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REVIEW: phil&teds Parade Carrier Makes Baby Backpack Adventures Easy


Baby backpacks are all the rage, especially if you like to get out with your little ones.

They make it so easy for parents to pack light and leave the pram at home and they’re heaps of fun for curious babies and toddlers who get to view all the action from above. After all, why walk when you can FLY on mum or dad’s back?

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That’s why we jumped at the chance to review the Parade Baby Carrier from phil&teds. We know how popular baby wearing is, well this takes toddler wearing to a whole new level!

The Parade is a hard structured baby carrier perfectly suited to carrying young children up to 18kg and perfect for carrying your child through markets, fairs, even music festivals for those that are game!

Built for comfort and style

Best of all it folds flat, is lightweight and still leaves you at close proximity to your child so they still have that sense of comfort and safety. The adjustable harness suits adults of all body shapes, padded shoulders, hip belt & back panels support you on the go and the air-tech mesh panels contour to your spine as you move, keeping you cool in all weather conditions.

So we reached out to Jessica, one of our team currently on maternity leave with young William. She was the perfect choice to kid-test (and mum-test) the Parade, and here’s what she had to say!

phil&teds parade carrier
The phil&teds Parade was a bit hit for William. Source: Jess Dhiacou

Jess puts the Parade through its paces

My son, William is 15 months old and, as we recently discovered, he LOVES being in a baby backpack carrier. I’m sure he’s not the only toddler who does. Most babies and toddlers prefer to be ‘up’ and a baby backpack allows them to soak up the view while mums get to walk hands-free. Yes, you can hold your baby and a hot coffee at the same time!

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Out and about with William and our Parade carrier. Source: Jess Dhiacou

Parade carrier review: Oh, the places you’ll go! 

William and I tested the Parade backpack carrier from phil&teds and I was thrilled with the difference it made to my daily life.

phil&teds baby backpack carrier
The Parade is comfortable and convenient for everyday adventures. Source: Jess Dhiacou

1. Great for everyday and urban adventures

Going out during the week by myself with William can sometimes be tricky. It’s tough trying to manage transport, lunch and shopping with a wriggly toddler and pram in tow. I only have so many hands!

It was so nice to have two hands free to shop and look around, all while William was happily seated in the carrier. We walked around for a while and he didn’t fuss at all (which isn’t always the case when we’re out with his pram!). I think he enjoyed being close to me, and seeing things from a different perspective.”

The Parade is also great for active adventures and short walks in and around the suburbs where your child wants to walk part of the way but be carried the rest. Simply bring the backpack and pop him in when his little legs get tired.

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Shop without the shopping trolley tantrums. Source: Jess Dhiacou

2. Really easy to use

I really love having an alternative to the pram. The Parade is just 2kg and folds flat, so I could easily pop it out of the way when at a cafe, or lay it in the car boot or back seat. It was great not having to lift a heavy pram out of the boot every time we want to leave the house.

Another handy feature of the phil&teds Parade carrier is that it has a stand, so I could pop William in easily before lifting him up onto my back and vice versa.”

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The stand was one of my favourite features. Source: Jess Dhiacou

3. Ideal for travel and tight spaces

Folded down compact, the Parade Carrier meets airline carry-on requirements, so it’s ideal for travelling with a baby or toddler. Pop the carrier on and you can seriously hustle through the airport terminal. If you take it on holiday, you will find you have more time to enjoy the sights at your destination, you can use your hands to check the map and you won’t have to worry about navigating cobblestones with a pram.

It’s great for tighter spaces such as weekend markets where the streets are packed and even for escavators – no need to search for the elevator anymore.” 

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Escalator? No dramas! Source: Jess Dhiacou

4. Trusted name and quality

The Parade backpack carrier is made by phil&teds which is another thing I really liked about it. phil&teds is one of the biggest names in baby products, especially travel-friendly prams.

Knowing it’s made from a trusted brand gave me the assurance that it’s of high quality. It’s durable and can hold babies from six months up to 18 kg so we will get years of use out of it.”

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The Parade grows with your baby. Source: Jess Dhiacou

5. Comfortable and convenient

The Parade Carrier is adjustable and comes with heavily padded shoulder straps. Plus, it’s made of a breathable air-tech vent mesh panel.

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Comfy straps and a secure seat for bub. Source: Jess Dhiacou

The Parade Carrier has several number of zipped compartments that I could put my wallet, keys and phone in.”

Phil&Teds parade carrier
Plenty of pockets! Source: Jess Dhiacou

It even comes with an adorable itty bitty baby backpack for your toddler to wear. You can also keep it attached to the main backpack to hold toys, keys, phones, etc.

phil&teds parade carrier review
The kids’ backpack stored William’s water bottle, snacks, and favourite toy. Source: Jess Dhiacou

6. Such a good price

I was incredibly surprised at just how affordable the Parade backpack carrier is. It retails for $149. 

Overall, the phil&teds Parade carrier is a sturdy, budget-friendly option for mums looking to get out and about more easily on their own.” 

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The Parade offers an exciting way to see the world. Jess: Dhiacou

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Phil&Teds Parade Carrier




Price Point




Style & Design





  • Lightweight
  • Compact fold
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Durable
  • Breathable mesh

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Carry on for just $149

If you’re looking for an alternative to the pram, then phil&teds Parade carrier is certainly worth a second look.

Lightweight, compact, affordable and great for both everyday errands and adventures, The Parade baby carrier has earned its mark as one of Mum Central’s top picks for baby and toddlers.

You can find out more about it and pick one up for yourself through the phil&teds website or Baby Village.

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If you are on the hunt for a baby backpack for more active adventures, such as hiking and bush-waking, then phil&teds have another awesome carrier option in their range worth having a look at. It’s called the phil&teds Escape and it’s perfect for lengthier walks where carrying time in longer and comfort requirements are even greater.

This is a sponsored post for phil&teds

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