24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas: a Go-To Cheat Sheet!

We’re only days into December but are you already wondering if you’ll be able to go the distance in the Elf on the shelf imagination stakes? Do NOT panic, we have your go-to cheat sheet of clever elf staging ideas. Yes, here’s ALL of the Elf on the Shelf ideas you need. PHEW!

Elf on the Shelf is QUITE the commitment, we get it. That little dude brings much joy (and a little fear) to kids all over the world but aye Carumba, it can be a hard slog for the parents! Here are 24 clever Elf on the Shelf ideas for when your exhausted imagination is just pleading for it to be over already. #tistheseason

Elf on the Shelf at the ready? LET’S HUSTLE.

Check out our clever calendar – save it to your phone!

Elf on the Shelf Calendar
Source: Mum Central

Elf on the Shelf ideas to get you through December

1. Quarantine Elf – A popular choice with parents that will give you 14 days to get your act together!

2. North Pole delivery! Sit your elf in the letterbox with a letter from Santa.

mum central
Quarantine elf – the ultimate 2020 elf hack. Source: Instagram/mel_larson

3. Toothy disaster! Elf sits on the toothpaste tube, toothpaste blows out all over the bathroom cabinet.

4. Snow angels! Have your elf make snow angels on the kitchen bench or floor with oats or flour.

elf on the shelf ideas
Snow angels. An oldie but a goody! Source: Instagram/tammie.arch

5. Naughty or nice – Elf clutching a naughty and nice list with your kids’ names on it. Eek!

6. Coffee drinking Elf – Poke a straw in a coffee pod and sit him in a mug.

elf on the shelf ideas
I don’t think the elf is a decaf kind of guy. Source: Instagram/lindsayblackinton

7. BUSTED! Elf busting into the advent calendar. Naughty!

8. Elf loves to snack – Partially hide him in a lolly jar or packet and be sure to rub some chocolate treat on his face for good measure.

mum central
Snack coma. We FEEL you Elf! Source: Instagram/

9. Ziplining Elf! Use a rubber band to tie your elf to a candy cane and have him zip lining the Christmas lights.

10. TP Elf – Elf unravels the toilet paper in the toilet and around the bathroom or house.

mum central
A precious commodity this year, toilet paper elf! Source: Instagram/paroledemamans

11. Cereal problems– Elf discovers cereal in the pantry, gets trapped in the container.  By jingle bells, what a mess!

12. Couch potato – Set Elf up on the couch early one morning with the remote control in one hand and his other arm in a bowl of popcorn.

elf on the shelf ideas
Elf loves watching Bluey too! Source: Instagram/valentina85_life

13. Barbie World! Elf makes friends, goes for a joyride in Barbie’s car with her mates.

14. Who did it? Elf is taped to a wall with a note saying one of the other toys did it.

15. Toilet fishing – Just make sure your toilet is CLEAN!

elf on the shelf ideas
Toilet fishing Elf – proceed with caution. Source: Instagram/evydream_creation

16. Adrenalin junkie Elf – He loves to ride the ceiling fan!

17. Tea party time! Elf sits at the dollhouse table for a spot of tea and bickies.

18. Late nights! Being an Elf is tiring! Elf snuggles in a tissue box for a snooze.

elf on the shelf ideas
Source: Instagram/amygaskins

19. Walkies! Elf puts his Paw Patrol friends on pipe cleaner leads and takes them for a walk.

20. Naughty no more – Elf delivers updated naughty and nice lists! Good work DOES pay off.

21. Spa day! Sit your Elf in a small slow-cooker of marshmallows for a sweet spa treat.

mum central
Source: Instagram/thefrugalgirls

22. Fridge fiasco – Elf in the fridge munching on a snack and has rearranged a few things…

23. Oh my Oreo! Elf switches out Oreo biscuit centers for toothpaste. So sneaky!

24. See you next year! Elf leaves a final goodbye letter, reminding kids Santa is ALWAYS watching.

elf on the shelf ideas
A naughty Elf on the Shelf  – Toothpaste Oreos – yummy! Source: Instagram/estiloelf

With that all said and done and with Elf on the Shelf ideas up to your ears, your cheeky Elf on the Shelf has done his work of keeping an eye on the kids /scaring/entertaining the family and it’s time to head back to the North Pole until next year!

And we mums can remove the 10pm: MOVE THE DAMNED ELF ALARM from our phones. Until next year, that is.

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