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Rebel Wilson Wows the Internet as she Reaches her Goal Weight

27kg. This is how much my 8-year-old weighs. It’s also how much the talented Rebel Wilson shed over the past year. That’s right – the Aussie funny gal, who played the iconic Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, has lost the equivalent of a small child in weight.

What a goal!

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Go girl! Rebel in 2019 and now. Source:

Rebel’s Year of Health

Rebel, 40, started calling 2020 her “Year of Health” back in December 2019, and spent the past 12 months dedicated to her goal. Which is pretty fantastic considering the curveballs this “Year of Health” threw us all.

While many of us fell us the bandwagon in March (or didn’t even get on the bandwagon in the first place), Rebel kept at it and managed to reach her goal weight of 75kg in late November, one month earlier than she anticipated.

As expected, people had a lot of questions. How did she do it? What diet did she follow? What exercise did she do? Rebel explained ALL on Tuesday night with an Instagram Live.

Rocking her signature blonde hair – but with a sassy fringe – Rebel looks AMAZEBALLS!


Walking and water

She says:

I was determined in 2020 — the year of health — to actually fully change my whole entire lifestyle,” she explained in the video. “So it meant not only, like, physically but mentally as well.”

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Rebel’s been snapping pics of her journey throughout 2020. Source: Instagram

While Rebel does have access to personal trainers and nutritionists, she credits her weight loss to three main exercises – weight lifting, cardio and walking (and hiking).

“The majority of the exercise that I’ve done this year has just been me going out for a walk. That is free, you can do it, it’s safe.

Weirdly, I never thought I would like hiking, walking uphill. Like, who would have thought that’d be a fun activity? But frick it’s good. To be out in nature, get that air into your lungs. I really really love it and so I do that now all the time.”

Rebel, 40, explains that she works out six days a week and also follows a high protein diet of under 1,500 calories per day. Plus heaps of water! While nothing is off-limits, she now aims for balance.

Her mental battle

The weight loss was only one aspect of Rebel’s Year of Health goal. She also wanted to get into a better zone mentally.

Anybody else out there I would try to treat with love and respect but myself I probably wasn’t…I’d leave myself to last. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

I just wasn’t valuing myself and … telling myself negative things and going ‘Yeah, well stuff it. Yeah, just eat that whole thing of ice cream or that whole packet of brownies because who cares, whatever you deserve that.’”

So what I’m trying to do is change those patterns so you’re more loving and you’re treating yourself with more respect.”

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2020: The Year of Rebel. Source: Instagram

Well, we reckon she’s done a fantastic job of owning 2020! She’s currently filming in New York and we can’t wait to see the new Rebel on the big screen in 2021.

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