REVIEW: ecostore Kids Bubble Bath and Baby Body Wash for the Best Bathtime Ever!

Bath time is always an adventure in my house. With a little one who prefers getting dirty to being clean, getting them into the tub is not always easy. 

The thing that works? Bubbles. And the bubblier, the better! Of course, every frazzled parent knows that most bubble baths lose their foamy bubble goodness almost as soon as the kids get in. Not so, with ecostore Kids’ Bubble Bath and Baby Body Wash range.

Kids of all ages can enjoy a bubbly underwater expedition with a tub-load of bubbles but no unnecessary chemicals. And the bubbles lasts til the water gets cold! Plus,  mums won’t have to hear, “there’s soap in my eyes” ever again (thank the bath time gods for that)!

ecostore bubble bath reviewThere’s plenty of reasons why we at Mum Central love ecostore – an environmentally-friendly range of products designed by a New Zealand husband and wife team. Their cleaning range is superb, and, as I recently discovered, their bath time products are nothing short of awesome too, not just for their bodies, but for our earth as well.

Bring on the bubbles! 

My six-year-old son, Alex, agreed to get his bubble on and test out ecostore’s kids’ bubble bath (RRP$9.99).  Designed for children two and up, the mixture is full of plant-based ingredients rather than nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Plus, it made the entire bathroom smell like pear, which is a massive step up from its usual smell of dirt and urine (thanks a lot, husband and sons!).

ecostore double trouble bubble maker

The moment I started to fill up the tub and added a dab of the bubble bath to the water, the bubbles started to take form. And unlike many of the other bath products on the market, the bubbles actually stayed bubbles for the entire bath.

Alex was quite impressed by my bath drawing skills. His eyes were wide with excitement as he stripped off, grabbed his superhero mates and leaped into the water. Yep, you can add “master of bath time” to my list of resume skills now, thanks very much.

ecostore natural bubble bath for kids

Alex could easily use the bath wash himself as it lathered beautifully on the skin and was easy to rinse off. You can use it all over the body too. Plus they’ve also got Foam to the Max‘ ecostore kids’ 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo and body wash.

Thirty minutes later, Alex and his superheroes finally decided they had enough.

And the bubbles? Still there!

Baby got bath

Next up was Hunter, my friend’s six-month-old son. Hunter is a pretty chilled little dude but he does have sensitive skin so his mum, Amanda, prefers to go as natural as possible with all of their products.

ecostore baby bath wash review

Ecostore delivered on their promise of purity with their plant-based ecostore Baby Body Wash (RRP$8.49). Their cleansing and conditioning formula is especially designed for wee water babies. The solutions offers a safe alternative to mild soap and is ideal for bub’s thinner, more sensitive skin.

We loved watching Hunter splash in the bath and he seemed to enjoy the bubbles. He didn’t even flinch when some of the mixture got in his eyes or when Amanda dipped him under the water to rinse off. Plus, the solution easily washed off and left his skin extra smooth.

No nasty chemicals 

What we especially love about the ecostore’s Kids’ Bubble Bath and Baby Body Wash is that there are no nasty chemicals in these products. They go to great lengths to ensure this. If there is ever any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, ecostore simply leaves the ingredient out and finds a safer alternative.

ecostore baby body wash

After all, bubble bath and body wash are products that go on your little one’s most sensitive areas every single day – it’s important that you know without a doubt, that every ingredient is 100% safe! 

The label clearly lists the ingredients so mums can make a smart decision about whether this product is right for them and their little water warriors. And when the bath is done, you can safely use the water to give your lawn or shrubs and flower beds a drink.

Happy kids, happy mums – 5 stars from our reviewers!


“I was surprised at how many bubbles hung around in each kid’s bubble bath. Other ‘all natural’ brands I’ve used in the past lost them really quickly. Of course this leads to longer baths and more time to myself!” – Belinda, mum to Alex

 “I loved playing with my toys and now they can hide in the bubbles too!” – Alex, 6

“It’s nice to know there’s no nasty chemicals so bathing baby is nothing but a pure and healthy experience.” –  Amanda, mum to baby Hunter

Doing a little good every day

It can be tricky to know which product to choose, especially as there are SOOOO many bath products out there. But ecostore certainly soars above the rest in both its quality and assurance of a better tomorrow.  Even the packaging is made from renewable sugarcane plastic, so you can 100% recycle those empty bottles!

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All kids, regardless of whether they are six months or six years of age, need a good clean, especially after a big day. By choosing ecostore, you are doing your part to nurture their skin and their future. 

Pick up your own bottle of ecostore Kids’ Bubble Bath or Baby Body Wash today at Chemist Warehouse.

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