How to Raise Your Children with Positive Body Image and High Self Esteem

If you have a son or daughter and want to learn how to raise kids with Positive Body Image and High Self Esteem, act now and secure you ticket for the highly sought-after Developing Daughters and Supporting Sons event this Tuesday, 27th May at 7pm at Golden Grove.

Hosted by the amazing Taryn Brumfitt at Body Image Movement given Taryn has just raised $200,000 in 2 weeks via crowdfunding to create a documentary on body image. The world has responded and we think she’ll be tied up making the documentary so be quick and grab some Taryn magic with her while you can!

This seminar responds to the demand for more information about how to raise girls and boys to have a positive body image and strong self-esteem. The seminar looks at the unrealistic body image messages as portrayed in the media for both men and women, and also addresses issues of how to assist in steering your child through the damaging messages they receive.


Techniques for promoting healthy body image; toddlers to teens

Understanding the impact of sexualisation of women and young girls in the media

Developing media literacy for you and your children

How to raise confident and empowered children

Watch the video below and then BOOK HERE


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