Start Your Engines! Ricky Zoom’s Two-Wheel Adventures Coming to Channel 9 Go Kids!


Every once in a while a preschooler TV show comes along that you KNOW is going to become a big part of your world … if you have a preschooler that is. 😉

The Wiggles. Peppa Pig. Paw Patrol. Thomas. Bluey. All very popular with the younger kid crowd. Well, mums and dads, it’s time to rev your engines and get ready for another obsession, coming to free-to-air TV on Channel 9 Go Kids in November!  It’s actually already on Nick Jr. so you may already be familiar with their clever two-wheel adventures if you have this channel!

It’s called Ricky Zoom and we’re stoked to see this hit TV series arrive on Aussie shores!

Start your engines 

Ricky Zoom may be new to Australia but it’s certainly not new to the preschoolers of the world! It’s a big hit, especially for mini-bike lovers in the US, UK, Canada, China and across Europe too.

My little one got a taste of this preschool bike show in Canada when we visited in January (pre-COVID) and LOVED it! So it’s definitely preschooler-approved!

But, what’s even better news for you is that Ricky Zoom is not only entertaining for them, but it’s also full of great lessons. You know, teamwork, friendship, kindness – those values that we want our kids to learn. And what better way to learn them than through their favourite TV heroes?

Check out the theme song below so you know what song your little ones will be singing come November. Pretty catchy, right?

Ricky Zoom characters 

The show focuses on Ricky Zoom, a red rescue bike who dreams of big rescues despite still being small. He’s the leader of the Bike Buddies and is as charming and sweet as a little red motorbike comes.

Plus, he comes with some very cool features such as a grappling hook which makes him extra awesome in the eyes of the younger audience. A motorbike WITH a grappling hook? What three-year-old wouldn’t LOVE that? Ricky Zoom tv show

Ricky’s got a great group of motorcycle mates including bright and brainy Scootio (the yellow girl scooter), the trick master Loop (the funky blue bike) and loyal and loving DJ (the green trike). They all come with cool gadgets too like a drone and flames. Can you hear the collective “WOAH FLAMES!” coming from preschoolers across Australia? 

mum central
Meet some of Ricky Zoom’s other friends, ready for two-wheeled adventures.

It will be a refreshing change of pace to watch these little bikers zip across the screen in their action-packed Wheelford world. We reckon kids are gonna love it!

You can even get an App to download to your phone or iPad and let your little one immerse themselves into the Wheelworld world. A great distraction for long line-ups or shopping trips that take longer than expected!

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Download the Ricky Zoom app for Android or iOS

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mum central

Ricky Zoom revving into Australia 

There are 52 Ricky Zoom TV show episodes in season one, all being preschooler friendly at 11 minutes each. In parent speak, 11 minutes equates to around one load to washing to hang out, one meal chopped and tossed into the slow cooker or four beds made (approx).

If you have Nick Jr, you can catch Ricky Zoom weekdays at 10 am. If not, sit tight as it’s not far away – Channel 9 will broadcast on free-to-air TV in November!

Speedy bikes. Cool stunts. Great graphics. Cute characters. Important life lessons. Sounds like a winning TV show combo to us (and preschoolers too!)

We are predicting plenty of Ricky Zoom toys will make their appearance on children’s Christmas wish lists come December so get prepared!

You can learn more about Ricky Zoom and get in on the action with games, movies and more at Nick Jr.

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