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Dear Teacher, Look After My Baby on Her First Day of School

To my child’s teacher on her first day of school. Today’s the day I officially hand her over to you. I’ll smile, perhaps even laugh, but inside my heart is breaking a little.

Oh, she’s more than ready. So am I. Summer has been long. But I actually never dreamed I would have a daughter; let alone a constantly twirling, odd sock wearing, Pokemon loving,  wild hearted, darling diva.

She is my baby. My second child. The daughter I swore was a boy until the midwife handed my baby girl to me. For five years she has been my wing girl. I miss her little hand in mine already. Here’s what I want  you to know.

Don’t let the school bag fool you

She is only little. She is usually very brave and that is certainly the face she’ll show you. But she still wakes at night if she has a nightmare about clowns and she likes to keep her unicorn night light on.

I’ll drop her off with an enthusiastic wave, whilst excitedly blowing kisses. But first, my eyes will dart around wildly as I keep her in my sight. I’ll chat to other parents ‘normally’, but I assure you, my heart is thumping wildly, my palms sweating. I’ll search her little freckled face to read if she is OK, my eyes on her as she walks in a line to her new classroom. Will she even look back?

She still has a little trouble with her ‘rrrrrrr’s’ and often needs a gentle reminder to use her manners. She’ll tell you she can read, but she can’t really. She just likes to pick up books and make up the stories. Please try to shelter her from the school yard world of rude middle fingers and crude taunts.

Make sure she eats her fruit and please remind her over and over again to go to the toilet at recess. Keep her swathed in her fluffy world of fairies and spinning ballerinas for as long as you can.

ballet class

Finally at ‘big school’

My hope is that on her first day she’s bursting with pride at finally being at big school with her brother. Her eyes will dance and she’ll shake with excitement. Be ready, Mrs G, as she may call out in her eagerness to be part of it all. But please do notice her if she is desperately sitting up nice and tall with a super straight back. She has been playing schools over the summer and practising this. I really hope she feels excited like this on her first day of school. I hope she feels safe. I hope her delight in the world extends to the classroom and all the magical possibilities education will open up for her.

Mrs G, my daughter is a little bit ‘over energetic’. She’ll start singing random songs at inappropriate moments in the classroom. She’ll never walk in an ‘orderly fashion’ to the library. And if her hair is brushed and in an actual hairstyle, a minor miracle has occurred that morning. But her whirlwind is a joy to be swept up in. Help me to nurture this spirit whilst teaching her boundaries and respect. I don’t want this sazzle to be ‘knocked out of her.’ I want her to learn how to use it to show kindness and share her quirky sense of fun with those around her when the moment is right.

I want her to be brave and confident. But Mrs G, if she ever gets ahead of herself by being rude, bratty or unkind, I will back you. This is very much a partnership.

My kid is a big girl

I’m a little jealous of you. I know after the first day of school, it will all be about YOU. She’ll believe that you are the most important woman in her world. I really hope this special bond develops, I’m also a little sad to know that she’ll soon sing YOUR songs, retell YOUR stories and YOU’LL be the new ‘expert’ in her eyes. I know when I reach to wrap her in my arms after a day of school, I may even smell your perfume lingering. She will quickly piece together that she no longer needs me exclusively to walk her through this world. This is absolutely something I want for her, but it does not make it any easier as this transition to ‘big school girl’ begins.

Please, please keep an eye on her as she climbs up that really high playground castle equipment with all the big kids bustling around her at playtime. I know I have to let her go and trust that she will be OK. Even so, I’ll watch the clock and constantly check my phone for any calls for the first few days.

starting school

Mrs G, our baby is far from perfect.

She is feisty. She acts first and thinks last. She says the sh*t word (and yes she got that from me). She prefers odd socks to a matching pair and she is mad about JoJo bows.

But please remember this on her first day of school. She is absolutely perfect to us.

Please take good care of our baby girl as she takes off on her next adventure.



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