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REVIEW: Parents Crown Kinetic Sand Kits Best Sensory Sand with 5 Stars! See Why.

Over the past two months, our Mum Central reviewers have been busy building sand castles, finding buried treasure, and constructing amazing creations with their sensory sand packs. Their goal? To determine just how the one and only Kinetic Sand really stacks up against competitor sensory sand products.

First, let’s meet our families!

mum central mum central mum central
Michelle (NSW)
with 5yo Chloe & 1yo Lucy
Ann (VIC)
Mum of 3 kids
Genna (SA)
with 8yo step-son Riley
mum central mum central
Vanessa (NSW)
with 6yo Harlow & 5yo Taj
Jen (QLD)
with 3yo Lily & 10yo Jade


Each family was provided with a selection of sensory sand kits. Their job (as tough as it was) was to mould it, cut it, shape it, squeeze it, create fun and amazing creations with it (and of course see how easy it is to clean it up!) Finally, we asked them to share their findings and vote for the King of Sensory Sands!

mum central
Families were sent a selection of Kinetic Sand kits and competitor sand to compare

The Sensory Sand Experience 

Here’s what our reviewers had to say: 

Kinetic sand is fantastic. It moulds together so well and isn’t dry or crumbly. My daughter can play with it anywhere in the house because it is easy to clean up and doesn’t stick or stain.

[The competitior sand] was the opposite! It didn’t mould well, felt very dry/crumbly and didn’t clean up as well.” – Michelle

mum central
Kinetic Sand was great for improving fine motor skills. Source: Supplied

This was our first time playing with Kinetic Sand. We have played with other brands before but were put off by how crumbly it was and how much mess it made.

Kinetic Sand is different. It is so soft and stays soft even when left out. It sticks together so the kids can easily make creations. When I found Kinetic Sand on our carpet, surprisingly it did not stick and it was easily cleaned up by vacuum and no stains left on our carpet or white cotton playcouch.Ann

mum central
Source: Supplied

I would highly recommend the Kinetic Sand brand over any other branded products. It feels nicer, mounds better, and is easier to work with, plus cleans up 100x better!! Other brands used were nowhere near as nice to handle and left a mess behind.

The [competitor] sand was a nightmare to clean up and left stains and sand behind on the tablecloth we had on the table,” Genna

mum central
Source: Supplied

My kids have had a couple of different sand kits. We have found a big difference in quality between brands but definitely know that Kinetic Sand is the superior brand. 

The kids mentioned straight away, that they didn’t like [the competitor sand] and it felt ‘yucky’. Because of the texture, this brand was very hard to clean up. It was loose and went everywhere, also it was so hard to try and collect together and pick up.”Vanessa

mum central
Vanessa really noticed the difference in quality. Source: Supplied

You can really see the quality difference when you compare the two sand brands. The way Kinetic Sand stays together, how it feels and moulds and moves is far superior.

It’s also much easier to clean up, pack away, play with over and over again.”Jen

mum central
Jen found Kinetic Sand so much easier to clean up vs competitor sand. Source: Supplied
The way it exercised the kids’ fine motor skills and was such a great sensory tool. It tested their imagination and occupied them for ages.”Vanessa

If you’ve ever come across Kinetic Sand at the shops, you probably know they specialise in gorgeous sand kits, including their new Slice N’ Surprise (a favourite with our reviewers).

mum central
Source: Supplied
mum central
Press, slice, carve and mould with the colourful Slice N’ Surprise kit. Source: Supplied

Kinetic Sand’s construction set with a working crane was also a big HIT!  Check out the cool bricks the digger can make.

mum central
This construction-themed sandbox set has everything you need to create a construction site. Source: Supplied

The exciting mini Kinetic Sand kits are a great little surprise – and under $10 too! There are the Treasure Hunt Sets (dig for hidden treasure) together with the Dino Xcavate Kit. Both are great for little hands and building fine motor skills.


mum central
What dinosaur will your little ones find? Source: Supplied

And, of course, their best-selling sand castle set provided the kids with hours and hours of beach-themed fun. There are several other Kinetic Sand kits to try too – their Candy Sandyland kit looks amazing and their Ice Cream Kit went down a treat with our kid testers last year (and so did the fabulous scents!)

mum central
The sandbox set comes with moulding tools – crabs, turtles and castles, plus a shovel to dig, scoop and flow. Source: Supplied
mum central
Source: Supplied

How did it all stack up? Kinetic Sand vs competitor sensory sand brands 

It’s clear that the Kinetic Sand kits are in a class of their own and all of our reviewers agreed that their children were engaged for hours and hours! But how did the Kinetic Sand kits compare to the other sand brand they were given?

We’re impressed (but not surprised) to share that the vote was unanimous.

The best sensory sand on the market is … drum roll … KINETIC SAND!

✅  100% of the reviewers agreed that the Kinetic Sand kits take the crown, especially in terms of texture, quality, and clean-up, compared to other branded sensory sand.
✅  100% of the reviewers agreed that Kinetic Sand represented great value for money.
✅  100% of the reviewers would recommend Kinetic Sand to others and would happily buy this product over and over again. In fact, they gave Kinetic Sand a PERFECT SCORE – 5 stars! 

mum centralCheck out their video review below and read what our reviewers had to say about their sensory sand experience.

What makes Kinetic Sand so different?

Not only did Kinetic Sand stick well to itself, it also was far superior when it came to holding its shape outside of the mould.  Our reviewers all pointed out that Kinetic Sand was a lot softer, a lot easier to mould and, best of all, a lot easier to clean up.

mum central
Kinetic Sand runs rings around its competitors on so many levels. Source: Supplied

And of course, there was no crumbling, stains or drying out with Kinetic Sand! And check it out – little hands remain clean (which makes a nice change!)  

mum central
Look, mum – clean hands! Source: Supplied

That’s because Kinetic Sand is made with natural sand that is non-toxic, hypoallergic and special ingredients that make it move and mould in an almost magical way.

mum central
So pretty, so clean, so mesmerising! Source: Supplied

It’s also designed to be played with over and over again. Many of our reviewers commented that they threw the competitive sand away after just one play.

With Kinetic Sand, this isn’t the case. Their Kinetic Sand kits are also great because they act as storage containers for the sand after the kids have finished playing with it.

mum central
Play over and over again with the clever storage boxes. Source: Supplied

Two thumbs up for Kinetic Sand Kits

Kinetic sand is amazing. It’s far superior to some competitor products which are hard to clean up, dry out quickly and have a texture that is not really desirable. 

I love that is a great sensory tool and is so wonderful for strengthening their little fingers and getting their fine motor skills working while having so much fun. It’s long lasting, great value for money and the kids absolutely think it’s the best. Honesty we will definitely be returning customers to Kinetic Sand kits!” Vanessa

kinetic sand slice n surprise

We love Kinetic Sand! It doesn’t dry out and is so soft. When we play with it, it moves and is so mesmerizing to watch it slide through your fingers. Such an amazing product!” Ann

mum central
Ann’s children unlock the secrets in the Treasure Hunt. Source: Supplied

Five stars from me, five stars from my daughters. This stuff really is magical – the texture, the quality, the way it bends and moves – and it keeps them engaged for hours!”Jen

kinetic sand flow
Jen’s girls loved watching the sand move. Source: Supplied

My 5 year old daughter loved using her imagination playing for hours at a time with the Kinetic Sand. She also loved teaching her 2½ year old sister how to play with it and make moulds.  I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing more in the future.”Michelle

mum central
Michelle’s kids loved the imaginative play and sensory experience. Source: Supplied

[Kinetic Sand] is lovely to handle, has bright colours and fun tools and ideas on how to use the sand. The sand can be packed away and reused many times so it’s a great investment for creative/sensory play. I will definitely buy more Kinetic Sand in the future,” Genna

kinetic sand challenge
Genna’s son watches his castle melt and move. Source: Supplied

mum central

ALL of our reviewers agreed that Kinetic Sand is the best sensory sand on the market

100% of our reviewers would buy Kinetic Sand again and 100% would also recommend it to others!

Kinetic Sand Kits

9.9 Kinetic Sand Kits
Creative Fun
Mess-Free Play
Stays in Form
Value for Money
Sensory Satisfaction

mum centralOur reviewers have spoken!

Kinetic Sand is a winner. Perfect for school holidays, creative and sensory play and a great gift idea, Kinetic Sand really is the sensory sand that goes the distance.

mum central

Check out the full range of Kinetic Sand kits and buy them at Kmart, Big W and Target. 

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mum central mum central mum central


This is a sponsored review for Kinetic Sand. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
Reviewers were not paid for this review.

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