping around. Anyone who has ever grown out a fringe can relate to this particular frustration! Heart and Habit have come up with a simple, sweet toddler hairstyles solution, complete with an easy-to-follow DIY.

mum central

Image source: Heart and Habit

5. Braided Back-of-the-Head Band

We’re blown away by the fact that this gorgeous, elegant braided style is so perfectly suited to wispy toddler hair! Keep your little girl’s locks from flying astray with an easy-to-learn technique that is best suited to locks that haven’t been shampooed in the last day or two (which is basically almost every day, right fellow busy toddler mums!?)

easy toddler hairstyles
Image source: Mumtastic

6. Fishtail Flips Headband

This toddler-friendly twist on the traditional topsy-tail is unique, simple and clever! It works well whether your girl’s hair is tied up at the back or left down, but is guaranteed to add a little fun to her look for the day.

YouTube video

7. Tinker Bell Bun

Is your little girl obsessed with all things fairies? This adorable Tinker Bell bun might be right up her alley! While this look is perfectly paired with a pretty dress and a pair of fairy wings, it’s just as cute when she’s romping around the playground in shorts and a t-shirt.

easy toddler hairstyle

8. Messy Bun With Rope Twists

What’s cuter than a toddler with one bun? How about a toddler sporting TWO buns! Combine it with some fancy hair rope twists, like mum Tessi does here in this video, and watch the cuteness factor shoot right through the roof.

YouTube video

9. Short Hair Styling Ideas

If your toddler’s follicles are late bloomers, there are still some super cute options you can try for short hair! Check out the simple ideas in this video (they might even help warm you up for those twists and braids in your not-too-distant future!).

YouTube video

With so many cute ideas, our only question is – which of these toddler hairstyles will your little girl sport first?!*

*…and will she sit still long enough for you to nail it? Hee hee.

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