‘Oops We Did it Again!’ Radford Family Expecting Their 21st Baby!

Some mums are just meant to have babies.

Take Sue Radford, for example. This British wondermum has shared the very exciting news that she is expecting another baby (a girl!), bringing her grand tally of kiddies to 21!

Sue, 43 and her tribe, including hubby Noel, 47, and their 20 kids, are already officially considered Britain’s Biggest Family. They have 11 boys and 9 girls, ranging in age from 29 years to eight months.

Last year Sue and Noel vowed that baby Archie, born in September 2017, would be their last bubba.

Radford family expecting 21st baby
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But, no! The baby boom keeps on keeping on. The Radford family this week shared an ultrasound photo on their Instagram page, confirming that, yes, they are pregnant with baby #21. And it’s a girl!

Radford family expecting 21st baby
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Have all the babies!

Noel and Sue started early with their quest for family bliss. The high school sweethearts were given up for adoption at birth and shared a similar desire to have a family early on.

Sue fell pregnant with her first son, Chris, at just 14 and was determined to keep the baby. She and Noel got married four years later and had their second baby, Sophie. Then Chloe. And Jack. And Daniel, Luke, Millie, Katie, James, Ellie, Aimee, Josh, Max, Tilly and Oscar.

Radford family expecting 21st baby
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At 15 kids, the Radford family began appearing on the Channel 4 documentary television programme 15 Kids and Counting. 

They continued to breed, welcoming two more, Casper and Alfie. Tragically, Alfie was stillborn. The couple then welcomed Hallie and Phoebe, before evening the score to 20 kids with their (supposedly-final) bubba, Archie, born September 2017.

Radford family kids
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Baby #21 is due in November 2018.

Never ending cuddles … and laundry

While not all children live at home (second child, Sophie is married with three kids of her own), their 10-bedroom home in Morecambe, Lancashire is about to get even crazier. If that’s even possible.

Radford family expecting 21st baby
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Sue admits that her days are long, beginning at 6.30am and ending around 11pm. Each day the family eat three boxes of cereal, 10 litres of milks and three litres of juice. And that’s just for breakfast!

The Radfords are very public with their personal life, often sharing photos and videos with their fans on their social media channels. Sue, like all mums, is often behind the camera, snapping shots of messy playrooms, family holidays, chaotic dinners and happy, healthy, smiling kids. She even manages to sneak in a glass of wine some nights (well, probably not anymore).

Radford family expecting 21st baby
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Clearly, this outgoing UK couple love their kids. And they really, really, REALLY love making babies.

“We set out to maybe have three children but enjoyed having the kids around so just carried on,” Noel said.

“We’re addicted to having all these kids. We just love it.”

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Congratulations to the whole Radford clan. For more big family love, check out this American family who recently welcomed sextuplets. 

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