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WIN: Read Why This Mum Says the iCandy Orange is the Best Pram She’s Ever Had!

I want candy! That’s exactly what you all screamed when we offered one lucky Mum Centralist the chance to test-drive the new iCandy Orange pram.

So, who was the lucky mamma that got to take home the deliciously sleek iCandy Orange (and give the rest of us a serious case of pram envy)?

That iCandy honour went to busy-mum-of-two, Amy-Lee Wall. And she REALLY put the iCandy Orange pram through the mum wringer. Did it live up to the challenge? Come find out. And then enter our giveaway for the chance to win an iCandy Orange for yourself!

Test Driving the iCandy

mum central

We spend A LOT of time with our prams – pushing them, steering them, manouvering them in and out of the boots of our cars – and if there is a new pram on the market that makes life easier, then we want to know about it.

The iCandy Orange isn’t just the newest eye candy to hit the pram circuit. Sure, its ultra-sleek design is definitely food for thought, but what’s even better is that the iCandy is designed to complement your busy lifestyle (and the tag teaming of two mini humans).

That’s right. With the infant, toddler and integrated buggy board (all included with the pram), you can configure the iCandy in 30 different ways, depending on the ages and stages of your wee ones. Yes, we did say 30!

mum central

Plus, the iCandy Orange pram comes with a buffet of other awesome features too. Like a huge 64 litre shopping basket, large seat capacity, freestanding fold, the one-handed seat adjustment, swivel bumper bars, two rain covers, a carry cot apron, chic leatherette detailing and a two-year warranty.

How did the iCandy stack up?

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With a baby and a toddler, Amy was the perfect candidate to try (and keep) the all new iCandy Orange (valued at $1,899). Amy reveals that the iCandy is “truly a life saver” especially compared to the pram she used before.

“The frame looks amazing, the bassinet is MASSIVE, the basket is every mum’s dream come true, the ride on board is a life saver and the one handed seat adjustment means I get to drink my coffee while adjusting the seat. It is one amazing pram.

The iCandy handled amazingly. It wasn’t too heavy or too hard to manoeuvre. Makes being a mum easier.

In terms of style and design, Amy tells us,

“I love the overall look. It’s easy to use and looks very classy. I’ve had so many compliments on it while out and about. 

The perfect pram for toddlers who hate sitting

The ride on board has been great. My daughter isn’t always a fan of going in the seat so the ride on board is perfect for her. She loves that she can see her little brother whilst on it to. It is a lifesaver for when she’s sick of walking.

And for tired tots on the go too…

The expendable vented canopy is perfect. I wish every pram had it. My son fell asleep at a play cafe in the pram and the canopy kept the sun off him perfectly and it made it a bit darker so he could sleep for longer. I could cover him up with a blanket and use the vent to still give him plenty of air flow.  

mum centralFinal thoughts?

I highly recommend this pram to any mum or mum to be. We won’t have to worry about any other prams ever again as our kids will be able to use this one.

“It is by far the best pram I’ve ever had” and she scored it a fabulous 5/5!


mum central

Give the iCandy Orange the attention it deserves. To learn more about the feisty, functional iCandy (and to secure your own when the pram hits the market soon), head over to iCandy. You’ll be glad you did!

mum centralenter-to-win

Now why should we let our reviewer have all the fun, hey? We have one of these whizzbang new rides to give away to one lucky Mum Central reader. And all you need to do for a chance to win an amazing iCandy Orange pram, valued at $1,899, is follow us on Facebook and fill in the form below. Entry open to Australian residents only. Good luck!

Win an iCandy Orange valued at $1,899

This is a sponsored post for iCandy Orange.  All opinions are those of our reviewer.

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Jo C

    Absolutely love the variety of configurations and just about every well thought out detail on the new iCandy Orange, but especially the in-built ride-on board for Mr 3 and Miss 6

    • Avatar of Philippa

      I would love to win this fabulous pram for my baby girl due in 7 weeks. It sounds so versitile I love the easy fold technology and the different configuration options not to mention the super cool colour. Would love to take my little lady out and about in such style

    • Avatar of Kate

      I love it all! We’re hoping to try for our second child soon and our first will still be young enough for a pram so this would be perfect!

    • Avatar of Kel Battiwalla
      Kel BattiwallaReply

      My third baby, Sophie, would love to win one of these because she’s currently a kamikaze escape artist, and the iCandy looks as though it would be up to the task. She’s also a cheeky, stylish Bub who would love this new ride

    • Avatar of Tina Hale

      With 2 Grandbabies (1 is 11 weeks old and 1 is due in March) i want to be the MOST stylish nan out there, when i take my babies for epic adventures

    • Avatar of Linda Clark
      Linda ClarkReply

      I would love to be able to win this amazing pram for my son and his wife, they are expecting their baby in March . This is a pram that has so much going for it, I love how safe it is, and they Way it will last. I love the way you only need this to take you from baby and toddler, saving the parents for have to buy more pushers as the Bub grows. What a wonderful gift this would be for them and their new addition.

    • Avatar of Eve.R

      As a busy foster mum I am never sure how many little people will be in my care at one time. A fantastic icandy pram would be a life saver when we have a baby and toddler together. The colour is is the new black…

    • Avatar of michelle k

      what a lovely versatile pram suit boy or girl. make a great addition to our much growing family

    • Avatar of M L Scott

      This would be perfect for my cheeky 2 year old daughter when her little brother or sister arrives.
      Going out with more than one child scares the pregnant pants off me, but knowing that the iCandy Orange comes with 30 different configurations is very reassuring.
      I can see that my daughter would always be interested in the pram so she’d want to stay in it instead of running off and giving her mum a heart attack!

    • Avatar of Kelso Simone
      Kelso SimoneReply

      The iCandy looks and sounds amazing! I’m 34 weeks pregnant and don’t have a pram yet! We were being given one but it didn’t happen, at this late stage getting another is going to be hard. Winning a pram would definitely take some stress out of final preparations for baby

  2. Avatar of Rachael L

    Love that it would work so perfectly for my 2 yr old and 8 month old. Plus it looks great!

  3. Avatar of Bernarda

    The one handed seat adjust sounds great! How often do busy mums (especially withwrangling older kids) have two spare hands?? So simple but would be so wonderful! And it looks wonderful, would love this!

  4. Avatar of Schayne

    I love that it’s orange, the huge basket and the ride-on board. My current pram has taken a beating from my twins over the past two and a bit years and while I should probably upgrade, my kids are getting to be too independent to really justify dragging a double pram everywhere, I think the ride-on board would be the best solution to that. Plus it would be great for an eventual third child.

  5. Avatar of Kelly Demicoli
    Kelly DemicoliReply

    Thirty configurations just blows my pregnant lady mind! A sisable shopping compartment is bonus, less bags to carry will make me a happy mama!

  6. Avatar of Shannan

    I love EVERYTHING but mostly that its orange and big enough for 2!
    I already have 6 kids this pram will help my case for one more

  7. Avatar of Angela Mauviel
    Angela MauvielReply

    This pram looks and sounds amazing!! I have a two year old and theee year old and am currently 37 weeks pregnant and just broke my pram and can’t afford a new one. I love that the icandy is a double pram and has loads of storage for my groceries 🙂

  8. Avatar of Jamie

    I love the toddler board. We have one that attaches to our pram which never gets used as it can’t go on uneven ground ( which means no going for walks in the park with both kids in the pram) and is too much hassle having to attach it when trying to deal with a fussy baby and a toddler that isn’t very patient. Having this option on the pram would make it so much easier and safer when out with both kiddies.

  9. Avatar of Jeni

    I would love one of these prams. Im trying to find the perfect thing to juggle a 3yo and a newborn… this could be it

  10. Avatar of Wendy

    It looks amazing and has so many configurations that make it versatile. Perfect for my little cherub and her future sibling

  11. Avatar of Alexandra M
    Alexandra MReply

    I love that it comes with an intergrated buggy board. There is nothing worse then going on a long walk or you get to one end of the shopping centre only for your toddler to want to be carried the whole way back. Amazing that the I candy has one

  12. Avatar of DeboraB

    Love the versatility and would come in handy for future additions!

  13. Avatar of Kellie

    I love the concept of the built in toddler board. With a toddler and a 9 month old this would be a life saver! I hate how I kick my current ride onboard when walking. The size of the basket is huge and would be so handy to carry all those things you need with little ones!

  14. Avatar of Elizabeth

    I love how versatile it is with so many configurations. Would love to win the best for my baby as a first time mumma to be.

  15. Avatar of Megan Hodge
    Megan HodgeReply

    Would love this pram – have got rid of everything after our first born as we didn’t think we would be able to have another but this is our miracle baby! Confined to bed rest in hospital so can’t go looking, this review was just what I needed to read to confirm our thoughts on prams for this little one. Winning it would be such a blessing!

  16. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    An amazing pram that I didn’t have for my kids and if I win this I will gift it to my best friend who is expecting her 2nd baby. She is such a great mum she deserves the BEST!

  17. Avatar of Joanna

    What is not to love! This is the perfect pram for my new bub and since I’m planning on having more kids, this pram will be perfect for a long long time and definitely for keeps! All those 30 ways/ configuration will definitely serve its purpose! I love how you can transition this for usage of newborn to infant to toddler… color is catchy and very nice as well. The easiness of usage is definitely a plus and how it folds is another plus plus!! 🙂 This is the ultimate pram and I’m hoping to win this one! 🙂

  18. Avatar of Mel

    I have 2.5 year old and another on the way and would love a new pram especially a double as my daughter still loves the pram and I am worried she will feel pushed out if I use our current pram as it can’t have a second seat attached

  19. Avatar of Tara

    I have serious pram envy over the iCandy Orange!!! So classy, eye catching and versatile with many configurations that work depending on the size and age of your family. The bassinet attachment looks brilliant also!!!

  20. Avatar of Linh.TN

    I love the prams multifunctionality and ability to transform into 30 different styles. It’s like a different look for each day of the month!! I love would to win this as I have a 9 month old and pregnant with baby #2 and in need of a double pram!

  21. Avatar of AmyJC

    I love everything about the iCandy orange! It is very stylish, and lots of space for shopping! I would love to own this pram.

  22. Avatar of Tahlia

    I love the gorgeous colour and the different configurations! Would be perfect for my toddler and baby.

  23. Avatar of Alexis Collins
    Alexis CollinsReply

    The iCandy Orange ticks all the boxes for us! We would not be able to afford one so it would be a dream come true to win.

  24. Avatar of Kourtney Oliffe
    Kourtney OliffeReply

    I need a pram like this! It would be absolutely perfect as I am currently 7 months pregnant and have a 10 month old baby girl. I adore the look of it and would appreciate it greatly! Fingers crossed!!! ‍‍

  25. Avatar of Jade O

    Light and easy to maneuver, prams can be cumbersome but the iCandy makes transport a breeze. I’d love to treat my sister and newborn niece to a a prank that not only is stylish and classy but amazingly versatile as well!

  26. Avatar of Cassie Browne
    Cassie BrowneReply

    I love that you can use it through more than 1 bub! Adding the ride on board or the extra seat is perfect for a busy mum of more than 1 bub!

  27. Avatar of Sonia Manoukian
    Sonia ManoukianReply

    I love that it has two seats since I’m expecting twins 🙂

  28. Avatar of Jaimi E Layt
    Jaimi E LaytReply

    Innovation at its best!
    Converts to 30 different configurations,
    A cut above the rest,
    No more running out of space with a 64L basket,
    Design so sleek and stylish, I love it I must confess,
    You’ll want this beauty in your life too!

  29. Avatar of Maree wood

    Oh my Gosh what’s not to love?! I love the style, the versatility, the safety features, it looks like its tuff enough to survive more than one baby (hopefully), why should you pick me? Does because I really want it count? 🙂

  30. Avatar of Nicole Tilbrook
    Nicole TilbrookReply

    Firstly the colour is amazing! The fact you can have 30 different configurations is awesome! I would love love love this pram! With a 5 month old and a toddler who gets sore legs from walking to far this would be a great help especially with the ride on board. I hope I am lucky

  31. Avatar of Jessica Davis
    Jessica DavisReply

    What do I love about the iCandy Orange? It’s gorgeous, it’s innovative, it looks super useful, and boy would it make this mama’s life SO much easier…. (mum of 4 – soon to be 5!)

    Why should you pick us? With 4 kids under 5 and another surprise bub on the way (I know, I’m a glutton for punishment..), this pram will truly be used to it’s maximum potential and be loved for years to come! My now 3 month old and 1.5year old girls will be the main seat and bassinet/capsule users, with a board at the back for either the 2.5 year old or 5 year old boys… and when the next bub (just conceived) comes along, miss 1.5 will be over 2 so she will be moved to the board, and the two youngest in the pram! It will have a very long, useful, loved life with us.

  32. Avatar of Monique C

    I absolutely love the seating configurations and the intergrated toddler board is genius. This pram would be a lifesaver for me as I have been caught out so many times with the toddler wanting/trying to sit on the infant because I forgot the toddler board (because I have to detach it to fold my pram and generally just forget it (mum brain) and who has time to reattach it every time anyway!).

  33. Avatar of Stevie

    This looks truly amazing love everything about it. Would love to win it and have something brand new and not second hand.

  34. Avatar of MV

    I would love to win this pram as I’m yet to find the ones I’m perfectly happy with.

  35. Avatar of Karina

    It’s stylish (absolutely beautiful in fact!), cleverly designed (love the toddler board) and practical (lots of space for shipping g bags lol) What is there not to love about it?

  36. Avatar of Lana H

    Our icandy apple2pear has been fantastic but after over 2 years of daily use it’s struggling. The new orange is my top choice of new pram now due to the built in board for older kids which my 3yo would love!

  37. Avatar of Michele Ong
    Michele OngReply

    The multiple configurations make it so flexible with options for a growing family. It would be wonderful to win one of these as I just haven’t been able to find a pram option that ticks all the boxes.

  38. Avatar of Tina

    This pram is amazing.
    First of all, the way it looks! So stylish and modern.
    Second of all, VERY easy to push. Even if you have a heavier child in it.
    Third of all, the features this pram has are endless.
    And last, but definitely not least, in fact, probably the most important point about this pram is, it is super comfortable for baby!
    I believe I should win because I have almost an obsession with prams, and when I love a pram, EVERYONE knows about it because I don’t stop raving about it.
    Let me win this pram and your sales will rise even more haha 😉

  39. Avatar of Jessica

    I’d love to win this pram for my little boy as not only does it look so amazing, I really need to replace the old faithful pram we’ve had for 6 years but won’t get rid of because of how versatile it is. I’d love to prove to my husband that there are others out there that can be as clever as our old pram.

  40. Avatar of Jodie Ray

    The ride on buggy board would be a lifesaver when the toddler no longer wants to walk which is unpredictable. The one handed seat adjustment would be easier than what I have dealt with in the past. And with baby number four being a unplanned surprise I had gotten rid of most of my baby gear so a good pram would be great.

  41. Avatar of Lisa

    As a mum of two studying, with another on the way, having a pram that is quick and easy to use so I can keep up with my other two kids and study and daily life.

  42. Avatar of bec

    Wow stylish and easy to use… what mum wouldn’t want this!!!

  43. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison HumbleReply

    The toddler board! Omg how cool. I’ve been a bit worried how I’ll get Sir toddler and bubs around when he’s born. Plus this pram is super stylish. Please pick me

  44. Avatar of Teegan

    I love the versatility of this pram. My sister and I will have babies 8months apart so i’d love to be able to put them both in this and look stylish and fabulous 🙂

  45. Avatar of MounA

    Love to be able to ride in style and it doesn’t get any better than the Icandy

  46. Avatar of Alana M

    I love that there are so many variations to the Icandy. It is so versatile and accomodating for a growing family. Would definitely love to have the chance to own a orange Icandy.

  47. Avatar of Candibee24

    I love how many configuration options the iCandy Orange has! We purchased an iCandy Peach for our first born and we love it so far! Would love to win an upgrade to the Orange so as we’re already ready when we decide to grow our family further!

  48. Avatar of Julia B

    Love the ride-on board! 3 boys aged 5 and under means there’s always someone with tired legs

  49. Avatar of Sharon

    I would
    love to win this pram for my daughter, expecting her first baby in January 2018

  50. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love that the iCandy can configure 30 different ways which will help greatly with two little ones.

  51. Avatar of Tennizzlle

    I LOVE the colour and you should pick me because my boys and I walk EVERYWHERE and they would be so excited to get around in such a stylish ride!

  52. Avatar of Karen

    I would love a icandy Pram. I have a little one and a toddler and it would be so much to go out walking with a Double Pram

  53. Avatar of Melissa See
    Melissa SeeReply

    I love that the icandy has so many different configurations – it’s basically an all in one pram! And of course, how cool is it strolling down the streets with a stylish orange pram!

  54. Avatar of Rochelle

    I love the look of this pram and all the different configurations! I have a 10 week old and a toddler and the icandy Orange would be perfect for both. Would love to win this fabulous prize and be the envy of all other pram owners!

  55. Avatar of Mel

    Not entirely happy with my current pram, the configurations seem more versatile for this pram. And I adore the colour orange!

  56. Avatar of Melinda Roche
    Melinda RocheReply

    I have seen these out and about and they look very smart. I love how many different configurations they have!

  57. Avatar of Dominique

    I love the bright colours the iCandy has and the orange looks amazing!! The overall look of it as well is very stylish while also having great storage below which is always handy!

  58. Avatar of Michelle Jenkins
    Michelle JenkinsReply

    I would love to win this gorgeous pram for my grandson due end October but gave us a bit of a scare over the weekend <3

  59. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    One-handed conversion will be a massive relief. I think our current one is at least five-handed!

  60. Avatar of Jess Drage

    I love the versatility of this amazing pram. And the colour is gorgeous!

  61. Avatar of Ruth McNC

    With number two on the way, this would be the prefect pram to make walks and outings with my active toddler so much easier! Also, love the vibrant colour!

  62. Avatar of Ebony M

    I love that there are so many different ways that you can have the icandy pram. We use our pram everyday whether it’s going for walks, shopping, at tennis, etc. I also love that it will keep the sun off bubby’s face as our bubs always falls asleep in the pram and we have to try so hard to keep the sun on his face. Winning this would be a lifesaver and would make our lives easier

  63. Avatar of Sara Simmons
    Sara SimmonsReply

    The 30 different seating arrangements sound amazing! I’m a mum of 2 (Miss 4 years and Miss 4 months) so a functional pram to use on a daily basis is a challenge.

  64. Avatar of Sarah Aspi

    I love that this pram will see you through the entire time you need one. Ever changing to suit your needs. If you’re planning on growing your family, as we are, this is an absolute must have. Oh, and the vibrant, happy colour, WOW!

  65. Avatar of Sarah

    What’s not to love? Endless configurations and the capacity to transport numerous children in a stylish and compact ride! I would LOVE this for my newborn and toddler

  66. Avatar of Rebecca

    Id love to win this pram! Not only is it stylish, but practical and the perfect size for an infant and toddler

  67. Avatar of Rochelle

    I love all the different configurations. The iCandy orange would be the perfect pram for my 10 week old and toddler. Would love to win this super stylish pram and be the envy of all other pram owners!

  68. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    I love the large basket!! OMG! How blimmin FRUSTRATING are all these other minute baskets? Please pick me and put me out of my small basket misery haha

  69. Avatar of Julia M

    I love the beautiful bright colour of the pram! Perfect for my little trendsetter son. Also love the ability for the pram to convert into a double for when we expand our little family.

  70. Avatar of Ashley

    I would love this!! It is the perfect all rounder pram! The massive storage basket is brilliant!

  71. Avatar of Kerrie

    I would love to win the icandy Pram, with so many configurations it’s seems super easy, convenient and stylish all in one.

  72. Avatar of Nikki M

    I love the orange colour and the convenience of being interchangeable. Being pregnant and having another small child a pram like this would be so useful. I hope you pick me, I have so much going on including an early due date due to complications. A win would be good right about now

  73. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    As a new Nanna and care provider for my 4 month old grandson, I love the versatility and ease of set up and fold up of this pram. There is very little spare room in my little car, and just getting the old pram in and out of the car is nearly my cardio workout for the day!! Looks stylish as well. I would love to be one of them “TRENDY” Nannas.

  74. Avatar of Cat

    What a beauiful pram, whats not to love. Stylish and easy to maneuver.

  75. Avatar of MaddyT

    I would love to win. I love the icandy orange for the bold color and practicality of what I need in a pram for my bub.

  76. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia ThomanReply

    We loved our ICandy Apple so much I’d love to upgrade to the new Orange! Love the ICandy quality, HUGE basket (who could have imagined pre kids that I’d need to lug so much stuff around for them!) and I love the new built in ride on board! No need for fiddly attachments that get in the way when I’m pushing when older siblings decide their legs can not possibly walk any further!

  77. Avatar of Charlene Marchan
    Charlene MarchanReply

    I would really want to win this as I am about to have my baby very soon and becoz I dont drive and only walk all the time, this would be perfect.

  78. Avatar of Juliana Wilkinson
    Juliana WilkinsonReply

    I would love to have this pram not only because it look amazing but also because it folds small, it’s light weight and doesn’t take all the space in the cars trunk

  79. Avatar of Sandra

    Orange is hubbies favourite colour. This will entice him to take little one on daily walks and free mum up for a long soak in the tub!

  80. Avatar of Lauren Smith
    Lauren SmithReply

    I love the bright orange i candy has such fashion and style to there prams but most of all i love the quality of icandy best out there i believe would love this stunning pram for my 6 month old daughter

  81. Avatar of Paula

    I would love to win the icandy pram because it looks great and is functional. It would be a fantastic addition to my growing family.

  82. Avatar of Ashleigh J

    Having a toddler who often still use’s a pram, the buggy board & being able to use as a double & single pram is awesome!

  83. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee UssherReply

    We’d love to win the orange iCandy; it’s stylish & a fun gender-neutral colour. We love the variety of configurations, definitely well thought out for the busy parent.

  84. Avatar of Dani

    Couldn’t afford an iCandy when either of my babies was born & I’d love one. The wheels on my current pram keep sticking buy hubby won’t let me get a new one. Please help me.

  85. Avatar of Mandy F

    Love how it can change into different functionalities … so easy to use for all the kid’s ages.

  86. Avatar of Domenica

    I really love how versatile this pram is and with planning to have babies close in age it would be great to have such a well thought out pram. It look much slimmer then other double prams and would be easy to use when on the run with little bubbas.

  87. Avatar of KymS

    I have heard amazing reviews on the iCandy, I’ve never owned a high end pram before so I think you would notice the difference in quality and durability

  88. Avatar of Esta

    I have a strawberry currently but with a toddler and newborn I’d love a double pram and this looks amazing!

  89. Avatar of Tracy

    I would love to win this pram for my niece who is expecting her first baby. It’s so versatile and perfect for any young mum that wants to look cool. The colour is fantastic because everyone will see you and bub coming, which is a good safety feature.

  90. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    The versatile iCandy Orange pram would be ideal for our ever expanding extended family.

  91. Avatar of Kayla

    I love that it has a built in toddler board, meaning that my miss 3 won’t have a reason to complain about walking whilst we’re out 🙂

  92. Avatar of Juanita

    I LOVE the sturdy frame and the huge basket, which is what I need when I’ll be pushing my Granddaughter around, a newborn needs so much. I love that when Baby #2 pops out, I won’t have to buy another pram because the ride-on is one awesome addition. I love that it’s easy to manoeuvre, with herniated discs and chronic pain I need easy steering and lightweight frame. And I absolutely adore the colour, my favourite flower is the Gerbera, a bright orange Gerbera, so I love this colour.

  93. Avatar of Tennielle Limpus
    Tennielle LimpusReply

    I love that it will grow with my family. I am currently pregnant with my first baby and have been researching prams and love the look of this pram and the many different ways to can set it up

  94. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea HurringReply

    I love the adjustable handle height, I think it’s one of the best features but they all sound amazing.

  95. Avatar of Nicole

    The iCandy is one of the best on the market today! 3 months to go for me and this would be aw3some to win!

  96. Avatar of Kirsten Tubby
    Kirsten TubbyReply

    I would love this as my husband and I are planning baby number 2!

  97. Avatar of Rani

    That basket size!! I’m the type of person that can’t leave the house without absolutely everything I think I’ll need to face anything from a minor mishap to a full blown crisis. I can only imagine this will get worse once a baby arrives in our lives! The enormous basket would be a life saver for my tired shoulders that are sick of slinging the heaviest tote bag in the world, and no doubt my chiropractor would agree!

  98. Avatar of Amy boneham
    Amy bonehamReply

    I love that another Mum just like myself has reviewed this and given it such a detailed and great review. It makes my decision of needing this pram for my youngest children a definite choice. I currently have 2 pram age with another due in November so the icandy orange would be the perfect addition to my daily lifestyle to accomodate my children.

  99. Avatar of Kaja

    We’ve been on the hunt for a new pram with a new addition to the family next year – would love to be that Brisbane mum with a pram everyone asks about 🙂 the ride on board makes it 100 times cooler, Indiana will LOVE it !

  100. Avatar of David

    This would be awesome to win for the new bub, fingers crossed.

  101. Avatar of caitlin maguire
    caitlin maguireReply

    I want candy – my daughter wants candy.
    this is literally the only type of candy i will let her have on a daily basis.
    planning on number 2 soon, i love how my little girl can stand on the front!!

  102. Avatar of Sarah daley
    Sarah daleyReply

    That the icandy orange is a double. Love the standing option!

  103. Avatar of Carlin Lee

    Everything about this pram sounds amazing, but I have to say the vented sunshades sound like the best thing since sliced bread! I can understand why people are raving about this phenomenal pram!

  104. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The well thought out design and the colour, please pick me as i need this stylish pram in my life!

  105. Avatar of Christy van Heerden
    Christy van HeerdenReply

    So many wonderful features, but can’t go past the built-in toddler board. My son sometimes decides he wants to ride in his sister’s pram, but it can’t carry them both! He would happily use the toddler board every time.

  106. Avatar of Nicole Littlewood
    Nicole LittlewoodReply

    I love how versitile it is. The built in board is great as my almost 2 yr old gets bigger, but still has the option for her to sleep. I also have a 2 month old.

  107. Avatar of Matt

    We all want candy, but this candy pram would be awesome for our toddler and a newborn which is in the works. Wifey is constantly going on about how good these prams are and I agree, but its a little out of budget, so winning one would be a bargain I reckon.

  108. Avatar of Tamara Juliet
    Tamara JulietReply

    I absolutely LOVE the fact the iCandy Orange has such a massive shopping basket! Honestly, this paired with the 1 hand adjustment is an absolute godsend. Especially when you’re in a busy shopping centre or trying to access small places with a pram AND all your stuff. But thankfully all your stuff can be easily stored in the huge basket, and you can easily adjust your pram when out and about. As well as the fine detail they went into with this pram is stunning, the leatherette detail really gives it that amazing touch! I adore this pram!

  109. Avatar of Kirsten R.

    Having 2 children would be a breeze with this pram. I can’t believe I get so excited these days about the functionality of things and this pram seems to take the cake! Being able to transport 2 children in numerous ways depending on the stages their at it fantastic and that basket size is literally ‘heaven on wheels’ for a busy mum doing shopping with her mini monsters in tow. Fantastic pram and fantastic investment for any parent with babies and toddlers.

  110. Avatar of lisao

    How fantastic are all the different options for configuring it to suit different stages! And super stylish to top it off 🙂

  111. Avatar of Louise Hopper
    Louise HopperReply

    Omg my sisters fave colour and beautiful design, fuctionallity what more could you ask for!?!!!

  112. Avatar of Kieren Miller
    Kieren MillerReply

    iCandy, is a bundle of fun colour, the kids will be begging to hitch a lift, travelling in super style x

  113. Avatar of LindaQ

    I love the colour! So bright and happy and that makes children want to go in it more. The fact that it has a ride on section means my tiny 5yo who doesn’t want to walk but doesn’t always want to sit in the pram can just jump on easily. With a big family I need to carry LOTS, so that big basket would be so handy. With 4 children I have never had a new pram, never had a fancy pram, I have always watched other mothers with their nice prams wishing I could have tried one just once. I would so love to win this most gorgeous pram, it is one that I often stare at when we are out and about with our old daggy heavy pram.

  114. Avatar of Kmc288

    Wish we could afford this pram. It would make life so much easier with my very active toddler and his brother/sister arriving next year. He is 18 months old and only uses the pram occasionally now as he likes to be out walking so the ride on board is just what he’d love when he gets that bit tired, instead of me having to carry him.

  115. Avatar of Elli W

    I love the fact my husband will be able to find us in a crowd! We are currently battling the gauntlet of picking the right pram and i think this could be the one for us! An added bonus is that if we try for number two relatively quickly we have the option to pop them both in the same pram! Winning!!!

  116. Avatar of Ra Jakobasch
    Ra JakobaschReply

    I absolutely love this pram – what a beautiful colour!

  117. Avatar of Missy

    Things I love about the iCandy Orange:
    1. I love that you can fit a capsule into it which is what I want to do when we first take bub home and use in the first couple of months.
    2. I love that a large bassinet comes with it! This will be perfect for visits with Nan and Pop!
    3. I love all the different seat configurations and the buggy board!
    This will be our first baby and we hope to have our babies very close together so being able to have a seat and a bassinet or capsule in use at the same time is incredible.
    I have been having a hard time finding a pram that fits a capsule and has a backward facing seat which I really want! It’s also amazing that if that doesn’t work out for us, we can easily change it to forward facing. 🙂
    4. I love the shopping basket! I will be shopping alone for the most part and it will be great not to have to move bub from the pram to go shopping.
    5. I love that it’s lightweight and easy to fold and pop in the boot which has also been having a hard time finding.

    I could be here all day writing things I love about the iCandy Orange but those are the things that stood out the most for me.

    You should pick me because after two years of IVF, it would take a massive weight off our shoulders to be able to spend that money on something else bub needs. 🙂

  118. Avatar of JonF

    We nearly bought an iCandy for our first child 12 mths ago but couldn’t afford it at the time, now baby #2 is on the way and the ability to have two seats with so much style would be amazing!

  119. Avatar of Kelly Halkiotis
    Kelly HalkiotisReply

    I would love to win this stunning pram as its is so unique in colour as well as it being so functional.

  120. Avatar of Zoe Deignan
    Zoe DeignanReply

    love all the options and the colour is to die for!! This would be so helpful with 3 children!

  121. Avatar of Amanda Smith
    Amanda SmithReply

    Its a great looking pram and would be so handy with 2 kids under 2.

  122. Avatar of Aurelie Brisset
    Aurelie BrissetReply

    I love the 30 configuration of that pram.
    I would love to win it for my sister in law. She has a toddler (not walking yet) and will have a new baby next month. She doesn’t have much money but she needs a double pram. She told us she couldn’t get one for now and would have to do with a single pram.
    I’d love to gift that pram to her !

  123. Avatar of Rebecca Law
    Rebecca LawReply

    My ex26weeker is 16 months old.. but still quite tiny so this pram will last us for some time with him and our next bub.

    I would love this because I love the bright colour and the multiple options for seating arrangements!!

  124. Avatar of Allyson N

    I’d love to win this fantastic pram as we recently found out we are having another baby so we will have two under the age of two and will need to invest in a double pram. We would love to win the icandy orange as it is the rolls Royce of prams and would love to show it off!

  125. Avatar of Peter Gerard
    Peter GerardReply

    I like that I can configure the iCandy in 30 different ways, depending on the ages and stages of our wee ones. which is a great help with the growing bubs and Family. Just what this Family needs.

  126. Avatar of Lisa R

    With a baby on the way, and plans for another, i love the flexibility of these prams. They are like no other!

  127. Avatar of Robyn

    We are now expecting our 4th and maybe 5th baby and we are yet to find a pram to is convenient enough with the shops these days and something that looks snazzy! Pick me and I will cherish it and give it a bloody good run for its money with 5 kids!!

  128. Avatar of Charmaine Lock
    Charmaine LockReply

    The most stunning pram I have seen in such a long time.

  129. Avatar of Dave L

    Would love the opportunity to own this pram as it is versatile and it a fantastic product that can suit my needs.
    Being a first time dad, it would be something that I would utilize to the max. I don’t believe the features that come with this pram is matched. ORANGE IS MY FAVE COLOUR TOO

  130. Avatar of Maryam Naeem
    Maryam NaeemReply

    The iCandy Orange seems to be the most practical stylish pram for my 4 month old and my 4 year old. I love the fact that I can easily carry both my kids alone and the 64L humongous basket can carry all my grocery stuff. This pram is the best stuff ever made for the mum.

  131. Avatar of Tanya C

    What an amazingly functional and stylish pram. It’s also hubby’s favourite colour so he would gladly push for a change!

  132. Avatar of Ylona Teleki
    Ylona TelekiReply

    I absolutely love the versatility of this pram! That it can accommodate my 6 week old, and my 3 year old in either a seat or on a board if he gets tired. I love that the storage basket underneath is so large, something that’s always bothered me about other prams. It’s also incredibly pretty!!

  133. Avatar of Erum.z

    First time mum with bub on the way and have NO idea about the world of baby products. Have been putting off doing baby shopping but this pram jumped out to me instantly and I would love to be the coolest mum on the block with these wheels. What’s more, I can use it for all my future babies AND pass it on as a future heirloom.

  134. Avatar of Amanda J

    I love the fact that it grows with my family and has 30 different configurations.

  135. Avatar of Erin

    I love the versatility of this pram (as well as how gorgeous it is). I’ve just had bub number 2 and with two under 2 I really need a simple, versatile and brilliant pram to ferry both my cherubs around!

  136. Avatar of Sian

    This wpuld ve perfect in our home as we have a wee one on the way and a 14 month old plus a 5 year old so it would help alot.

  137. Avatar of Rita Dwenger
    Rita DwengerReply

    I candy, I candy
    Would be so dandy
    Bright orange will get the looks
    But if I win, I candy will be in the good books!

  138. Avatar of Vanessa k

    Love the idea of all the different ways i can put my two bubs in! My 2yr old still likes being in the pram so to have them both safe & comfortable when we’re out & about is great.

  139. Avatar of Jasmyn

    I’d love to have this ready in time for my first child.

  140. Avatar of Cassie

    I love the different configurations you can have with this pram. The colour is bright and bold and would be perfect for me to use with my son, who is 18 months old and my bub due in March next year. The ride on board would be great for when my son doesn’t want to be in the pram.

  141. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy weddingReply

    I absolutely love the colour and it would make life so much easier for me to take the kids out

  142. Avatar of Sophia

    This would be a absolute DREAM!!! My pram is slowly breaking down and in desperate need for a new one. Oh please I really want to win this !!!

  143. Avatar of Corrina

    I would love to win an icandy Peach because I think it would really help making outings with my newborn twins much easier.

  144. Avatar of Roziana Nordin
    Roziana NordinReply

    Omg! Love the bright and happy color. And would love to figure out the new configuration and what it got to offer. My son will love sitting in this pram.

  145. Avatar of Kristina S

    I absolutely love the inbuilt toddler board! It would be super handy not having to fiddle around attaching it

  146. Avatar of Darren Collins
    Darren CollinsReply

    Sturdy, safe, reliable. You know it will meet your needs and you know it will last. That’s exactly what I am looking for.

  147. Avatar of Russell Mills
    Russell MillsReply

    It looks so versatile with the different setups and as I have an 18 month old daughter and a second daughter due in December it looks like the perfect addition to help keep us organised (well as much as a parent with 2 under 2 can be). It would be a fantastic suprise for my wife as she is starting to struggle with our current oversized pram.

  148. Avatar of KATHY Ferguson Clark
    KATHY Ferguson ClarkReply

    Love the Orange as my kids usually loose me with this one they wont

  149. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzieReply

    I love everything about this pram!! I love how versatile it is, I love how it looks, how easy it sounds to use, and that it can grow with your families needs! I walk to and from school everyday so I am in need of a pram that will last everyday use for the next 4 years!! Plus, I love that this pram will give my toddler a fun ‘ride’ too! Winner!!

  150. Avatar of Lesleigh

    I have been looking at these for awhile and love how they are so compact on the outside but super roomy on the inside

  151. Avatar of Ashlea

    This pram has everything that you need from newborn right through. I love the versatility and the colour! I would love to win this pram!!!

  152. Avatar of phil holt

    love the detail and all the great safety elements – it would be great to win this to take my grandchild with me on my morning walk

  153. Avatar of Natalie Hobby
    Natalie HobbyReply

    This pram looks absolutely incredible!! Would be an incredible thing I could put aside and gift to my dearest friend in the world who has been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and fingers crossed this will be her year.

  154. Avatar of Kristy

    I just LOVE the bright happy orange colour. I would gift this amazing pram to my close friend who is pregnant 😀

  155. Avatar of Nell

    I love that it takes the stress from trying to cope with a one year old and a newborn because it is easy to handle.

  156. Avatar of Debra

    Winning the delicious iCandy orange pram for the little jelly bean would make life so sweet and easy!

  157. Avatar of Bronwyn Bunn
    Bronwyn BunnReply

    I love everything about the pram! Especially when we have a second

  158. Avatar of Anastasia Spiers
    Anastasia SpiersReply

    Orange is my first borns favourite colour so he may help me with our new baby when he or she arrives if I had this pram. It also sounds practical, versatile and easy to use

  159. Avatar of cleo

    Comfort and versatility enjoying a smooth journey when taking Oscar out for strolls to the park.

  160. Avatar of Jenna Lewis
    Jenna LewisReply

    everything about the ICANDY is awesome would really love to push my baby around in it – its so stylish and love the vibrant orange colour plus the shopping bag storage underneath is a big bonus!

  161. Avatar of raf

    The pram would really come in handy so I can deal with my kids easier.

  162. Avatar of Adrienne Feher
    Adrienne FeherReply

    What’s not to love. A dream pram that grows with the family. In built toddler board and freestanding fold. Sounds absolutely amazing. Ticks all the boxes. Would love to own one.

  163. Avatar of Renee Gibbens
    Renee GibbensReply

    I have a little boy who is almost one and I really want to try for number two. The one thing holding me back is; “How do I manage to leave the house with two babies and how will I afford the perfect pram to fix my issue!?” The answer is here! This would be perfect.

  164. Avatar of Hanne Brunes
    Hanne BrunesReply

    I love the icandy orange . I love the look and the colour . I love how flexible it is with positioning of two seats.

    I have been looking for a pram that looks nice and comfortable, and that will fit both my 18 month old and new baby due soon. This is it. I love it and would be the best win ever!!!!!

  165. Avatar of Melanie O

    The versatility, so many options
    The colour organe also rocks

  166. Avatar of Lsy

    I can’t say why I love the i Candy as I’ve never tried it, which is why I’m interested in reviewing one!

  167. Avatar of Paige Yang

    My 3 years old girl always tries to jump onto her little brother’s stroller, maybe because she is lazy to walk or she is just jealous to him With iCandy, she can be on the ride while facing to her brother. Sounds great to me!

  168. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara JohnstonReply

    i.Candy Orange is truly eye-catching:
    C.omplete with leatherette detailing!
    A.nd got to love the huge shopping basket:
    N.ow enough room for everyone’s nappies & jackets!
    D.early love the easy seat adjustment:, the iCandy is truly heaven-sent!

  169. Avatar of Katie

    I love the stylish colour, big storage for shopping when i cant drive from c sect. The 2year waranty which im sure wont be needed

  170. Avatar of Tisa Dartora
    Tisa DartoraReply

    I have a beautiful 15 month old girl and another bub due in March 2018. It would be amazing to have such an incredible pram for my two little ones. The iCandy sounds absolutely perfect! Beautiful design, light, easy to fold and with all these layout options you can’t really go wrong!!

  171. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    Love the iCandy in supporting a new little growing family, the fresh fun colour and how super daddy cool/friendly it is. Love it xxxx

  172. Avatar of Tammerly

    My son HATES his current (expensive) pram – he kicks and screams and refuses to sit in it…. but when my friend brings around her iCandy, he will jump in there and is life a different child! She raves about iCandy and so does he! It is soooo easy to handle. I definitely chose the wrong pram to start with.

  173. Avatar of Nicole

    I love the colour, also because I’m Dutch! Love the versatility. Would love to help a friend out and give it to her.

  174. Avatar of Belinda

    I would love to win the iCandy Orange because of its versatility when my second comes along and its a fabulous looking pram!

  175. Avatar of Julie WT

    The amount of features packed into such a stylish and sleek design is the kicker for me. I am always on the move – walking from A to B, jumping onto buses and trains (compact and sturdy is best here!) or in and out of the car, the iCandy orange ticks ALL our boxes. Two standouts are the huge shopping basket and beinh able to use it for a baby and a toddler/young child. We would be great advocates of the iCandy orange – we have so far with everything we love to our familumy and friends, colleagues and Mums and Dads in our playgroup and daycare!

  176. Avatar of Kayleen

    Amazing, what a wonderful Pram to start your family with . I would love to win this for my son&daughter inlaw who are expecting their first child in 6 weeks . What more could any new parent want The perfect Pram!!!

  177. Avatar of Andrea Dinan
    Andrea DinanReply

    Orange is certainly the new pram!! A very eye catching and beautifully versatile pram, it looks fabulous! I love the fact that it is easy to manoeuvre and not to heavy, and that it has ample bassinet space! This Mum to be would love a stylish, but convenient pram to stroll Bub around in!

  178. Avatar of Anthea Georges
    Anthea GeorgesReply

    Wow this pram looks and sounds amazing. With great features i love the colour the ride on toddler board my son would love this feature and not to mention how handy the big basket will be shopping with 3 children. The pram i bought for my first ended up being the worst pram ever it didn’t steer or work the way it was meant to.

  179. Avatar of Catrina

    There is so many features I love that my previous pram didn’t have, such as small in size but has large basket for shopping, the ride on board would be great for my older son. I would love this for my bubs to be to help make it easier and convenient for shopping trips.

  180. Avatar of Gaibrielle Affleck
    Gaibrielle AffleckReply

    I love the in built buggy board. This would be awesome for my 5 year old who wants to go for walks but never can finish them… Also love all the different combinations for my 7 month and 2 year old

  181. Avatar of Amy

    I love the configurations, so versatile! As a bonus, my favourite colour happens to be orange!

  182. Avatar of Tracey Lewis
    Tracey LewisReply

    I love everything that I have read about it, and would love to win one to have the comfort of a new and awesome pram plus show it off to my sister who is currently pregnant and always can afford the best for her growing family

  183. Avatar of Amber

    I would love an orange iCandy to match my name! And to take my 2 year old and newborn out and about easier.

  184. Avatar of Jaf

    I love that this pram is all about convenience and making life easier for a mumma!

  185. Avatar of Veronika Kuswandi
    Veronika KuswandiReply

    30 different ways you said? Whats not to love…

  186. Avatar of Melissa

    I love the look of this pram, it’s exactly what I’m looking for, faces both ways, easy to fold, compact, & the built-in ride on would be perfect for my daughter who is constantly asking to be picked up when heading to town or having to walk anywhere which is difficult while pregnant & will be especially difficult with a baby & pushing the pram. But, never in a million years could I ever dream of owning one!!

  187. Avatar of Shaun Madden
    Shaun MaddenReply

    This looks pretty stylish and functional. would totally push my baby around in this.

  188. Avatar of Hong. T

    Like the reviewer, I am a new mum of 2, a baby and toddler who is a runner. She hates sitting still but also still needs her afternoon nap. The iCandy Orange would be perfect for my family having everything we need already included in the package instead of having to buy every single bit and piece we need as additional. We can spend more time out for short strolls, shopping trips or mini getaways! It sounds like it can handle a lot and when I read it boasts a huge shopping basket my eyes were like Completely lit up!
    If we have a 3rd child it sounds like it’ll still have room to accommodate too!
    I Would love to win this amazing pram!!

  189. Avatar of Bree

    I love the configuration and how the pram grows with your family and children.
    The idea of the huge shopping basket is a huge bonus meaning no need for plastic bags

  190. Avatar of Amanda

    I’m a busy mum of 3 children that are 4,2 and 1. I’m constantly in and out of the car for kindy drop offs, shopping runs etc. I have the icandy peach and sometimes I just want to pop into the shop without making the pram into double mode. the integrated ride on board would be an amazing time saving feature for me. I also love the new larger hood for the warmer months.

  191. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana HodgettsReply

    I love how this pram grows and adapts with my family! The buffet of different configurations is amazing, and one handed adjustments are a must! My son will be 17months when his brother/sister arrives in March so I will definitely have my hands full with two under two! This pram would make it so much easier to live my busy mum life. The option of the built in toddler scooter would be ideal for my young toddler as I am sure he will get sick of sitting and want to look at bub-bub.
    I would love love love to win this pram. Preparing for two bubs so close in age is expensive, this pram is definitely top of my ‘lust list’ of things I would love to have for my babies!!!

  192. Avatar of Jasmine Nelson
    Jasmine NelsonReply

    I love how it’s so versatile
    I’d love this because I could never afford to buy one

  193. Avatar of Sally

    I love the look of this new pram! The storage space looks huge! Plus it would work so well with both my kids who are only 18 months apart. We love going on our daily walks and this looks like it would be so comfortable and easy.

  194. Avatar of Tanya Mae

    I love that it is so practical and that it is syuyable to use for toddlers too.

  195. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie VeljanovskiReply

    I love that you can configure it in so many ways. It helps me to use it in a way that my children feel comfortable and it will grow with them.

  196. Avatar of Fiona M

    The iCandy’s vibrant colour, 30 different configurations, large seat capacity for growing baby, freestanding fold make me look cool, the one-handed seat adjustment while one-handed shopping with the shopping basket!

  197. Avatar of Aliesha

    I love the fact that you can face the baby both ways and that its easy fold. I would love to win this as I have my first baby due in 7 weeks and its exactly what I like in a pram.

  198. Avatar of K Maree

    I love love love the buggy board!! Having a toddler who is in that awkward “I don’t need a pram but I’m tired of walking” stage, it will be awesome to have that when we finally have a third child!!

  199. Avatar of Rowan B

    The racing orange, makes it go faster than the other prams. 🙂

  200. Avatar of Andrea Seymour
    Andrea SeymourReply

    The iCandy is one of the best on the market today!
    I could never dream of being able to afford one, for my babies.

  201. Avatar of Hwarner

    Looks amazing – so many ways to configure and a huge shopping basket

  202. Avatar of Bonbon

    I love how easy it is to use! The huge basket will certainly come in handy and the board for my older child will be an absolute God send. I struggled day in and day out with my last stroller. Too big and clunky to fit through the supermarket checkout. Seatbelt uncomfortable for my son and no storage space whatsoever, who even designs a pram with no storage space! Worst of all everything got tangled in the wheels. Ripped my favorite skirt clean off. Disastrous, practically had to leave town.

  203. Avatar of Nicole

    This pram will be perfect from new born to toddler, it is sleek, fashionable and functional, the only pram that we need as a parent.

  204. Avatar of GarinkK

    Currently pregnant with my second one, this pram would be handy to carry around 2 kids at the same time 🙂

  205. Avatar of Samantha Huon
    Samantha HuonReply

    I love the iCandy Orange pram with its Luxury Padded Liner, New beautiful stylish features that no other pram has my new bub will be riding in style

  206. Avatar of Nicole G

    I would love to win as I love the variation of set ups that the ICandy allows as well as the fantastic bright orange colour will ensure it never gets lost in a sea of Black and navy prams

  207. Avatar of Doreen Lim

    I will love to win this amazing verstaile pram for my baby girl as we only own an old pram which was for my firstborn 5 years ago. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  208. Avatar of Jacqueline

    reading this there are so many amazing features to this pram. I am soon to be a first time mum and this pram seems incredible. it would be amazing to win this pram and have it for hopefully a few kids to come

  209. Avatar of tara Corballis
    tara CorballisReply

    I’m entering on behalf of my freind whom has recently given birth to a gorgeous premmie girl, plenty of room for her to grow big and strong

  210. Avatar of Jennafa

    The versatility of Candy is amazing and also very stylishly sleek.

  211. Avatar of Candice Milner
    Candice MilnerReply

    You had me at 30 different ways. Talk about versatile, this sounds incredible. So many features, it just makes me love it even more. It sounds like it has everything, what more could you possibly want in a pram? It would make life so much easier with my little ones when getting out and about. I love that both my kids can sit in it, or my son can stand on the ride on board if he can’t, or doesn’t want to walk anymore. I’m sure the iCandy Orange is every mum’s dream pram and there will be a lot of pram envy going around.

  212. Avatar of Michael Scocco
    Michael ScoccoReply

    Love it all, the diesgn, the colour, gives a bit of style when it comes to pushing the kids around.

  213. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    So many features choosing only one is difficult, I’m choosing that it’s suitable from birth to 25 kgs. so great for a toddler as well as a new born. This is the kind of p

    • Avatar of Dawn Taylor
      Dawn TaylorReply

      I’m sorry but that last comment wasn’t finished, my tablet fell, and somehow I must have pressed the post a comment bar.
      So many features it’s hard to just pick one, a pram that goes from birth to 25 kgs is great, especially one that lets you add another seat on, so you can safely move around with two children.
      I would love to gift this pram to my dear friend who is now 25 weeks pregnant with a precious little girl. She has planned, hoped, and dreamed of having a baby for so long, I’m so excited her dream is soon going to be here.

  214. Avatar of Maha Almoussli
    Maha AlmoussliReply

    wish to win 😀 as i am planning to have a new baby 😀

  215. Avatar of Tanya

    love to win this as I have two kids, one newborn and one toddler. so this would be peect

  216. Avatar of Karen Power
    Karen PowerReply

    Love the colour my favourite, then everything else is amazing from the stylish looks to the incredible storage.

  217. Avatar of Anna Elle

    With the iCandy Orange, I’ll never get lost in the crowd!

  218. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    About to have number one,
    I’m sure it’ll be fun!
    But this Orange iCandy will brighten any day,
    Even when baby’s crying away!

  219. Avatar of Farrukh Jamal
    Farrukh JamalReply

    Its been rated 5/5 which means it has all the great features that a parent may need or want. Either its the style or the 64L basket or the fact that you can carry your two kids togather without any hassel. And you know what everyone in my family loves Orange.

  220. Avatar of Janine

    We would love to win the iCandy pram! How fab is it that you can arrange the pram in multiple ways. Trying for number two with a 1 year old chick, this would be just perfect for getting around easily with double the trouble!

  221. Avatar of graham buckingham
    graham buckinghamReply

    I love the bright and appealing styles that this pram shows off, my partner and I have been through numerous different prams and would love to try this one.

  222. Avatar of goldprincess21

    As a first time mum to be, I am all about practical and style. I love the bright colour and it looks easy to stroll around which would be perfect for me as a first timer.

  223. Avatar of Anu Wilson

    Innovative , trendy , different configurations and looks perfect for my 3 year old son and 2 week old daughter…

  224. Avatar of Kbaz

    My current pram is quite bulky and heavy. I love the versatility of this pram and how easy it would be to adapt to a second child without it becoming a massive pram.

  225. Avatar of karen

    I love the vibrant colour our little pumpkin would look great riding around in it

  226. Avatar of Tiffany Fitch
    Tiffany FitchReply

    We have two amazing children already but we know our baby making days aren’t over yet! This pram would be perfect for the kids we already have and any future children that come our way. This pram literally has everything anyone could need in a pram and, with our current pram out of use because it’s broken, it would be a huge blessing to our family!

  227. Avatar of Bec J

    The icandy in orange has everything MUM’s want in a pram, its practical, on-trend, perfect me, city Mummy who loves all the features of style and functionality, I’m ready to TEST drive – lets go BABY!!

  228. Avatar of Ash

    As a solo mum this double pram that accommodates bith my baby & my toddler would just make my life that much easier. Whether it’s out getting groceries, trying to run errands or just going for a walk to escape the house 🙂 pls pick us

  229. Avatar of Leeanne

    This pram is very impressive in regards to its features, style, versatility and quality. It certainly seems like the one pram that really has everything anyone could want. It would allow our family the flexibility we need now and many years into the future.

  230. Avatar of Samantha

    I love the bold colour and clean design. This pram sounds and looks fantastic!

  231. Avatar of Anita Menzie
    Anita MenzieReply

    I love the style, versatility and even the colour of the of the iCandy Orange. What a great design 🙂

  232. Avatar of Jane

    This pram is amazing. Used a friend’s for a week when she was interstate and couldn’t get over how easy it was to manoeuvre and had great suspension. I’m currently using my 4th cheap pram and it does my back in to steer it so winning this pram would make life a lot more easy and fun!

  233. Avatar of Elinor

    I love that the iCandy pram is great for kids who do not like to sit and that the bassinet is huge.

  234. Avatar of bronwyn evans
    bronwyn evansReply

    Seriously impressed by this beauty easy to use and safe and secure enough for me to be happy and comfortable enough for bub to be happy. Win win!

  235. Avatar of Gemma Dehn

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. I would chop off my right arm for one of these prams. From birth my son has hated sitting in anything where he can’t see (a.k.a. My current pram). This pram would solve this problem. Plus if I can get my son to sit in a pram, I can then consider baby number 2! I love that this pram grows and adapts with the family. The pram would also make me look look cool as well and let’s face it, that’s what most mum’s really care about!

  236. Avatar of Mel Simcocks
    Mel SimcocksReply

    I would LOVE to win this. With a 3yr old, 1yr old and trying for baby #3, this is the pram I need

  237. Avatar of Rebecca

    My current pram is 9 years old, due a big break between babies!! I would love a new, modern pram with all the improvements that have been made in the last decade.

  238. Avatar of Michael Hossen
    Michael HossenReply

    The pram looks super stylish, safe and would be perfect for our soon to be baby!

  239. Avatar of Rianna J

    I have 2 beautiful boys who are 18 months and 5 weeks so the icandy pram as a double would be absolutely perfect. The different seat combinations and storage room would make shopping trips and day to day outings a lot easier than trying to push my youngest in our current pram and chase my oldest at the same time

  240. Avatar of Jay

    I would love to walk around with a bright and beautiful pram and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

  241. Avatar of Courtney

    I would love to win this pram, as my current one is definitely due for an upgrade. I love love love the colour (its also my oldest sons favourite colour) and love the different configurations it has especially the kick board that will allow my oldest child to ride on the pram when his little legs get tired 🙂

  242. Avatar of Kelly bennett
    Kelly bennettReply

    It looks amazing and stylish, but let’s be honest, it has to be practical as well… and this icandy Pram is just that! Easy to steer and easy to fold up Is the two biggest pluses for me as time at the shops needs to be as easy as possible. Also being able to pack it up quickly and efficiently is great. I think my son would be very comfortable in this Pram!

  243. Avatar of Tigarrr

    I love that there are so many different configurations with the pram. Also the colour is amazing!!!

  244. Avatar of Mel Mac

    I love that with the icandy orange I can alternate between the bassinet, seat and wheel board depending which of my kids are in tow! It’s easier to manoeuvre than my side by side pram, which is heavy and doesn’t fit in narrow aisles and spaces! The icandy orange is a dynamic travel solution and I would only need one pram, I can ditch the rest!

  245. Avatar of Lauren Johnston
    Lauren JohnstonReply

    I would love to win this pram! My pram is almost 8 years old and with another bubba on the way I think we both deserve an upgrade to this deluxe model!

  246. Avatar of Jacqui Stevens
    Jacqui StevensReply

    I have been looking for a stylish and practical stroller and from the many positive reviews online the iCandy Orange has set the standards high. Key to the design of the Orange is its longevity, adapting into a double travel system to grow with my family, starting with baby number 1 in 2018.

  247. Avatar of Christopher King
    Christopher KingReply

    I’d love to win this pram, as I have a friend in dire financial circumstances, who is a first-time mother to a beautiful baby boy. This prize (of a prized) pram would mean she could get out and about, affording her some more confidence and hope, for her young family’s future. I wish them the very best, and here’s my opportunity to provide them with the very best, in some palpable way, at least. Thank you.

  248. Avatar of kodie McMullen
    kodie McMullenReply

    I love the colour of the icandy orange its vibrant and outgoing. I am currently trying to conceive and have a beautiful 9 year old and this would be the ultimate pram to take my new bub out and about.

  249. Avatar of Brendon

    What an amazing orange! love how vibrant that colour is!

    • Avatar of Brendon

      Be amazing to win this for the little one we have coming along next year!

  250. Avatar of Abbey

    This pram looks amazing and so stylish – My pram looks ugly and so clunky in comparison. Would love to have a new pram for baby number 2

  251. Avatar of Ebony Comerford
    Ebony ComerfordReply

    Because I love orange- Orange is the New Black remember?

  252. Avatar of Kylie

    Oh how the iCandy Orange could simplify my life! Currently struggling to get out of the house with my 4 year old son and nearly 6 month old baby girl. My current pram has a tiny storage space (and steering is a nightmare) and I also purchased a buggy board that I can’t even seem to attach properly for when my big boy gets tired of walking. This lovely design would see me looking stylish and serene whilst walking off some of my excess baby weight 🙂

  253. Avatar of Tehani

    I love that the pram has 30 different configurations it truly does grow with your family.

  254. Avatar of Lily

    Absolutely love this pram, The orange is unisex for all my children. Perfect for my 4 month old daughter, 4yr nephew and any future children. Fingers crossed. It will definitely get a lot of use over it’s lifetime.

  255. Avatar of hahahollipop

    We have waited 10 years to fall pregnant and we are now due in Jan! so our super special daughter would feel super special in this perfect pram

  256. Avatar of Zoe Dunstan
    Zoe DunstanReply

    I am in love with the colour of the icandy orange! The skateboard attachment is perfect for my independent 2 year old that no longer wants to sit in the pram and the one handed seat adjustment is perfect for mums like myself with very active toddlers who sometimes need an extra hand
    Why should I be picked as the winner? Because i need a replacement pram for my embarrassing dated, dirty old one!

  257. Avatar of Debora Marques
    Debora MarquesReply

    I love everything about the icandy, but what caught my attention is how easy you can adjust the seat with only one hand!!!

  258. Avatar of Jess S

    I love how versatile the Orange iCandy is. 1 seat or 2 and easy to fold. Its got everything.
    Also a beautiful happy colour! How could this pram not make you happy 🙂

  259. Avatar of Heidi Wilkin
    Heidi WilkinReply

    Such an amazing looking pram. The colour is just wow and i love that. Its so versatile with all the features it has. What an amazing prize to win.

  260. Avatar of Lauren S

    Living in Brissy and being a walk-aholic the extendable canopy would get an amazing amount of use. I’m booked in this week to meet my munchkin…..he’ll be pretty early and I’d love a gorgeous icandy to wheel him around in style, and safety.

  261. Avatar of J.B

    As we are currently trying for number 4, giving us a 10 year gap, this would be the ultimate that we couldn’t get any other way. The ability to have my nephew in tow easily would help amazingly also.

  262. Avatar of Angela S.

    The colour is amazing, both for safety with visibility and being so trendy, as is having two seats but the built in board would be so helpful with a growing family and little ones who feel more like big kids if they get to stand for a ride.

  263. Avatar of Amy Baker

    Love the bright colour! The roomy shopping basket.I love that bubs and sis and big brother can all fit in or on this pram and there’s is nothing better than a pram that is easy to operate so I love that the most!

  264. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    It so light and easy to use and fold away. I’ll be a grandmother soon. I’d love this for my new grandchild.

  265. Avatar of Adeline

    Definitely not your typical eye candy,
    She’s got moves so smooth and cruisy!
    With over 30 configurations to boast,
    Taking me and kids from city to coast.
    With a huge basket, skateboard and more,
    Mumming around town is no longer a chore.
    Love its bright cheerful colour and vibe,
    I’d be very honoured to win this for my tribe!

  266. Avatar of Amira

    Love the versatility and configurations for this pram, and with the huge storage basket, it’s perfect to store shopping without hassles.

  267. Avatar of Theresa

    This pram is absolutely stunning!! We love ICandy!! Orange is my absolute favourite colour – we have a beautiful 10 week old daughter and we want to try for baby number 2 ASAP so a double pram will be well used in our household. The layback seat looks amazing and of course the shopping basket!! What a great prize!! Thank you!!

  268. Avatar of Jennalee Ratley
    Jennalee RatleyReply

    Oh Em Gee!! You should pick me because I love everything about this awesome baby transportation unit!! Calling it a Pram just doesn’t do it justice!!! This is next level!!Using to use with all the functions and features that are a must for any Mum!! Especially a mum with 2 little people!!! My toddler won’t have to feel left out when his new brother arrives!! The basket is my new best friend!!! And the style and colour just make my eyes excited and give me goosebumps!! The inclusions are crazy amazing!!!!

  269. Avatar of Rachael Moore
    Rachael MooreReply

    This looks really flexible- ideal for our changing needs with a new baby and a 2 year old.

  270. Avatar of yvonne ryan
    yvonne ryanReply

    ohh wow this really is the most stylish and versatile pram!!

  271. Avatar of Kristin Schulz
    Kristin SchulzReply

    I love how easy this pram is to push, and how compact it can get. I have 3 sons, and am pregnant with our first girl. We will need a pram that can keep our daughter at the same pace as her brothers, and also fold small enough to fit in our car!! Tough ask; but the iCandy would work for us perfectly!!!

  272. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    The iCandy Orange matches my new Asics. What a team we would make!

  273. Avatar of Jessica Grinter
    Jessica GrinterReply

    I love that the iCandy has room for our future growing family and can accommodate for a new baby and toddler. Our son will love standing on the board, and I will love the amazing huge basket! This pram will be a lifesaver and used for many, many years.

  274. Avatar of Pat

    Very flexible functionality and slick design. Love this pram.

  275. Avatar of sam

    The space for shopping underneath, and the bassinet feature

  276. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Son number 3 born In Melbourne in 4 days ago, 4 hours from family and home because of previous family birth difficulties with local births .. Hand-me-down pram ready.. I was too scared to purchase a brand new iCandy pram but now all is well I’d love to celebrate with iCandy.

  277. Avatar of Carmen Yu

    I love how you can choose from 30 different configurations to meet the ever changing demands of your growing children.
    I would love to win this as I would like to.go on a family trip and I can’t bring a stroller and a pram with me. It’ll be a logistical nightmare. Please choose me.

  278. Avatar of Sonja Henderson
    Sonja HendersonReply

    Love the colour, so much better than boring blue and black, so versatile and sleek, need this in my life

  279. Avatar of Monique

    30 configurations?! Im sold!! With my little chubba bubba, i’m dreading pushing two in a few months!! Their frames won’t be light, but thank god the icandy Orange frame is! This is top of my pram test drive list! Looks like orange really is the new black.

  280. Avatar of Jessica Camilleri
    Jessica CamilleriReply

    Orange is just so bright and bubbly like my family’s personality! Least I can stand out in the street and make sure everyone knows I am a lady with a baby!

  281. Avatar of Karen

    This would be a fantastic gift for my eldest daughter, she is recently married & is 15 weeks pregnant & as it was an unexpected blessing they have nothing prepared, so if good old granny could help them out by winning this it would be awesome.
    The iCandy Orange is a wonderful looking pram & has so many great features to make sure bubs is not only safe but comfortable too!

  282. Avatar of Jessica Ross
    Jessica RossReply

    The iCandy Orange looks awesome! It’s stylish with great features and ways of use. It seems suitable, reliable and very handy for a single mother like myself with no car or mode of transport. I’d love to stroll down town with this nifty pram and feel and look great at tge same time! My daughter would love it!

  283. Avatar of Alyce

    I’d love to own a new pram for the first time ever (pregnant with baby #3!). I have a very attached 2 year old who likes to be worn, but I’m 25 weeks pregnant and struggling to hold her weight now. The iCandy will give me multiple options to keep her close before and after baby arrives!

  284. Avatar of I love the "Candy Orange stroller", it stands out in a crowd, no other stroller can be configured in so many ways, and amazing product.
    I love the "Candy Orange stroller", it stands out in a crowd, no other stroller can be configured in so many ways, and amazing product.Reply

    I love the “Candy Orange stroller” the colour stands out in a crowd. There is no other pram that will configure in so many ways,it is just about inconceivable

  285. Avatar of Skye Danaher
    Skye DanaherReply

    I am pregnant with my first baby and I am 39 years old so it is my little miracle 🙂

  286. Avatar of Billy

    ilove my misses who loves iCandy who is iCandy and I’ll be in the good books again

  287. Avatar of Emily Compton
    Emily ComptonReply

    My two favourite things would have to be the seat configurations and the amazing orange colour! Orange is such a bright happy colour, and definitely calms you during the stressful times of the mumma life.

  288. Avatar of Nicole Eyles
    Nicole EylesReply

    I love how compact this pram is for a double pram. With two under two the bulkiness of my current double pram is a serious downfall. I find myself not even bothering to use. I’d love to be able to get out more with this beautiful pram.

  289. Avatar of karina l

    I love the orange colour!!! It adds a bang of colour to our lives!

  290. Avatar of Jonathan

    I currently have a bugaboo camelean, but find it big and clunky. Im always noticing the iCandy prams in the shops and can tell they’re a noun quality product snd are easy to use.
    Also, the orange color is epic!

  291. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey TaylorReply

    Loving the Orange colour. Saftey wise I feel all strollers should stand out so motorist can see you.Fashion wise its a definite winner.Every family needs a light weight multipurpose stroller and iCANDY have nailed the brief with me.ell done!

  292. Avatar of Rebecca v

    I love the colors the I candy comes in and the different accessories to dress up this super sleek pram

  293. Avatar of Andrea

    Since the moment we decided to start trying again for bub #2 I’ve been researching double prams. Am so excited about of icandy releasing something new on the market! I would love a chance to win this pram as I’m a mumma thats always on the go, and we especially have a love for walking everywhere with my 3.5 year old! And he still loves chilling in his pram as soon as we arrive to our destination and refuel with snacks now with his little brother/sister due shortly after his 4rh birthday I would love a pram that would suit such a big age gap where both my babies are comfortable. And hoping it will last us through to our third bub as we want a closer gap plus my son is obsessed with the colour orange so he will be ecstatic when he sees the colour of the pram!

  294. Avatar of Trang

    We are expecting baby number 2 and would love a chance to win an icandy orange as it is exactly what we are looking for. Love the fact that it’s so stylist, compact and very functional with heaps of space to put things in the basket down the bottom.

  295. Avatar of Bec Jackson
    Bec JacksonReply

    This pram looks amazing!! I would love to win this …the colour is fabulous and bright and i love the one handed seat positioning!! My little one would adore this colour!!

  296. Avatar of tap

    love the colour! but in particular the different configuration and ease of use

  297. Avatar of Julia pastuhovs
    Julia pastuhovsReply

    I love everything about the icabdy my dream pram! Winning this would be amazing

  298. Avatar of Katie Dalla Santa
    Katie Dalla SantaReply

    I love the versatility with all the configurations. Also love the fact I can push my baby girl and have my little boy in it at the same time. Not to mention how lovely it looks

  299. Avatar of Evie

    Versatile, practical, convenient (no need for a trolley when shopping) & above all super stylish! I’m going to be a first time mum & not only would this be a massive help but I will also feel like a yummy mummy pushing this fabulous pram!

  300. Avatar of Anna P

    I am expecting my first child and have started to investigate suitable pram options. The iCandy looks like a great option!

  301. Avatar of Becky Downey
    Becky DowneyReply


  302. Avatar of Shalissa

    I love the versatility of the icandy and the size of the storage basket is a bonus. I would love this for my little boy to grow through all his stages

  303. Avatar of Elissa

    As the owner of the icandy peach for the past 4 years the orange has everything and more. Like the buggy board my kids have been using the basket as a buggy board, larger basket and seats, and to be able to adjust the seats with one hand. How many times I’ve had my hand full and I’ve tried to get my four year old to help me adjust the seat. The icandy orange is not only my but our dream come true.

  304. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla SibleyReply

    I’m a Mum to be (due next month) and would adore a pram as stylish as this! I love the fact that I can have the capsule facing me and see my
    Little one wherever I go and still not have to worry about the sun getting here either.

  305. Avatar of Kelly Laws

    What an awesome pram. Thanks to iCandy & Mum central for this opportunity to win such a lovely prize.

  306. Avatar of Ellie

    I would love love love to win this amazing pram! This would be a dream come true pram with baby number 2 due soon and a 20 months active toddler! Mama can take both bub out and play!

  307. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    With its compact frame, easy maneuverability and painless collapsibility my Husband will have no excuses not to be able to use it too! And also I can fit it in the back of my car without dismantling it and not needing an instruction manual each time I take it out.

  308. Avatar of Kimberley Dawson
    Kimberley DawsonReply

    I’ll be having my second when my little girl is over 4 years old, so having the ability for her to stand on the pram and get a lift is an amazing addition!

  309. Avatar of Karen McKenzie
    Karen McKenzieReply

    Looks like it would just about make getting out of the house easy!

  310. Avatar of Hanh

    The iCandy looks amazing! I have a 4 month old and he is so fussy when we go out. The iCandy looks like it would be very comfortable and verstile if we needed to go out and about with him and enjoy the outdoors.

  311. Avatar of Bronny194

    The iCandy looks fantastic and I would love to win it for my niece who is pregnant with her second baby. Her other little boy is nearly eighteen months old so she will definitely need something like this. It looks so comfortable and the fact that it is my favourite colour caught my attention straight away.

  312. Avatar of Bella Ri

    So many features that will bring the utmost comfort and style! It has a great colour, to brighten anyones day and is perfect for the first few years of our child’s lives! It’s easy to pack away and easy to push around, lots of storage compartments and easy positioning makes this a MUST for any new mum!

  313. Avatar of Zangy Green
    Zangy GreenReply

    With a bub on the WAY,
    Officially on mat leave, so no sight of the next pay-DAY,
    I’d love you to choose ME,
    With a bub on the way I’d be the perfect reviewer, don’t you SEE?
    I love the fact that this pram doesn’t sacrifice on functionality or STYLE,
    and even the easy on the pocket price tag makes this pram totally WORTHWHILE!

  314. Avatar of Kimmy101

    After my first child I’m definitely realizing the differences between prams and this one is worth it. Would love one for my second child.

  315. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana SumnerReply

    I love the versatility of positions as a double and the toddler board built in. The colour is stylish.

  316. Avatar of Maz

    Apart from being very practical with its various configurations, large basket and good-sized hood, the iCandy also looks great and is in my favourite colour! I already have a toddler and this pram looks perfect for a growing family

  317. Avatar of Leanne

    Looks amazing!! I’m super happy with the colour choice as it is a stand out which is great when walking especially in car parks. Such a compact versatile must have for any Mum!!

  318. Avatar of Melmilne

    What an awesome pram for our growing family. We need to upgrade to a double with #2 due in Feb and this would be perfect for our boys as they grow!

  319. Avatar of Lynn

    My daughter would love this with a 2 y/o and almost master4 and another on the way.
    The designers have obviously listened to mums and got it right I bet the designer was a mum

  320. Avatar of Tonia

    The icandy is so function with roomy space below, along with pram configuration for expanding families also. I would love to be chosen as it would be an enormous pram style upgrade for us!

  321. Avatar of Caru

    Mum of many little Aussies,
    We have such a busy day.
    Baby needs something cozy,
    While older siblings go and play.

    I need something light and nifty,
    To lug into our big bus.
    Lots of storage, have my hands full,
    An iCandy is a must.

  322. Avatar of Sasha

    It looks so versatile and comfortable for pushing around. The 30 configurations is simply astounding. Would love to have one for my little one.

  323. Avatar of Asenath Lynch
    Asenath LynchReply

    Apart from the colour being absolutely amazing, we could definitely use this as we have a 2.5 year old and an almost 3 month old! I am still to find a pram that fits in with us and fits in my little car.

  324. Avatar of Rebecca Walter
    Rebecca WalterReply

    Wit a todr and one on the way I have been looking at prams that fit 2. This I cloud orange is. Awesome and I would definietly love to win it

  325. Avatar of Ash

    The configurations look amazing. With 3 under 2 i could definately use with a new pram. I have new born twins and a 2 yo daughter. I need all the help i can get! I would love to have the luxury of a brand new pram! And such a great looking one too!

  326. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie WingfieldReply

    With unexpected no.3 on the way, The orange would be perfect for our new addition as well as for our 4yr old to stand and ride or sit in main seat if the occasion required because of the generous weight capacity. The Orange caters to all our family needs with all the walking and outings we do.

  327. Avatar of Kimmi

    After my last baby who is almost 3 I gave away all my baby items believing I was all finished. Now age 45 I find myself pregnant unexpectedly. I would love this stylist multifunctional pram. What a prize!!!!

  328. Avatar of Paula

    I am about to be in desperate need of a pram that is flexible, light and can hold my 2 babies. I have a 16 month old and another baby due in January. We have alot of outings and honestly I have gone through a number of prams and yet completely satisfied with any of ky choices so far. Bring on the Orange iCandy!

  329. Avatar of Megan Marot
    Megan MarotReply

    I would love this pram having 2 little ones and both being able to ride together. At the moment we just have a well used single and it’s always a struggle as (autistic) big brother always wants to sit in the pram and I land I having to carry baby brother (my back breaks!). Icandy Orange is stylish, looks super cool, easy to maneuver and has a large shopping basket, all I could wish for. Having the honour of owning one would be dream come true for sure!

  330. Avatar of Lisa

    Awesome configuration. Would suit me to a tee. Never had a good pram.

  331. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally JonesReply

    I love the lightweight yet durability of this oram! Needing a double pram shouldn’t mean lugging around something so heavy that it’s impractical. This is the perfect double pram option & it’s super stylish too!

  332. Avatar of M okimoto

    I love the easy fold technology and the weight. Makes dealing with the baby in one hand and the stroller in the other a breeze. This would be a gorgeous stroller for us to take to the streets with.

  333. Avatar of Renee Ballantyne
    Renee BallantyneReply

    I love the safety features can never be too careful

  334. Avatar of Taria

    I would love to win this for my first, a little boy, due in January 2017. Would be great to have one less thing and expense to worry about with a move back to Brisbane from North Queensland.

  335. Avatar of Jessica

    This would be perfect as a busy mum with 2 young children. Loving the idea of lots of room as thats what I think is one of the most handiest things to have in a pram!

  336. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    Love the style never owned a decent pram always had a hand me down

  337. Avatar of Corinne

    This pram looks and sounds amazing. It would be perfect for any family. My 2 year old and newborn would love riding and sleeping in this.

  338. Avatar of Maria Stone
    Maria StoneReply

    The stylish exterior and practical hacks,
    Is something revolutionary which other prams lack!
    I love the versatility and it’s so quick to fold,
    Making outings a breeze, this pram is pure gold!
    Thank you Mum Central for your articles, recommendations and advice,
    Winning this icandy orange would be more than just nice!!! 🙂
    BIG LOVE !! Maria x

  339. Avatar of Sarz

    Amazing, this would be an ultimate to have… It has everything a mum and her baby need xo

  340. Avatar of Amelia

    I had a hand-me-down pram for my daughter’s first years. A bright red bumpy wagon with wheels that are now practically square. Babies are expensive enough, so I made do, all the while listing what I’d look for in my next pram: versatile configurations so an energetic toddler could be wrangled easily next to shopping bags and a billion spare nappies, easy to fold, and a single-handed steering mechanism to allow simultaneous walking and coffee drinking: all things the iCandy Orange has!

  341. Avatar of Heather

    Can’t find the entry form???
    I have Como,teed everything but no entry form came up.
    I would love the iCloud orandpge pram. How fantastic to be able to manage easily with 2 children. I would be ecstatic. How beautiful and practical.

  342. Avatar of Bec

    I love that you can have two seats and that the top seat lays completely flat!!!

  343. Avatar of Jade lucas

    I love everything about this pram. Color. How versitile it is how mant different combinations u can have etc. Nothing bad at all to say about it.. id love it especially with a 16 month old and another due in 7 weeks

  344. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah BallingallReply

    Easy to fold means even my hands with Rheumatoid Arthritis can do it

  345. Avatar of Claire Therese
    Claire ThereseReply

    Best shopping basket ever! If there are 4 things I love in this world, it’s shopping and my 3 kids!! Lol. And hubby won’t get bored with all the configurations. It’s a win, win, win!

  346. Avatar of Caitlin

    I love that it can be used as both a single and double pram! Will definitely come in handy when we have our next baby.

  347. Avatar of Mariane

    We went to check out another brand this week, and saw the iCandy Orange. The basket is HUGE! Love that there is storage! And the built in ride on board is perfect, not to mention the one hand recline and ease of use and steering. Even my husband loved it and now won’t let me get any other pram aside from the iCandy Orange!

  348. Avatar of Kylie Jackson
    Kylie JacksonReply

    I think this is the best looking double pram I’ve seen. I wish I could afford one but with2 so close together, a $40 second hand pram has been our life saver. Would love to have one though.

  349. Avatar of Sarah

    I have been researching double pram for months and nothing comes close to the versatility the iCandy orange has! I also like the fact its an eye catching stylish pram! I’d love to win!

  350. Avatar of ALLY

    We’re having our second child soon and this would be great to cart both our little ones around. Cool colours too!

  351. Avatar of Charlotte

    I love this pram. I love to show off my pram by going for lots of walks with my baby.
    The i candy is by far the most stylish and versatile.
    It will be amazing for multiple children too.
    Can’t wait to try it out myself

  352. Avatar of Alissa Mills
    Alissa MillsReply

    The best thing about this icandy pram is it’s style and versatility. I’d be so proud to use one of these prams.

  353. Avatar of Emma

    I need something like this to juggle a 2 year old and a newborn – lots of configurations and a smooth ride!

  354. Avatar of ross powell
    ross powellReply

    how cool an orange pram,does the lot,cream of the crop,Reyna sitting up like a queen,a prize like this would be a dream,bells and whistles galore,would make taking the kids out less of a chore

  355. Avatar of Ryan

    Love that it has a large bassinet as we have a large four month boy and the ride on board is great for our two year old to hitch a lift on. As a parent of four, we have gone through a number of prams so know what works and what doesn’t. This pram looks ideal for our needs and love its style.

  356. Avatar of Heather

    This amazing I candy orange pram is the most modern design and fabulous for 2 little ones being easy to manage making a safety a priority. I never thought a pram could look beautiful. Great work looking after mums needs as well as the adorable little ones. Thanks for this opportunity.

  357. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    I would love to win this oo la la pram. I love the color mostly but its great features are the most important. 30 configurations wow a pram that will outdo all other prams on the market. Wish I was a young father again but we are expecting our first grandchild who will benefit.

  358. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    Configurations, style, colours, lightweight, versatility these are assets every mum wants and needs in a pram and the iCandy has them all

  359. Avatar of MichelleZ

    My sister in law is pregnant and her nursery theme is orange. This would be a perfect surprise for her

  360. Avatar of Sheryl Harris
    Sheryl HarrisReply

    My dream is to be the perfect granny, taking the best care of my precious grandchildren. With this super adaptable, easy to use and lightweight pushchair that provides so many configurations for the varying weather conditions and stages of development would be wonderful. I need a pram like this one!

  361. Avatar of Emma Corbett
    Emma CorbettReply

    I would love to try this as the pram i had last time was quite heavy and difficult to manuevre. Plus to add another seat is a great bonus.

  362. Avatar of Elizabeth Archer
    Elizabeth ArcherReply

    I love the option of having swiveling or fixed front lockable wheels. I would love to be chosen because I keep getting my pant leg caught in the wheel of my current pram. It’s a vicious cycle!!

  363. Avatar of Abigail

    I love that you can configure the iCandy in 30 different ways which gives you lots of choice depending who is in the pram. The fact it suits both infant and toddler mean I can push around my 4 month and 2 year old in one pram to school and back to drop off my other two children.

  364. Avatar of Bronwyn

    I love it because it is Orange! Entering to win it for a friend, who just may not love orange as much as me, but would love it anyway.

  365. Avatar of E.

    I love that it’s orange, a stand out when out with friends and family and all our prams. Absolutely no excuses to take the wrong pram any more, as has happened to us in the past. Love to win it, so our new little egg when he’she pops out can cruise around in style, unlike his/her slightly older siblings who endured hand me downs.

  366. Avatar of Monique C

    Best Pram Ever and its orange it will stand out from all the rest

  367. Avatar of Rhiannon Donaldson
    Rhiannon DonaldsonReply

    The Ride on Board feature for the iCandy Orange pram is the most unique and appealing feature for my little family. Currently my eldest daughter of 2 is completely smitten with her baby 2 month old sister. The Ride on Board feature will allow my toddler to look at her sister while she’s transitioning from the big girls seat in the pram to being able walk with mummy and daddy.

  368. Avatar of Linda C

    A stunning and colourful pram. One that will survive a country town and the city streets with ease.

  369. Avatar of Ash

    There more i see this ad the more i cross my fingers. After having to give up work 20 weeks in to my pregnancy with my twins money has been tight. I already have a 2yo and my twins are now 4 months old and getting around with the 3 of them is a task. It would be amazing to beable to have something so sleek and stylish to get arpund in for a nice smooth ride. We have scrimped and saved on a lot of the things for our boys and it would be such a luxury to beable to experience such an amazing pram to tow my tribe in! Fingers crossed !!

  370. Avatar of Raeleen Phelps
    Raeleen PhelpsReply

    I love everything about this pram especially being able to carry a new born and toddler. perfect

  371. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    Its bright, vibrant and practical too
    A pram of this kind is long overdue
    Can use from a baby to toddler also
    Perfect for me as Im always on the go!

  372. Avatar of Alisa De Silva
    Alisa De SilvaReply

    This pram looks and sounds amazing!! 30 configurations! Wow! My husband and I would love to rock about with this stylish pram for our first child due in 4months!! I love that the icandy has loads of storage for groceries and is safe and super luxurious!! We would be over the moon with this addition for our son! <3 <3

  373. Avatar of Caro

    I love how versatile the icandy orange is! With a 3 year old who constantly changes her mind, having the option to ride on a board rather than sit, is awesome. And life is busy enough with a 3 year old and a newborn, so anything that makes it easier is a winner!

  374. Avatar of Stephanie Neubeck
    Stephanie NeubeckReply

    I love the look of this pram as it doesn’t look awkward to use, has such a simple design but has 30 configurations to use with it! I would love to give this pram a run for it’s worth as I’m due to have my second child in 5 weeks!! My first will be 2 in February

  375. Avatar of Alison Hillier
    Alison HillierReply

    I love the colour and the versatility of the pram! I’d love to win this for a close friend who has a bub and a toddler.

  376. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann BryantReply

    I Love the versatility of this great looking pram.

  377. Avatar of Sabrina

    Love the versatility and how easy this pram looks to use. Sure beats the pram we used for our first child

  378. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy PetersenReply

    I love how versatile the iCandy pram is and how it can take a baby to higher stages in life with a simple transformation.

  379. Avatar of Janelle Dowton
    Janelle DowtonReply

    Not just a pram; this is the Swiss Army Knife of prams. So many features, so easy to use, no mother should be without one!

  380. Avatar of Garreth Jones
    Garreth JonesReply

    Bright colours, fresh design, light and portable, mighty fine

  381. Avatar of Mia P

    I am currently pregnant and don’t have a pram, the iCandy looks perfect and ticks all the boxes

  382. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto ColombiReply

    As a first time dad i’m currently totally out of my depth but relying on something that is so practical, functional, versatile and easy to use will be one less stress in a very trying time – this would be so useful

  383. Avatar of Lauren D

    Love the versatility and style of this pram – perfect for out first bub!

  384. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    You should pick me because I am expecting my first grandchild and he or she deserves the best. Just adore this multi functional pram which is so versatile. Love the color too.

  385. Avatar of Alice Sati

    I Want iCandy

    I know a pram who’s tough but sweet
    Look’s so fine, and can’t be beat
    It’s got everything that I desire
    Sets the summer sun on fire

    I want icandy
    I want icandy
    I want icandy
    I want icandy

  386. Avatar of Yumin

    That ride on board is on point! My 4yo boy simply adores his 11 month old sister, and this would be like a dream come true for him – cruising along whilst chatting face to face with his best friend! I would absolutely love to win one. The colour is also wonderful. It just pops! It’ll give me a burst of energy every time I look at it!

  387. Avatar of Tony Hoang

    My cousin is pregnant and I wish to find her a suitable gift for her firstborn child. Stubbled across this and said why the heck not!

  388. Avatar of Sarah Bear

    This pram is amazing… the handle does not obscure baby, it moves around well, it’s not too low that it hurts your back and lets face it, it looks stylish! We need this pram in our life!

  389. Avatar of Georgia Papoulias
    Georgia PapouliasReply

    We would love to win this great pram, our baby is due in a few weeks & it would be great to have this pram!

  390. Avatar of David Bunt

    I managed to pickup an older model from an auction a while back. I have to say if the newer ones are anything like that one, I would LOVE it.

  391. Avatar of Melissa

    With a 4, 2 year old and newborn I need a pram that can accommodate all three of my loveable terrors! The iCandy is the perfect candidate… easy to use and fold, a ride on board my big kid would love and most importantly… room for all my shopping when I need to escape the house with my babies in tow (and buy things I don’t need) lol! Pick me!

  392. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire ThrowerReply

    Love the colour why not stand out from the crowd!! such an amazing pram and brand they have thought of everything, so much more slim line and lighter than my original and looks so comfy and safe for baby, would love one.

  393. Avatar of Candace

    Oh this looks like the Pram I have been searching for since having bub number 4!! He was a surprise and we now have an 8yr old, 6yr old, 22mth old and 7mth old!! I have been trying to manage with a single Pram and a baby carrier but bub weighs a TONNE and my back can’t cope anymore!! Plus I’ve been trying to find a Pram that has a good seat for our toddler but as she’s a little temperamental with going into the Pram the skateboard option is PERFECT!!! The iCandy would be a lifesaver for me!!

  394. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    The colour is outstanding and definitely eye candy! I want this pram that is synonymous with style and versatility and need it in my life. The safety aspect just concretes my desire for this fantastic prize.

  395. Avatar of Damian

    I just want the best in safety, comfort and ease for our first child and my partner. Apart from all the reviews that sound like this pram would be the best choice, I like that it’s bright orange. It would always be visable which is of upmost importance when crossing busy roads safely. Thank you.

  396. Avatar of Laura Pedason
    Laura PedasonReply

    With a 10 month old and a 3 year old, this would be perfect to get my 2 around. At the moment, we are coping with a single pram but having a pram with the option of an additional seat or an inbuilt toddler board, makes this the perfect pram for us.

  397. Avatar of Stacey

    In need of a pram for 2 little ones and this one ticks all the boxes and more.
    Orange is such a fresh colour and really stands out in a crowd.

  398. Avatar of Tracy Merlino
    Tracy MerlinoReply

    I love how versatile this pram is. I have two young kids ( 15 months and 3 years) and I love how this pram can adapt to suit your family. It also looks amazing too. Very stylist yet functional too. Everything you want in a pram.

  399. Avatar of KaitB

    The onky pram I’ve ever seen that allows you to have bassinet parent facing with hood up and second seat world facing, amazing! Plus doesn’t look like it would feel like a train when using it in double mode.

  400. Avatar of Melissa

    The iCandy is such a beautiful, stylish pram. This would be perfect for my baby due next month and future siblings. I’m sure to turn heads with this bold orange pram. Gorgeous!

  401. Avatar of Sue Collins
    Sue CollinsReply

    And such CLEVER DESIGN –
    This pram would instantly WOO ME;
    It really is THE COMPLETE PACKAGE …

  402. Avatar of Tracy Upton

    I would really love to win this amazing pram. Having a 5 week old baby girl and a 9 month old Grandson, I could take them out together in style and luxury with the beautiful icandy orange. Would make taking them both for a walk together a breeze!

  403. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love the orange colour! it’s both unique and timeless, translating for any style, whether the city life or urban terrain and venturing out into the future in style!

  404. Avatar of Steffy Ana

    I love that the Icandy Orange is so versatile. This is a dream pram to be able to afford I will be saving well after my baby is born, winning mean more then words can express

  405. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclairReply

    my new bubs would look super snazzy in the icandy… what an amazing colour

  406. Avatar of Cass M

    The versatility of one pram is great with 30 configurations and a huge shopping basket is always a plus! The one handed recline is always handy when you only have one hand to adjust and the built in toddler board is also great so you don’t add extra length to the pram! Plus whodoesnt get excited with a new pram?!

  407. Avatar of Nyette

    There are many reasons why I would love to win the ICandy Orange, not only it is a gorgeous colour it has 30 variable positions which is amazing considering the pram I have has 2! With the addition of an toddler board I can walk my son and my niece around the duck pond! Let’s face it my old moth eaten pram isn’t ICandy ‘orange’!

  408. Avatar of Natalie Hart
    Natalie HartReply

    I love so much about this pram!

    I have always loved how iCandy have created the most durable and sturdy family movers that last the test of time – the new Orange goes above and beyond that looking right past the toddler stage with the built in ride on board. This little baby will see all of my kids through the newborn to child stage. I know it will wear all that time with ease too!

    I love that everything is included and there is nothing extra to buy! You get the frame, main seat, bassinet, built in ride on board and accessories included in the price. Such a great idea. A second seat is all you need down the track if you have your little ones close together like we plan to.

    Now who goes to the supermarket with the plan to only get “a few essentials”? Never happens! Conveniently the nappies and formula are on sale when you have the pram! Thats no match for this baby and I can guarantee I can fit a whole shop in the basket. I love it!

    Lastly, all the little things I abosolutely adore too! The ability to change colour with a flavour pack when you get bored, the fact that the belly bar is easier to use than the other iCandy models, the way the ride on board will let you manoeuver gutters easily, the way a capsule can be used with the pram and the overall sleek and trendy design ticks every single one of my boxes. Overall I love this pram and I would love the chance to own it. Our family is only beginning, with a 9 month old being our first, and many more to come! It would be cherished and well used by us – we would love to be selected and thanks for the opportunity!

  409. Avatar of Megan

    I think it’s hard to find a compact and adaptable double pram and I think this one ticks many boxes. I have been searching for the right double pram and many other prams are just too big and bulky. We would love this pram to cart around our two.