Men Were Asked What Secrets They Kept From Partners, and the Answers are Quite Interesting!

In a perfect world, we would know absolutely everything about our partner and vice versa. We would know what makes our partners tick; their hobbies, deepest fantasies, fetishes, hopes and dreams, and the things that give them the ick.  But we don’t, and we also don’t have to know everything about each other. So Reddit asked married men what secrets they kept from partners and the answers were … some cute, some sweet, some OMG and some just WOW!

Reddit Question asks for the Secrets They Kept from Partners

Married men: What, if anything, are you unable or unwilling to share fully openly and honestly about yourself with your spouse?

Reddit user Teen_dream91 asked this question and was inundated with answers, amassing over 9,000 comments from married and partnered men.

Some Used This As An Opportunity For Humour

That when I’m not with her, I put ketchup on my hot dogs. Bipolarcyclops

All the weird stuff I’m into. Nothing terrible, gross, immoral, etc, just too weird to ever admit to them. Radenthefridge

She has a pimple on her head and I look at it when she is arguing. Pappetan

I keep the ceiling fan on at night because she farts in her sleep and it’s so bad it wakes me up. The ceiling fan helps circulate. ♥️ Jackasswhisperer

Some Secrets they Kept from Partners Were Considerate Of Their Feelings.

My child (18 months) is legitimately well behaved, compliant, and enjoyable to be around when she’s not in the home and it’s just he and I. When she’s around he’s combative, whiney, rude, and a little terror. d00deitstyler

Sometimes, the food she cooks isn’t great. I will never tell her this because she goes out of her way to cook, and I’m not ungrateful. I can live with bad food that night over her getting upset. CaptainAwesome0192

I know when she’s taking shit but pretend like I don’t. Sometimes the bathroom smells atrocious afterwards but I pretend not to notice. Grizzly_Pig

My doubts about our relationship are hard to share. I don’t want to hurt her feelings or create tension. 

She’s always in the way. If she’s in the kitchen when I’m cooking, she’s always standing in front of the next place I need to be. If I’m working outside, she’s always in the next place I’m going to go. If I’m fixing something, she’s always standing right in front of whatever I’m going to be working on next. If I’m trying to leave a room, she’s always in the doorway. I realize she wants to spend time with me, but I really wish she’d just get out of the way when I’m doing something. Lonecoon

Some Used This To Vent Their Mental Health Self Preservation.

She once said, “you radiate emotional energy like the sun puts off light, but when you’re in a bad mood or depressed you can suck all the joy out of the room just by walking through it.”  That hurt quite a lot. I have been avoiding social events with her ever since. Ambiguity_Aspect

While I love my spouse deeply, I struggle to fully share my childhood traumas. The memories are painful and sometimes I feel like shielding her from that darkness.  Slight_Policy3133

That if I speak to her the same way she speaks to me she would probably spend her whole day in tears.  It’s definitely a case of “familiarity breeds contempt” as she does not speak to any of her friends like this (who come over to help with furniture moving, for example), and occasionally it comes out with her family, but the unfettered torrent of complaints and abuse is reserved only for me, regardless of what I do. It’s like she looks for imperfections and mistakes just to point them out. MusicusTitanicus

Some Used This To Humble Brag About How Great Their Relationship Are.

Nothing, man. She rolled down the car window and didn’t make fun of me that time when we got stuck in traffic and I shit myself a little bit on our way home. She has spread her cheeks so I could determine whether her post-partum haemorrhoid was getting smaller. For better or worse, there’s nothing we won’t share. LXIX-CDXX

Literally nothing but I used to think it was a good idea to be closed off. RedstnPhoenx

Probably nothing… we’ve been dating for like 15 years, married for 3. were best friends and tell each other everything. Whisker_dan

Nothing. The wife and I talk about everything. Literally everything. Nothing is off the table. 7hatguy__1

Other comments focused on the sex life between the couples, and how their wives’ physical appearances affected how attracted to them their husbands are. Some admitted to secret desires like pegging and anal play. Some revealed suicidal ideations and were met with overwhelming support from other men in the thread.

If there are things our partners keep from us, that’s ok. There are thoughts and feelings we don’t share with them either (like how he breathes with his mouth open, and it makes me want to scream). The most important takeaway I got from this, is that our partners are sometimes more in tune with not hurting our feelings than we think. Some are deep wells looking for the safety to share their inner thoughts. And some are jokesters.

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