Someone Leaked the Royal Christmas Card and it’s a Beaut!

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s this year’s annual Royal Christmas card, leaked online by a keen Instagrammer, and too adorable not to share. After all, is it even Christmas without a sneak peek into the beautiful lives of the Cambridge family? We think not!

In true royal fashion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have sent an adorable family pic to their nearest and dearest. This is a tradition that spans back for decades and decades (see below).

Usually, the royals share their Christmas card with the public through their social media channels, but it’s almost Christmas-time and we are yet to see the Christmas pic.

Until now.

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Oops. This photo didn’t stay secret for long. Photo: @BenjaminWaring


Royals in blue

Instagrammer  @duchess.dairies reported the Duchess of Cambridge sent this card to the Royal Air Force Cadets. In the photo the fivesome all don shades of blue and pose on a motorbike and sidecar. It’s anything but traditional and we absolutely adore it.

Here’s another close-up look of the lovely shot courtesy of Benjamin Wareing. From the lightweight clothing, we’re guessing the pic was taken a few months ago as it’s far too chilly in England this time of year to be posing without jumpers.


The Cambridge Household family Christmas card this year features The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George on a motorbike and sidecar

A royal Christmas card tradition

Every year, since 1914, the royal family has released a Christmas card. We’ve gotten a glimpse into some of the ones of the past, including a few goodies from Prince William’s and Harry’s childhood. So let’s take a trip down royal memory lane, shall we?

1982 – Prince William makes three

Young, happy and posing like it’s definitely the 80s! How pretty does Diana look!

1986 – A very merry fivesome

Prince Harry and the family Jack Russell join the Christmas card. Shout out to the boys’ matching red short slacks and sweater vests.

2013 – More sweaters, more sweetness

Keeping up with the sweater tradition, the next-gen of royal sweetness came out in full force with this adorable pic of bubba Princess Charlotte and toddler Prince George. Haven’t they grown!

2015 – Hello from Harry

In 2015 Prince Harry shared a Christmas card of him looking super fine kited out in army gear.

2017 – Back to tradition

In 2017 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stuck to a more formal photo, all dressed in blue and posing for the camera.

2018 – Another Prince, another cute pic

Another Christmas, another picture of serious sweater goals, this time to royals are back the bush and looking royally rugged indeed. This was Prince Louis’ first Christma card appearance and isn’t he an absolute cherub?

2018 – Harry and Meghan

Last year the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared their own super sweet take on the Christmas card with a throwback pic to their wedding.

So far we haven’t seen this years’ Christmas card featuring the latest addition to the Sussex clan – Archie Harrison. But we’re (im)patiently waiting for it…

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