9 Tips to Guarantee the Best Family Experience at The 2019 Royal Easter Show

Royal Easter Show tips? We’ve got them! Read on for our best hints and tricks to make this year your best family day out, ever.

Aaaah, the Royal Easter Show. It’s enough to get your heart racing for so many reasons…

The kids will be beyond excited! The smell of the Dagwood Dogs brings back all your own childhood memories and everyone’s got a different wish list of what they want to see, buy and do.

Combine that with beating the crowds, whether to take the pram and how to make sure you don’t need to take out a large loan, The Easter Show is a pretty full on family experience.

Here are 9 super smart tips from the team at Mum Central to make your Royal Easter Show day out, your best one yet…

1.  Leave your friends at home: Don’t go with a big group! 

The temptation to do the Easter Show with all your friends and extended family is a strong one. In short, don’t. The Royal Easter Show is an adventure best shared with a smaller group. It’s much easier to move through the crowds when you’re not a crowd yourself. It’s also simpler to please 4 rather than 14 people. And there are no awkward conversations when you friends’ child drops $200 on rides and you’ve told your children they can have ‘just one‘. There are heaps of wonderful moments to share with your friends, The Royal Easter Show is not one of them.

2. Be Clear Mum: Set the expectations with the kids before you go

If you’re on a budget the smart thing to do is tell the kids exactly what’s going to happen beforehand. Have a family meeting and explain what an exciting day is looming and exactly what they will be experiencing – remember to frame it all in positive terms!

This is not a no, no, no conversation – it’s a this is what you will be getting chat! ‘You have $10 to spend on showbags. You can have one ride each. We’ll take lunch but you can have an ice cream afterwards’. Whatever the boundaries you set, letting the kids know about them before they’re wide-eyed in the showbag pavilion is key. Don’t forget to close the discussion with the all-important ‘Does everyone understand me?’ so the whole crew is on-board!


3. Showbags: Plan early and do them last

The Showbag Pavillion is the last thing you should do before heading home. Primarily because you don’t want to carry them around the whole day. Secondly, because any child that easy 14 Bertie Beetles is a high risk of a vomit on the Gravitron. It’s common sense really!  Before you head to the show it’s also a great idea to ask the kids what showbag they want to choose! The whole range is always listed in the papers and online and prior planning means less walking through the ultra-crowded aisles repeatedly while an indecisive eight-year-old tosses up between the One Direction and Total Girl offerings.

4. Logistics 101: Getting to the show

Public transport to the show is super easy and also included in your ticket price. If you’ve got kids that are old enough to handle a ‘big day’ out and don’t have any special access requirements the bus or train is definitely the easiest way to get to there. Parking at the show is actually also easy but needs to be pre-booked online. It’s not the cheapest way to arrive but if you’ve got small kids, have a lot of gear or need streamlined access (for any reason) parking is not as tricky as you might imagine.


5. Make a plan: Check the program & map your morning 

The daily show program will tell you exactly whats on so use this knowledge to your advantage. Block out one or two ‘must see’ things like the animal judging, grand parade or wood chopping and allow yourself enough time to move between the events as needed. There’s nothing worse than winging it and missing everything, you don’t need to see it all just make sure you see something!

6. Be Mummy Smart: Realise you don’t have to be there all day 

You know that saying a quick game’s a good game? It applies to the Easter Show as well. Sure, being there all day and late into the night is value for money but if your kids are small a happy four hours is a far more enjoyable day for everyone. There’s nothing fun about kids that are exhausted, screaming and over it, even if you are looking at a giant vegetable display shaped like Tasmania. Knowing when the good times are over is crucial!

7. Timing baby: Use the school holidays to your advantage 

The show often begins before the school holidays do so if you’ve only got kinders (and below) that’s the best chance to attend as the crowds will be lesser. There’s peak and off-peak times (they’re always discussed in the paper) so think about when can your family get there easily and enjoy the day in the least busy periods. The half price Children’s Day will save you a money but is bound to be hectic. Have a think about what’s more important and when it will suit you to attend.


8. If you THINK you might need the pram, you need the pram 

If you’re even for one-second debating taking the pram to the Show, take it! There’s so much ease in popping the tot in and not chasing them or carrying them through the crowds. The pram is also a super easy way to lug a lot of stuff you might want to bring from home such as food, drinks, raincoats etc. If you’re entering the Baby Farmyard Nursery you will need to park your pram outside, just have an easy way to take your valuable items on your body with you.

9. Snack Attack: Pack Food & Drinks From Home 

If you’re on a budget saving on food and drink is the best way to make the day more affordable. There are no limitations on the ‘family food’ that can be brought into the show and it will save you a stack! Having an ice cream or a special treat is still a great way to get all those #showfeels without breaking the bank.


10. Bonus Safety Tip: Designate a meeting spot and be prepared 

Hopefully, you won’t need to have a ‘lost kid plan’ but it’s easy to become separated in a crowd. If you’re with another adult establish a place where you will meet if you are separated. Of course, if you both have mobile phones bring those too!

My personal trick is to also write my mobile number concealed under the kids clothes in texta on their bodies. Sure it looks a bit like a prison-tattoo but you’ll be pleased someone calls you if they find your three year old wondering around without you! Just make sure you child knows that mummy’s phone number is on their tummy.

Here’s to a great Easter Show! We hope you have a ball, make some memories and never need that ‘lost kid plan’. Don’t forget the camera, these moments are priceless mumma!

Royal Easter Show 2019 runs Friday 12th to Tuesday 23rd April. Gates open daily at 9am and Pavilions from 9.30am. The evening entertainment and fireworks conclude at 8.30pm, while the Showbag Pavilion closes at 9.30pm. 


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  1. Avatar of Karla Bergman
    Karla Bergman Reply

    We have never been to the Royal Easter Show ! So we would love to see it all

  2. Avatar of Melita Malone
    Melita Malone Reply

    My family & I have never been to the Easter show and would love to show the kids what it is all about

  3. Avatar of Renai Roberts
    Renai Roberts Reply

    We took our 3 x boys to the Easter Show for the first time about 5 years ago and made the mistake of going on Good Friday. It was jam packed full of people so we didn’t get to experience the show as we had hoped. We love to visit all the animals, exhibitions and see the shows. As kids we loved the rides and the show bags. It would be so nice to take the kids back this year! I have such fond memories of going to the Easter Show with my family and I would love to create similar memories with my kids.

  4. Avatar of Janna Cleverdon
    Janna Cleverdon Reply

    Hubby used to go as a kid, but the rest of our family have never been! Would love to take our kids on their first Easter Show adventure!!

  5. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark Agapiou Reply

    Taking my Children for the first time to the show would be a great experience for all. My 4 year old would love it. Thanks for the opportunity

  6. Avatar of Leeanne

    I would love to win tickets. The show is expensive can’t afford to buy tickets. My kids would love it

  7. Avatar of Sonya Blyton
    Sonya Blyton Reply

    My kids have never been but i have when I was 16 but I loved all the pavilions they were so interesting and would love for my kids to experience them aswell.

  8. Avatar of Ashley G

    I love the atmosphere, demonstrations/shows, showbags & food!

  9. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    Watching the Piglets and them getting up to all their antics they are such fun

  10. Avatar of Tracey H

    My favourite part is the lasting memories from my childhood. I want to create some for my kids too.

  11. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthy Reply

    I have never been so everything would be memorable for me, my wife and our 4 children

  12. Avatar of Elizabeth Andrews
    Elizabeth Andrews Reply

    its the best time of the year. i love the show and its so exciting for my boys. the showbags, animals and the variety of food available really excites me

  13. Avatar of Emma Morrow
    Emma Morrow Reply

    My kids haven’t been to the easter show for a long time, they would love to go for the great thrill rides and great show food.

  14. Avatar of Hazel MacDonald
    Hazel MacDonald Reply

    I love having all family together and having fun with the kids. There is something for everyone. Best day out ever

  15. Avatar of Janette Scheuble
    Janette Scheuble Reply

    I love that you can spend a full day out and not spend much money. I have been to the show nearly every year since I was born, I am 45 !! Janette Scheuble

  16. Avatar of Danielle Moffatt
    Danielle Moffatt Reply

    Having a great day out with my son and seeing how excited he is. We love the atmosphere and adrenalin on the rides and Going round the animal walk, hand in hand, two by two, hooray hooray, it’s almost a zoo! Tasting all the food and viewing the displays, making art and craft, Last stop of the day, biggest decision by far, Can’t forget the showbags, hope they all fit in the car! It is all about having a fun day.

  17. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase Dsylva Reply

    It’s definitely a great day out…provided there is great planning and lots of patience stored up 🙂

  18. Avatar of Heidi Duncan Macfadyen
    Heidi Duncan Macfadyen Reply

    I love the atmosphere of the show, the laid back vibe and the country people showing their gorgeous animals.

  19. Avatar of Amber Cubis
    Amber Cubis Reply

    I love the excitement on my little girls face as we go into the animal enclosures she loves them all so much and gets so excited pointing them all out to us. It’s the little things that make it memorable.

  20. Avatar of Carmen

    I love the atmosphere that is unique to the Easter Show.
    I love the sound of laughter, the look of excitement, and feelings of joy.
    I love the show bags, the games, the rides, and the fireworks that glow.
    I love the memories it creates as it is something everyone would enjoy.

  21. Avatar of Kerri Smith
    Kerri Smith Reply

    Love to see everything country..people.animals.food.agriculture etc

  22. Avatar of Gail Cox

    I love everything about the Royal Easter Show. The animals, fruit and veg displays, woodchopping, and of course the showbags and hot dogs. Yummy

  23. Avatar of Jocelyn Nicole Lambert
    Jocelyn Nicole Lambert Reply

    We mostly love the baby animals & have not experienced the new farm animal set-up, which sounds amazing. Another favourite is the Woollies Dome, with free taste testing. Also my 3 kids like the fresh Toffee Apples & Showbags of course…..:)

  24. Avatar of Steph

    Great tip on setting expectations before you go and show bags last. We also do fairy floss last, on the long walk back to the bus stop so Mum and Dad don’t have to put up with whinging about having to leave!

    • Avatar of Steph

      All in all it’s a great family day out that doesn’t have to blow the budget if you plan well!

  25. Avatar of Cathie Mills
    Cathie Mills Reply

    I love spending family time together and having fun with the kids. The excitement on the kids faces is everything. Best day out ever, love all of it.

  26. Avatar of Angie Rogers
    Angie Rogers Reply

    Haven’t been to the show since it was at the Horden Pavilion over 20 years ago. I’m sure it’s changed a lot. Would love to take my daughter and spend the day there!

  27. Avatar of Bianca

    We love watching all the shows, tasting all the samples in the food hall and doing all the demos with the kids. It’s a great day out as there is something for the whole family.

  28. Avatar of Fiona

    Checkout the sights and sounds, such a big part!
    See gorgeous fruit displays – works of art.
    Ride dodgem cars and giant slides,
    See animals of every shape and size!

  29. Avatar of Nadah Horkos
    Nadah Horkos Reply

    Never been but would love to go with my daughter. Looks super fun and interesting.

  30. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-Cousins Reply

    I have never been but would love to take my nephew and daughter xx

  31. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    Admiring the fruit and vegetable displays, meeting the farmers, watching the working dogs weave their magic, watching the wood chopping competitions and generally enjoying the buzz in the Autumn air.

  32. Avatar of Melanie J Patterson
    Melanie J Patterson Reply

    Whats NOT to like!!! Everything from the FOOD to Rides to Animals to SHOWBAGS! I as an adult though still LOVE the showbags!!! I would buy most of them if I could! Food is another great one! There is so much, every nook and cranny has something good! We LovE the EASTER SHOW for all is has! It’s a shame its only on once a year!

  33. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    I love the Woolworths Pavilion. You stroll in peckish and roll out full. So many foods to try! I also like to shop til I drop in the Show Bag Pavilion.

  34. Avatar of Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller Reply

    I haven’t been since it’s moved to the “new” showground. I’d love to be able to take my son have a look at all the animals.

  35. Avatar of Fiona Safadi
    Fiona Safadi Reply

    Love everything about the Easter Show. Animal exhibits are our family favourite. My daughter is dancing with her dance school this year. I would love to win tickets so I could take my younger kids to watch their big sister dance on the stage at the show.

  36. Avatar of Megan Wells
    Megan Wells Reply

    LOVE how much my kids love the show, I go for them these days and let them decide where we go and what we see 🙂

  37. Avatar of Pavlova

    The rush of excitement knowing that you don’t see the show everyday and getting to enjoy the foods, sights, shows and rides all day and night long and knowing the kids will crash as soon as their heads hit the car seat for a peaceful drive home. ahh heaven!

  38. Avatar of Magda

    i have never been so would love to take my son and have an awesome day, would love to get me one of those show bags as well 🙂

  39. Avatar of Kris Tee

    The Easter show brings back so many happy childhood memories. The smells are insane, good and bad. From horse sh!t to pluto pups. I’m so excited to share that with my kids

  40. Avatar of Tracy Sargeant
    Tracy Sargeant Reply

    I love watching my kids happy faces the best, the yummy food, and the animals

  41. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent Stewart Reply

    I have never been able to take my kids to the easter show because it is too expensive, but I would absolutely love to because it reminds me of my childhoold

  42. Avatar of Julie Swan
    Julie Swan Reply

    I love the fresh food pavillion, the animals and the arena spectacular at night! I want to take my kids now that they are older and will appreciate it to the fullest!!

  43. Avatar of Kristy F

    I love the animals especially the cats and dogs. I love showbags and the chair ride. But my all time must has to be a dagwood dog or 2 its not the show without those

  44. Avatar of Elis Lo

    We love easter show cause all family can enjoy the show especially animal section , agricultural , fresh food pavilion . All events in one place love it 🙂

  45. Avatar of Danielle Palmer
    Danielle Palmer Reply

    The excitement of seeing all the showbags in the paper in the weeks leading up to the show when I was a child! The animals, the displays in the fresh food pavillion, the rides & special events – I love it all! But my very most favourite thing is lunch – a dagwood dog & cup of fresh homemade lemonade (perfect show food after a long morning walking around!). Would love to take the kids this year for their very first show!

  46. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz Keskin Reply

    We love the animals, who can resist the ducklings going down the slippery dips and the little billy goats with their snowy coats. This will be the first year that my daughter can appreciate all the fun and I can’t wait to make memories with her

  47. Avatar of Lydia Young
    Lydia Young Reply

    I have never before been to the Show
    But I would love with my family to go
    All the sights and things to see
    Would be exciting for more than me

  48. Avatar of Magdalin Elkhatib
    Magdalin Elkhatib Reply

    Love everything about the show the animals rides and shows. But mostly the amazing atmosphere which always reminds me of when dad was still with us and would drive us there every year just to see us smile. Great memories that I’ll treasure.

  49. Avatar of Debbie Dye
    Debbie Dye Reply

    I love how I can be a big kid again & see the show thtough the eyes of my kids. It’s always a great family day out.

  50. Avatar of Peta

    We love the dogs,
    the cats and horses.
    We visit each pavilion,
    and shake all their paw-ses!

  51. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    From farm animals to thrilling rides and showbags, my favourite part is tasting quirky interesting food like Cheeseburger pies and Deep fried lasagna on a stick!

  52. Avatar of Kym Halfpenny
    Kym Halfpenny Reply

    I’m originally from Melbourne, and despite having lived in Sydney for 10 years, I’ve never been! This year our 5 yo daughter is asking to go and I’d love to be able to take her.

  53. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that it is simply a fun day out for the entire family, there is something fun for everyone!

  54. Avatar of Mouna

    Love to go and see all the animals Andy of course the wood chopping and get some show bags

  55. Avatar of Catherine Lennon
    Catherine Lennon Reply

    Love seeing such a large display of Australian agriculture all in one place and all in one day!

  56. Avatar of Nata Glavan
    Nata Glavan Reply

    To see all the displays, rides, food and animals, experiencing all of these is a pleasure, a family moment we truly treasure.

  57. Avatar of Lizzie C

    The talented shows, variety of show bags, winning cakes, fresh produce, talented artwork and the rides, a great day out to appreciate our Australian agriculture.

  58. Avatar of Casey-Jayne Hunt
    Casey-Jayne Hunt Reply

    Its been almost 6 years since we went last when our daughtrr was 8 months old. Now this year we will be going again. This will be our last big adventure as a family of 3 before we welcome our little boy in may. Being game going to the show at 34 weeks pregnant. Love how a family can build memories and enjoy themeselves no matter where they go

  59. Avatar of Hil

    The Sydney Easter Show evokes strong childhood memories, one of the first Australian experiences I had. We were very lucky to go back then and would love to share it now with our children.

  60. Avatar of Melissa Ridgeway
    Melissa Ridgeway Reply

    This will be the first time since becoming a family that my husband won’t be deployed with the navy and able to take our two children to the show with me. It will be amazing to see the baby animals and just have a wonderful day all together. They’re so rare.

  61. Avatar of Nicole Webber
    Nicole Webber Reply

    I have never had the opportunity to go. I would love take my two daughters!! Its always been on my wish lists.

  62. Avatar of Taniele Burgess
    Taniele Burgess Reply

    I have not been with my family but when i was little i loved going to farm animals ,the woodchopping , i loved seeing how crazy the motorbike riders were too.

  63. Avatar of Shu- Ching Chang
    Shu- Ching Chang Reply

    There has millions reasons to see Easter Show because every Easter Show is different and unique, especially shopping Easter Show Bags are my favourite part of Easter Show . It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the best show in Australia .

  64. Avatar of Dianne

    I love the animals, the cakes (no way I have the patience for those designs), the show bags and the cheese on a stick, but best of all is the display of produce from the regions – I just love that! Thanks!

  65. Avatar of Rachael

    OMG Corn on a stick!!! It’s soooooooo good! And totally worth the price of admission just for that 🙂

  66. Avatar of Jacqui Lagaluga
    Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    The tradition that surrounds “the show” and how each generation of family has introduced the next to the delights of show going.

  67. Avatar of Jocy

    The agricultural displays, the wood chopping and the evening entertainment

  68. Avatar of Joanna Harrison
    Joanna Harrison Reply

    I love all the animals; it’s great to let the kids experience all the farmyard cuties without having to take any of them home!

  69. Avatar of Philippa

    A family race down the giant slide
    All together, five wide
    A mad hessian frenzy
    Ready Set Go
    Who’ll be the fastest at the Show!

  70. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    I love the Easter Show,
    I always have to go!
    Flying Pigs and rides galore,
    And so much more!

  71. Avatar of Vicki Hunter
    Vicki Hunter Reply

    I have never been but it certainly is a dream to get there one day

  72. Avatar of Crystal

    My favourite thing is a tie between the woodchop and the amount of things they manage to put on a stick each year!

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