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REVIEW: Aussie Mums Give Little Bodies 5 STARS for Eczema Relief

 Eczema relief in an affordable, steroid free product?

We’ve found it. And our panel of Real Mum reviewers all agree, it’s awesome. Read on for yourself!

One thing eczema mums are unanimous on is just how draining eczema management can be. The scratching. The stinging. The fighting at cream time. The tears – from everyone!

Well, Little Bodies has released a naturally-derived three product regimen that not only soothes the dreaded itches, but moisturises skin and helps prevent flare-ups as well. We love it – and Mum Central’s mums do too. Here’s why!

Little Bodies works. Like really works.

Let’s start with the most important results first. The big news that mums and kids both want to hear – Little Bodies works.

In fact it’s so successful as an eczema management regimen that all the reviewers say they would recommend this product to another mum. You can’t get a better endorsement for eczema relief than that!

We trialled Little Bodies on our 4-year old after quite a bad flare up. (Using the regimen) we got on top of the eczema quickly. We couldn’t be happier with the product. – Ashlee

Little Bodies eczema treatment creams review

One thing eczema mums can all relate to is the feeling of utter desperation. You’ll try literally anything to help your little one end the suffering.

I gave everything a go – recommendations from Doctors, Chemist, friends and strangers! Jodie (mum of three girls, one an eczema sufferer for over three years.)

All our Mum Central panelists have tried endless products to treat their kids’ eczema. Treatments they’ve read about online, creams recommended from medical professionals or lotions suggested by a friend. Sadly, experienced eczema mums are well-versed in the buy it, try it, bin it cycle of hoping to solve their child’s suffering. This time they found Little Bodies works!

If you want an effective product that is still gentle to the skin you must try this range! It’s the first product I’ve found that works without the dreaded sting-factor. – Tracy F. (mum to Patrick, 2, who has suffered eczema since 8 months old).

Little Bodies eczema relief cream review

Steroid free eczema treatment

Obviously, treating eczema without steroids (where possible) is better. Sure, controlled steroid use is deemed safe with medical supervision, but minimising steroid use is often a parent’s first choice. The Mum Central review panel are unanimous in their celebration of a steroid-free regimen for eczema relief.

I loved the fact that they were made with naturally-derived products and no steroid (ingredients). – Catherine (mum to 8-year-old Bailey, eczema sufferer since birth).

Little Bodies eczema review

The healing powers of gentle, natural oatmeal

The Little Bodies trio all feature Colloidal Oatmeal in a unique blend of ingredients. This special blend provides soothing relief and assists with hydration by providing a silky, protective layer next to the skin. It’s perfect for not only eczema, but burns, bites and other irritated skin conditions.

I have been looking for a more natural range as I didn’t want to put harsh chemicals on my little one’s skin. I liked that Little Bodies is steroid-free and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on baby’s skin. – Tracy A (Mum to Xander, one and Paige, nearly 3, both eczema sufferers since birth.)

Little Bodies eczema review

Many of our reviewers say they’re super impressed that a natural based product can have such healing and soothing qualities. And they all agree that using Little Bodies is a relief for not only itchy little people, but mum’s worries as well.

I can see the products are amazing. And the best for me is she likes using them. – Viviane (Veteran eczema mum of seven years).

Little Bodies eczema moisturising lotion

Little Bodies products are not only gentle, but smell amazing and are sticky and sting-free. Best of all, they’re easy to use and help stop the endless scratching.

I loved that the products were gentle on my son’s skin yet very effective. I’m also proud to support Australian made and owned, that is a big selling point for me. – Tracey F.

An effective trio that’s five-star value for money

Little Bodies is a regimen of three products that combine to create real results on eczema skin. Our Mum Central panelists all agree that combined usage reduces the dreaded itching and soothes irritated skin.

If you’re going to try Little Bodies for yourself definitely purchase all three products and give yourself the very best combination for success!

The cost is very reasonable. You use the products sparingly and a little goes a long way. – Tracy A.

The three Little Bodies products cost just under $43 total and 100% of our panelists agree that this is exceptional value for money, rating it FIVE stars!

Eczema Cream Little Bodies

Try Little Bodies yourself – it’s the eczema range that 100% of mums recommend

Every mum knows that there’s no better reason to try a product than word of mouth. When it comes to eczema relief this is even more so – these are mums who’ve tried literally anything and everything (and spent thousands doing so) trying to help their little ones!

When an eczema mum says something works – it works! The results are in and speak for themselves. 100% of Mum Central panelists say they’d recommend Little Bodies for eczema relief.

After struggling with eczema with all 3 of my daughters and trying so many different products, I am blown away at the difference that Little Bodies has made to my daughters skin in two weeks… and I can’t wait to spread the word. – Jodie

Little Bodies Eczema Regimen (Trio)

9.7 Little Bodies Eczema Products
Easy To Use
Value for Money
Child's Symptoms Improved

Little Bodies eczema relief cream

End your family’s own eczema battles with Little Bodies today

If you’ve an eczema kid in your house, why not see for yourself why everyone is raving about Little Bodies for eczema treatment? Pick the eczema relief products up online or when you’re next doing the grocery shopping (how easy is that!)

Little Bodies is sold nationally in Woolworths, TerryWhite Chemmart and leading pharmacy groups and is super value, at just $42.65 for the three product regimen. 100% of mums can’t be wrong, see how Little Bodies can help end eczema suffering in your house!
mum central

Little Bodies is suitable for babies right from birth and very affordable. It’s steroid-free, easy to use and available at your local Woolies supermarket! This is why we are more than happy to give Little Bodies the Mum Central Mum’s Choice Seal of Approval.

This is a review for Little Bodies. All opinions are those of the reviewers. Reviewers were not paid for this review. All images are taken by Mum Central product reviewers.
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