Cheers, Big Ears! 36 Brilliantly Boozy Baby Names Worth a Toast

Nothing wrong with naming your wee one after your favourite beer, wine or spirit. 

Just ask any parent who has selected Stella, Jameson, Jacob, Savanna, Morgan or Bailey.

Brewing and liquor companies actually come up with some pretty cute names! So we decided to do a bit of research and browse through our local Bottle-O to come up with some more baby names that fit the boozy bill.

Because alcohol goes with everything… including baby names.

Lagers and ales – Brewed baby names

Ted – Short and traditional, it’s also the nickname of Toohey’s Extra Dry.

Victoria – Named after the one and only Victoria Bitter.

Cooper – The name Cooper has been a top contender for baby names for quite some time and could be considered a nod to Cooper’s Brewery brands.

James – If you’re a fan of heavy James Boag beer, then James may be a suitable nod to your drink of choice.

Stella – Most beers bear male names. But not Stella Artois. And isn’t she a beaut!

Summer – We wouldn’t recommend naming your wee one XXXX. But what about Summer, after XXXX Summer Bright lager.

Red, whites and sparkly names

alcohol is a parenting tool

Merlot – Moving into the wine section, let’s start with the classics, like Merlot. Or Merl if you will.

Syrah – For a cute alternative to Sarah, you may want to consider Syrah.

Chablis – Or how about Chablis? Sure, it’s a little out there, but you can just say you’re French. Or you like wine. Oui Oui.

Cato – A less obvious wine-infused moniker is Cato, which is short for Moscato, but also kind of cute.

Jacob – Yes, it’s a Biblical classic. But it’s also a winery! Jacob’s Creek is located in the Barossa Valley and has a whole range of yummy wines to choose from.

Olive –  Another great winery is Olive Grove, and Olive is pretty much the perfect boozy baby name. Unless you want to go with Grape.

Felix – Named after the Margaret River’s first wine estate, Vasse Felix.

Hunter – Speaking of wine regions, how about Hunter, named after New South Wales’ most popular wine reigion, the Hunter Valley?

Dion – Another moniker made for wine-lovers, Dion is a shortened version of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus.

Crystal – Let’s hit the champers aisle, shall we? And Crystal is the obvious choice.

Dom – Or, you could up your class level with Dom or Dominic, named after the one and only Dom Pérignon.

Shaken, not stirred – Top shelf spirited names 

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Savanna – Plenty of spirits have female names like Savanna (named after Savanna Rum). But you can’t rule out a few of the other ladies of the happy hour. There’s Sherry and Brandy, of course.

Jameson – Then there are the boys. You’ve got Jameson, which is the moniker Pink and Carey Hart selected for their son. But there’s also the three brothers – Jack (Daniels), Jim (Beam) and Johnnie (Walker).

Sky – Another heavenly name for your little angel is Sky, which also happens to be a delicious brand of vodka (Skyy Vodka).

Morgan – Next we have Morgan, named after my mate, the Captain of Spiced Rum.

Jerry – Or, if you don’t like the Captain, you could always go for a regular Sailor Jerry instead. Jerry isn’t just an ice cream, after all – it’s also a rum.

Sam – If you’re a rum drinker, you are probably also familiar with Baron Samedi, which could easily be shortened to Sam.

Quilla – It’s unique. But it could work as a name, especially after a few too many tequillas.

Grey – For a more colourful option, how about Grey, named after the premium vodka, Grey Goose?

Jager – Or Jagger, which is a popular choice for mini rock stars, but also a shortened version of Jagermeister.

Mixed monikers – cocktail-infused and liqueur names

Dori – Perhaps you want to steer clear of the regular spirits with something a little more distinguished, like Dori, a shout out to the delicious Midori.

Alize – For a name a little less known, try Alize, named after Alize Bleu Cognac Liqueur.

Tia – Tia Maria anyone?

Elli – Or perhaps a Bellini is more your style?

Bailey – The name is cute; the drink is delicious. You can’t go wrong, really!

So, sober-mums-to-be, any of these tipsy names tickle your fancy? We’ve got plenty more baby names to choose from. Check out these 21 edgy baby names for mums born in the 80s. 

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