Can I Still Have Sex During Pregnancy?

We all know how babies are made. But once we’ve made the baby, can we still have sex when pregnant?

Many women (and men) are worried about continuing to do the deed but, according to Melbourne obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi, you really don’t need to be.

Regardless of what trimester you’re in, as long as your pregnancy isn’t high risk, go ahead and get naked! Trust us, your baby won’t mind.


Top 6 fears about sex during pregnancy

1. Can sex cause miscarriage?

During the first trimester many women are riddled with fear of miscarriage. This is a completely normal reaction. Many woman worry that any type of pressure down there may cause the pregnancy to end. This isn’t the case.

“There’s no reason to think that your sex life has to change just because you’re pregnant,” Dr Joe tells Mum Central.

Miscarriage is often due to baby not developing properly. Whether you have sex or not isn’t going to impact bub’s development.

2. Can my partner poke the baby?

No. Even the longest penis cannot poke your baby.

“Your baby is behind the protection of your cervix and it’s a long way up!” Dr Joe explains. Even during the final trimester as baby starts to move down, there’s no need to be concerned. “The baby’s not going to feel anything.”

“Think of the uterus being like a balloon which protects the baby. The penis is going nowhere near the baby so the balloon isn’t going to burst with sex.”

However, there are some positions in which the penis can bump your cervix, which can cause minor pain, cramping and light bleeding. If you are feeling discomfort, switch positions and slow things down.

“You probably don’t want to be too vigorous about it.”

3. Why don’t I feel like sex?

For some women, not wanting to have sex isn’t just about being afraid it might hurt bub or their chances of a successful pregnancy. It’s because they simply don’t feel like it.

“Some women don’t feel as attractive during pregnancy and this can obviously have an impact on their sex drive. On the opposite side of the coin, some women feel amazing during pregnancy and want sex more. Everyone is different,” Dr Joe tells us.

“For some, sleep deprivation and discomfort will lower their sex drive. For others, pregnancy hormones can cause an enormous upsurge in libido.”

Bottom line: If you simply don’t feel like it, that is a perfectly legitimate reason to not have sex.

4. What’s sex during pregnancy like?

Pretty much like sex before pregnancy. Except you have a big round belly to accomodate for. So it can be a little awkward as the months roll on. 

Of course, pregnancy is all about changes to your body so you may also find a few other ‘interesting’ things happen when you try to do the deed. Your breasts might start to leak slightly. You may start to feel a bout of morning sickness come on mid-way through. You could experience light spotting or you could discover more discharge than what you’re used to. All perfectly normal.

Although accidentally squirting milk in your partner’s face mid-sess can be a bit of a mood buster, it also makes for a great laugh.

5. What’s the best position?

“The best advice I can give is to make sure you’re comfortable,” Dr Joe says. “Positions like spooning or cowgirl will mean the woman has more control, and doesn’t feel like there’s any pressure on your stomach.”

6. When is sex during pregnancy off limits?

There are three scenarios where you’ll be advised by your doctor not to have sex while pregnant.

“The first is if your waters have broken,” Dr Joe explains. “You will need to limit any chance of infection.”

“The second, is if your placenta is very low lying which will be picked up in a routine scan.”

“Lastly, if you’re frequently bleeding throughout pregnancy often doctors will advise that it’s best to abstain from sex.”

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