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REVIEW: Kinetic Sand for Magical, MESS-FREE Sensory Play

Mesmerising, magical, made for mums who HATE mess and kids who LOVE to create, Kinetic Sand is our new obsession! We love it. Our kids love it. And our panel of mum reviewers LOVE it. 

We recently asked 15 families across Australia to trial and review Kinetic Sand to see what their children thought and, well, the results speak for themselves!

  • 15/15 agree it’s easy to use, doesn’t dry out and encourages creative, mess-free fun.
  • 15/15 would highly recommend it!

Average Rating –  a whopping 4.9/5.0 starskinetic-sand-kids-fun

What’s so amazing about it? Have a read and see!

Sensory play fun without the mess

Kinetic Sand is one of the top trending products for kids these days. It encourages sensory play, is great for building fine motor skills and comes with an element of magic that entrances and delights children of all ages (and parents too!). The sand is soft, squishy and soothing to play with. Plus, it’s easy to clean up and never dries out.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our reviewers had to say:

We loved using it! It didn’t dry out which meant that we still have plenty of uses left to go. I will be purchasing more to add to our collection as it’s a great indoor activity that kept both of my children (aged 7 and 5) entertained.” – Felicity N.

Full of creative possibilities! My daughter (aged 5) is asking to play with it every day! It’s easy for her to set up and clean up herself, and it keeps her entertained due to the range of uses.” – Lauren B.

 I would definitely recommend Kinetic Sand to other parents, as well as my friends and family. This product is so much fun! – Amy M.

The magical properties of Kinetic Sand mean it’s easy to play, is relatively mess free and great for little fingers!

BIG thumbs up from our kid testers too!

Check out what adorable little Abbie had to say about it:

There is actually nothing…nothing at all that I don’t like. It is the best Kinetic Sand, I think I love it. Actually I know I love it!” – Abbie, age 7

mum central

So much fun to feel and play with

With a wide range of bright colours and an endless amount of creative possibilities, our tiny testers had an absolute ball making moulds and allowing their imaginations to run wild. It’s great for both independent and group play and is suitable for kiddies aged 3+.

As our mums tell us:

My kids loved how easy it was to manipulate, and that the creations didn’t fall apart. My kids even enjoyed packing it away, because it’s so easy to clean up, which never happens!” – Bianca B.

They loved that it looked like fairy floss and spider webs!!! Also, the sand didn’t make your hands all sticky.” – Krystal G.


My kids loved how easy it was to create shapes, the feel of it in their hands and how it seemed to come alive and move all on its own accord!” Amanda G.

They loved how the Kinetic Sand felt. It’s so fine–not gritty like beach sand or playground sand.” – Amy M.


No sticky mess or stress

Many of our mums commented that the kids were engaged for hours, which gave them a bit of time to themselves. Plus, Kinetic Sand is incredibly easy to clean up. So, unlike many other sensory play items, mess isn’t an issue at all!

I absolutely loved how I could clean it up in seconds, no sticky mess or stress.” – Patricia P.

It was fun and easy to use. I didn’t feel like I needed to supervise my daughter, because the mess isn’t an issue. Whatever sand fell on the floor I picked up and did a quick vacuum.” – Vanessa A.

kinetic sand sensory play

Great for gifts too!

No batteries, no annoying sounds and no cheap plastic bits that will end up embedded into your foot in the middle of the night!

I have family members who avoid playdough because of the fear of it getting stuck into the carpet….they will love this! I’m planning my Christmas presents now!” – Patricia P.

kinetic-sand-great for gifts

So many ways to play!

Kinetic Sand is so versatile. Here are just a few of the different ways our tiny testers played with their Kinetic Sand:

  • Made delicious birthday cakes, cookies and cupcakes
  • Set up a treasure hunt
  • Made moats, paths and roads and set up a construction site
  • Used playdoh cutters to make shapes
  • Made imprints with shells, leaves and a key
  • Created a hedgehog and a snowman
  • Crafted pretend foods like pies and sausage rolls and made funny faces
  • Built a Lightning McQueen dirt race track
  • Wrote their names in the sand

Most of the kids also simply enjoyed letting the sand run through their fingers, making balls or squishing it in their hands while concentrating.

My kids enjoyed sitting with the sand in a bowl and squeezing it whilst watching TV or listening to music. It had quite a calming effect on them, which has to be good, right?” – Leanne P.


mum central

Kinetic Sand Review

sensory play kinetic sand
Easy to Use10.0
Encourages Creativity9.8
Never Dries Out10.0
Easy to Clean Up9.0
Fun to Play With10.0


  • Soft & Squishy
  • Magical & Mesmerising
  • Great for Ages 3+
  • Non-Toxic
  • Use Over & Over Again

mum central

Check out Kinetic Sand in action

Kinetic Sand Review from Mum Central on Vimeo.

Kinetic Sand for under $20! 

Ready to test it out for yourself? Kinetic Sand is available at Big W, Kmart, Woolworths and Toyworld and for just $19 for a massive 900-gram bag! There are heaps of colours to choose from too – blue, purple, green, even beach sand. Plus, you can get a smaller container for just $3.50 or a larger 1.3 kg bag for $24.

Foam Alive

Stock up on Kinetic Sand for indoor ‘rainy day’ play and school holiday entertainment. Buy it now for Christmas or birthday gifts. Trust us, kids will love this stuff. And so will you!


This is a sponsored post for Kinetic Sand.
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