7 Totally Brilliant Beauty Hacks For Tired Mums

It’s a cruel twist of motherhood that just when you’re looking your worst, you have so much less time to do anything about it. Gee, thanks universe!

First you have puffy eyes and dark circles from lack of sleep, then you get dry skin from breastfeeding dehydration. Add in greasy hair and zero time to shower. And let’s not even get started on tending to your lady garden…

But fear not my fellow zombie-mums, or ‘Mombies’ if you prefer! We have the beauty hacks that will have you looking as glam as Gisele in the time it takes to say, ‘put that down and stop hitting your sister’…

1. Dry shampoo

OK, we know this one isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but for those uninitiated let’s start at the beginning. As beauty-blogger, author, presenter and all-round busy mum-of-two, Zoe Foster Blake says, some people just aren’t doing it right. For best results, Zoe says:

“Spray no more than 10cm away from the scalp. Use a fair whack of product. (Go for the Batiste coloured versions if you hate the grey-wig hair look this creates because of your darker hair.) Allow the product to sit on the scalp for 15 seconds. Massage in with hands if you’re short of time, or blow dry through with a brush for the perfect crime (ie.: undetectable).”

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2. Hide dark circles with red lipstick

A bright lip is great for distracting from dark circles, but if you have giant trolley-bags under your eyes, why not put some on them? We’re serious! The orangey tones even out the darker skin tone. Obviously a colour corrector works best, but if you don’t have one to hand, a creamy red lipstick with an orange, rather than blue undertone will do the same job. See this tutorial from beauty-hacker the Indian Spot.

Mum beauty hack red lipstick for dark circles

3. Perfect the messy bun

If you’re three layers deep in dry shampoo and you still haven’t had five kid-free minutes to wash your hair, then it’s messy bun time. And – this is the good bit for tired mums – the messier the better. If effortless hair doesn’t come naturally to you (seriously, who are those people?), then check out these other mum friendly hair options.

fast and easy mum hair styles

4. Perfect two-minute make up

Whilst some girls are busy contouring their face to look like someone else, you’re lucky if you get two minutes to try and look like yourself! Invest in some three-in-one make up products like CC Cream, tinted moisturiser or lip and cheek tint and perfect the two-minute make up.

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5. Heatless headband curls

Messy hair and you do care? Do you need to get up and get going, but want that just stepped out of the salon (even though I’m dragging two kids around) look? Check out this brilliant hack for hair curling without heat. For best results leave overnight and spray with dry shampoo in the morning, et voila! Beautiful, bouncy curls.

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6. Turn your eyeshadow into root tint

Please tell me I’m not the only one who always refuses my hairdresser’s offer to make an appointment for six weeks time? It took me six months to find the time for this appointment! Cue grey hairs and root regrowth. If you don’t have time for a home root touch up, let alone the full salon experience, hide those hairs with this DIY eyeshadow tint! If that’s too hard, try this awesome Nice ‘N Easy root touch up product that mums swear by,

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7. Cure puffy eyes with green tea

No, it’s not just for drinking and yoga, green tea is packed with antioxidants that can help your skin too. If you’ve been up all night with a teething baby and your eyes are so puffy you can barely see, soothe those sore tired eyes and deflate the bags with this green tea ice cube hack from Hello Glow.

Beauty hack green tea ice cubes

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