Archer’s Cool Among Us Party is Out of This World!

If your pint-sized gamer has a birthday coming up, consider this mama’s epic Among Us party theme setup as all the inspiration you need!

Mum Fiona Chambers recently posted to Facebook that her out of this world Among Us party for her son Archer’s birthday party really was out of this world! Here’s all the inspiration you need to prep your spaceship (or party table) and invite your Crewmates to a whole lot of fun and celebration, Among Us style!

A word of warning, Fiona is based in Singapore, so she used what is available to her over there. However, there’s still plenty that can be found and created here in Australia, with a little forward planning, DIY and thinking outside the box.

If you’re handy with a Cricut machine, a printer and a Google search for local places to outsource, I’m quietly confident you too can try and successfully replicate some of Fiona’s sensational party details. To the moon and back, let’s look at what she found!

Among Us
Edible cake toppers are always a delicious hit! Source: Fiona Chambers

Among Us party theme brings the party blues

This party is all about the blues. Not in the emotional sense, far from it – I’m talking the colour BLUE. A sea of blue is seen, blue food colouring, blue packaging – lots and lots of beautiful blue!

Among us
Blue popcorn containers and personalised chocolate bars for guests! Source: Fiona Chambers

There are pots aplenty of royal blue jelly, pastel blue fairy floss buckets and blue popcorn sleeves that are perfect for personalising. Plus those containers are all more than likely available from a party supplier or packaging company near you.

Among Us
You get blue jelly, and you! AND YOU TOO! Source: Fiona Chambers

The fun doesn’t stop there, Fiona even came to the party table with blue custard tarts to momentarily stain a tongue as well as sugar cookies and cupcakes decorated with the game characters too. So cool!

Among Us
What a treat, Among Us blue custard tarts! Source: Fiona Chambers

A donut tower, rainbow swirl lollipops and blue Hershey’s Kiss chocolates with stickers all make for one big sugar hit.

Among Us
The galaxy HAS to be happy with these sugar cookie treats and lollipops! Source: Fiona Chambers

The most adorable Among Us character cake!

The cake though it looks simple and free of the usual fuss is anything but. It’s a perfect replica of the Among Us character and appears to defy gravity, perched perfectly on the cake board with an accompanying Happy Birthday Archie fondant banner ribbon. So sweet!

One thing I know for sure, I take my space helmet off to the person in charge of cutting it, what a masterpiece to navigate that would’ve been!

Among Us
Tiffany blue never looked like SO MUCH FUN. Source: Fiona Chambers

The coolest Among Us party favours

Fiona really treated Archie and his mates to the full Among Us experience with awesome (and practical) party favours!

Among Us
Everyone gets to take home some Among Us memorabilia. Source: Fiona Chambers

There was plenty for the kids to take home including Among Us plush toys, personalised key tags, chocolate bars and a funky kit to paint your very own Among Us plaster model.

HINT: Head to eBay and Etsy to find 3D printed or silicone Among Us plaster of Paris moulds and DIY your own!

We hope your birthday was as brilliant as your Among Us birthday party Archie, your mum sure turned on the party goods for you! Now excuse me, I’m off to download Among Us to my phone and see what all the fuss is about!

Do you have a party you’d love to share with us? Feel free to send us a few photos and we might just feature your gorgeous party celebration too.

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