We Kid-Tested the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the Results Speak Volumes

The school year is well and truly upon us and many of us parents are contemplating a device of some sort. If your kids need to BYO device or if you’re simply searching for a family tablet that seamlessly goes from school to play, from homework to home fun, then have we got the perfect solution for you – the Galaxy Tab A7 from Samsung. 

Recently we asked the Botzolis family from Sydney, including Donnie, 4, and Melanie, 9, to put the Galaxy Tab A7 through its paces. Just wait ’til you see what this sleek little device can do!

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The Galaxy Tab A7 saw Belinda and Melanie go head to head in a dance off! Source: Supplied

The perfect tablet for the whole family

If you are after a sleek tablet that comes with everything you’d want and expect, then the Galaxy Tab A7 is it. Not only is it functional but it’s also very convenient. It weighs less than 500 grams (that’s less than a tin of soup) and is only 7mm thick.

Easy to transport, ultra-durable and versatile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the perfect device for the whole family. It’s great for schoolwork, communication, gaming, internet browsing, Netflix chilling, anything, really!

According to mum and dad, Belinda and Nick,

It is super easy to use. The touch screen is very responsive and the build of the tablet is solid. Handheld, propped up on the coffee table, or flat on a benchtop – it worked well in all scenarios.”

Check out the video below to see it in use. 

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YouTube video

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What we loved about the Galaxy Tab A7

1. The versatility

This one tablet could entertain every family member for hours and hours and hours more. Belinda especially loved that she could easily order her weekly shopping while lounging on the couch with the kids. We call that a total win!

It’s easy to browse the internet too. 

The battery lasted for ages, and is bright enough for everything we needed it for including watching movies, email, dance-along tutorials, word processing and making notes.” – Belinda

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Nick found it especially handy for watching sport and tutorials on car maintenance. Source: Supplied

2. Great for school and home

Donnie and Melanie used it for both school and play. It has enough memory for gaming capabilities and a powerful processor and is suitable for plenty of online games. 

The kids loved it, and the Samsung Kids app (which has parental controls) was very popular with our youngest, having some cool cartoon characters, interactive learning games, and a little world for him to explore.” – Belinda

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The A7 really stepped up in terms of parental controls and family-friendly content. Source: Supplied

3. Connection to family

The family also used it a lot to chat with the grandparents, located in a different state. All they needed to do was download Zoom. Easy peasy!

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The Samsung Galaxy A7 made it so quick and easy to connect with family on Zoom. Source: Supplied

4. Amazing performance

It even comes with quad speakers and Dolby Atmos surround sound so you can get a theatre experience from a tablet – great for watching shows on the plane, in the car, while camping or in bed.

I also really loved the split-screen multitasking. It makes it so easy to research the web plus take notes at the same time, all on one screen. Super handy.” – Belinda

5. Safety and restrictions

There is always a bit of worry when it comes to kids and devices, but what’s great about the Galaxy Tab A7 is that you can set restrictions on playtimes, apps, and contacts. Belinda said she was easily able to block certain websites and social media sites.

It even offers usage reports so you see their activity. 

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6. Plenty of storage

Galaxy Tab A7 comes with 32GB/64GB storage built-in for all your hi-resolution videos, photos and files which is especially great for people who can’t seem to press “delete” on any photos. 

There are heaps more cool features too like Dark Mode to reduce eye strain, two months of YouTube Premium built into the price, and 3GB RAM for ultra-fast loading. 

The best thing about the tablet is the quality-vs-cost ratio. For the price, it would be our number one choice. Because it is affordable, we tended to use it way more, not being as precious with it compared to it’s $1,000-$1,500 competing products.

This is what makes it the ideal family tablet. You can give it to the kids and not worry about it because the build of the tablet is solid, it didn’t cost you a bomb but still has everything you need. Highly recommended.” – Belinda

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The A7 was robust and responsive, exactly what you want from a family-friendly tablet. Source: Supplied

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Samsun Galaxy A7 Tab

9.1Samsun Galaxy A7 Tab


  • Great for kids and adults
  • Excellent sound and display
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Encourages learning
  • High quality and durable
Easy to Use
Value for Money
Battery Life

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Give the gift of a Galaxy Tab A7 

The Galaxy Tab A7 is available through Samsung and retails at $379.00. You can learn more about it at the Samsung website. 

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This is a sponsored review for Samsung. All opinions are those of the reviewer. 
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