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From the Makers of Thermomix, the VORWERK Kobold VK200 Vacuum is One Incredible Vacuum!

There’s nothing more ‘yuck’ than the feeling of sticky, dirty or crunchy floors underfoot. But as a mum, keeping them sparkling can be a challenge.

Especially so when time is short, your home is busy and the remedy involves a vast list of mops, vacuums, products and buckets.

That is until now. Because the VORWERK Kobold VK200 is here to be your one-stop-solution for all the floors and different surfaces in your home.

Throw away the mop.
Toss the bucket.
And kick that clunky old drag-along vacuum out the door. Here’s why.


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Mum Central writer and self-confessed ‘clean freak’ Victoria Louis put the VORWERK Kobold VK200 through its paces, kids and all, and here’s what she had to say.

Let’s begin by saying I don’t enjoy cleaning. (Who does?) But what I hate more than cleaning is a dirty, smelly home. Or my child suffering from horrible dust-induced allergies. So, I clean.

In my house, it’s a necessary evil. But, if you could show me a product that delivers the fresh result I want without the ‘elbow grease’, I’m all ears.

In fact, stop talking and take my money!

The VORWERK Kobold VK200 brought to you by the great folk famous for the Thermomix, is brand new at Godfreys and is the Rolls Royce of vacuums.

Short of reminding my kids to ‘take their shoes off at the door’, there’s nothing ‘floors and surfaces’ this smart appliance can’t manage. From hardwood floors to tiles, carpets to parquetry and more, it moves seamlessly from one surface to another, and is perfect for the modern, multi-surfaced family home.

But the VORWERK Kobold VK200 is much, much more than this just this, and it’s more than ‘just a vacuum’.

vorwerk--kobold-vk200-nursery--cotAfter having one in my home and putting it through some serious ‘two-kids-one-hairy-dog-family-paces’, here’s 6 top reasons why you’ll love it too!

1. Kobold VK200 gives your carpet that new look and feel, again.

Sure, you vacuum your carpet and you pick up all the visible surface dust and fluff. But the Kobold VK200 does much more than this. As well as deep-cleaning, the powerhead uses ultrasonic sensors to adjust the power to the type of floor. This means it gently lifts carpet from the root of the pile, leaving it plumped and refreshed again.

The Kobold VK200 dramatically re-invigorates the look and under-foot-feel, meaning your carpet not only looks but smells and feels great long term.

vorwerk-kobold-vk200-powerhead2. The Kobold VK200 is the complete package, buy once, get it all!

The Kobold VK200 is much more than just a vacuum. The multiple ‘intelligent’ suction levels adjust based on your floor type, the unit also comes with multiple attachments to suit so many applications in your home.

The Kobold VK200 will clean upholstery, mop floors, freshen carpets and remove dust from your mattresses. If you’re thinking it’s the Thermomix of vacuums, you’re actually right – it’s made by the very same people!

Accessories included:

  • EB400 powerhead
  • hard floor nozzle
  • suction hose
  • telescopic tube
  • variable nozzle
  • flexo nozzle, and
  • soft nozzle


3. It’s the perfect vacuum for families with asthma and allergies 

Approved by the National Asthma Council, the Kobold VK200 is the ideal choice for families that need to keep a dust and dust mite-free environment.

As the mum of a super itchy, scratchy eczema and asthma sufferer, I was amazed just how much ‘more’ dust and dirt the Kobold VK200 collected. The initial results are positive for a less sneezy-kid but I can’t wait to see the longer-term results of a more improved dust-free environment.


4. Perfect for cleaning upholstery and mattresses too!

A handy accessory for use on the stairs or any upholstery, the main head actually comes with its own motor to loosen pet hair, crumbs, lint, and deep-seated dirt from upholstery (think about the magic it can work on the car!)

There’s also an additional deep cleaning and mattress cleaning set. Simply sprinkle their mattress cleaning powder onto your mattress and massage in with one of the heads.  Then simply suck it up. The vibrating attachment loosens dirt and particles as you go – simple as that!

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5. Kobold VK200 is smart design with real, functional and practical features

Sometimes it’s the little details that really count. For me the clever design features like an ergonomic handle which pushes with ease, the carry strap, well-located on and off function and the seriously long power cord really make for a great appliance.

The adjustable height is ideal to protect your back and pushing the unit rather than pulling it not only makes it easier work but also means no more banged up door frames where my old vacuum would damage the paintwork. Bonus features include its energy efficient, an LED filter level display and the unit can be stored wall-mounted or standing upright in a cupboard.

6. Kobold VK200 is a quality product made by a universally recognised German manufacturer

When you’re buying appliances the smart money approach is similar to that of buying a car. For me the best quality item with a reputable manufacturer is always the best choice.

I’ve peace of mind in knowing the brand is long-established, has a history of innovation and will support the product with an extended warranty.

mum centralThe final Mum Central #MUMVERDICT on Kobold VK200

VORWERK Kobold VK200 Vacuum

9.6 vorwerk-kobold-vk200-upright-vacuum


  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Compact
  • Energy Efficient
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Smart Design
Ease of Use
Value for Money

The Kobold VK200 is a game changer. It’s an investment in your home, your family’s health and your daily sanity. The best way to see for yourself just how impressive the Kobold VK200 is, would be to experience it yourself, and you can! Godfreys will give you a free, no-obligation, in-store demonstration. (Find out how at the bottom of the page!)

The Kobold offers tonnes for your money in its ability to consolidate the appliances and equipment you need to move from tiles to timber, timber to carpet and couch to mattress (and beyond!).

It’s a one-stop-appliance which truly understands modern living and the surfaces in a family home. Even better everything you need is in one box – there are no extra attachments or purchases required.

Aussie mums have long viewed a vacuum as a ‘quality or investment purchase’ but in 2018 the Kobold VK200 is set to be the newest and most sought-after brand on the block!

‘You definitely won’t regret owning this miracle machine! It’s so much more than a vacuum…’  Victoria Louis, Mum Central. 

If you’re inspired to see the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 in action head into your local Godfrey’s store and request a demonstration. You can find your nearest location on the website. Be warned, you are going to want your own ‘miracle machine’ – it’s love at first sight!

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