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This $20 Find Will Seriously Change Your Sleeping Game


We all know that once we have kids, our sleep can take a serious downhill turn.

Sometimes it’s our babies. Other times we can blame our snoring husbands. But often, the reason we have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, comes down to our own bodies.

Like many, I often find myself wide awake when I should be asleep. I know I need at least seven hours of sleep a night. But even when my kids are perfectly safe and when my husband isn’t snoring, I still can’t sleep.

The sleep formula that helped me!

I’m not 100% sure why. It might be stress about the day ahead. It might be some mild anxiety. Sometimes it can have something to do with pain in my back. But, usually, it’s simply because my body and brain won’t shut down.

This is something that has been happening for years now. Once or twice a week I’ll toss and turn for hours. Other nights I’ll fall asleep, only to wake up a couple hours later, unable to get back to sleep.

That’s when I start thinking about the terrible things my sleeplessness is doing to my body. Like making me forgetful. Mucking with my heart rate. Making it harder for me to make decisions. And, quite possibly, making me fat.

sleep well infographic

I’ve tried practically every remedy under the sun to trick my body and my brain to give in to sleep. A warm bath. No TV or screens before bed. No coffee after noon. And no success.

Until I tried A Good Night’s Sleep.

An Aussie-made solution for sleeplessness

A Good Night’s Sleep is a calming sleeping formula from Australian NaturalCare.  I know what you’re thinking – sleeping remedies are a dime a dozen, right? And I will admit, I was sceptical at first – I’ve tried so many different natural sleep tablets and none did much for me, sleeplessness wise.

A Good Night's Sleep Sleeping Tablets

But something about A Good Night’s Sleep worked.

Each tablet contains a mixture of sleep inducing herbs including Passion Flower, California Poppy, Ziziphus with added muscle relaxing Magnesium Citrate. The combination of these ingredients are designed to work to calm your mind, reduce pain, minimise sleeplessness, relax your muscles and boost your magnesium.

This is exactly what they did.

When I first started the tablets I was told they might take a few days to “kick in”, but they worked right away for me. Within around half an hour, despite having the TV on, I felt relaxed and comfortable.

 I slept very deeply and often woke up in the morning straight from a dream. I woke up feeling refreshed without feeling drowsy, which is another issue I find with alternative sleeping tables.

This refreshing sleep routine continued every single night. Actually being able to fall asleep and stay asleep has made a massive positive impact in my mood and energy levels. 

Sleep when you need it, even if your brain won’t shut off 

I have always been aware that our bodies need a good night’s sleep to energise and heal, but I just assumed that my body didn’t need healing, which is why I couldn’t sleep most nights. Perhaps I’m just one of those lucky ones who only need a couple hours of sleep a night?  

Truth is, we all need sleep, even me. In fact, adults need between seven and nine hours sleep a night. Some of us just have brains that need a lot more convincing than others.

Whether you need assistance sleeping every night or just once in a while, I highly recommend these tablets for anyone who has issues with sleep. 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep for Under $20!

A Good Night’s Sleep cost under $20 for 60 tablets, which is one of the most affordable sleeping formulas I’ve found. I take two every night and have rediscovered just how important a good night’s sleep really is!

Australian NaturalCare - A Good Night's Sleep

For a limited time, Australian NaturalCare is offering  Mum Central readers free delivery with every bottle of A Good Night’s Sleep, plus a free Vitamin E cream if you purchase two bottles.mum central

If you, like me, do struggle with sleep, then give A Good Night’s Sleep a go and see if it makes a difference to your sleep routine. Fingers crossed it does!

Elaine Davies,
Sleep-deprived mum of two & Mum Central team member

This is a sponsored article for Australian NaturalCare. The review contains the opinions and experiences of our reviewer and are not those of Mum Central. Please check with your GP if in doubt to confirm these would be suitable for you.
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