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Meet the iCandy Orange. Pure Style, Quality and Comfort. Who Wants to Review and Keep One?

You probably already know that iCandy are acclaimed for their super-stylish, ultra-practical and truly-functional prams.

What you might not know however, is that there’s a new iCandy on the street, and this one’ll be the hottest pram of the season.


Meet the iCandy Orange!

The team at Mum Central love working with the ‘latest and greatest’ brands. And we love it when we can let you put these fab new products through their paces. Well, big news peeps! Hold on to your pram-loving pants… one lucky mum is going to review the absolutely futureproof iCandy Orange for us. (and she’ll even get to keep it to say thanks!)

Oh and did we mention this pram is SO hot, and SO new, it’s not even in store yet!?

Yep, you’ll be the first mum in Australia to be pushing the iCandy Orange and we’re pretty sure to say it’ll turn heads fast!


The iCandy Orange is ‘absolutely futureproof’. What’s that?

Absolutely futureproof refers to the way the pram’s cleverly designed to grow with you, serving you far longer than just your first child.

With over 30 unique configurations and combinations, the iCandy Orange more than meet the needs of an ever-expanding family.

From your first small babe to being a seasoned mum of 3, the iCandy Orange is growing with you and all-the-while it’s flexible to meet the demands of a busy, changing family!

If you can’t begin to imaging what 30 configurations even looks like, check it out below … #blowyourmind

YouTube video

What’s in the box?

The unique benefit of purchasing an iCandy pram is that you don’t just buy a base and have to keep on ‘adding on’ as is the way with most other prams.

Purchase an Orange and you’ll get everything* you’ll need in the one box. Each pack includes:

  • Pram chasis
  • Seat unit
  • Carry cot
  • Car seat adaptors
  • Two hoods
  • Two bumper bars
  • Carry cot apron, and
  • 2 rain covers.

Accommodating 25kgs in single mode and 15kgs per seat in double mode, this pram is designed to evolve with you.

The idea, of course, is that you buy one pram, once. Forget second-time around regret you’ll never need another pram again. Ever. 

icandy orange

More than just good looks…

Of course, like the whole iCandy range, the Orange is all about effortlessly stylish, practicality.

Available in a host of gorgeous colours, it’s a head-turning choice for so many reasons. With sleek styling and ample attention to detail it’s jam-packed with features mums love including a huge 64 litre shopping basket, swivel bumper bars, an integrated buggy board, chic leatherette detailing and a 2-year warranty.


And what’s this about an integrated buggy board? 

If you’ve used an add-on buggy board before you’ll know these can be a real pain. Clipping on an extension right in front of your walking path seems like a good idea – said nobody ever! Buggy boards traditionally might ease your toddler’s whinging but they do little for your shins or back as you push everyone along.

iCandy have incredibly solved the struggle with a world first integrated buggy board. It’s part of the pram’s original structure (read: no add ons!), super sturdy and designed to be used seamlessly without any obstructions. Did someone say genius? Yes we did.


iCandy Orange: The pram to push in 2017! 

The iCandy Orange is without doubt the most feature laden and versatile prams on the market. Boasting the perfect fusion of practical features, long-term desirability and swoon-worthy good looks, we predict it’ll be the pram to push in 2017 (and long, long beyond!)

For more information on the amazing Orange visit the iCandy website.

YouTube video

Apply to Review

Mum Central are on the hunt for one lucky reader to get their hands on their very own iCandy Orange and put this amazing new pram through its paces.

This lucky lady will receive an iCandy Orange pack valued at $1,899 which includes:

  • Lightweight chassis
  • Integrated ‘ride-on’ board
  • Seat unit with hood (holds up to 25kg)
  • Large carrycot with hood
  • Elevator adaptors
  • Luxury seat liner
  • Maxi Cosi capsule adaptors
  • Two rain covers
  • Two leatherette bumper bars
  • Huge 64 litre storage basket, and
  • 2 year warranty

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, comment on the article below telling us what you love about the iCandy Orange and why we should pick you!

We’ll need you to create some video content for us as part of your review (you’ll be getting a $1,899 pram to keep after all!) so be sure to put your best foot forward with your application and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Apply to Review and Keep the New iCandy Orange Valued at $1.899

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  1. Avatar of Chelsea Ellen
    Chelsea EllenReply

    I love that it can safely hold up to 25kg. I’d love to win because as I’m on my own my current stroller is a very cheap one and my son hates it and cries when I put him in it so I’d love to win this amazing iCandy so my son will be travelling in luxury

    • Avatar of Helen

      I love the built in buggy board! All mums know that once you have a toddler and baby the toddler decides they are now a ‘big kid’ and don’t like to ride in the pram anymore and they want to walk everywhere……well for 5 minutes at least! The built in buggy is a great idea for the days when your ‘big kid’ (aka stubborn toddler) decide their little legs can’t carry them any further and they need a ride.

    • Avatar of Samantha Hintz
      Samantha HintzReply

      I would love the icandy for the fact it carries so much weight as these beautiful babies grow and seems so versatile. I think reviewing it would be so much fun. Creating a video 🙂 fun fun fun

    • Avatar of Dana m

      I would love to try the iCandy Orange before bub #2 arrives! Our current pram doesn’t have an easy option to add another seat – only a generic buggy board, and I have been thinking I’ll have to have the toddler in a carrier. I think that all the different configurations provide great options to suit a changing family, with the addition of a second seat but still allowing the use of the bassinet. I am also excited to see how compact it can be when folded up- we have a quite a spacious hatchback car which we would love to retain if possible!

    • Avatar of Philippa Tudor
      Philippa TudorReply

      I would love to try this super cool pram. I love the funky orange colour which makes it stand out from the crowd and it would be perfect for my 2 year old toddler and my baby due in October. My toddler would love the built in ride on board as she gets restless always sitting but doesn’t have much range yet walking. I would love being able to transport them both in one buggy and the fantastic large basket for all their essentials.It would be a dream come true to review this pram .

  2. Avatar of jayla1987

    For once I’d love to have something stylish for my boy

  3. Avatar of Hannah Doolan
    Hannah DoolanReply

    I have been on the hunt for a pram that has it all. With hopes of baby #2 we’d love to have something stylish, safe and functional for both our bubs. I love that it has the intergrated buggy board- I can already see our little girl being full on and hardly ever in her seat so this will be a lifesaver and give us peace of mind.

  4. Avatar of Stacey Barker
    Stacey BarkerReply

    I would be able to provide a comprehensive and fair review on the iCandy Orange and put it through its paces. I would use it in single mode with a toddler and baby and use it in double mode with a toddler and baby and a baby and 4 year old and a toddler and 4 year old. I would love the opportunity to have baby and toddler in the seats and the 4 year old on the board. We use our pram daily, sometimes several times a day in many different situations, walking to the park, in shopping centres, along bike paths etc. We get out an about every day and would be able to use the iCandy Orange in a variety of different situations. terrains and putting in in and out of a vehicle.

  5. Avatar of Kellie

    I take the reviews from others with high regard before making a purchase like this. I love hearing peoples honest and unbiased review so I do the same.
    I hope to help others in the long run.

  6. Avatar of Lauren Ellis
    Lauren EllisReply

    I have an old ICandy Apple2Pear which has been such a wonderful pram but now that my eldest is nearly 3 years old he sometimes wants to go in the pram and sometimes wants to hold my hand. The idea of an iCandy with a world first integrated buggy board sounds perfect & I would love to test & review it. My youngest son is deaf with cochlear implants & is just about to turn 1 so he needs to be in a pram but to have the buggy for my eldest son would be not only fun & safe for him but easier on me as there is no add ons which make it getting in and out of the car so much better! His older brother can also talk to him too!

  7. Avatar of Karis

    It looks amazing. The storage looks great. My current pram bub can’t sit up in it properly and it bugs her.
    It looks versatile and easy to maneuver and with it being lightweight will be easy to lift in and out of the car

  8. Avatar of Alesha Copeland
    Alesha CopelandReply

    This pram would be great for the upcoming arrival of my baby that is due in less than 1 week!! How great that it is lightweight, easy to maneuver and stylish.

  9. Avatar of Jodie

    I love that it is built to last. I have an 11 month old and am already looking at having to purchase a new pram. As a newly starting family something that is designed to last and grow with our family is exactly what we need!

  10. Avatar of Marija Zeko
    Marija ZekoReply

    Wow, how stylish, practical and long lasting. This is the Chanel of prams with the versatility of a swiss army knife. i love it!

  11. Avatar of Visha Pragji
    Visha PragjiReply

    I am a recently separated mum with 2 very active young boys. My action-packed 3.5 year old toddler needs this integrated buggy board and I love that it is so user friendly. It would save me so much heartache as he would be very excited and happy to ride this while his baby brother is in the pram seat. I love the ICandy look, ease and style and borrowed a friends recently so I know it is a brilliant brand! Trustworthy and reliable along with a 2 year warranty to reinforce this.
    I use my pram for everything and being a single mum – take it out many times a day. My parents also take the grandkids out together and this would make life a lot more simple for them. This pram clearly has all the features I need for 2 kids and I love that it takes up to 25kg.

  12. Avatar of sharon

    The pram is amazing it grows with the child and it so many different ways and positions forward or reverse facing too. Love it

  13. Avatar of Amy Baker

    I love the the fact this is a lightweight pram and I love the sleek and stylish look of this eye catching,eye candy pram.I would love to test the maneuverability and practicality of the eye candy as a day to day pram.

  14. Avatar of mitch araya
    mitch arayaReply

    it is leightweight i can bring it even on a holiday

  15. Avatar of Cat Whyte

    I would EMBRACE the opportunity to review this perfect pram and put in my best effort. I am technology literate, and I have what I’d like to think is an excellent grasp of the English language. As a stay-at-home mum of two little ones I’ve become very familiar with the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of prams and how they can be good, and not so good. I know what perfection looks like when I see it, and this iCandy Orange looks just like that! The integrated buggy board would be perfect for my daughter, and the seat perfect for my son. With intentions to have a third baby in the near future, the carry cot would be brilliant! It is certainly future proof! And how essential is that massive 64L basket! I love the vibrant orange colour too, it’s a great gender neutral colour and a definite head-turner! My mind is definitely blown already and I haven’t even got my hands on it yet!

  16. Avatar of Sensen

    We would live to try this pram!!! The pram we have is great but I now have 2 kids (2.5 years and 1 week old) so I have to either carry the newborn and put the 2.5 year old in the pram or have the newborn in the pram and the 2.5 year old runs wild if I can contain her a little it will make outings a lot less stressful

  17. Avatar of K Innes

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to review this pram. Having big, heavy babies I have struggled to find a pram accomodating to their requirements, they are either too small or don’t have a high enough weight range for the little chunkers. With a 1, 3 and 5 year old, I feel like we could test out all aspects of this feature laden pram!

  18. Avatar of Alicia Thoman
    Alicia ThomanReply

    This pram looks amazing! Hubby & I were just saying how fantastic it would have been for our recent trip overseas. We have an older ICandy Apple which I love. The basket in the Orange seems even bigger and I LOVE the fact there’s an inbuilt ride on step when the older ones legs get tired. No more fiddly add on boards that get in the way of your feet when you’re pushing! I love reviewing products and would be honoured to test out the newest ICandy Orange! My bestie would love checking it out with her tribe of 4 boys too!

  19. Avatar of Jody Smith

    The integrated ride on board would be so cool for my toddler to hitch a ride while he cruises with his newborn brother.

  20. Avatar of EliseE

    Due with my first bub in September and would love the chance to review this pram with a fresh new mum outlook, I LOVE the bright orange and it will look perfect for this insta-happy mummy-to-be as I document my growing little one.

  21. Avatar of Kel Rourke

    Awesome opportunity to trial and own such luxury tha I would never ever be able to afford thank you

  22. Avatar of Cassie Kroeze
    Cassie KroezeReply

    I love that this pram is SO versatile! I’ve got a near 1yo who is soon to be a big sister, and a 3yo. This pram sounds just perfext for all of us! It’s so tricky getting around with two sometimes, and I find it very hard to imagine what it will be like with all 3!!

  23. Avatar of Maegen

    I’d love to try out the new icandy orange! I have a 2 year old and I’m currently pregnant with our second, due in February! I’ve always loved icandy, we have an older model (2010) as it’s all we could afford at the time so it would be a blessing to win this!
    I love that it can be double or single and that there are 30 different settings and loads of colour options! It’ll be THE BEST pram of the year and I’m sure many years to come!

  24. Avatar of Jodie Ray

    I would love to review the orange. Integrated buggy board would be great for my toddler when bub comes along. Bassinet would be awesome for when bub has to spend long days at uni with me when she arrives and the long walk front the carpark. And big enough basket for nappy bag and other extras. Used to have an icandy peach but got rid of all baby gear fair while ago and now having baby surprise number four

  25. Avatar of Anthea Lazzaro
    Anthea LazzaroReply

    The Icandy is my dream pram. It’s very different to other prams on the market with it’s unique features. The storage baskets sounds amazing and would definitely make shopping with the kids easier my pram at the moment i can barely fit a bag under it. The ride on board would be great for my active toddler.

  26. Avatar of Melanie Brand
    Melanie BrandReply

    I would absolutely love to test this out! I am a my of 4 and am always up for a new pram! This would suit me and my twins for sure! Also love the fact I can use it for my 6 month old when I don’t need a pram for the twins! Perfect!!

  27. Avatar of Bec Gillett
    Bec GillettReply

    I’ve just had my second Bub and definitely have pram regret. I have a 2 year old who would love the built in buggy board, it would make life so much easier! We are out anda out all the time so would definitely get great use out of it!

  28. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    As a now 40 year old first time mum, I would love our second angel to have the most amazing safe, stylish, chic and sexy pram int he world. Love orange – love the icandy!!!

  29. Avatar of Kerri Nixon
    Kerri NixonReply

    With number 4 due in 3months and our old chunky pram not fitting in the car we are in need of an upgrade. This pram is gorgeous and Mr would love being able to nap or be on the board. So versatile.

  30. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa SummerellReply

    I love the intergrated buggy board. Currently I have bruises on my shins from the adapted buggy board we use. The fact that you can see how much extra room is available by having the intergrated buggy board. With all the amazing features the ICandy has it will be hard to pick the absolute favourite part. We would love to review the ICandy as we love trying new and better products and reviewing them to help other mums i dont know in being able to make the perfect choice for their bundles of joy and themselves. I enjoy being able to help aid my friends and playgroup mums about making the best choice for their little ones from food, nappies, creams, toys, activities, sleeping arrangements, to prams/strollers.

  31. Avatar of Erin R

    I would absolutely love to get my hands on an i candy orange because the other brands of tandem prams on the market are big and bulky not to mention you need a degree just to put them up and down. This pram looks so easy to use, with the advantages of growing with my family. Buying new prams or add on’s is costly and time consuming, time i would rather spend enjoying with my young family. My husband would love the i candy orange pram as well, with my first baby he had the choice of buying a new compact pram that would fit in my car or buy a bigger car, he opted for a new pram. With the i candy orange he wouldnt have to choose. A win win situation for him 🙂 and me as well 🙂

  32. Avatar of Alexandra K
    Alexandra KReply

    I love that it is the first pram with a ride on board for a toddler. Having a 2 year old and a newborn this pram would be amazing for family trips.
    I would love to review this pram being a mother of 2 and I am very active on social media. I also love the unisex pram colour.

  33. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon JohnsonReply

    I Candy Orange – Such a robust, versatile essential for making motherhood a breeze. Compact for the everyday easily transitioning from the car to your adventures wherever they take you. Grows with your child from birth and beyond. Making this the winning pram that mothers of all ages go to when an addition to their family is on the way. Love to see the features. Prams have come along way since I purchased mine.

  34. Avatar of Mel R

    So great to have everything included, such a versatile pram

  35. Avatar of Alysia Sheehy
    Alysia SheehyReply

    I love the built in buggy board! The extra basket room would be handy too!
    I think you should pick us because we would give a honest review (the good and the bad!) we’ve had a really tough time these last 3 years and as a result have had to sell our “luxury” items which included our pram 🙁 (I’m hesitant in putting on here our news just in case it goes bad again but more than happy to explain more privately if we get chosen)

  36. Avatar of Kristina Sebalj
    Kristina SebaljReply

    I love the integrated ride on board! It would make getting in and out of the car so much easier as you so don’t have anything extra to attach! I would love to review this pram, as I’ve been through a few prams as I’m yet to find one I love that doesn’t take up my whole boot and take forever to put together!

  37. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty PerkinsReply

    It’s so versatile! No need too buy extras as it comes with everything you could need!

  38. Avatar of Emma Anne Nelson
    Emma Anne NelsonReply

    What an amazing opportunity to try this fabulous pram which is so great for growing family’s

  39. Avatar of Bronwyn Elmes
    Bronwyn ElmesReply

    This beautiful pram would give people something extra to look at as I wheel through the shops with my tiny twins + oxygen bottle, toddler, 6 year old, 10 year old and 13 year old. The basket underneath is perfect to hold the numerous items my children have to take with them but can never carry. The ride on board would keep one very active toddler in the drivers seat. We receive so much attention everywhere we go already so the word of mouth referrals as I work this prams features into my spiel will have people queuing up to buy one.

  40. Avatar of Beck MH

    Not only is it so trendy, its the compleye package. Not only can you have the littlest bundle safe and secure but when they’re your biggest little bundle they can ride along when their squishy legs get tired. Would be such an amazing package to have

  41. Avatar of Jessica Weerasinghe
    Jessica WeerasingheReply

    Owning a current pram that does not suit a ride on attachment is a problem. A build in ride on board would reduce my stress of school drops off with a newborn and toddler and helping my 5 year old through the school gate. The versitility looks great. Having lightweight children means even my preschooler could sit in the seat when the legs stop working. Very keen to look and try.

  42. Avatar of Catrina

    Love that you can change it up to suit needs of a growing child and family. Very stylish looking and also love easy access to the basket for shopping.

  43. Avatar of Kylie Blythe
    Kylie BlytheReply

    This pram looks fantastic! I have recently purchased a separate buggy board for my current one and haven’t even attached it as I can see it would interfere with my gait. My partner and I are both quite tall, so pushing some prams can be quite painful. I would love to get out for more walks with my 2 gorgeous kids, but master nearly 4 gets a bit too tired if I make him walk the whole way. Also the storage space sounds ideal for the crazy amount of gear required for a single outing. The iCandy Orange is a very nice looking unit that I’d love to take for spin around the beautiful NSW Central Coast.

  44. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana HodgettsReply

    I would love to test and keep the iCandy Orange, it is such a beautiful pram. We currently have a Steelcraft Strider Compact which we are using for one bub – it is heavy pushing around, hard to maneuver around tight corners, and heavy to lift in and out of the car. Having purchased the Strider before becoming parents, the ‘sturdiness’ of the pram and the ability to add a second seat appeared ideal. However now looking at the pram with the eyes of parents it will not be possible to wedge our son into the small second seat and have a new bub in the bassinet on top, there is not enough space. It would be ideal to test out what would be an upgrade to our current pram. The key features, low frame weight, large storage capacity, integrated buggy board etc are all superior to what we currently own and are therefore better suited to our growing family.

  45. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Great for strolls and taking Oscar to out in comfort and with ease with plenty of room at the bottom to store everything needed for a day out.

  46. Avatar of Jaimi

    On the hunt for the perfect pram to suit the needs of my growing family, and the iCandy Orange ticks every box! I’d be over the moon to review this beauty. It’s stylish, innovative & has been beautifully crafted to be the perfect bundle of all the functional aspects on every mums “must have” list. Along with the extra space every mum needs for not only those additional grocery bags that wouldn’t usually fit in other prams, but the growing family too. The integrated buggy board is one of my favourite features! Walking with the kids would be a breeze with this little beauty.

  47. Avatar of Rebecca Stretton
    Rebecca StrettonReply

    The integrated toddler board!!! Best concept ever.

  48. Avatar of Taegasaur

    I love the intergrated toddler board!
    My eldest is in a wheelchair and having to get his wheelchair plus pram for bub and toddler board to attempt to fit in the boot is a freaking nightmare and going without is not possible! My toddler is a runner and the only thing that will stop her is riding a toddler board.
    The basket looks very accessible, with the nappy bag and huge medical bag plus handbag i usually carry around, i’m sick to death of having to cram it in a little basket only to pull it out just to get one item because prams are never accessible.

  49. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love the idea of the multitude of configurations and how the pram grows with your growing family. Being a new Nanna, who will be caring for our grandson when his mother returns to work from maternity leave, the iCandy Orange is lightweight enough for me to maneuver into and out of the car and to only ever need the one pram. All that storage area is an absolute bonus, for sure.

  50. Avatar of Melissa Simcocks
    Melissa SimcocksReply

    I love the integrated ride on board, just genius. We currently have an add on board for my toddler, but seems to be when I take it with us she wants to walk, an when I forget it she insists on being on the pram.The icandy orange would be the perfect solution, especially when we have not finished growing our family.

  51. Avatar of Ana Hooper

    You should choose me because I’m already in love with Icandy Organge because of the following:
    1. The large shopping basket. 64L. That is fricken amazing! Especially for a busy mummy with a toddler and Bub in the way. So many things to pack for the “just in case” moments.
    2. Buggy board. Massive plus for my independent toddler. Who will no doubt when Bub gets here will all of a sudden want to be the baby of the family again and not be so independent.
    3. I Love the idea that the pram grows with the family. Rather than me having to buy another new pram when Bub is older to adjust with our growing family.
    4. Last but not least I love that everything comes together rather than me buying bits and pieces to add to the pram. One less thing for this busy mummy to think off. And the multiple configurations #blowsmymind. How thoughtful of The Icandy company.

  52. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia MathersReply

    I would love to be picked to review this awesome Icandy pram, as a grandma with 2 of my grandchildren in my care this would come in handy with the large shopping basket and buggy board for my grandson (3) who likes to walk but gets tired after a while. I have never owned a pram like this, even the one I have for my 5 month old granddaughter is 2nd hand and my little princess deserves better

  53. Avatar of Shahna Smith
    Shahna SmithReply

    I would love this icandy pram, baby in pram and toddler on the buggy board that I won’t kick sounds amazing. Shopping trips with the kids won’t seem so hard!

  54. Avatar of Rachel Bletchly
    Rachel BletchlyReply

    I would love to review the iCandy orange! I love the many configurations and that it grows as our family grows. This is important with a 5 month old and we are planning for another little one (hopefully soon on the way!). The large shopping basket will of course be very convenient and I imagine the ride on board will be a hit as my baby grows.

  55. Avatar of Lauren Rofe
    Lauren RofeReply

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty good at writing to entertain. My uni lecturers thought I was hilarious, albeit a little stupid. Anthropology I may not know, but PRAMS- now that’s something I have an opinion on! My current pram was purchased to ‘grow with my family’, but that’s if I can ever have another child from almost putting back back out trying to lift the silly thing. The iCandy Orange is exactly what a (read, my) growing family needs. The fact that everything you’ll ever need comes in the box is freakin genius- I’m gonna be in debt up to my eyeballs just buying all the extra parts I’ll eventually need. I’m not pregnant again yet but am planning on it and if that doesn’t help convince you I can write a good review, I’ve currently got a sister pregnant with twins and a sister in law pregnant too and they’ll be practically begging me to “just take the/a baby puuuh-leeease” so I’ve got that bit covered. The iCandy needs a review from me and I’m pretty sure I need it.

  56. Avatar of Alison Hunble
    Alison HunbleReply

    Pick me!!! I’m pregnant with no. 4! Yes no 4! Crazy i know. Super excited. However finances aren’t fab and bubs pram is quite…well used. This pram looks divine. I write well and have reviewed products in the past. Please pick me 🙂

  57. Avatar of Ap's Price

    Pick Me!! I’m preg with baby number 3, single parent. I have an 11 and an 18 month old and due to have baby number 3 in 6 months. With a toddler and a baby I would be able to use the pram as a double and single and use the intergrated board for quick trips with my soon to be 2 year old. With this I would be able to review a lot of options the icandy orange has to offer and with being a single parent I won’t be able to afford a pram like this so it would help me out very much.

  58. Avatar of Casey Kickett
    Casey KickettReply

    Awesome! Somewhere for the toddler to go and maybe another on the way sooner than we think.. this could seriously be a life saver come a years time!

  59. Avatar of Helln78

    I’ve seen a pram I want to meet.
    It’s so fine it can’t be beat.
    It’s got everything I desire.
    It’s Orange, so hot, just like fire.

    I want Candy
    Orange iCandy

    Are you singing yet? I know if be singing if I got to try this amazing pram, with 30 configuration options it is would help me keep my 3 kids (aged under 5) safe and comfortable in any mode when we’re out and about… and that’s no mean feat!
    Why should you pick me? Well with 3 small kids including an infant I’m going to be able to test the iCandy Orange in almost all of its 30 configurations, put it through its paces and let everyone know how versatile it really is!

  60. Avatar of tracywed

    Orange is the new Black so im told
    my pram is looking very old
    a new updated fandangled one
    would make our walks less Humdrum

  61. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela VearingReply

    I am in awe of the amount of configurations. I read it and thought no way but to see it happen was amazing. Wish this had been around with my eldest, we’d have been sorted from the start.
    The Rolls Royce of prams for sure.
    My favourite feature is all the configurations to adapt to our frowing family. From the start to finish or thier pram days, I know they will be comfortable at every stage, which is really what I am looking for when I shop for a pram.
    I’d love to try the iCandy Orange as I’d definitely be able to put it through it’s paces. We are often out using our pram and usually with my 2 youngest for most of the day.

  62. Avatar of Bec Webb

    Oh my goodness this pram is the pram of dreams! So many configurations and an intergrated buggy board this is amazing!!

  63. Avatar of Marika Heuz
    Marika HeuzReply

    Its a beaut very cute and stylish for my style it will suit.

  64. Avatar of Léti Sia

    The orange iCandy,
    An amazing idea!
    An integrated board,
    and a seat separately

    Lighter it is becoming,
    To transport two siblings,
    Easier walks , nice outings,
    No second seat bothering

    Standing in the pram or walking out,
    No matter the older child’s mood,
    All excursions are good,
    Transforming the Parenthood

    A seat safe and comfy,
    With the happy family,
    Baby can sleep deeply ,
    With the best pram iCandy!

  65. Avatar of Lyndal Hudson
    Lyndal HudsonReply

    Due with baby number 3 in 3 weeks, with a 4 and 2 year old my trips to the shops are already hectic with constant complaint’s of tired legs. Having previously used a buggy board I find the position of them and how uncomfortable it makes it to oush simply not worth the hassle and would rather listen to 1 whining child. This pram looks amazing and could quite possible be a life saver to enable me to actually go to the shops in peace and STYLE.

  66. Avatar of Jody Sky

    With 5 children I’ve tested quite a few prams over the years with my oldest son now an adult and my youngest just 1yr old. What I love about the iCandy Orange is the amazing variety of colours enabling change for a boy then girl colour if you choose, the large storage basket (I’m sure every mum would agree this is important! For me it’s a big seller for the pram as I now have children aged 1, 2, 3, and 9 who I’m always having to lug stuff around for), and I absolutely love the integrated ‘ride-on’ board as this would be very handy with the toddlers under 3yrs old.

  67. Avatar of Emma Betcke
    Emma BetckeReply

    I love that the icandy orange will make my life easier as a mum of 3 under 4. It will give me the opportunity to takle the shops on my own which is something that I can’t currently do with my single pram, a newborn, 2yr old and 3yr old. This pram was made for our little family!

  68. Avatar of Vanessa Vagg
    Vanessa VaggReply

    It’s so versatile and grows with your family so perfect for me as I’m hoping to have more children.

  69. Avatar of Sally Stanton
    Sally StantonReply

    All I have to say is what an amazing, genius invention! This is revolutionary and will change the lives of mums making it easier for families to get out and about!

  70. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    The amazing range of colours & variety of uses!! It’s all in one & compactible to move with you & the growing brood!

  71. Avatar of Rene Nunn

    A magical pram it seems, where everything is in the box to begin with, looks super stylish, and whilst 30 different configurations is impressive my favourite feature is certainly the built in buggy board. I’m a daily walker with my 2 little ones, and we use a buggy board. ( they seem like a good idea, but my back would never agree.) We are an active family and any pram that makes life quicker, easier, more comfortable is worth testing in our house. We currently have 2 prams on the go, as neither do all the things the icandy can.
    Id definitely like to give this new pram and test ride, walk, run, fold, clip, store, rock, or any other moves to see that its crowned supreme.
    The girls would enjoy the opportunity to make a video setting up all 30 combinations too!

  72. Avatar of Sue Hawthorne
    Sue HawthorneReply

    Comment on what you like… what isn’t there to like?! Stand outs for me are 1) lightweight chassis- have just spent 2wks in hospital with prolapsed discs in my back, so this is incredibly important! 2) Everything’s included – no extra outlay for all the parts! Kids are expensive, so paying once with no hidden extra costs for add-ons later is great. 3) All those different configurations!!! Currently have a 7mth old, but hoping to have another baby in the future, so knowing our pram can adjust & grow with our needs is massive! 4) Built in ‘ride-on board’. BUILT IN! Enough said. (Because hoping to need one in not so distant future, see point #3). 5) Big storage basket – nappy bags, kids jackets & drink bottles, my cardigan & scarf, groceries & shopping… you can NEVER have enough storage on a pram! This looks like an amazing pram, thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition, I’d be honoured to review it for you.

  73. Avatar of Rhani Pearson
    Rhani PearsonReply

    I have a seven year old daughter a 10 month old daughter and I am Currently 21 weeks pregnant with my son. We have been looking at double prams and nothing compares to the Icandy Orange. I was disappointed when I found that the icandy orange is yet to arrive in Australia
    I would feel honoured to review this amazing pram. It has absolutely everything we are looking for in a pram, style, functionality , a built in ride on board, adaptors for a car seat. This pram ticks all the boxes and the colour is stunning. I have a gorgeous active family who would love to show Australia how versitle and perfect this pram is for growing families. You will get pleanty of personality in the video review.

  74. Avatar of Penny Wo

    I LOVEit can be configured how I want it! With my old pram “i wish i could have it like this, or i wishi could turn around the seat”… the ICandy will make my wish come true &reduce my stress.

  75. Avatar of Liz

    I love it all!! The colour, the style, the configurations and the fact that it is lightweight are huge stand outs for me! The built in Buggy Board would be AMAZING!! I am currently 33wks pregnant with baby #2 and absolutely hated my pram with #1. Being able to test this one out and give an honest review would make my year. I have not returned to work since my daughter was born in Sept 2015, so living on one wage can get very tight. I have been very reluctant to purchase a new pram, especially a double as my daughter is not a fan of prams at the moment. The fact this has the 2nd seat function would mean I could try her in it before actually spending the money on something that may/may not be used

  76. Avatar of Sarah

    I am such a busy mum and to have something so glamorous to enjoy and get people talking wherever I go will be fantastic

  77. Avatar of Lauren Farrell
    Lauren FarrellReply

    I’ve loved the iCandy since before my first daughter was born! i tested it in the shop and even borrowed it from a friend for a little while! My husband decided to go with a cheaper option at the time as we weren’t sure what we were after when it came to prams! It was all new to us!
    After using a Steelcraft brand pram for a year I was bitterly disappointed with it and wish I’d just splurged on the iCandy! We are currently pregnant with baby number too and I’m just depressed looking at the pram we have. It does nothing. Has 2 configurations. Struggles to steer correctly half the time. Even though barely used it looks like its been through the wars.
    I want iCandy’s multiple configurations, it’s luxury, its perfect steering, it’s easy access storage. That add-on Buggy Board would be a lifesaver also!
    We also have the added perk of having a 2 year old with orange hair – so it’s like a matching accessory!

  78. Avatar of Sharnie Hutchinson
    Sharnie HutchinsonReply

    As a super busy mum of 4 munchkins under 6 years, this pram would be amazing! Light weight, adaptable and such a beautiful bright design, would make it all a lot more fun and a LOT easier to get out and aboit with all in tow. What an incredible opportunity to be able to review such an amazing product!

  79. Avatar of Shannan Cox
    Shannan CoxReply

    I have a little 5 month old who LOVES orange. I even got her a personalised orange name blanket.
    This little princess is my 6th child!
    (and not last)
    I don’t drive so prams are essential for me.
    I also have kids with additional needs so prams have had to last me longer then most.
    I’ve tried so many prams and am yet to find one that “has it all” so I would absolutely love to review this pram.
    I have been pushing prams for 17 years!
    Oh please as a mum of many with additional needs I couldn’t now afford the luxury of this beautiful girl…

  80. Avatar of Julia Robles
    Julia RoblesReply

    Since becoming a mum 9 years ago I’ve had my fair share of prams. It is so important to have a stylish pram that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.The adventures my kidies and I would have with the stroller would be great to document as we endeavour to go out as much as possible even as a mumma of 5.

  81. Avatar of Simone

    What isn’t there to love this is the most stylish pram come in a wide range of colours, I love the fact that this pram can grow with your family and the Buggy bored would be amazing for days my eldest doesn’t want to sit in the pram and feel more independent I love all the different configurations so you can have it how YOU want it, The fact that it is light weight Would make it so much easier for me to go out with my (currently only) two kids, Iv tested many prams and the icandy range is by far the best

  82. Avatar of Shanna Woods
    Shanna WoodsReply

    We were given a second hand pram and I am not a fan at all. We would love to try th icandy orange because, well look at It! It oozes awesomeness and I’d be the coolest mum on the block if I was pushing my son around in It!

  83. Avatar of Nikki Griffin
    Nikki GriffinReply

    Light weight chassis and integrated ride on board opened my eyes wide! After purchasing a secondhand, evil monster of a double pram, I took it shopping, only to have one of the rear wheels fall off after 5 minutes of use and then every 5 min after putting it back on how ever many times. LOL. So embarrassing!! Since then, 3 months ago, I have not left the house without my partner, who can push the 2yr old in the stroller while I push the 4mth old in the original single pram. 2yr old gets too tired walking after a short time, that ride on board would totally blow her mind!

  84. Avatar of Jess Pringle
    Jess PringleReply

    I would love the icandy as it has all the extra features needed, having a 4 year old with ASD, who won’t walk as he can’t be near people, and he is to big for me to carry him, his pram I am using now is worn so bad :/

  85. Avatar of Cassandra Sippel
    Cassandra SippelReply

    This pram looks amazing! I have two under four and we do plenty of walks in the Adelaide Hills. Sometimes little people get tired walking up those big hills and need to be in a pram!

  86. Avatar of Emma

    I have a four year old, 9 month old and a baby due the end of the year this pram would be amazing for us to get around in. Wether it be for walks, shopping or park outings this pram would make it a whole lot easier! I love the versatility and it’s so stylish also. This would be so amazing to review with my growing family !

  87. Avatar of Chantelle

    After watching the video and going to the iCandy website I have to say I’m impressed! I’m due with my second soon so this would be perfect (I sold my first pram as it only could only have second seat bottom and I didn’t like that). This is why this pram is in a league of it’s own, over 30 configurations! A built in buggy board, my 2 year will love that, giganic under basket for shopping and all things baby/toddler. I love how it will suit both my children and especially since it has they can BOTH parent face, this is big thing for me. I also do like that I can have baby in carry cot facing me and toddler world facing. Very impressed especially since everything is included! No pram has that, none!! Love the colour, design, it’s stylish and as a avid traveller it will be advertised everywhere given the opportunity. From beach, small town, our farm to the city, shopping centres, parks, events, I can review it all.

  88. Avatar of Joey Richardson
    Joey RichardsonReply

    Due to have #3 (surprise baby!) in 10wks. With my previous 2 I could only afford the cheapest prams from department stores, they were always big, bulky, not so easy to maneuver and ended up needing to be replaced. I would love to win the iCandy Orange pram and have #3 travel in comfort and style! Plus this would make walks after bubs so much easier! Good luck everyone!!!

  89. Avatar of Kerri Smith
    Kerri SmithReply

    Love the versatility of the colour..bright and happy

  90. Avatar of Maryann Toth
    Maryann TothReply

    Love the look of this pram and really excited about the integrated kickboard (unlike other prams with bulky kickboard attachments). I have a 15 month old boy and another on the way due in February and have started looking for a double pram. Would love to try the Icandy.

  91. Avatar of Joanna Hayward
    Joanna HaywardReply

    I’m about to have baby number two a lot sooner than we originally planned. We thought we’d future proofed with our original choice in pram – NOPE! So the fact that the iCandy Orange is BUILT IN FUTURE PROOFED IS THE UTTER BOMB!!!

  92. Avatar of Bek Groten

    I love the versatitlityof this pram. Pregnant with #5 I have tried and tested a lot of prams and I’m not afraid to say it how it is

  93. Avatar of Angela oliver
    Angela oliverReply

    We would love to check out the latest stylish iCandy orange! Leading design, standout colour, the pram looks to be purely wizardry!

  94. Avatar of Kerrie

    I love that it’s orange!! So bright and amazing for this wintery weather!!!

  95. Avatar of Marianne masters
    Marianne mastersReply

    I love the idea or a complete pram and no second guess on which pram would be the right pram with babies 2 and 3 because this pram is the only pram I’ll ever need again. I would like you to pick me because i need a pick me up

  96. Avatar of Sarah Holmes
    Sarah HolmesReply

    3 boys 3 and under, this pram looks fab and would Love to be picked to review! We are a crazy fun filled family and this pram would suit our adventures perfectly! With hubby having all the right I.T equipment our review and videos will surely show off how stylish this pram is! Every mumma dreams of having a comfortable and easy pram to push multiple children around-especially wiggly boys! Pleease pick us!! 😀

  97. Avatar of Xena

    This is pretty much my dream pram! I regret not purchasing an iCandy first time round so would absolutely love to test this one out… fingers and toes crossed.

  98. Avatar of Cassandra whale
    Cassandra whaleReply

    It’s like the city select on steroids! Nots as long as the city select, more combos ect, nicer to look at! Would be perfect for my 3 kids who are all under 4 at the moment!

  99. Avatar of Aminah

    I’ve owned many prams with having 4 children already and baby #5 due anytime soo!. As I’ve sold off all my previous baby things since my youngest just turned 8 I’ve had a hard time finding a pram that is easy to use fold unfold and store this pram does it all and has so many useful things to help a busy mum so that it’s not just easy for myself to use but for my other children and hubby to help with too!

  100. Avatar of Amy Warrener
    Amy WarrenerReply

    I absolutely love how this pram is future proof.
    When you purchase your first pram you don’t really think about making sure it can accommodate future babies. This is such a big selling point for me! So many options with the configurations too! Love, love, love it!

  101. Avatar of Belinda

    Would love to have a brand new pram for next Bub. The one we currently use I bought 2nd hand, I found it quite bulky and does not allow to expand for our hopefully future family growth.

  102. Avatar of Rebecca Commisso
    Rebecca CommissoReply

    Where do I start with what I love about the iCandy Orange… i love the colour, the many configurations, the size of the storage basket, the integrated ride of board and the fact that when I have my next bub I wont need to purchase another pram and this will see me through. Pick me to review the pram as noting has been “easy” for me, I miscarried twins in my first pregnancy, had a complicated second pregnancy, we have already worn out one pram and my beautiful little 6 month old has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We could do with a break and something to look forward to. Xx

  103. Avatar of Eve Dunn

    The configurations of this pram is what truely sets ot apart from the competitors plus the inbuilt toddler board! Every other toddler board you end up smacking your feet on whereas this one you would not. My favourite configuration is where both are facing the parent, the back seat sitting higher than the front, this way I could talk to both kids instead of one staring at the back of a seat!

  104. Avatar of Lauren Knight
    Lauren KnightReply

    What’s not to love! The integrated board, the extendable arms and 30 configurations! With a toddler and a newborn it looks to be so so versatile with awesome colours to boot! Would love this pram and it seems to be so light too, perfect for that constant in and out of the car!

  105. Avatar of Beck Irene

    I absolutely love the colour of this pram. I love that it has the toddler board as I have a 2 year old and I’m currently expecting my second child, My son is at the stage of not wanting to be in the pram so the toddler board would be great for him.

  106. Avatar of Tamara Allan
    Tamara AllanReply

    I would love to win this pram, the colour,the style. Living rurally out access to such amazing prams is poor so to win a fantastic one would make my year

  107. Avatar of Martina Davidson
    Martina DavidsonReply

    Looks like such an easy pram to use.
    I love all the different configurations and the integrated board.
    I would love to try one out and give a review.

  108. Avatar of Chloe Binks
    Chloe BinksReply

    I love the iCandy orange not only because of its stunning orange colour but the functionality looks amazing, with a 3yo who still rides in a pram and a baby due in a few weeks this would be the perfect time for my little family and I to review the iCandy orange, my son will love being able to choose between sitting in the seat and riding on the board. Having the carrycot to put bub in while also having the option to attach the capsule would be a godsend. I would love the opportunity to try out all the features of this wonderful pram

  109. Avatar of Kirsty Tough
    Kirsty ToughReply

    Would love to win this pram, having baby #3 who could do with a lovely new pram! Looks so stylish, comfy and easy to manoeuvre!

  110. Avatar of Libby smith
    Libby smithReply

    I’m in love with icandy I bought my first second hand when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. I use it everyday. My new born slept in the bassinet most of the day because it was easier to get around after a C section. The thing I love most about the icandy orange is the built on buggy board. So handy with a toddler that doesn’t always want to sit in the seat. You should pick me to review the orange because like a lot of mums I would never be able to afford a brand new icandy and if love nothing more then to have a stylish ride for my babies.

  111. Avatar of Lesley Collis
    Lesley CollisReply

    I love that it has a built in buggy board which will come in so handy for my 3 yr old, she doesnt always want to hope in the pram but will suddenly decide she wants to and its always when i dont have the second seat on the pram. We do a lot of walking so the icandy would really be tested out on all surfaces.

  112. Avatar of Amy Jewell

    I would love to test and review the iCandy Orange! I have heard amazing things about iCandy and we were lucky enough to be given a second hand pram for our first bubba. But to have a brand new pram and review for other mums and soon to be mums would be an amazing opportunity!

  113. Avatar of Kelly Taylor
    Kelly TaylorReply

    I would love to get this for my rainbow grandbaby due in September, she has been a long time coming ❤

  114. Avatar of Tracy Upton
    Tracy UptonReply

    I would love to review and keep the beautiful icandy orange! Having had 8 babies myself and now on my journey as a foster mum and having had numerous prams over the years, I think I would be able to give a good review of this pram! The colour is amazing and with so many different seating combinations it is as practical as it is stylish. It would be amazing to be the first Mum in Australia to take my kids for a walk in this pram, I absolutely love it!

  115. Avatar of All Things Shiny
    All Things ShinyReply

    I love the flexibility of this pram. How it will grow with your kids and family. Something my current pram is definitely lacking.

  116. Avatar of Hanedi naje
    Hanedi najeReply

    I would the amazing size of the 64L basket that would be amazing with my newborn and 2 year old toddler as no other pram offers that size (wow) , it looks amazing , it’s flexible easy to change around when needed as the kids grow in size and age – plus I need something stylish enough for hubby to push around and the new icandy orange is perfect.

  117. Avatar of Jasmin

    What’s not to love about it. With having a newborn and toddler it always seems there is never enough room but with that basket it would hold everything for everyone. It would be amazing to have a double pram to allow my newborn and daughter to sit comfortably when we go out. And what an added bonus of knowing we wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading the pram when a third baby came along in the future. It’s stylish and with 30 configurations this pram would make everyone mums life easier. How could you go wrong with the icandy orange and this mummy and her babies would love to review it.

  118. Avatar of Samthespender

    I like big baskets and I cannot lie! I’m yet yo meet a pram that lives up to what I need basket wise (kmart items won’t carry themselves you know!) So id love to put the icandy to the test and see how this had boy handles a shopperholic mumma!

  119. Avatar of Cassandra Moran
    Cassandra MoranReply

    I love the idea of the integrated buddy voard. My Mr 5 still asks to be picked up sometimes and with his little sister due in October this would be an awesome feature for him. The versatility is also really appealing!

  120. Avatar of Corinne

    The I Candy is a very stylish pram, but one thing is mums need more than style is realiability and practicality fingers crossed this pram has this, I guess there is only one way to find out.

  121. Avatar of Vanessa Acheson
    Vanessa AchesonReply

    I love that you can attach a car seat and use the carry cot as I’m having twins this would be very much needed

  122. Avatar of Natalie Hart
    Natalie HartReply

    So many reasons why I would love to give this baby a whirl, and would give it a loving home!

    Firstly, I have loved the iCandy prams from the moment I became pregnant, but couldn’t afford to buy my dream pram. Instead I purchased a 5 year old second hand iCandy peach. It was within my budget, and I knew it would last the test of time due to the unflawed quality of this UK brand. Yes, it looks a little rough from doing 3 kids before mine, but I love it.

    Secondly, I am the lucky mum who got a good baby (you know that type that doesn’t exist?) A lot of my friends with bubs of a similar age are not so lucky. Hence I often pop a second baby in my pram to go for a walk and a coffee to give an exhausted mumma a much needed break. This would be so perfect!

    Thirdly, I plan on having our next little one when our first is about two. You know, that awkward age where they want to walk a lot, but also get exhausted, throw a tantrum and need to be contained to a pram? Perfect pram for this! She will have the option of the board or seat.

    You will find that if you were to pick us, this pram would be well loved by myself, my husband, my gorgeous 7 month old and all of our future family. Because I know this baby will still be kicking when my uterus has shut up shop.

    My review of the pram would be light-hearted and honest, and done efficiently. I can’t express how much I would love to be selected!

    From an icandy lover,
    Natalie Hart

  123. Avatar of Em K

    As a first time mum and doing renovations to our home we couldnt afford the luxuries that every baby deserves. I love how modern and versatile the icandy is. I love the fact that i dont have to wake my son up when getting him in and out of the car to put him in a pram i can just leave him in his seat.

  124. Avatar of Lana Harding
    Lana HardingReply

    We’ve loved the apple2pear but were you disappointed to find that I candy hadn’t made a brand-specific toddler board. It looks like the orange has presented an even better option! Our almost 3 yr old (who we initially bought the apple2 for) isn’t keen on a pram seat anymore but can’t always keep walking so this would be a great help!

  125. Avatar of Alexandra

    I’ve been an iCandy fan since having our daughter, as they’re the perfect mix of style and reliable sturdy design. Now that she is a toddler and we have a new baby, the built in skateboard feature would be a dream and a lifesaver as she’s just past that second seat stage but still wants to be part of the pram rides!

  126. Avatar of Mei

    I love the integrated buggy board! Sounds like a genius idea. We just attached one to our current pram and although our 3 year old loves it, it’s SO awkward to walk with it.

  127. Avatar of Tiffany Anne Fitch
    Tiffany Anne FitchReply

    I love that this is an all in one pram. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to head to the shops, babe in arms, and get “something else” to make going out easier. This pram would be perfect for our little growing family and would mean that I wouldn’t have to worry about a new pram when we have our next baby.
    I believe that you should pick me to review this pram because, as a budding author, I absolutely love to write and I will make sure to put a tremendous amount of effort into the review.

  128. Avatar of Louise Lestrange
    Louise LestrangeReply

    I am due to have my second child in January and the hunt for a double pram has been a disaster so far. Trying to find a pram that meets our needs and our budget has seemed impossible. My son is a massive sticky beak so trying to find a double that won’t limit what he can see has been extremely hard. The configurations of the icandy look perfect for this and I love the idea of the built in buggy board for when he’s that little bit older. This pram is now top of my list. Just have to convince the husband to let me spend that much…..

  129. Avatar of Natalie Lucas
    Natalie LucasReply

    As a mum to 2 young boys and currently pregnant with my 3rd child, this pram would be amazing to review! I love the large storage basket, definitely a must with 3 kids. And the buggy board would be a life saver for me, when my 1 or 3 year old get tired of walking – saves my back! We certainly would give this pram a run for it’s money, whether that’s the park, beach or shopping – we will test it!

  130. Avatar of Kerri-Anne buchbach
    Kerri-Anne buchbachReply

    As a mum of 3 soon to be 4 this pram would be amazing for my new born and toddler. I recently got rid of my last icandy as i needed a double and it wasn’t and didn’t have enough money to get one. Thank you for the opportunity ❤️

  131. Avatar of Sarah Crowden
    Sarah CrowdenReply

    As a first time mum I have researched many prams. For me the choice came down to a Bugaboo, Emeljunga or an Icandy. I want something sturdy, suppottive, easy to maneuver, light weight and something that is able to grow with my family.

  132. Avatar of Jade Egan

    As a Mum to two young girls with our third on the way. This is the most versitile pram with a stylish look of sophistication. With over 30 unique configurations/combinations, this is the ideal pram to grow with our ever changing family. From the newest member to the toddler, this pram is sure to be a breeze with the demands of three young children. The varying colour combinations are a bonus to change with my ever hormonal mood changes! The 64litre basket and integrated swivel board are two of my favourite features! You can never find a flexible pram with enough storage for all the requirements of three under three and the integrated swivel board takes away the hassle of excess clipping and attachments while trying to keep your tiny tribe together but also to keep our eldest still apart of the pram even when she’s outgrown the second chair. We would love to review this pram and definitely give it a run for its money within our super active explorer family.

  133. Avatar of Ashlea McIvor
    Ashlea McIvorReply

    I am yet to find a pram i love. I have used steelcraft with both my children as they were the most simple to function. But the icandy is like the unicorn of prams, to be able to review and keep one would be a dream come true. And 30 configurations?? I dont believe it haha t
    That is too good to be true!! Or is it?

  134. Avatar of Zoe Lila

    I am expecting my 2nd child next month and we are yet to find a pram that will help me. I have been diagnosed as partly disabled in my right hip. I gave birth to my 1st child in 2014 and was left in sterips for 4 hours after delivery. So it has cause alot of complications in my everyday life. Having the right pram thats light, comparable, easy to use, smooth,colourful! And it would make the world of difference in my everyday life and to get a pram this amazing will help. We cant afford a pram at the moment as I can not work. The pram I currently have breaks dont work (found my daughter in the middle of th road 5 weeks ago) and is sooo heavy 🙁

    I would love to be considered please

  135. Avatar of Mona

    Love to try this beautifully looking compact pram for our second child I love the colours and the ease of use pick me and I will give you soonest and reliable feed back on the Icandy

  136. Avatar of Sophia Esposito Schmidt
    Sophia Esposito SchmidtReply

    I have a second hand Icandy peach that I LOVE. Unfortunately now there a a few repair that are needed and I can’t afford to buy a new one. I would love to try a new model out and see the improvements made and what news to the Icandy world. I currently only have the one child but in the near future hope to extend our family with another. Having my children in the ultra sleek and new pram would be a dream. Plus the colour is perfection and matches my personality 100%. Please let me share my Icandy experience with the Mum central community

  137. Avatar of Jo cleary

    Looove the multifuntionality if the iCandy Orange. I think the built in Buggy board would be one of my favorite features as older ones are constantly wanting to hop on/hop off for a ride!

  138. Avatar of Suzie Simpkin
    Suzie SimpkinReply

    I love how it can take all the different seats and then the oldest can stane on the frame! Having 2 under 2 this would be perfect!

  139. Avatar of Melissa Anderson
    Melissa AndersonReply

    I would love the chance to review this pram. I am currently using 2 prams, both of which i have luckily been gifted when friend no longer needed them. However if i had the money to purchase a pram i was looking at the icandy and do wish i had the money to provide something nice and new for my son. Im looking for something lighter and easy to get in the car, important as i have a nurses back lol. Something easy to fold down but that is sturdy enough to have a second seat attached for when i hopefully have another bub. I am a honest and will be truthful in my review because it is important for other mums to have a comprehensive and easy to understand information availible to them. This will enable them to do research and then go armed with that info when tackling the overwhelming isles and isles of prams when it comes time to pick one! Thanks for allowing me to enter!

  140. Avatar of Johannah Mars
    Johannah MarsReply

    This pram looks insane! I’ve just had my second child, who is now almost 4 weeks old along with my first who is almost two. Two little girls. My first child is a very ‘busy’ child, always has something to do. The built in ride on board would be perfect for her, allowing her some freedom, as she’s very independent. This is by far my favourite feature! I’ve been looking for ride ons to attach to my current pram, but they’re so expensive! I would love to review this pram! My eldest child would definitely test the sturdiness and durability of the pram 😉

  141. Avatar of Briahna Bass
    Briahna BassReply

    This Pram looks and sounds awesome. Would love to be able to afford one. I love the colour.

  142. Avatar of Mary Ann Mason
    Mary Ann MasonReply

    Would love to try out this pram. My two boys keep my hands busy. Having a two year old and a newborn can be a handful at times, and knowing they are both safe in the pram would be a lifesaver. The built in buggy board would be great when Mr two wants his independence, not having to get him in and out of the seat. Having the ability for Bub to face me would be awesome too. It would be nice to have a pram that Is stylish and grows with my family.

  143. Avatar of Danni Schaefer
    Danni SchaeferReply

    Would love to try this pram looks amazing and easy to use and also looks like it would. Be compact for easy storage everything about it looks so good

  144. Avatar of Pmc087

    This would be a godsend! I’m constantly straining my back getting my current pram in and out of the car because it is big and bulky! To have such a fantastic and ergonomic design would help dramatically as well as doing it in style! We are planing to have a second child which this would mage life so much easier, we want the best for our little one but we wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

  145. Avatar of Alicia Rainsford
    Alicia RainsfordReply

    I would love to review this pram because I have a three year old son who still uses the pram alot because I do not drive and it is often way to far for my son to walk. It would be great to be able to review the ease of using this pram on public transport and how it holds up to many miles of walking. We go out a lot to different places so I will be able to review how it handles in different environments. I also watch my baby niece three days a week, I have to always have a double pram on hand. My son doesn’t always want to be sitting so being able to alternate between the seat and the ride on would lessen the amount of tantrums and stress on outings. I am excited to see if the ride on is better on my back, I have a lot of back trouble and when I do have to use the ride on with my “now” pram and push 2-3 kids, I often come home very sore. I absolutely love that the pram comes with everything I would need, including 2 rain covers and the elevator adaptors. I often find prams have tiny baskets underneath and I am super excited to see if the basket is big enough to pack for a day out with 2-3 children.

  146. Avatar of Rebecca Stockwell
    Rebecca StockwellReply

    I would love to try this pram! With four girls aged 5 and under it would be fantastic to be able to contain our chaos. I’ve currently gone through three prams and still have not found one that we really love in terms of fitting bodies, size, weight & durability.

  147. Avatar of Mumma_s88

    This would be so amazing to win, currently pregnant with my forth and still haven’t got a pram sorted due to lack of funds, I’ve never had a good quality pram always cheapies that never last!
    This looks perfect! What an amazing opportunity to review and keep this gorgeous pram!

  148. Avatar of Kelly Nixon
    Kelly NixonReply

    I would love to review!! I have an 11 month old, and due again in October, and with 30 different combinations/configurations this would be perfect for keeping both babes happy and comfortable!

    We’re pretty active and need a pram not only for shopping but day trips as well as daily walks for exercise so it would get a great workout!

  149. Avatar of Cassandra Mehta
    Cassandra MehtaReply

    It would be fantastic to win such a stylish, easy to use pram for my 2 little ones…

  150. Avatar of Amy

    I would love to review this pram as I have two girls age 3 & 8 months and majority of the time I’m alone to do errands/ shopping etc and this would give me piece of mind that I can cross roads etc safely with both girls!

  151. Avatar of Emma Layton
    Emma LaytonReply

    I would love this pram! Being a first time mum I’ve struggled to find a pram and found it very overwhelming I love the idea of it being so versatile too

  152. Avatar of Nicole

    Omg this would be amazing. I have always loved Icandy prams and absolutely love the orange colour. I have never had a stylish pram with any configurations so id love the chance to trial one for my little man

  153. Avatar of Caitlin Lesley
    Caitlin LesleyReply

    I have a 2 month old and a 2 year old and our old pram just isn’t functional enough anymore.
    We’re a very active family and we love walking in all sorts of weather so a pram like this would just perfect.

  154. Avatar of Marlee Durdin
    Marlee DurdinReply

    Would love to test this out as I haven’t loved the double pram we currently have. I feel the babies sit right on top of either other and there is only two ways to sit them. Having 30 different options excites me to test them out. Xx

  155. Avatar of Bianca Geihe
    Bianca GeiheReply

    I absolutely adore this pram. With a terrorsom toddler I have trouble keeping him near by so this would help and the bigger weight limit will be great for longer.

  156. Avatar of Mars

    It’s orange!
    Such a versatile pram. We have an icandy peach and I love it, but this would have been THE ONE had it been around when master 4 was born.

  157. Avatar of Jenna Manolopoulos
    Jenna ManolopoulosReply

    What a beautiful and stylish pram with great functionality. I would love to test this pram as it’s everything a mum could dream about. It has great space, it’s high so bub can see everything, a built in board for bub number 2 it just has so many modes and compatibility that this pram could last me for my next bub. Not to mention how modern and sleek it is

  158. Avatar of Rhiannon Mavromatakis
    Rhiannon MavromatakisReply

    I love not only the stylish look this pram has, but also the versatility! My 3 month old and I would love to put this pram through it’s paces, on our long park walks and trips to the shops.

  159. Avatar of Kiaralee Connor
    Kiaralee ConnorReply

    I would love to try the icandy with my kids and my new addition to.the family to put it through its paces and see how it compensates everyday usage while providing saftey for my children

  160. Avatar of Kellie Evans
    Kellie EvansReply

    I love the inbuilt toddler board what a great idea! It is so difficult pushing the pram with a toddler board on the back which is the reason we have been looking at a better solution than our current pram. The basket size looks amazing which is needed when you are carrying things for two children! I have looked at all the double prams on the market and I think this one definitely fits our needs the best!

  161. Avatar of Cheriehatty n tyson
    Cheriehatty n tysonReply

    I love the many configurations you can have and also the built in buggy board is absolutely a great feature as my daughter gets tired very quickly and not having to put the board on and kick it all the time would be a dream as i walk to alot of places. Also with wanting more kids i know this pram will be the only pram i need as it will grow with my family from start till finish.

  162. Avatar of Gemma Richardson
    Gemma RichardsonReply

    We’d love to test out the iCandy Orange! With three kids aged 4 and under the many configurations would be so handy. Oh and that integrated ride on board!!! What a great idea! The number of times I’ve kicked my toes on our toddler board is ridiculous!

  163. Avatar of Kayla Parkes
    Kayla ParkesReply

    Wow , this pram sounds amazing with so many good features, it’s hard to pick a favourite . As a mum of 3 of children who only get older and more independent , I think my favourite feature on the new icandy pram would be the in built ride on board . My toddler loves to explore freely but there’s times I need to keep him closer , so this would be perfect . I also run my own family daycare buisness and taking them out can be challenging . This pram has so many different combinations from birth and can cater for multiple children at a time . I know this pram would allow us more freedom to explore the world around us .

  164. Avatar of Amy Jones

    As someone who has just conceived for the first time ever, through a draining (but first and only) IVF after long term infertily, the journey of of pregnancy and beyond seems really overwhelming. What excites me about the opportunity to review and use the Icandy orange is that it would make so many choices so simple and easy for me. I love that it can be used from newborn, to ongoing. I love that it could be used for any other hopeful additional miracles we could be potentially be blessed with. From the both rear and forward facing, to the maxi cosi capsule adaptor, to the large storage, it would set my anxieties at ease and make me the proudest mum in my town using the Icandy and showing it off around town. It would be my absolutely privilege to use and review the Icandy orange, something I may not have been able to afford on our own after our journey. I am an avid social media user and writing is well part of my work, so it’d be a joy to review in great detail the Icandy orange with mum central, and share with my social media community. 🙂

  165. Avatar of Amber Cubis
    Amber CubisReply

    I would love to test out the ICandy Orange! With An energetic toddler and a newborn it’s always such a hassle to try and wrangle them both when we go out. I love the idea of one pram being able to carry both of them plus the ride on board would allow for miss independent to ride along without being strapped in like the baby 🙂

  166. Avatar of Karen Bauerle
    Karen BauerleReply

    Would love to test and review the iCandy Orange 🙂 I know the little man would love to hop on the ride-on board while the new bub rides in style…..

  167. Avatar of Megan

    I love the integrated ride-on board! This is so appealing, it caters to every stage!

  168. Avatar of Jemma galea
    Jemma galeaReply

    I would absolutely love to win the Icandy orange as I currently have a seccond hand pram as they are quiet costly and would love the opportunity to test and keep the icandy so my little man could have somthing safer to be in when we head out

  169. Avatar of Sarah-Jayne Borresen
    Sarah-Jayne BorresenReply

    I would love to review this amazing pram! Im a busy mum and currently trying for our 2nd bub, which we will need another pram for and this pram seems to good to be true!

  170. Avatar of Stephanie McGinn
    Stephanie McGinnReply

    I would love to won the icandy pram as like your article said, its the only pram you will need. I love how it can upgrade to be a double pram. This is very practical for low income families.
    I believe i should be chosen to review this pram as i am constantly out and about and can test it on lots of different surfaces etc. I know what I want in a pram amd I believe an icandy pram is eveything I want. I would be honoured to be able to test and review this beautiful new icandy pram!

  171. Avatar of Brooke Bain
    Brooke BainReply

    I would love to have this pram, with all its combinations and seat options it sounds great for having little kids close together, I’m pregnant with number 2 and there will be only 17 months between our 2. This pram looks great, sounds functional and sounds awesome as well.

  172. Avatar of Sheldon E Carter
    Sheldon E CarterReply

    I’ve recently been doing my research into what pram would be suitable for both my toddler, and the coming new addition to our family. My heart was already set on the iCandy brand, particularly because of the beautiful colours, and also the added bonus of the ‘ride-on board’ for my just turned two year old. Coming across the opportunity to review the iCandy Orange was absolutely perfect timing!

  173. Avatar of Jodie

    Would love to try this pram! Gorgeous vibrant colour and sleek design-

  174. Avatar of Anita

    I’d love a pram that has the intelligence to evolve with our changing needs as a family. The easy fold and unfold looks so appealing for a mum or dad who often has 2 (or more!) hands full!!

  175. Avatar of Terin Conway
    Terin ConwayReply

    I currently LOVE my icandy strawberry 2, with a 4 year old, a 10 month old and baby number 3 on the way due in November the icandy orange seems to tick all the boxes for getting out of the house in one piece with 3 kids 4 and under!

  176. Avatar of TessN

    Wow! So many great features! I love the integrated ride on board! No more forgetting to pack it! I also love the bright colour and the 2 seat configurations – something I don’t have at the moment As I live out of town my review would definitely test how easy it is to fold and transport every day! Smoothness of ride and ease of movement would also be something I would look for.

  177. Avatar of Kimi Kay

    Love how I can have my own two children in tow and no matter what age foster child/ren I have in my care on any given day, this pram is adaptable beyond belief. Also super duper stylish which is obviously a big bonus when pushing multiple children around

  178. Avatar of Kathryn Jones
    Kathryn JonesReply

    i love the buggy board combined with the pram such a fantastic and hassel free idea!

  179. Avatar of Kate jones

    I love the versatility of the new orange, and the sleek design! Orange is a very gender fluid colour and will be perfect for my daughter and soon to be born son!
    The buggy board is a fantastic idea as we all know toddlers hate being stuck in the pram all the time, this will give the opportunity to sit in the pram if tired, or stand on the board 🙂

  180. Avatar of Jarni

    Because the iCandy Orange is so versatile this pram is perfect for every mum. As there are so many combinations it means that as your family situation grows, you can easily adjust the pram for your needs, meaning there’s no need to purchase any other.

  181. Avatar of Aly Bear

    I love that the iCandy Orange is designed to grow with you and your babies. No more switching between prams – only one that will go the distance! It’s what I was looking for (and failed to find) back when I had my first baby.

  182. Avatar of Kealela

    I love the fact that the iCandy orange is designed to grow with my baby and the ever changing needs that my baby will have. I also love the fact that it’s so durable that it will last for many many years and many children to come whilst still being so gosh darn stylish!

  183. Avatar of Emily Judith Metelmann
    Emily Judith MetelmannReply

    I wish this had been around when I had my first. The pram I have has served me well but accessories were always extra costs. I love that the iCandy Orange is all-inclusive, and for a reasonable price too!

  184. Avatar of Rhiannon Murphy
    Rhiannon MurphyReply

    It’s amazing how beautiful and functional the iCandy Orange is! I need this in my life for my growing 1 year old and future bub. Having a pram that can seat 2 children comfortably for years to come would be a godsend.

  185. Avatar of Caitlyn Healey
    Caitlyn HealeyReply

    I have tried 2 of the other major branded strollers and neither have worked for our family, constantly bruised shins from the glider board, poorly designed structure. This would be ideal for our family with the inbuilt board, mulitiple seats and sturdy basket. It seems amazing!

  186. Avatar of Elysia Kosir
    Elysia KosirReply

    Would love to try this… the integrated buggy board is a big thing that im liking with a newborn and toddler, and the bright orange looks amazing

  187. Avatar of Kate

    Oh holy cheeses! I’m a mum to Miss 3.5 and Master 11 weeks. We are currently getting around with the pram that, don’t get me wrong, has served us well with #1 kid. Now? Well, I’m strapping the capsule to the frame with a prehistoric strap while Miss 3 insists on sitting over the front pivot wheel. Not comfortable for her, too heavy for the pram and sketchy to say the least! I’d love to try the new iCandy Orange out for you and as Miss 3 would tell you – Orange is Daddy’s favourite colour!

  188. Avatar of Joanna Grace
    Joanna GraceReply

    I love to try this for our 2 week old son. I think its perfect pram to manuever and it’s a big gift to us since we’re still looking for a nice pram. Would be happy to avail this amazing pram.

  189. Avatar of Kirsten Bennett
    Kirsten BennettReply

    Kirsten Bennett – so excited to see this pram! I love that is is so versatile, I love the colour (black and orange!) AND I love the giant basket underneath! I’m very fussy with prams and cannot find one that I absolutely love but it sounds like this one might be the one!

  190. Avatar of Bek Browning
    Bek BrowningReply

    This would be amazing for my little man. Super stylish and a great color.

  191. Avatar of Jaklyn Holmes
    Jaklyn HolmesReply

    I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant and have a 3 year old. I love the versatility of this pram and the integrated buggy board is a major plus for me. It’s sleek, stylish and the perfect colour to make a statement. Would love the opportunity to review this amazing pram

  192. Avatar of Cassandra I
    Cassandra IReply

    The sheer number of seating options is what blows my mind, allowing for the growing and different stages of each child. With a second on the way this is what interests me the most! I have been through several prams and even though each had their selling points I’m still yet to find that perfect pram. They’ve either been good for one thing or another but not the ultimate all-rounder. I daresay this may be the one to finally tick all the boxes!

  193. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I would love to review the icandy orange as I have been looking at these prams for sometime. My all time favourite colour is orange and I love the sleek stylish design of this pram. This is the ultimate all rounder pram and it would be the perfect pram to grow with my family

  194. Avatar of Kate mccormack
    Kate mccormackReply

    I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. I have a nearly 3 year old & a 4 year old also. I love the versatility of the icandy orange and how many variations I could use once the new baby is born and still needing to go out and about with the 2 older children.

  195. Avatar of Dewi

    I would really love to be able to review the icandy. With how many different options it has is impressive. I love the colour too. And hope its something i can keep for a long time.

  196. Avatar of Jesse Smith
    Jesse SmithReply

    My wife and I have struggled to find a pram that suits our family, but the I candy looks fantastic. With the second child being only week old, and us not enjoying his current capsule, i think the I candy would make an exceptional replacement. Oh znd you would get the cutest little model in your product review as well.

  197. Avatar of Sarah Elvin
    Sarah ElvinReply

    Orange is the new black! Why sport a plain old black pram when you can be iCandy with this masterpiece?!

  198. Avatar of Jennifer Lee Baglee
    Jennifer Lee BagleeReply

    I would absolutely love to have to opportunity to test out this pram!! I love the colour it’s so vibrant and all the features are exactly what any mum needs!!! I love that it can carry up to 25kg 🙂

  199. Avatar of Jennifer Cutler
    Jennifer CutlerReply

    This pram would be fantastic as my pram is on its last legs and I am in need of one to transport my baby and toddler. I wasn’t that impressed with my last pram and I know this pram would make going out with the kids a whole lot easier. A great colour too!

  200. Avatar of susan

    What a beautiful pram. So functional with a whole lot of class. I would love to try the pram with my baby in a seat and my toddler on the integrated ride on board. It would make weekend trips to the cafe much easier than the bulky pram i have. It will also be fantastic to have so many options for sitting both children. I can’t wait to try them all out.

  201. Avatar of Michelle Crowley
    Michelle CrowleyReply

    Why should the baby get all the fun toys. And when you fav colour is blinging your newest mummy fashion accessory, hitting up the pavement will be a must!

  202. Avatar of Kizzia Judd
    Kizzia JuddReply

    I love the integrated toddler board!! That would be my favourite feature! It would suit me and my kids really well! I would love to review it! I also really like the idea that the pram comes with everything you need as soon as you purchase it!

  203. Avatar of Rebecca Melhuish
    Rebecca MelhuishReply

    This new pram couldn’t have come at a better time! I love the 30 configurations to suit all stages of your child/s lives! One pram already bought (not thinking of future children when first was on its way), this pram should serve me for the rest of my years with young children! Oh and it looks sooo striking in orange too! Looks great and high quality at its best!

  204. Avatar of Paula Calleja
    Paula CallejaReply

    I have been using an icandy peach 2 for the last 3 years and I added the second seat six months ago. I really love this pram as a single and a double. It is sturdy and so easy to manoeuvre. It also looks great. I recommend it to everyone I meet. Since I have been using the peach 2 on a daily basis for the last 3 years and am very familiar with all of its features. I would really love the opportunity to see how far icandy has come in the last 3 years and to experience first hand the level of improvement with their sleek new look but also with their performance.

  205. Avatar of Katherine Duve
    Katherine DuveReply

    With 3 kids under 6 and a fourth on the way the icandy orange will definitely get a road test with me. The versatility of having 2 bubs seated and the third toddler on the integrated ride on board means our daily outings will potentially become more streamlined. I love that my maxicosi capsule can clip straight onto the pram. And any parent can appreciate the presence of a huge storage basket under the pram.
    On paper the icandy orange ticks all the boxes for practicality with a pop of colour for fun. I would love to see if it lives up to its potential!

  206. Avatar of Teneille

    Just found out me and my partner were expecting baby2 in February and just got rid of our pram and would love to review this one

  207. Avatar of Sonia Nicholls
    Sonia NichollsReply

    Hello integrated toddler board! Currently using an add on board for my 3 year old, but my big feet kick it often. And living in sunny Queensland that hood looks like a dream

  208. Avatar of Teneille

    I love the integrated ride on broad you don’t have to find one that fits on to the pram and don’t have to pay a fortune on one after spending the money on a pram

  209. Avatar of Ammia Blythe
    Ammia BlytheReply

    I would love to review the icandy orange, I love how many different arrangements there are for the seats & the intergrated toddler board would be perfect for adventures with our super explorative two year old

  210. Avatar of Becc L.

    Meant to be posted as Rebecca Law

    My son was born 14 weeks early last year and as a result ny early finish from work and the 129 days of travelling to and from the hospital to be there with him meant our finances didnt allow for us to purchase a pram that would be able to grow and be used as we hopefully add another baby in the future.

    I love the amazing bright fun colour and the ability you can use the pram in multiple combinations.. giving an extremely versatile essential piece of equipment when you have a young family.

  211. Avatar of Tory Neal

    Would love to try out the iCandy! Super bright and striking and so many extras for a growing brood. Much more than what I am used to!

  212. Avatar of Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca JohnsonReply

    I love that this pram has a built in toddler board. Our family would be perfect to put the Orange to the test. I have a toddler and a baby who would love to go on adventures in this great looking pram. The bright colours would go well with my girls smiling faces.

  213. Avatar of Karlie Canning
    Karlie CanningReply

    This would be an amazing pram to make life venturing out with our 2 little men a breeze for me! I love the ride on board, so practical for our ‘big boy’ eldest.

  214. Avatar of Megan Moody
    Megan MoodyReply

    I would love this!! The options are endless, soon to be an even larger family with a 3 year old whom wont sit in a pram often (long trips only) the integrated toddler board would be amazing as well as having the option of the second seat for her if she needed it!

  215. Avatar of Rachael Brown
    Rachael BrownReply

    I love the colour of the icandy orange, and the name. Orange is my little guys favourite colour, which is actually what made me open the email. Our tiny one is a precious rainbow and we are blessed to have him, but man is he fussy. We are currently on our fifth pram, and we finally seem to have found one that he likes. (please dear God let him continue to like it, Mama needs a rest, and so does the ergo!) So we know a thing or two about a good pram. I have researched so many different prams that I can identify them from 20meters away, my husband says I am like an aircraft spotter in world war 2. I am basically a pram stalker, popping out from between the aisles to check out your pram and then fading back into the bushes like homer in that episode of the Simpson’s. I even keep a running list of pram must haves on my phone, just in case. If we get picked, you will get a comprehensive review, thats for sure. And if the tiny guy likes it, we’ll you can be sure that it is an amazing pram.

  216. Avatar of Maree Armstrong
    Maree ArmstrongReply

    Orange! My favourite! Not only is the colour fabulous, but this pram looks amazing. So versatile AND stylish (finally!). Pick me, pick me!

  217. Avatar of Megan Hickey
    Megan HickeyReply

    I love the functionality of the orange! We are out and about a lot so we would get a lot of use out of it and be the perfect candidate to review it!

  218. Avatar of Kate I have a 9 month old daughter with special needs so we pretty much have to take our old pram everywhere for her. Her older sisters are rambunctious and have out grown the second seat on our pram (they actually broke the pram handle due to the added weight). They are both adventurers and getting out and about with the whole family on my own can be stressful, trying to care for baby in the pram (with the broken handle) and keeping the older children safely by me. The buggy board would be incredibly helpful in doing that.

    Additionally, I have a dear friend who has been an invaluable support since the premature birth of my baby late last year. Not only has she always been a shoulder to cry on, but having her own baby just 3 months before me meant she was able to wet nurse my baby when I couldn’t due to extended complications from my pregnancy. Now, I am in the position to repay her and babysit her daughter so she can complete her studies as a midwife. I would love to have a reliable pram so I can put both babies in it and take them for a walk when I care for her daughter. Put simply, this pram would make our life so much less stressful and I would love to try it out.

  219. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love the versatility of the iCandy Orange. Being “future proof” is just awesome – who wouldn’t want a pram that doesn’t need to be sold or updated or changed when your second/or more children come along! Plus not needing to buy what are usually optional extras like raincovers and especially the built-in buggy board!
    I would love to trial and review this amazing pram as I have a 1 year old who rides in our pram and a 4 year old who is still put out that her brother is now in the pram. She would love the buggy board – although miss 6 might want to try it out too! We use our current pram a lot so we would have lots of opportunity to review this one.

  220. Avatar of Kellie Oakley
    Kellie OakleyReply

    As a mother of 3 boys (a 9yo, a 5yo, and 1yo) and another on the way (due in early November), I have been searching for a pram EXACTLY like this one. I don’t drive (my partner does but he works long hours) so I am always walking everywhere so prams get a big workout in my life. Being that I’m about to have a newborn AND a one year old, I’ve been searching for a multi-passenger, long-term pram like this. With 4 years between my sons, I have never had to use a double pram before and I would love to try out this pram as I believe it would fit my lifestyle and needs perfectly.

  221. Avatar of Karina Lee

    As a mother of a 1 and 3 year old who goes out all the time on my own, having an iCandy would be so amazing. One of the best features that I love (besides the awesome wheels) is it’s ability to cater for two kids without hogging up too much space! I would love to give these wheels a spin when I take the kids out and about..and even on our upcoming San Fran to LA trip!

  222. Avatar of Danielle Vella
    Danielle VellaReply

    Getting out is hard to do,
    Im a mum of one and expecting number 2.
    Lightweight and practical
    This pram is my dream come true
    Our family is
    Ready and willing to test the
    Amazing iCandy orange
    Newborn and toddler
    Great role models will be
    Everything you’re looking for in reviewees!

  223. Avatar of Ebony Jane Stivala
    Ebony Jane StivalaReply

    I love that this pram caters for every need. For now with one baby and for the future for baby two! I love that this pram is adaptable to suit a capsule it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to wake baby up to put them in the pram or back in the car seat! It also makes getting in and out of the car less of a task! The colour is amazing! So bright and vibrant I love it!

  224. Avatar of Jessie Pinal
    Jessie PinalReply

    I have a 4 month old and a 20 month old and I love the idea that they can both see what’s going on and one is not under the other. The different configurations is amazing and the colour is beautiful and bright! I would love the opportunity to review this pram for you with my two busy boys we are often going on walks and going to the park and I believe this pram would suit our lifestyle perfectly

  225. Avatar of Nicole Charles
    Nicole CharlesReply

    Been 5 years sinces usung a pram … ours is heavy and big. The icandy looks amazing and would be so much easier than the 2008 pram i have.

  226. Avatar of Jasmine Leith
    Jasmine LeithReply

    I am first time pram hunting and they all look the same. The icandy orange is by far the most stylish pram I have seen!

  227. Avatar of Emma Gregory
    Emma GregoryReply

    Would love to try this pram! Would be great to have a pram that grows with us as our family grows & is versatile to change with that 🙂

  228. Avatar of Martineandlionee

    I would love to win this pram, I currently own the icandy peach and bought it due to flexibility and small size, I have 2 kids and it was crucial to have them both strapped in! It would be good to be able to compare the two different models, it looks like they have fixed all the issues. If I win I will donate my old pram to charity!

  229. Avatar of Maree Schmidt
    Maree SchmidtReply

    I would love the chance to review this pram! I have admired an icandy but never owned one! I have 3 kids so have had a few prams and know the features in a pram I am looking for. I like that with this pram I can have my middle child on the buggy board and not checking of she is fighting with her brother! The high weight limit is a good feature. The Lightweight design is also a huge plus. I am a shorty so it’s a struggle with the bigger prams!

  230. Avatar of ElkeH

    Mine is a dinosaur! So chunky and hard to use. I had to buy a 4WD to fit the thing in! This would be an amazing upgrade! 🙂

  231. Avatar of Amie Davis

    I love the fact that the top seat is quite high and you don’t have to look down into the pram, and that the 2nd seat can face out the front to the world so the child doesn’t have to be stuck under the top pram with no view ( which my toddler hates! ) and that basket, oh my! Definitely love the big basket which looks very accessible even with two seats on! With 4 kids I don’t often venture to the shops on my own because my double stroller I can’t access the baskets to put any groceries in ( and the fact it doesn’t fit more than a loaf of bread in it makes them completely pointless ) the ease this pram would bring would be absolutely amazing!

  232. Avatar of Julia McEvoy
    Julia McEvoyReply

    I absolutely love the colour as well as the integrated ride on board. It’s perfect for a little one in the pram as well as a preschooler with tired legs.

  233. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah DarraghReply

    It’s hard to choose the one feature that I would love most about this pram, what great features! That large storage basket looks fantastic. I’m imagining shopping trips with my three girls, with the baby comfortable in the pram, my middle girl riding on the integrated board, and my oldest sometimes pushing (because icandy= extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable). I sure could use an upgrade from my 7.5 year old clunker pram!

  234. Avatar of Ryan

    I love the integrated buggy board which is ideal as we also have a two year old as well as 2month baby. I think we’re ideal candidates as we also have two elder kids so have gone through many prams and have an extensive idea of what works and what doesn’t. The features on this iCandy pram seem to include some great ideas and features which show its ahead of the market.

  235. Avatar of Charlotte

    The fact it has over 30 unique configurations and combinations is what impresses me most. If you can’t find a combination that suits your needs then you must be crazy. We have 4 kids, two are 2 months and 2 years so need to go in a pram. A double buggy is too big for our car so this would be ideal. We’ve gone through many prams with our four kids so the best judges of what works and is useful to have as a feature.

  236. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Firstly, what’s not to love. My favourite is the integrated ‘ride on’ board, as clip ons never feel safe or comfortable to push – best invention ever. But 30 seat combinations, the eye catching orange and black colour and huge basket are just other features that make this the only pram on the market anyone should consider buying.

  237. Avatar of Anita Pender
    Anita PenderReply

    I am loving the features of the new Icandy Orange pram! I love that I could have 1 pram that would work for 2 or 3 children at once! a baby & a toddler in the pram and an older child riding along! I love that this pram would easily accomodate miss 10 months now and an additional baby should we have one in the near future! I would love the chance to review this brand new pram, as I would give it a good workout on different surfaces, whilst miss 10 months rode in comfort and style!

  238. Avatar of Hannah Doolan
    Hannah DoolanReply

    Would love to be able to review this pram. With baby number 2 on the way im on the market for a pram that does it all and can be put through its paces. With my first born I bought what was cheap and while it was still good and worked fine now im ready and feel as if i have the knowledge to make an honest reivew

  239. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    This pram would be amazing to review. My instant reaction is what an awesome colour then other things come in to play like safety and functionality which the I candy orange have.

  240. Avatar of Belinda Smith
    Belinda SmithReply

    With baby 2 on the way and our just turned 3 year old, I’ve been having trouble finding and deciding between the “perfect” pram set up. Do we get a buggy board, do we get a double pram?! The iCandy solves everything, and that’s what I love most. The versatility!

  241. Avatar of Leah Pascoe
    Leah PascoeReply

    I love the new integrated toddler board on the icandy orange that im sure id get lots of use out of. Ive had over 25 prams so I know what features are great or can be left out of pram designs.

  242. Avatar of Elizabeth Olasz
    Elizabeth OlaszReply

    I love that it has a 25kg weight limit and that my older son can stand in the board when he gets tired legs. Rain covers too OMG to be able to walk somewhere and take bulbs would be great for my post baby weight.

  243. Avatar of badpeach

    I’ve been looking for a stroller that can change with my growing family. I have a 2.5 year old boy and a little one on the way, finding a stroller that meets my needs is very hard. My son is quite tall for his age but is still too young to be walking on his own (I do rather him strapped up in a stroller). It’s so hard to find a stroller that can cater for my sons height and also weight. I icandy stroller is perfect! I can put my son in any of the seat position where it be at the front or at the back, adjust the seat for his height but also if he doesn’t want to be seated, I can have him standing on the built in ride on board. And the biggest bonus with this stroller is the big basket!

    This stroller has all the ticks for any new or growing family!

  244. Avatar of Amanda

    I love all the options. Seat orientation and single or double seat. Plus the decent storage.

  245. Avatar of Renee Leigh
    Renee LeighReply

    I love that the pram has the built in glider board part for my toddler to be able to ride on the pram & I love the bassinet feature for when bub is a newborn. Our current pram is quite old and doesn’t have this feature so when baby is born soon, I will have to take him in and out of a capsule or the pram when he’s asleep which isn’t convenient.

  246. Avatar of Juliska Duthie
    Juliska DuthieReply

    Hands down the integrated buggy board!! With an older sister she loves to walk but sometimes wants to ride on my current pram but I haven’t bothered with extra attachments like boards so she just has to walk. This is such an exciting extra for me!!!

  247. Avatar of Emily Pitt

    Seems like a really good setup for multiples. Have twins and use a bulky side by side which can be anypnoying when out and about

  248. Avatar of Rashall Ryan Roberts
    Rashall Ryan RobertsReply

    With 3 young children I am struggling to get out and about as it’s too hard to manage them all. This pram looks so good with the built in toddler board making it so much easier to get out of the house and do the things I want to with my kids!

  249. Avatar of Kara Savage
    Kara SavageReply

    The intergrated buggy board is my favourite feature of this pram! With a 3.5yr old, 2year old and 5 month old this feature would be amazing in helping us get around easier and more efficiently … especially when you have a 2year old who is determined to walk like her sister, but gets too tired!

  250. Avatar of Jordan Robinson
    Jordan RobinsonReply

    This pram would be perfect for my beautiful little boys, my one year old would love the bright orange colour and it would be very comfortable for my babies. The big basket would be perfect for my big baby bag to fit, the board attachment would come in handy for my little man when he gets irritated sitting in the pram!

  251. Avatar of Jessica Clarke
    Jessica ClarkeReply

    Currently have the peach 2 which i absolutely love however there are a couple things i wish it had which are all of the new amazing features of the Orange! i am so excited for the release of this pram and would LOVE to get my hands on it. I currently have a 2.5 year old and hoping to start expanding our family and would definitely love to upgrade our pram to accommodate this!

  252. Avatar of Melissa Taylor
    Melissa TaylorReply

    I have a bugaboo and would love this stylish new icandy orange I heard they are amazing and with another
    On the way an a 2 yr old it looks so easy to use with the two of the kids

  253. Avatar of Kirsten Jane Baker
    Kirsten Jane BakerReply

    I love the orange concept it is everything I do want in a double.

  254. Avatar of Kaylah Meredith
    Kaylah MeredithReply

    I’m currently pregnant with my second and i’ve bought and resold 3 different prams so far looking for one that I love! I have an independent toddler who would love that board, but since she’s only 2 her little legs would probably tire of it and the ability to also have a second seat could be awesome. This might actually be my dream pram without me realising it!

  255. Avatar of Melissa Long
    Melissa LongReply

    I love the colour and that it looks classy. Also the fact that you can add another seat so that it can be used for two children

  256. Avatar of Jodie Starr
    Jodie StarrReply

    I would also love the icandy, I am planning to get one for my second due in jan, couldn’t afford one first time around. Love everything about the icandy. Jodie

  257. Avatar of Riss.Peppy

    I would love an opportunity to test out the new iCandy Orange. I bought an iCandy peach for two babies thinking it was future proof. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to see just how much more future proof the Orange is. Just from reading the info it already seems to tick so many boxes I didn’t even know needed ticking. I love my current iCandy Peach and I’m excited to try out the Orange and see just how great it really is.

  258. Avatar of Riss.Peppy

    I would love an opportunity to test out the new iCandy Orange. I bought an iCandy peach for two babies thinking it was future proof. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to see just how much more future proof the Orange is. Just from reading the info it already seems to tick so many boxes I didn’t even know needed ticking. I love my current iCandy Peach and I’m excited to try out the Orange and see just how great it really is. I love to get out and about using my iCandy daily and I have to say that the great seaside scenery around my usual walking route and practical use I get out of my pram would make great informative, useful (and entertaining) viewing.

  259. Avatar of Zoe

    I so need this pram, at the moment I struggle with getting my 2yo and 3mo out of the house at the same time because my double pram is too complicated and heavy and not really suited to a 3mo. I would love to take them walking (added bonus of trying to lose this baby weight).

  260. Avatar of Kylie Poiani
    Kylie PoianiReply

    The integrated ride on board is amazing feature not seen before. Stylish, practical and can be used for both my children. Huge storage basket! What is not to love

  261. Avatar of Leanne Hallsworth
    Leanne HallsworthReply

    I love my Peach 2 but with my fast growing fast (3 under 3) the Orange looks like it will offer so much more variety in configurations to easily accommodate my girls

  262. Avatar of Hope

    Orange icandy looks stylish and very functional. It has everything that we need in a pram that we need as we have a toddler and a new born. I’m just hanging to test drive one.

  263. Avatar of Isobelle

    I am super excited about the ride on board but also to have a second seat to accomodate my son as well as my 11 week old daughter. The leatherette is pretty awesome too.

  264. Avatar of Mel McCarthy
    Mel McCarthyReply

    I would be super excited to review this iCandy pram. I have 8week old twins and this pram would he ideal. I love all the accessories and the pram looks amazing

  265. Avatar of Zoe Dunstan
    Zoe DunstanReply

    I am mostly excited about the massive storage basket! We are always put in the pram, markets, shopping, at the park etc. And i always manage to accumulate more than my current pram can hold! And in also sold on the built in skateboard! My 2 year old still enjoys the pram but now that we have another newborn im going to have to put him into the pram. So the skateboard would be very beneficial for us as well.

  266. Avatar of Too

    I would love to review this pram, it will come in handy and I need a pram, have been looking for the right one.

  267. Avatar of Tania Kurei
    Tania KureiReply

    I would love to review this pram, it will come in handy and I need a pram, have been looking for the right one

  268. Avatar of Chrissy (Arkinstall)
    Chrissy (Arkinstall)Reply

    Well, my quest for the prefect pram has been extensive… to be exact, I’ve owned 5 prams in two years… I know, right!… but when you’re using it every day, it has to be perfect! I have literally owned prams from ALL of the “major players” in the world of child transportation, with the exception of iCandy. The new icandy orange sounds so amazing, it’s frustrating that I didn’t just buy one first round – don’t tell my husband I said that though!
    I’m a mum of two, a 6 month old and a ‘twonager’. I love that the icandy has 30 seat configurations. The biggest problem I’ve found with other double prams is that you can’t have the baby in the bassinet closest to you, while the toddler faces outwards (not looking at me… and not kicking the bassinet). Seems weird that other Brands haven’t cottoned on that this is the most desirable arrangement when you’ve got a new baby and a toddler… I want to be able to see my baby sleeping, and my toddler certinaly doesn’t want to be staring at my sweaty face while we’re out for a walk!
    The next feature that I’m excited about is the light weight chassis. Seriously, pram manufacturers need to take note… there is no point having the worlds most expensive pram if you can’t lift it into your car (trust me, I’ve owned one of those prams as well!).
    I could go on and on about how excited I am to get my hands on the new icandy, but being able to put it through its paces for real sounds like an opportunity to good to be missed! At the very least, I’ve got a comprehensive knowledge (to say the least) of other comparable prams, so I could definitely prove that the icandy should go to the top of every new mums shopping list. Pick me!

  269. Avatar of Melanie Topping
    Melanie ToppingReply

    I love how the candy orange sits the two children. This would be perfect for my toddler who wants to walk and my lazy 3 year who doesnt want to

  270. Avatar of Ann Noble

    Hi, i would love to win a trial of this fantastic pram. My grandaughter has a 5month old and recently found out she is expecting again and due on her daughters 1st birthday. This one was not planned, but they both are excited all the same. She already has an Icandy and loves it but now she will need a twin type of pram as she will have a 1yr old and a new born. This would be perfect. All the others ive looked at dont come anywhere near the Icandy Orange. I wish this pram was around 46 yrs ago.

  271. Avatar of Lauren Donnan
    Lauren DonnanReply

    I would love to win a trial as I am desperate to find a pram that suits all our needs. So many configurations, lots of space in the basket and the toddler ride on board is perfect for us. I have a 2 year old and am expecting another baby due Christmas Eve.

  272. Avatar of Dorana

    A pram that can grow with my family- who wouldn’t want one! If i was to win, I would 1. Provide detailed review of me, bubs and our pup out and about with this pram 2. Start working on hubby about second bubs to fill the pram….

  273. Avatar of Bry Ger

    I keep coming back to look at this pram. The orange strikes you and draws your attention immediately. It represents the pinnacle of style and individuality, without compromising comfort and practicality. I would love to have the opportunity to test out the new iCandy.

  274. Avatar of Jade O

    With my sister giving recenlty giving birth to number two, she has been on the look out for a new pram The i-candy is not only funky and stylish but provides all the safety and comfort she needs for her new bub as well as allowing her to expand her family. I’d love to gift this to her to try and review!

  275. Avatar of Liza taperell
    Liza taperellReply

    As soon as I laid my eyes on the juicy new Orange Icandy I was instantly smitten. Combining functionality with style. I need this support system for my family, with a four year and old, 6 year old and 11 week old it would make my life so much simpler. With the ability to adapt to each day, moment, memory it is my ideal pram. Please let it Grace my doorstep.

  276. Avatar of Cass

    I would love to win this gorgeous pram and review / brand rep for I-candy!

  277. Avatar of Lisa C

    I have trialled various prams with my 4 children and am yet to find the perfect fit. I am hopeful the icandy is the one who has finally listened to the needs of the consumer and created the perfect pram

  278. Avatar of Mun

    I love the idea of the intrgrated buggy board and the huge shopping basket. My husband and I have 3 young children so we can fully utilise the different variations of this versatile iCandy pram and give a truthful review. We are really excited and love to try this gorgeous looking pram with our children to do our shopping and going outdoors.

  279. Avatar of Erin

    I have always wanted to try an i candy pram and with an 18kg toddler and a newborn I love that I can safely seat both of them with the 25kg seat limit. I also love how it is a one purchase pram that will see us through this baby(and toddler) through to the next baby. The in built skateboard means my toddler can sit or stand and I will never have to worry about packing it when we go out! Love this pram

  280. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Safe, sturdy, sensational add-ons. 30 unique configurations and combinations.. perfect for growing, expanding family. Stylish …ORANGE is the new BLACK!

  281. Avatar of Doreen

    Love all the features of this stylish versatile pram. It will be the best pram ever for my newborn and toddler son.

  282. Avatar of Thy Chan

    I’d like to review the iCandy Orange,
    As it will fit my toddler and baby, with plenty of storage;
    WIth so many combinations to suit my expanding family,
    This pram looks great, and will fit us all quite happily.

  283. Avatar of Alysha

    I love the integrated buggy board, that would be perfect for my 2.5yr old when we go out for walks. And of course the colour! Storage looks great too

  284. Avatar of Kyra

    I love that it has a huge 64L basket and an attached ride on board! So no matter if my children want to sit or ride we have it all!
    I also love that it goes up to 25kg per seat including a carry cot so that I can continue to use it from newborn up until toddler age
    ! An I candy you see would be perfect for me I could use it from morning until afternoon tea I could shop until I drop with storage galore I could buy whatever I want with room for more!

  285. Avatar of Anne

    I would love to review the iCandy Orange! I’m a seasoned mother of 8, with children ranging in age from 16 years to 8 weeks! There I’ve owned a number of strollers over the last 16 years and I’ve come to appreciate what makes a great stroller an investment piece and what a parent really needs. Versatile, adaptable, practical, reliable, durable and fashionable are all attributes I would love to test out and review on this new stroller. I’ve got the family, experience and writing ability to do an honest and comprehensive review!

  286. Avatar of Naomi

    I love the built-in buggy board and that it has so many seating configurations. With 2 small children I would be a good choice as the reviewer as we love going out and with all the features it has it would be a much easier and more versatile pram to use.

  287. Avatar of kat barber

    There’s so many great features of the icandy pram its hard to know where to start, I love the fact that its so light weight, once you add the weight of the kids and groceries it can get pretty heavy! Love all the storage and love the different seating configuration. Having never had one myself, it just comes to highly recommended. I know I could give it a good honest review with two very energetic 1 and 4 year olds 🙂

  288. Avatar of Sarah Freeborn

    With an almost 6yo and almost 2yo and a baby on the way in 1 month the options available with the icandy look amazing! I have two prams at home ATM both of which are not suitable for a newborn and toddler so would love to try the icandy.

  289. Avatar of Keamens

    I’m already obsessed with the iCandy Peach that I was given second hand so a newer model with 30 configurations (that’s crazy) would be amazing to road test. I have an 11 week old baby and a 13 month old toddler so not only will this pimped up pram get plenty of use over the next couple of years, but I know I would be well placed to give a thorough review of the various options….bassinet, compatible capsule, two seats. I’d also love to be able to compare it to the Peach and explore the additional functionality and user friendliness.

  290. Avatar of Charlee Ritenour
    Charlee RitenourReply

    I would love to win the icandy orange! I love orange so the colour would be amazing for starters! The built in buggy board would be perfect for my toddler when she wants up and down constantly! And with new Bub on the way, the icandy and all of its options, seems the perfect pram to grow with my family!

  291. Avatar of Rachael Luccon
    Rachael LucconReply

    I would love the opportunity to review this amazing pram! There are so many great features and I would enjoy trying them all out with my 2 year old and 6 month old.
    I never upgraded from my single pram when my second baby came along so for the last six months I have really missed my daily walks with my toddler. I love that the iCandy can accomodate both babes in seats and then on the days when my toddler wants to be a ‘big girl’ she can stand on the integrated buggy board.
    There is plenty of storage space for all the must have items on a walk (toys for the baby, snacks for the toddler) and it is just such a gorgeous pram to be seen pushing around!

  292. Avatar of Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca LewisReply

    The fact it’s got a decent sized storage basket & integrated ride on board!

  293. Avatar of Hayley Cooper
    Hayley CooperReply

    The way in which is accomodates for growing families! I’ve had an iCandy before and with the wife seats they were prefect for my kids that have other been treated for hip displasia! With number three only 10 weeks away not having to worry about them fitting into a pram seat would comfort me great!

  294. Avatar of Hayley

    I love everything about this pram but in particular the fab reputation it has for being such a great pram lasting the distance. I’d love to win this pram so I can promote to others and show off its full capabilities. It’s fun and stylish and i would be so proud to call it mine. I have a 2.5 year old, 14 month old and our thurs is due in Sept, the pram would most definitely be cutting some serious laps. And with a 6 month holiday planned for next year it would make my dreams come true to explore with it!

  295. Avatar of Meika

    I would love to try this pram! I have an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old, I love that the weight limit is higher than that of other prams and the gorgeous orange colour! We live rurally and need a sturdy pram that will last, I also love the options of configurations as some days my 3 year old will walk other needs to be pushed.

  296. Avatar of Bianca masters
    Bianca mastersReply

    I am in love with the board attachment! I love that it is apart of the pram! As a mum of 2 under 2 it will be a dream to be out and about with my boys when the pram and board attachment are simple and easy to use! I adore the colour and would love to be the first mum in Australia with this pram!

  297. Avatar of Sara Hunter
    Sara HunterReply

    This pram is so practical for multiple children yet so stylish

  298. Avatar of Jessica holmes
    Jessica holmesReply

    It’s the ideal pram. Has everything I want in one compact pram. Perfect in every way.

  299. Avatar of Jaclyn

    I love the fact it will cater for the 3 kids, all on one lightweight, customizable chassis. Basically i can push 3 kids around, on 1 pram, with roughly the same footprint as a single pram. . I would be in heaven

  300. Avatar of My

    There are so many good features about this pram that I don’t know where to start. Being a mum of 2 kids, having the board attachment is great when trying to quickly to scoot around the shops and buy the essentials than trying to wait for your child to drag their feet or wander off. The large storage and easy access is a great feature as with my current pram, I’m forever shoving things in and have trouble pulling things out without having to go down on my knees. The pram sitting up high is great when it comes to meal times as my baby is starting to eat and there is nothing worse than causing more strain on my back unnecessarily. Would thoroughly enjoy testing the new icandy pram and comes in my favorite colour, orange-perfect.

  301. Avatar of Nora

    Due on Christmas Day, I will be a mother of four. Four children, 5 and under, a 5 y.o, a 3 y.o, a 19 month and a newborn. I am currently in search of a double pram that would practical, functional and lightweight pram that would accommodate my growing family. We walk and travel a lot and so I would need a pram that would safely carry the newborn and 19 month old. The iCandy orange looks fantastic and would fit that all my requirements. There could be no better Christmas present than my newborn, but if I was able to trial the iCandy Orange it would be the cherry on the top!

  302. Avatar of Codie

    I love that ithe pram grows with Bub for longer and it’s still lightweight.
    I’d really love the opportunity to be the product tester. My daughter is 10months old and loves being in the pram but the one we have isn’t great for using to go to the shops as the wheels don’t like slippery surfaces (which all shopping centres pretty much have)

  303. Avatar of Kat

    I would love to test and review the iCandy Orange as having 2 kids under the age of 2 I cannot afford a double pram so am currently becoming exhausted pushing one in the pram and carrying the other one.
    This pram looks stylish as well as practical. The built in buggy board would be amazing for my son is older enough to use and to be able to be the proud owner of a good looking double pram would be an honour

  304. Avatar of Celina underwood

    Omg this pram has super awesome features! I took a look at the video above as it’s no use wanting to review a product if you don’t have the basics down pat first so some research first always helps! Where to start? I would most certainly put this pram through its paces. With all the different configurations plus toddler stand bar because as mums we are all aware that our toddler will change their minds atleast 3 times as to where they want to sit or stand ! And usually we have one option but not with this pram! Fingers crossed I get to review this pram!

  305. Avatar of Linda

    I love the colour and versatility of this pram. From using it for 1 child to 2. Then as they grow you can add the buggy board. The pram is also easy to fold and store in the car. Who needs another prams when this pram can do it all.

  306. Avatar of Prue

    The colour is amazing. My boys would love this pram it looks so comfy. I like to do a lot of walking so i would definitely give this pram a good testing. I have 2 boys using a pram atm and a new baby due in November. Would love to get the opportunity to test this amazing pram.

  307. Avatar of Anna

    I love the icandy orange as its so adaptable for all stages

  308. Avatar of Jess Henderson
    Jess HendersonReply

    I would love to review the new icandy orange! I have a little boy who was born earlier this year and would love to have a second baby before he is 18 months. I love how the pram is future proof! It would be perfect for us. I have used many prams due to doing family day care and being an in home child carer and I love researching prams and looking at all the pros and cons!

  309. Avatar of MOnica

    It would be amazing to be able to have my bub and toddler both sitting in the pram while my older son walks beside us. Or to have my toddler standing up on the buggy board would be fantastic, she would love that! We do a lot of walking so I think having something like this would really make life so much easier

  310. Avatar of Amanda

    Hi, Mum of 3 kids under 4 here currently using the icandy peach on a daily basis for the last 4 years. I recently bought a buggy board that is basically unusable with the pram so I would love to trial the integrated board. This would make life so much easier when my daughter wants to be carried because I couldn’t be bothered putting the second seat on! Or when I’m out with all 3 and the 4 year old is to tired to walk but the baby and toddler are asleep in the pram!

  311. Avatar of Melissa Rankin
    Melissa RankinReply

    I would love to test & review this pram! With 2 children, 3 years and 5 months, I have been debating the purchase of a double pram but am not convinced. I currently have a board attachment on my pram for my 3 year old but it makes it difficult to take for walks and push for an extended period of time as it’s always being kicked. I would love the option of having the 2 seats attached or using the buggy board depending on where we are heading. The opportunity to use and review this pram would be an ideal way to convince me (& others) that a double pram is the way to go!

  312. Avatar of Amanda

    Double Trouble,
    With one crazy vibrant toddler and another on the way I would love to test this pram – and test it we will! It will go everywhere we go, to the beach, the snow, to the park, the pools and everywhere else in between!

  313. Avatar of Nat

    We’d love to be gifted this pram to prove its future proof. We are a family blessed with three little boys who are currently 4yo, 2yo and 3 months old. Mr 4 would love the ride on board, Mr two would love the variety in which way he faces and being able to be push into a table to eat and drink, and the littlest man will love using in all as he grows. I will love not have to clean high chairs before we use them when we are out, the flexibility in one pram (we are currently swapping between a couple to suit our different needs daily) and the stylish look of the iCandy Orange. Please consider us.

  314. Avatar of Amy

    I love that the icandy orange comes with everything to grow with your family. Carrycot, 2nd seat & travelboard…yes please.
    We currently have 3 children 10, 4, 1 & another due in October. This pram would safely transport what will be our 3 youngest come October.
    After a really rough year, illness, parents passing away, a serious car accident where I was injured & have been unable to work due to the injuries sustained, as well as an interstate move a new pram like this would really make life easier. This pram would get a thorough workout with our family

  315. Avatar of Kayte Smilga

    I love the the built in buggy board. Trying to push my 2 month old with my 5 year old riding along is killing me. To have this would make everyone’s pram time more fun.

  316. Avatar of Prue D

    I have owned so many prams and currently have a single but my 3yr old asked if he could go in the pram for a sleep today…oops. Love how this pram can hold 25kg per seat as my boys are big. So stylish and on trend. Would love to give it a test run and review.

  317. Avatar of Amy-Lee

    I currently own an icandy peach2. Its been great for my 4 month old and 2 year old. I’d love to test out the orange and own one as my 2 year old is at an age where she likes to sit in the pram when tired otherwise she’d rather help push or ride on the pram.

  318. Avatar of Brydie baker
    Brydie bakerReply

    The icandy orange stands out from the rest. It is bright bold and beautiful.
    It is lightweight and flexible for any parents needs.
    It has all the greatest accessories.
    Who wouldn’t want to own one? I would love to be strolling down the street where everyone can check out my icandy!

  319. Avatar of Justine T

    I love the versatility and ease of use of this elite pram! The iCandy Orange has a variety of different combinations to support a growing family’s needs and can comfortably and easily sit 2 children in a number of different seating positions which is sure to keep all the little ones happy and safe. The integrated buggy board is simply genius and shows the forward thinking that went in to the design.
    I would love the opportunity to test and review this product as out current pram is bulky, heavy and offers poor support for 2 children – worth no option to add a buggy board which is not ideal when traveling with an independent 20 month old! I would look forward to testing the variety of seating combinations and buggy board in our busy, every day life.

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