Mum Creates Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride for Daughter at Home and the Internet Applauds

Let’s face it, entertaining our kids can be expensive, and taking them to . Giving your kids memorable experiences is sometimes costly. Taking a kid, especially a younger one, on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park or a show is an adventure in itself.

The cost alone is sometimes a deterrent. Between the entry fee, cost of rides, food, and show bags, it’s almost like coming up with an extra rent payment. Not to mention waiting in lines, so many other people, your kid telling you they can ride that ride, only to freak out when it starts. My oldest did this to me with the Hurricane ride, all I could do was stand there and listen in panic as they screamed to get off for the whole five minutes.

Then there’s their stamina, the weather, and if you have to say ‘no’’ to something.

For the homebodies, the broke, the ‘not dealing with people’, or those stuck at home due to illness or weather, there are many ways you can entertain your kids at home without plonking them in front of the TV with a movie or cartoon.

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Mum’s Genius Idea Amounts to Rollercoaster Fun

Daiana Valadares set her daughter’s imagination racing when she setup an at-home roller coaster experience using simple items around the home.

And we mean simple.

Her bed, a chair, a pillow, and a roller coaster video she found on YouTube.  That’s it! All she needed was for her daughter to see and feel the rider’s point of view to give her little one the ride of her life.

Daiana placed the chair upside down on her lap and placed the pillow down on the underside of the chair. She helped her daughter get seated, hold onto the legs and handles began the video. That’s when things got interesting!

Source: TikTok

As the ride started, she began to tilt the chair backwards, as it would while the coaster climbed to the top of the mountain, and she then began moving, rattling and following the motions of the video, just as the coaster would, giving her young daughter a fantastic rollercoaster experience and the ride of her life!

Just take a look at her facial expressions. They are everything!!

The addition of the fan blowing her adorable curls would only add to the experience.


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Why Mess With A Good Thing?

Not long after, Daiana uploaded a second video of her daughter ‘riding’ the Jurassic Park roller coaster ride. Her gasp of excitement when the big gates opened was enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. And her grin upon seeing dinosaurs was so cute.

I can just imagine Daiana’s daughter begging her to do it again!

But the best expression is the one on Daiana’s face. She appears so happy to be doing this activity with her daughter. Her TikTok is full of fun activities with her little girl and they’re so cute together.

Priceless Memories

Daiana’s daughter’s face went through so many expressions in the short video. From her beginning screams to her infectious giggles, she absolutely loved this fun activity her mum created for her.

These videos go to show it doesn’t take a lot to keep kids excited, happy, and amused. As mums we have ingenuity in spades, and using common household items means, like Daiana, we can create so many fun memories with our kids.

When my kids were little, we didn’t have YouTube or TikTok etc to help with something like this so we had dance parties and choosing books from the library, which we read over homemade cookies and milk. They would have loved an at-home roller coaster ride.

The Internet Applauds!

The video was shared on Facebook, which garnered over 26,000 comments and users loved this idea.

Anthony Wong said: The best roller coaster ride ever! A mother’s love knows no boundaries

Mae Lacy said: She’s giving her an amazing imagination. I love this

Rachel Pastrana Arucan commented: I looked at her eyes the whole video, so adorable

Indi on TikTok suggested they turn the lights off next time, and Pink Nickel said the video healed part of her inner child.

On Reddit, curious-kitten-0 said: This is so creative and beautiful to watch. The little one really was transported there in her mind. Made me smile 😃.

On the second TikTok video, the comments were full pf praise for this mum’s creativity.

Sharlene Ramanand said: The most precious video I ever watched on TikTok by far that’s real love right there

_marsha-ann_ commented: I love her facial expressions and that you’re having just as much fun as she is!

Pearls_ice_n_diamond said: Being happy with what you have ❤️‍🔥well done mama

Keeping toddlers entertained is sometimes a job all by itself and this mum proves it can also be fun. It’s super easy to use your imagination to keep your kiddos amused and like Daiana’s videos, there is inspiration everywhere.


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Like this mum, all you need is a fan, a chair, a pillow, somewhere comfortable for you to sit, and a YouTube video to create an immersive, exciting experience for your kids.

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