RECIPE: Fairy Bread Christmas Tree – The Easiest Party Plate Ever!

Three pantry staples is all you need to deliver a party plate and blow the Christmas socks off a young party crowd.

All mums know the sheer horror of a note fished from the bottom of the schoolbag. The one for a class party the following day with ‘bring a plate’ is the absolute worst. A PLATE OF WHAT EXACTLY? You ask in a panic. But don’t you worry mum. You’ve got this party plate caper in the bag.

To the pantry we go! And not Martha Stewart’s pantry – we’re talking ANYONE who hasn’t-done-the-groceries-since-last-week pantry. Yep, that’s most of us mums.

It’s the perfect last-minute pantry staple party plate

You only need three things to create a fun Christmas fairy bread party plate to share. Sprinkles, butter and fresh bread. THAT’S IT.

Christmas fairy bread tree recipe
Not a joke. These three pantry staples are ALL YOU NEED to deliver the Christmas goods!

I’m sure you can see where this is headed – it’s fairy bread. But it’s not just any ordinary fairy bread. Oh no, it’s Christmas after all. This is a Christmas fairy bread tree, the ultimate easy, budget-friendly Christmas party plate you could ever create.

And you can bet your very last peppermint candy cane, the kids are going to LOVE IT.

* Watch below to see just how quickly you can bring this party plate of sprinkle-goodness to life. Scroll on further for the DIY details!*

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Fairy Bread Christmas Tree


  • 9 pieces of white bread
  • Sprinkles
  • Butter


1. Spread butter on all pieces of bread and press butter side down into a container of sprinkles.

Christmas fairy bread tree recipe

2. Cut eight of the pieces of sprinkle encrusted bread into quarters. For the remaining piece of bread, cut the crusts off, setting them aside and using a cookie cutter, cut a star from the centre of the bread.

Christmas fairy bread tree recipe

3. On a large platter, arrange the bread crusts to form a tree trunk. Place the fairy bread quarters to create a tree shape – more of them at the bottom, leading up to a pointy top.

Christmas fairy bread tree recipe

4. Top the fairy bread tree with your fairy bread star and you’re done! Yum!

Christmas fairy bread tree recipe

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