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REVIEW: Light and Compact, the phil&teds go Buggy is Your New Shopping BFF

Have you ever experienced a ‘pram jam’? It’s the super fun thing that sometimes happens when out and about in the city with your baby.

You take on a supermarket checkout/train station turnstile/bus door or narrow side street only to find your bulky buggy gets jammed in the small space.

Cue swearing, sweating and the threat of tears (from both of you). It’s annoying, stressful and kind of makes you want to avoid anywhere busy or bustling while you’ve got a small child and pram in tow.

Not anymore, thanks to the new phil&teds go buggy which is making all our buggy dreams come true.

Clearly designed by someone who has suffered the stress of a ‘pram jam’, the new go buggy is all about making #mumlife that little bit easier.


The master of the tight squeeze

Bulky buggies are a nightmare when it comes to city life, but you often need the functionality that they bring. After all, a mother is nothing without her parcel tray and sunhood. With the new phil&teds go, you don’t need to compromise. You can have your 5kg capacity parcel tray, SPF50+ sun hood and puncture-proof EVA wheels with suspension in a super lightweight and compact buggy.

Sporting a 44cm width (take that turnstile), a 5kg total weight (easy to carry in one hand while balancing your skim latte in the other) and easy, compact fold, the phil&teds go is all about taking stress out of your daily life with baby. Making running errands and the parenting juggle almost effortless.


phil&teds put to the test

I was lucky enough to give the phil&teds go stroller a run for its money with my youngest daughter, six-month-old Matilda. I tested the eye-popping cherry pram, but it’s also available with a lemon or apple liner. And here’s a great tip from me to you – all three colourful pram liners are reversible to plain black on the back. So it’s like having two prams!

With three kids, I am a mama on a mission most days and I expect big things from my buggy. We spend a lot of time getting into and out of cars, whizzing around running errands and conquering (or surviving) the school and pre-school runs.

I need a stroller that’s light, easy to manoeuvre , quick to set up and pack up and has a simple harness mechanism for securing a wriggling baby. If I can push it with one hand while sipping my (third) coffee, well it gets extra points.

How does the phil&teds go stack up?


Slaying the school run

I put the phil&teds go through its paces during pre-school and school pick up. Think carparks, stairs, gates, narrow corridors and what seems like a million children all jostling for space. I loved how easy it was to manoeuvre the phil&teds go through even the tightest spaces. With its minute turning circle, super light weight and ability to steer one handed, I navigated the playground and kindy yard with ease.

Matilda stayed safe and snug thanks to the five point harness and removable liner (we loved the cherry red colour). The full size sling seat and its lie-flat capability meant she was able to sleep while out and about. This would also be ideal for a newborn bub.

Cruising the cafes

I am a woman who needs her coffee. I often don’t bother taking my larger pram as it’s too tricky to try and push between seats and tables. This was not the case with the phil&teds go. The ultra slim width meant I could push through even the smallest spaces with ease while the simple stand fold mechanism (and teensy folded size) made it easy for me to actually close up the pram and stash it under the table while my daughter sat in a high chair. Ideal for busy weekends when you’re out and about and don’t need your pram for a period.

Wonky city footpaths were no match for this stroller. The phil&teds go navigated even the bumpiest paths and gutters with ease. No complaints from Tilly!

The roomy parcel shelf was also a godsend as it meant I could stash all my ‘mum kit’ and still have room to spare for all the stuff I seem to acquire when out of the house. At last count, I managed wipes, two nappies, a bunch of teething toys, a baby doll (and its accessories), a keep cup, bag of coffee and a bunch of flowers, with space for whatever else the day threw at me. Well played phil&teds, well played indeed.


King of the boot

I’ve got a decent sized boot but I also have three decent sized kids and everything that comes with them. It’s not uncommon for us to be toting around multiple backpacks, a nappy bag, baby carrier, bike and scooter. And that’s on your average weekday. Never mind the soccer kit, surfboards and beach tent that seems to follow us around on the weekend. The point? My kids have a lot of crap but more importantly, boot space is at a premium.

The extremely compact (read; teensy, tiny) stand fold meant that the phil&teds go took up next to no space in my boot. Bonus points? I could fit it in the footwell under the kid’s carseats. Now that is a good fold. It was also quick and easy to collapse, no wrestling with multiple parts or special levers. Click, pull and you’re good to go. Perfect when you’ve got five minutes to get going.

The (public) transport test

Well this all sounds good, I hear you saying, but we are a bus/train using family and prams and public transport are not friends. I’ve got news for you. We took the phil&teds go for a ride on the train, complete with Oyster card swiping, elevator riding and ‘mind the gap’ navigating. And it was a breeze.

The light weight and easy manoeuvrability were the stars of the show but kudos must go to the brake functionality. Too many buggy brakes are difficult to access and even harder to flip on and off. This is not something you want to wrestle with when your stop comes up. The phil&teds go brake is located at foot level, right below the handlebars. It’s easy to find and even easier to flip on and off, making for a super safe ride for your little one.


YouTube video

If you are in the market for a new pram, then we highly recommend the phil&teds go. We give it FIVE MAJOR THUMBS UP (it would be six but we don’t have a picture for that!)


You can pick up your own game changing phil&teds go online direct from Baby Bunting ($299 RRP).
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