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APPLY TO REVIEW: The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner That Fixes Family Messes


Kids and Mess. The two go hand in hand. 

Add pets to the equation and you can expect your carpets, couches, car interiors, mattresses and rugs to feel the burn. We mean, the spills.

But what if we told you there was an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into your old carpets without relying on professional spot steam cleaners?

What if you could ditch the common costs involved with steam cleaning after a particularly bad spill and try this new method out for free?

Well, you can, thanks to the Rug Doctor and their Portable Spot Cleaner, an all-new cleaning machine designed for families. 

rug doctor portable spot cleaner on carpetsTry it free

We have two Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaners to offer two of our Mum Central families.

If you are interested in being one of our reviewers, keep on reading and we’ll tell you how to apply.

Just what the (Rug) Doctor ordered

Yes, spot stains are a part of everyday life. Juice stains. Dirt stains. Coffee stains. Chocolate (fingers crossed it’s chocolate) stains. No wonder your carpets are looking a little less than flash.

rug doctor steam cleaner

But you don’t have to hire someone to give your house that freshly cleaned look. You can do it yourself. And you can rest assured knowing it’s of the same quality as the professionals. How? Because the professionals are the ones who made the product.

That’s right. Rug Doctor have been professional grade carpet cleaners for 40 years. But now they’ve developed their first Portable Spot Cleaner for families to use anytime they want and on those extra-stubborn spot stains.

rug doctor portable spot cleaner cleans car upholstery

Tackle spot stains straight away without having to hide them under a rug (or a strategically placed plant) until you get a professional in. No need to wait, pay big bucks or leave the house. You can remove unsightly stains and intrusive spots with this powerful portable device.

What kind of spot stains can the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner tackle? 

We’re talking all sorts of annoying everyday life spot stains, from those colourful cordial splotches to the craft time glitter bombs. It can tackle those toilet training tinkles, those “who let the dog in” disasters and even accidental coffee spills. Blood, breastmilk, soft drink, makeup smudges? You betcha!

rug doctor portable spot cleaner mess

Here are a few of our fav features of the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner:

    • 2 x the suction power compared to leading portable spot cleaners
    • Powerful handheld oscillating motorised brush
    • Retractable handle to reach extra tricky areas
    • Carpet-friendly wheels for extra manoeuvrability
    • Fast and easy removable tanks for easy filling and emptying
    • Waste water tank wide opening lid for rinsing and drying
    • A safe and chemical-free way to clean your house without harming the environment or your family

At $299, the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner may just be your ticket to a cleaner, pollutant-free household, even if your kids are accident-prone spilling machines.  You can nab one for your household at Appliances Online

mum central

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Clean

mum central

Whether you own or rent your home, this nifty little gadget is an easy way to refresh your carpets, couch upholstery, rugs, mattresses, car interiors and anything else that could use a bit of TLC.

We are searching for two families to test out the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner. Give it a go on all those spot stains in the house and in your car. Test it out on your couches, cushions, rugs and fabric furnishings and see what kind of difference it makes!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

You’ll need to take a few before and after photos of your carpets, rugs, car seats and whatever you clean throughout the trial period so we can report back to our readers and show them how effective it’s been for your family. Plus, a quick survey at the end will ensure we can understand exactly how amazing your experience has been!

Plus you get to keep it afterwards, for all those messy, unwanted and surprise accidents that will no doubt happen around the home.

Keen? Apply now and we hope to be contacting you soon!

Apply to Review & Keep a Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner, valued at $299!

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Kirst

    With a husband, kids and a dog there seems to be no end of accidents that leave their mark. Being able to clean these easily and properly as they happen would make life that little bit easier

    • Avatar of Michele WURST
      Michele WURST Reply

      I could write a daily review with my six children, dog, cats, and even a turtle who likes to drag his smelly self around our rugs!

      • Avatar of celka

        i have a mechanic in the house who tends to forget to take his shoes off before he walks on the rug getting grease out is a chore

        • Avatar of Jodie

          The rug doctor would save me at least 2 hours a week in my cleaning carpet missions from the kids leaving ‘beauty’ spots around and our kitten who hasnt learnt as yet to wipe his feet before entering

    • Avatar of Kylie Rhodes
      Kylie Rhodes Reply

      With 2 young boys a husband and a German shepherd running through house I am in desperate need of a good clean of my carpets!
      Hubby is a mechanic so I’m constantly finding grease stains on the carpet!
      2 school age boys who love their food and seem to love sharing it with the carpet is driving me up the wall keeping it clean!
      Help me rug doctor help me please!!

    • Avatar of Keely Owen
      Keely Owen Reply

      Fostering kittens and raising a teenager I can’t remember the last time my carpet was spotless, would love to give this a go and freshen up the carpet from all those lovely pet stains

    • Avatar of Kirstiee

      Single mum with 2 children who spend alot of the time on the floor messing things up. Son with special needs who uses mats on the floor daily Also would love to try it on the wheelchair seats they get grubby at school and i find them tricky to clean ☺

    • Avatar of Sam G

      With OCD, cleaning is a very time consuming task. I’m a mum of 3 children. One is special needs, one is a typical teenager and one is a 9 month old that likes to feed himself.
      I am constantly scrubbing my floor mats.and couch by hand because i have never been able to find a cleaner that actually works. We have a light grey couch and matching floor rug in the lounge, that takes forever by hand several times a week to clean. I would love to be a part of this and not only find something that works but to also get back so much valuable time with my kids

    • Avatar of Chelle Lewis
      Chelle Lewis Reply

      With 1 child, 4 cats and 3 dogs of my own and working as a petsitter and foster carer, my carpets are always in need of spot-cleaning and having to pay for regular carpet cleaning every few months gets quite expensive for a single parent. A Rug Doctor would be a much used and much appreciated addition to our home!

    • Avatar of Corina

      With 5 kids and 2 dogs I’m always hiring machines to clean my carpet ,rugs and couch . But sometimes they just don’t cut it . With my baby about to crawl ,I’d like the carpets clean for him . And no doubt I’ll need to do couch more often when he starts moving

    • Avatar of Tracy P

      Woth a toddler a dog and cream carpets, I am cleaning up spills oma daily basis. This would be a godsend for our family and I am sure it will show great examples for review. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Avatar of Sherodam wooler
    Sherodam wooler Reply

    Living a hectic life with 4 children and pregnant with no 5 this would be amazimg.
    I could clean the milk, blood and food stains out of my couch. The milk that has been spilt in the car along with tomato sauce and the smell left behind from rotten apples under the car seats. Also having 3 children soon to be 4 in car seats this would make it easier cleaning spills straight away. The rugs in the childrens rooms and the carpet throughout the house

  3. Avatar of Teagan C

    I love that the cleaning is chemical free. I don’t have to worry about bringing chemicals into our home to get a good clean.

  4. Avatar of nerida

    i love that you can carry it easily to do the stairs and all the fiddly corners. Our 2 and 3yo are constantly dropping everything all over the carpet. Spot cleaning with a rag to get everywhere they do is a pain, but this would help so much to run after them

  5. Avatar of Maria Foti
    Maria Foti Reply

    4 kids under 7 yrs old, and one grubby cat! And 3 of the kids are boys… need I say more! Vegemite, chocolate, peanut butter fingers will be no longer an issue if I had this little beauty! The couch needs to be wiped down daily, and the rug and carpet in the lounge is just a constant struggle to keep clean when pricey carpet cleaners charge an arm n a leg! Now THIS sounds like such a life hanging. Daily cleaning miracle! I so need this in my life!

  6. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole Strachan Reply

    4 kids and cream carpet throughout the house. A spot cleaner is an absolute necessity in my life and it would save my sanity.

  7. Avatar of chers

    2 dogs, 2 kids (4 year old, 16 year old) and a BIG Kid (37year old husband) so let me ask all the mothers and wives out their who doesnt need this? Tell’em they are dreaming

  8. Avatar of Kylie H

    I love the fact that it cleans up so many things from pet disasters to blood to makeup. Would definitely be a life saver in my household.

  9. Avatar of Ann Sculley
    Ann Sculley Reply

    I love the lightweight and amount of cleaning you can do ,Rugs,carpets ,Couches and cars and Pet stains , I could make a lot of spaces clean with ease again .

  10. Avatar of Dominique

    What with the kids AND My husband having this on hand would be superbly helpful

  11. Avatar of Hayley Wilkinson
    Hayley Wilkinson Reply

    It would mean I have my own carpet cleaner and don’t have to borrow someone else’s in the family. My bedroom carpets would forever be clean and fresh with this.

  12. Avatar of Cassie

    I love the fact it’s portable and I can take it anywhere. It’s great for my son who lo b.c es yo get dirty, I now don’t have to worry about how my carpets will stay clean lol.

  13. Avatar of Paula H

    This couldn’t come at a better time. Friday night is 80s night at our house and it’s always a raceto the remote to choose the next song. The moral of the story is…….dont run with a red wine in your hand. Hehehe I swear I’ve told my kids the same thing. Cream carpet and red wine do not mix

  14. Avatar of Candy

    This Rug Doctor would be great to tidy up those sneaky spills you find on the carpet, in the car, the lounge and whoever kids are! What a handy quick alternative to losing all feeling in your arm from scrubbing like a psycho.

  15. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark Agapiou Reply

    The rug doctor will help me clean the mess my little one makes when she gets any food in her hands.

  16. Avatar of Nicole Davidson
    Nicole Davidson Reply

    We have a busy household of a blended family of 6 children all under the age of 10 and a dog and kitten. Between the 8 of them there is always an accident waiting to happen. I would love to use this product to fight against the muddy shoe, the make up stains on the carpet and the chocolate stains on the couch…… well I hope it’s chocolate

  17. Avatar of Johanna rees
    Johanna rees Reply

    Living on a farm with a multitude of pets tracking in farm dirt, not to mention a husband who does the same, this Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner is a safe, chemical way to keep my carpets clean and smelling fresh and would literally easily deal with ‘what the cat dragged in’ .

  18. Avatar of Belinda L

    My kids have destroyed all the rugs!! We have a large clunky carpet cleaner but it’s to hard and noisy to pull out to clean the rugs on a regular basis. To have a portable spot cleaner would be a life saver, I’m always spaying with carpet cleaner and scrubbing and it doesn’t help. We’re also embarking on toilet training out 2yr old twins an no doubt there will be lots of accidents to clean up after.

  19. Avatar of Leanne Richardson
    Leanne Richardson Reply

    Oh My Goodness my carpet has been fed an apple(or some food) a day so it NEEDS a Doctor – A Rug Doctor to make it feel shiny and new.

  20. Avatar of Alice

    I love the ease of the spot cleaner – ability to quickly fill and empty the tank is a big plus. With two kids destroying my new carpet and pre-kid rugs I need this in my life

  21. Avatar of Cathi

    I gave up trying to get anyone to remove their shoes before entering my house, that’s why my carpet has stains on it. Somehow, my daughter ended up with makeup – eyeliner, foundation, lipstick etc., on the carpet of her bedroom – impossible to remove! I also have a bad habit of overfilling coffee cups and dripping them on the carpet as I walk through to the lounge room. The RugDoctor sounds like the perfect spot remover – a life saver!

  22. Avatar of TessaM

    I love that you can use it for spot cleaning ! No need to hire a huge carpet cleaner and have to clean the whole house if not needed. With a 4yrold, 2.5yr (real boy who loves dirt, mud and food), a dog and a husband that works in a dirty job, and working part time, this would simplify my cleaning and keep my house looking like new again.

  23. Avatar of Rebecca M

    There’s nothing more satisfying than a good clean – and the rug doctor looks like it can deliver that hard-to-achieve mummy satisfaction! Whether it be snot, vomit, food or pets – our poor rugs, couches and car cop it daily! I need this in my life to save and restore my items to their former glory!!

  24. Avatar of Kathie W

    The portabilty of this carpet cleaner would be one of my favourite features. My family have had to move into my elderly mother’s home to help care for her. My mother’s carpets came out of the ark and with dogs adding to the mix,, including a very old dog that keeps having little accidents out of both ends, a portable carpet cleaner would just be the bees knees.. So easy to clean messes no matter where they are. Trying to keep the carpets clean and healthy is no easy task in this house. I ned all the help I can get.

  25. Avatar of Keeley Mathews
    Keeley Mathews Reply

    Would love to win this to get all the yoghurt from my little monster off our couches and rugs 🙂

  26. Avatar of Marnie

    Love that it’s small, compact and portable and would be handy to have one on hand. With owning a dog that lives inside as well as a toddler there are always accidents happening on the carpets and rugs.

  27. Avatar of Samantha Riley
    Samantha Riley Reply

    With 3 whirlwinds we vacuum daily and still have dirty carpets. This would save us 100’s every year especially as we are renting.

  28. Avatar of Alyson Dunlop
    Alyson Dunlop Reply

    3 boys children with busy messy lives is a recipe for muddy dirty carpet. Whoever decided beige carpet was a good idea was crazy. Perhaps this is our solution!

  29. Avatar of katrina stubbs
    katrina stubbs Reply

    i have 3 cats that like making messes on my carpets. I’m so lazy and need a reliable cleaner like this to clean it. I may not have rel kids but my furbabies give me grief

  30. Avatar of Clare

    I NEED one of these spot cleaners as I have kids that make a mess everywhere and a dog that likes to pee once he’s let in the house!!

  31. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I NEED THIS AMAZING MACHINE IN MY LIFE with a whole house that is cream carpet (Except from wet areas) and 2 small kids plus a dog who sometimes thinks its ok to wee on the carpet. This would be a godsend to win. I love the fact that its compact and I can do the spots as they arise instead of having to get a professional out and move all the furniture. Pick me pick me

  32. Avatar of Tammi Sheppard
    Tammi Sheppard Reply

    My car and house carpets would love a bit of the Rug Doctor Treatment!

  33. Avatar of Jess A

    I would love to try this carpet cleaner! Our carpet is only 18 months old and as much as I try to keep it clean it has huge stains everywhere (mainly from puppy and toddler training!) They’re not so noticeable in the day, but once the lights come on it’s very embarrassing. I have tried natural cleaners, chemical cleaners, lots of scrubbing, that stuff you sprinkle on and vacuum off. Nothing is working!! I would love to be able to have clean carpet, not be embarrassed when people visit, and do this all without the harmful chemicals!

  34. Avatar of Rachel Tindale
    Rachel Tindale Reply

    I love it because it is portable. I can use it on my carpets, furniture and car. I have 2 cats, 1x dog and a beautiful little boy who loves his yoghurt not to mention his yoghurt mess haha
    I would love to keep on top of all fabrics in my household with this spot cleaner.

  35. Avatar of Anne Common
    Anne Common Reply

    The fact that this could be used not only on my rugs but my chairs lounges and car is incredibly convenient . Have you seen what a two year old can get up to? Portable yes please ! Love it .

  36. Avatar of Cristina s
    Cristina s Reply

    Cleaning chemical free is not only a extreamly important thing around the house but and amazing way to help the environment

  37. Avatar of LaurenG

    We have a ‘white’ rug that doesn’t look terribly white any more. We also have a couch where the fabric has gone kind of shiny, I think from oils from the skin and general grubbiness. I would be very interested to see what happens to that. Plus I have a husband, two young children, a large dog and a cat so I’m sure I can find more possibilities!!

  38. Avatar of Jess brierley
    Jess brierley Reply

    With two daughters under 4, a cat and a husband our carpets, cushions, couches and rugs are a bit worse for wear. We could definitely use a quick and easy but effective way of cleaning up the wide variety of messes that happen everyday , without having to rent a machine or hire someone to do it for us. Especially living in a rental!

  39. Avatar of Lennareinhard
    Lennareinhard Reply

    I have a rare brain and heart condition and have no immunity, the children have compromised immunity as well so our house needs to be clean as sterile as possible. Also the puppy and baby we have had lots of accidents and we pay professionals to come in every 6 months But on disability benefits and single parent it’s extremely tight to pull off but we need this for our health

  40. Avatar of Virginia crank
    Virginia crank Reply

    Would be fantastic I have rugs all my house lovely to zap around with the rug doctor and give them a clean

  41. Avatar of sue perry

    With a very messy clumsy little boy & a dog who loves rolling on the carpet & sneaking onto the lounge
    Add in kid friends having sleep overs
    My carpet & lounge is disgusting
    No point getting new carpet as master messy will have something new to destroy
    The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner
    Will save me from embarrassment when friends pop over

  42. Avatar of Kristy T

    With boisterous twins and a dog I need help cleaning my carpets, accidental spills, accidents all round every day!

  43. Avatar of Cass Menzel
    Cass Menzel Reply

    This machine would be a god send in our house. With a spate of recent sickness in our house and the mess that goes with it, it would be a dream to give the carpets a good clean.

  44. Avatar of Christine Dattilo
    Christine Dattilo Reply

    This would be super handy in our house because we have a 10yr old, 4 cats and rabbit in the house and they all love making a mess on the carpets and the lounge. I love that its portable so we can do the cars too.

  45. Avatar of Lalenya Sutton
    Lalenya Sutton Reply

    I live in a tiny unit with a large dog and a 5 year old, needless to say that spills happen alot! The rug doctor would be super handy for keeping ontop of my well used carpetted areas!

  46. Avatar of Joanne Currie
    Joanne Currie Reply

    I would love this as my kids are constantly putting stains in the carpet and I have a child who loves to take off her nappy. My car also needs a thorough clean inside.

  47. Avatar of Stacey dobson
    Stacey dobson Reply

    With two kids, a cat and crappy carpet that marks so easily this would be a dream come true to try.

  48. Avatar of Gemma

    I love that I can use it on everything, just like my kids love to spill stuff on everything! They will make for perfect before and after pictures! I have a rug that I love which is now sadly rolled up in the garage due to stains that won’t budge, I would love to bring it back to life! I also love that the rug doctor is chemical free, with the amount of spill and stain cleaning needed in a house with little children I would be worried using chemicals so frequently.

  49. Avatar of Diane White
    Diane White Reply

    Rug doctor please come to my aid, I have 2 teenagers, a toddler and a cat. No amount of CPR could revive the life of my carpet but willing to give it one more go if you choose me to review your product….not only do my kids insist on trailing their wet, dirty, soggy footy boots around the carpeted rooms of the house, they use my couches as somewhere to wipe their hands and face (toddler not the 14 year old) My once high pile rug now descreetly hides sultanas and the remanents of the toddlers breakfast…. Daily vacuuming…..can only do so much. Please HELP Desperate Di…

  50. Avatar of Gina B

    Living in a rural area we are always tracking mud through the house. We’ve just about ruined one of my grandmothers rug from all the red mud. With a cat, a dog and a 9 month old, the fact that this cleaner is portable would be a lifesaver to take from room to room to clean!

  51. Avatar of Melissa Zammit
    Melissa Zammit Reply

    I love that’s it Chemical Free, what better way to ensure my family are safe and happy than with a chemical free cleaning system meaning clean floors and a happy family

  52. Avatar of Catherine Gangur
    Catherine Gangur Reply

    Rug Doctor is a reputable company of 40 years and chemical free, what’s more to love?! My stained carpets for love a freshen up.

  53. Avatar of Marielle

    Living rural with two cats, a large dog, and a child that regularly finds creative ways to “decorate” the house often results in stains that are extremely difficult to remove – I would LOVE the opportunity to trial Rug Doctor’s portable spot cleaner!!

  54. Avatar of Suzanne

    With 2 Children and 2 dogs would love to try a Rug Dr even me and hubby makes messes lol spilt coffee drinks dinner ect would make the perfect thing for our house hold

  55. Avatar of Danielle Wilkins
    Danielle Wilkins Reply

    With a toddler, a newborn and a dog this would be a lifesaver. I could take it anywhere in my house and use it on upholstery or furniture too

  56. Avatar of Trish J

    I have a husband who wears work boots through the house, two young boys who are like mini cyclones, a dog who loves mud and dirt and cats who like to leave their hair everywhere – my carpets and car interior are trashed! I need help! I love that this is chemical free and safe for my whole family! I’d love to give it a try and see if it can handle my family’s chaos!

  57. Avatar of Heather Edward
    Heather Edward Reply

    As a single parent money is always tight and I don’t have the money to have a professional come in and clean my carpets which are looking a bit worse for wear with two kids still at home, a dog and cat and two grandsons 3 years and 11 months visiting regularly. Using a rug doctor every day keeps the stains away and sounds like just what the doctor ordered

  58. Avatar of Hayley

    Two kids, two cats and brand new carpets. I’m scared and I know I’ll need backup

  59. Avatar of Bronwyn Teede
    Bronwyn Teede Reply

    I like the sound of the no harsh chemicals with kids that is always a plus! I think our household can definitely put it through it’s paces our 3 yo loves cooking in her play kitchen however she loves to use real ingredients when mummy and daddy have their backs turned and has caused some epic carpet messes just last week was a whole bottle of soy sauce. Please help a mama out!!

  60. Avatar of Tania

    I would love to try the Rug Dr. With 3 kids the house could use a deep clean. I love that it is chemical free.

  61. Avatar of Tamara B

    With a toddler and a newborn the chemical free cleaning is extremely appealing. That plus the ability to clean up the messes created on my carpets and lounges by said toddler and newborn!!

  62. Avatar of Janise Roberts
    Janise Roberts Reply

    We have 2 Labrador pups 3 kids Rug Doctor to our rescue to help us have a happier household. THANKYOU

  63. Avatar of Kat Hertz

    With a grubby 6yo and her friends, a grubby hubby and two grubby cats it’s hard to keep up. The Rug Dr looks like it would be a perfect addition to my grubby family, to keep them and the carpets clean!

  64. Avatar of Donna Leysley
    Donna Leysley Reply

    I love that it can clean so many different things and with kids and pets in the house this sounds like just what I need to keep my rugs / carpets clean

  65. Avatar of Renae

    I have three very messy kids! They have accidents in bed, squish food into my rugs and spill drinks in my car! Everything needs cleaning. I’d love to be able to try the Rug Doctor portable cleaner to bring these things up clean and sanitized…

  66. Avatar of JulieGG

    What I love about the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is that it is developed by professional grade carpet cleaners that I can easily use and that it is chemical free. It can be easily manoeuvred and can clean up all stains. We are currently renting. We have a carpet in our living room and all of the bedrooms. One of the bedroom became our 3-year-old daughter’s playroom. The carpet in our living room is colourful but unfortunately, the stains on it are a sight to behold. There have been vomit stains (yes, vomit) that try as I might are there to stay. Chocolate stains, coffee stains, and even clay (Playdough) stains are there too, to name a few. Now the playroom…it has clay (Playdough) stains and *gasp* pink slime stain. I have scrubbed and scrubbed but the stains are still evident. Did I mention we were renting? We would very much appreciate being chosen.

  67. Avatar of Rachel W

    With 2 kids and 2 cats the rug doctor would come in handy with its easy to use compact size meaning I could use it for many things not only the carpet like cleaning the stains off the seats of my car left by the children and chocolate etc!… The rug doctor would be fantastic to clean up all the family messes!!

  68. Avatar of Beth

    With a new baby, and an old house with carpets we can’t replace right now, a spot cleaner would help keep my house looking great and clean up those gross baby stains!

  69. Avatar of Thaany

    The portability of this carpet cleaner would be a huge boon in our household. With child gates, mixed surfaces (from vinyl, tiles, floorboards and carpet) and rugs scattered throughout it would be very useful to have an appliance that can handle moving over any surface/ obstacle.

  70. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa Summerell Reply

    Id love to trial the rug doctor, it states it has 2x more suction power than the best on the current market. I constantly hear this with all vacuums, and it never seems to be any better so really intrigued to put this to the test. With 2 small children who seem to very rarely listen and hear me when i say no food or drink in the bedroom, we constantly seem to have new stains appearing and only noticed once set in.
    We have lovely gravel entrance which makes for dirty muddy shoes trampled in and around the house not just by the kids but dad, with his heavy footsteps things get smooshed into that carpet a little easier. Then we have the dog and cat-probly sitting on a bunch of cat hair now.
    To the hardest part- we suffer with asthma and some allergies so finding a product that doesnt just move the dust and dirt around and also chemical free is a real tough one.
    Now the fact i could use it on more than just my carpet has left me with ideas popping out of my head, new lounge with cover and stained, car seats, mattresses? The list could be endless. The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner has got me enthused and excited to do some house work and to show off just how dirty my carpets really are.

  71. Avatar of Kerry

    With one very large labrador and one small 21 month old tornado in my home the carpets and rugs get a hefty workout on a daily basis. The car upholstery doesn’t fair much better so a portable spot cleaner would be a dream come true.

  72. Avatar of Leah Taylor
    Leah Taylor Reply

    I like how this is not so bulky,
    Having animals and kids our carpets Chet very dirty.
    I would love to try this out on my messy carpets

  73. Avatar of Tiarna Stafford
    Tiarna Stafford Reply

    Man this is just what the doctor ordered! With several kids under 3, and living in a rental property the last thing we need is to get in trouble for dirty carpets. And dirty carpets we have at the moment unfortunately! I would love to test, review and enjoy this product and at least restore the sense of pride I had in my home before my children learnt to drink out of a cup! From berry stains to juice you just can’t hide the residue they leave when spilt!

  74. Avatar of Shae

    I love the versatility of the rug doctor portatable spot cleaner. I desperately need one because I live with two long haired boys and am renting the house, with the landlords living next door!

  75. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Love that it is safe and chemical free, easy to move and versatile

  76. Avatar of Deborah Osborne

    Having 2Children, 3xl dogs our forget gets very dirty.Id love to.have something on hand to clean there mess up Please. My Family are messy but lifes like that.

  77. Avatar of Rebecca g

    With 3 children under 4 spills and food on floor is definate , this would help great with those spills on our cream carpet and my filfy lounge i love how its not bulky like some and its portable

  78. Avatar of Maria Cal

    This would be amazing my mattresses, couch, rugs and carpet all need a good deep clean to remove stains and bring back the original colours. They’re all looobg very grey at the moment. No matter how much o vacuum it still looks dirty

  79. Avatar of Nell Hamilton
    Nell Hamilton Reply

    3 kids and a dog
    plus visiting neighbours
    means dirt, hair and spills
    and that doggy odour.
    Rug Doctor will remove
    all those nasty grey spots
    and my house will once more
    as clean as a …..whistle!!

  80. Avatar of Erin S

    This would be amazing! My son thinks yogurt is fun to throw around the lounge room! My lounges and carpets are horrible!!!!

  81. Avatar of Stef

    I would love to use the vacuum to get rid of all the chocolate stains from my kids off our couches and rugs .

  82. Avatar of lily goodwin
    lily goodwin Reply

    As a new mum of a little boy and a partner to a bricklayer our carpets and cars are filthy. This little machine will help me clean all the dirt away with ease.

  83. Avatar of Julianne

    With 2 very messy kids mixed with a house full of cream carpet this would be amazing

  84. Avatar of Sarah Wallace
    Sarah Wallace Reply

    the fact that this is a safe product is a massive yes for me. We have a dog, cat, baby and husband so this would definitely help with the mess!

  85. Avatar of Marlene

    I love that it is portable and chemical free way to clean my carpets. I have very messy clumsy kids and mix that with an old cat and 2 dogs. I haven’t found a company or cleaner that can completely clean the stains. I need this to try and hopefully be satisfied with stain removal

  86. Avatar of Nabeeha

    The best part will be not stressing about stains and spots anymore. Just as we vacuum, this will be used to clean rugs and couch

  87. Avatar of Michelle

    I just love that ii can use it whenever i need it instead of having to get someone in to do my carpets. With 2 young kids & a dog I’m going to get mess & this would get it clean sooner rather than later!

  88. Avatar of Nashwa El Hosseny
    Nashwa El Hosseny Reply

    Already thinking about everything I can use it to clean and making a mental note of where the stains are! Would mostly love to use it on my car. With two kids it’s a stain covered mess in there. Constantly. We will definitely be making great use of it!

  89. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I love that I won’t have to keep buying small rugs from Kmart every time we have a rental inspection!

  90. Avatar of Chels.g.

    with 3 children a new puppy an old aged cat (who i am.sure has dementia) and a a brand new house the small portability of the rug doctor is perfect for those smaller clean up jobs.. kids and food on the carpets, couches and dining chairs that need freshening up. toilet training a puppy and accidents made by my beautiful kitty who’s just not as sharp or steady on his feet as he used to be.

  91. Avatar of Emma

    With 3 teens , 3 chihuahuas, a cat and numerous other animals my carpets and rugs have had years of punishment and need something tough to clean them back to looking good again.

  92. Avatar of Baila Cyprys
    Baila Cyprys Reply

    With 6 kids i cant keep the carpets clean. And i love the idea that i could do my car too.

  93. Avatar of Susan Miller
    Susan Miller Reply

    How awesome is this product. A portable cleaner for any situation….PRICELESS.

  94. Avatar of Katherine

    Pretty sure my kids have left a 5 course meal in the back of my car! Vacuuming will only go soooo far to clenching that mess out of the seats! Not to mention the milk and cordial that seems to get spilled on every fabric (think couch, dining chairs, carpet) in the house!

  95. Avatar of Mel Russell
    Mel Russell Reply

    With 2 kids under 5 and a dog this would be a life saver – they love to make a mess wherever they go – especially in the car too!

  96. Avatar of Nancy Rainsford
    Nancy Rainsford Reply

    I would love to try this cleaner… have quite a few stains due to a crazy 4 year old and husband too… which I have to hid under rugs. Would be soo nice to be able to clean them in my own with out expensive carpet cleaning companies…

  97. Avatar of Bec Cook

    I love how there are no nasty chemicals used. I have a recently crawling baby and I don’t want him crawling on carpet full of chemicals. My carpets, couches and car seats are in dire need of this product. Milk stains, food stains and doggy stains. They never end. Plus being in a rental it would save us so much.

  98. Avatar of Kristin Booth
    Kristin Booth Reply

    I would love one of these, my car seats are disgusting! and my carpets could use a clean too

  99. Avatar of Sophie

    I would love to try this spot cleaner to get to properly clean the carpet in our new home, the kids, the cat and (sometimes) the grown ups too are good at making a mess on the carpet and also the car seats and it’s so difficult to clean!

  100. Avatar of Tarnia Fedele
    Tarnia Fedele Reply

    That it gets rid of ugly stains! Enough said!
    There are mud prints, drink spills and more covering our rug!

  101. Avatar of Amanda T

    I need one of these to test because my floor, car, and car seats could ALL use a clean with the stains and spills 3 kids (and myself ) dish out! This might save us from needing a new couch straight away!

  102. Avatar of Lauren

    Oh I would LOVE this amazing piece of equipment in my life.. I am a mother of 4 and we have carpet everywhere in our house – yes even under the kitchen table.. This would be a great addition to our household and would be used a lot…

  103. Avatar of Kirsten Benhiam
    Kirsten Benhiam Reply

    I love the idea of the rug doctor portable spot cleaner being able to reach all the hard to clean parts because for some reason all the corners of my rugs and carpets are incredibly dirty and get more punishment than you can imagine from 4 cricket and rugby loving kids. Also being chemically free I know it is safe for my kids and cat.

  104. Avatar of Louise

    Love that it’s chemical free. With 3 kids and a puppy about to join our family we need all the help we can get keeping the carpets and upholstery clean.

  105. Avatar of Marnie

    I have the worst carpet in the world. Over the years with pet stains, kids and general wear my carpet never looks clean. I have tried heaps of various carpet spot cleaners and all i end up with is a mark where it was spot cleaned or the mark seems to stay. With the Rug Doctor Portable Spot cleaner it would be like having a carpet cleaner in the house all the time. How Convenient.

  106. Avatar of Kelly Baldock
    Kelly Baldock Reply

    The rug doctor would be perfect for my family as we have just moved in to our new house and I don’t think the carpets were ever cleaned plus, with 4 kids ranging from 2 to well adult child there is always accidents happening. The rug doctor is perfect in everyway, looks so much easier to use then all the other machines out there.

  107. Avatar of Emma Maslen
    Emma Maslen Reply

    With a clumsy boy, a baby who likes to randomly spit milk at everyone, a dog who wipes his grubby, slobbery face over everything and a hubby who’s not only a builder but a car enthusiast, our carpets are full of stains! I would love to trial The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner so hopefully our half renovated house looks a little less derelict and I won’t feel so guilty about having the baby doing tummy time on the ground.
    I love that it seems so small and portable so I don’t have another giant appliance taking up too much space!!!

  108. Avatar of Elke

    With a husband that works around oil and grease (And walks his boots through the house), a 1 year old who loves to drop his food in the rug, and cats who love to walk all over the sofa I’d love to review the rug doctor. I love that it has 2x the suction power to get a deeper clean, the fact that’s it’s not big and bulky, and also that it’s chemical free which means it’s extra safe around my son and cats.

  109. Avatar of Sharna

    Would love to try this to get the stains out of the carpet in my daughter’s bedroom after my kids thought smooshing pears into it would be a fun idea.

  110. Avatar of Sam M

    My husband would be absolutely ecstatic with the Rug Doctor. (As would I, but he would be over the moon in particular). Our daughter spreads crumbs and mess like fairy dust despite our best efforts to keep things clean! Banana is her favourite, so much fun to squish into the carpet, and even more fun for us to try and clean, the Rug Doctor would definitely put a smile on our faces when we look at pur carpet!

  111. Avatar of Jodie

    With 2 cats, a 4 year old and a 4week old. My couch has managed to gain a very disgusting marble effect. Made from some terrible material, even water marks leave a stain. It’s embarrassing. I’ve tried supermarket sprays but they don’t work very well. Then there is the yoghurt stains throughout the car, after my then 2 year old decided to ” do the propeller”. The rug Doctor would be a god send. Please let me try the rug Doctor.

  112. Avatar of Rebekah

    Not sure who makes more mess!
    Me(miss 30) or miss 3yo and with one on the way this could be perfect we are regular rug dr hireers

  113. Avatar of Sara

    With 2 messy young boys- one of which is a toilet training toddler, a dog and a partner who works a dirty factory job my carpets need this! I love that it’s chemical free so I know that it’s safe for my human and fur babies alike. It will save me money from booking a professional clean in every few months and having access to use it as frequently as I like will help to keep my carpets so much cleaner!

  114. Avatar of Carmel Corry
    Carmel Corry Reply

    Loving that it has 2 x the suction power compared to leading portable spot cleaners! Clean is wonderful but the dryer the carpet is left, the faster it can be walked on again! With a household of gardeners, DIY experts, artists, craft enthusiasts, dog and child….our carpets get a lot of frequent traffic. Our floor areas are in constant need of more than just a vacuum and is covered not only in general grime but marks and stains. The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner would help me to keep on top of the general maintenance with easy and professional technique. No more moving the furniture to hide dirty marks when the visitors arrive!

    • Avatar of Carmel Corry
      Carmel Corry Reply

      Oh! And the cars! Don’t forget the cars
      too! How easy to get the interior clean with a Rug Doctor on hand!

  115. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    Our cream carpet is stained and spotty
    I hate how it looks so disgustingly grotty!
    3 kids, a cat and a hubby’s shoes,
    keeping it clean makes me turn to booze!

    Sadly though, wine does not help,
    instead I often cry and yelp,
    “Pleeeeease, I need the Rug Doctor spot cleaner”,
    before I need to get much meaner!

    Chemical free is so appealing,
    as is the ‘carpet-friendly’ wheeling,
    but best of all it removes stubborn stains,
    allowing my cream carpet to look clean again!

  116. Avatar of Harriet

    Oh gosh! We are currently staying in a holiday house owned by family. With white carpet. Yep. And a messy toddler. And a baby on the way. And with me having insane dust mite allergies this rug doctor would be my lifesaver! Not to mention cleaning these floors that have never been shampooed before! They would come up brilliantly!

  117. Avatar of Jackie Kennedy
    Jackie Kennedy Reply

    I’m a mum of a 5yo & 9mo (who is learning to feed himself), an Aunty/carer for my 7yo niece and disabled 5yo niece & owner of 2 dogs, my house is trashed most days. Whilst it gets cleaned when the kids are in bed those stubborn food stains & kiddie accidents stains in my carpets/couch/dining room chairs/car seats has become an eye sore and I often “hide” them under cushions or rugs so not to be embarrassed when visited. The rug doctor should prescribe my house it’s chemical free TLC.

  118. Avatar of Rachel H

    With 3 kids, 2 dogs and an affinity for red wine, a chemical free way to clean the carpets would be wonderful.

  119. Avatar of Sallie B

    With 2 babies under 2 (and one a newborn at that) I love the fact that it is chemical free and I don’t have to worry about letting them go on or near the carpet after it’s been cleaned

  120. Avatar of adrienne Harries
    adrienne Harries Reply

    Doctor Doctor come clean my rug
    the kids kicked over a full coffee mug
    Oh no red wine
    To clean Like new again would be a favourite of mine
    Pick up and carry to the stain
    Easy to use no back pain
    suck up the mess with style
    No chemicals will make me smile

  121. Avatar of Natalie Gray
    Natalie Gray Reply

    3 x kids (4 if you count the husband!!) & 2 x double coated dogs this machine would be a lifesaver! Compact and convenient, and it looks very easy to use! Please pick me!!

  122. Avatar of Elizabeth Denholm
    Elizabeth Denholm Reply

    What’s not to love about the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner. It has so many great features that this Mumma loves. Features such as an oscillating motorized brush for a deep clean, a wide opening waste water tank lid for an easy clean up at the end. In addition both water tanks are removable, how greats that. Finally throw in the fact that it’s chemical free cleaning and you’ve got me hooked. We need a Rug Doctor in our life as with two little messy makers, one Big Daddy sized messy maker and pets, this mummy needs a hand to keep her carpets and upholstery clean.

  123. Avatar of Lisa

    My daughter fell in love with a puppy and I couldn’t say no!
    The toilet training is not going so well!
    For a small dog it has the biggest bladder.
    Same puppy has annoyed the neighbours enough for them to throw chillis over the fence only for me to find it eating it on my not so white outside couch.
    It now has red splotches and muddy footprints all over it.
    I think this is what I need

  124. Avatar of Fiona McNeil
    Fiona McNeil Reply

    Wow this would be awesome! We moved into a new house and the carpets are bad from the previous owners. Plus I have a dog and 2 boys, we live next to a park and they love to play outside and make mess. It would be great to use on my car seats! Please!

  125. Avatar of Chantell

    With 7 kids and 2 dogs an outdoor working husband who walks through the house in his dirty work boots, i am in need of the rug doctor cleaner.
    I would love to have the new looking carpets again minus all the stains

  126. Avatar of Anna

    4 bedrooms with carpet, large rug in the lounge, upholstery couches and 3 daughters who love nail polish, make up and glitter our floor coverings need some much needed TLC would love the chance to try it out!!

  127. Avatar of Berns

    With a new baby, 2 dogs and a cat there are daily messes and we have to clean them up. Having this would mean we could properly clean up our rugs and couches.

  128. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    In reality I need new flooring,
    but our lack of funds is…er, boring,
    I’ve got stains that are now that old,
    they’re ready to move out of home!

    I love that it is chemical free,
    to clean our family home safely.
    I love the portability of Rug Doctor spot cleaner,
    to try it I just couldn’t be keener!

  129. Avatar of Stacey

    With 2 kids a dog and a cat there is always someone making a mess or spilling something and my partner who works in the automotive industry so brings his greasy shoes on my carpets with the portable spot cleaner I would finally be able to clean my rugs and lounge eagerly and keep them clean

  130. Avatar of bee

    Our puppies have made a total mess of our carpet and rugs, and with a baby on the way, things are only going to get worse! I love how easy it looks to use!

  131. Avatar of emlizzi

    Would be great for all the sensitive allergies in my household. Wouldn’t have to hire the one from bunnings anymore!

  132. Avatar of Lisa L

    Oh man, please pick me, pick me! I have an old blind chihuahua who has had a few accidents along with two kids who enjoy craft ALOT. I need this so much!

  133. Avatar of Elizabeth

    Chemical free and compact. With a son who has sensory problems he hates big loud vacuums so to have a small spot cleaner would make life so much easier and less stressful for him. I cannot get my carpets cleaned as he gets severe anxiety and panics with the noise. He also has severe eczema so chemical free is a godsend as he is always rolling around the place and laying on the floors playing. This would be a life saver in our house for sure.

  134. Avatar of Kathleen

    Between Mr 5, my hubby and the cats I have a tough job keeping the carpets clean. I love that the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is so easy to use and gives me no excuses to keep my carpets, couches and car seats clean at all times!!!

  135. Avatar of Christine Sutton
    Christine Sutton Reply

    I love that you can have a carpet cleaner sitting in your cupboard ready and waiting to clean up any spills or messes as they happen. With kids and a dog, that’s super handy for carpets, lounges and the car!

  136. Avatar of Teyarna Tolcher
    Teyarna Tolcher Reply

    I love that the rug doctor is chemical free which is really important to me as myself and my 2 kids are very sensitive to certain chemicals. Which means finding a stain remover for our carpet and couches can be quite difficult. Our whole house is carpeted with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen and with 2 kids under 4 who love there arts and crafts as well as all of the stubborn stains from spilt drinks to food and the odd wee accident from toilet training this would be an absolute blessing to have and try.

  137. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel Barnett Reply

    So much to love about this miracle machine! For me the most attractive feature, other than how clean my floors, couches, matresses, car….could be; would be that its chemical free and with boys aged 9, 6 and 10 months it would get plenty of use!

  138. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    We currently live in a rental that is fully carpeted on two levels including stairs (just not bathrooms). We have a 9mo, 3yo, two chihuahuas, my messy husband and myself so the carpets are copping a hiding. With the 9month old dragging and throwing solids onto the carpet we desperately need this machine so please pick us.

  139. Avatar of TEE BEE

    Between the pooch, my two cats and my beautiful (but terribly messy) daughter – the carpets look terrible!! Im forever scrubbing at stains.. almost daily! The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner would change my LIFE! And ill be able to have peace of mind knowing its a chemical free clean, ensuring both my children and pets are safe!

  140. Avatar of Samantha

    With 3 children and 2 dogs it would make cleaning up after them so much easier and quicker. I love that it’s portable and light weight. I would love the chance to try it and see if it works as well as promised

  141. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    With grandbabies puking and furbabies puking and pooping it would be wonderful to have a cleaner that can do these small jobs to perfection without nasty chemicals wafting through the house.

  142. Avatar of Rach 82

    We live on 5 acres on a dirt road, with 3 kids a husband 2 cats a dog and chickens. Our carpets are very light and even though we try to have a shoes off rule its not always possible. And with 2 fireplaces dirt and carpets seem to go hand in hand. This spot cleaner would be a life saver for spilks and potty training accidents to our kittens mess. I could give the spot cleaner a true work out abd an honest review.

  143. Avatar of lina

    between the cats, the dogs and kids
    they taking turn to make a mess
    and thorough clean my carpet needs
    to make me happy and not depressed

  144. Avatar of Ben

    The Rug Doctor is portable and powerful, great for cleaning up the mess our kids and pets manage to make. The best thing of all is no more expensive calls to the carpet cleaner who have in the past left our carpets sopping wet.

  145. Avatar of Liz

    Kids, dogs, rabbits, and cats,
    I find it hard to keep a clean mat.
    The Rug Doctor would make cleaning a breeze,
    Its portable, powerful – it will do it with ease.

  146. Avatar of Kelli.knox87
    Kelli.knox87 Reply

    I only have carpets. In the place I rent. I have 2 kids 3 and 6. 3rd is the husband and 4th is the dog (sleeps inside). We are due for a carpet clean and I can honestly say, that I will be able to give the machine a good work out.
    I have tried renting equipment and hiring people in the past and moving your whole house around is not ideal in such a short space of time. If I had a spot cleaner it would be used weekly. To keep up with my kids.

  147. Avatar of Emma

    Kids, pets, husband and renovations make for messy grimy carpets but also couches and chairs. I won’t even start on the state of the car! Something like this would hugely improve the cleanliness of the house, kids allergies and my sanity.

  148. Avatar of Anita Flaim
    Anita Flaim Reply

    With a household of 4 kids, a man child (hubby), 2 inside only cats and a dog this sounds like a dream machine! Between car hairballs that get thrown up – always on the carpet, not the tiles! Hubby also left a 3 litre milk bottle in his car for so long that it exploded and we still can’t get rid of the old milk smell, the Rug Doctor would be purrffect for us.

  149. Avatar of Katrina Melanie Taylor
    Katrina Melanie Taylor Reply

    I have 3 children, 1 husband, 2 dogs and 4 cats. I need this in my life. I’ve hired Britex so many times ive lost count. It Always works perfectly and is easy to use. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE

  150. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    i have dark carpet so everything shows up on it and with two kisd an 18 month old who drops less food than the 47 year old the carpet needs spot cleaned after every meal and the retractable handle to reach extra tricky areaswould be great for cleaning up the ice coffe the 47 year old always spills in his work car

  151. Avatar of Mel

    With a cat and 2 young kids, multiple daily stains on the carpet is the norm. Would love to try this out!

  152. Avatar of Alysia Sheehy
    Alysia Sheehy Reply

    I love the fact it’s portable! We have a 2 storey house and it’s hard lugging the hired machine up the stairs. It would be great to use on our carpets and rugs as the carpets are beige and look horrible! We try to hire a machine twice a year to get rid of stains but it’s so hard as they leave the carpets wet for over a day. With 4 adults, 1 four year old and 3 dogs our carpets really need this!

  153. Avatar of Kathleen

    With a trade hubby, 2 very active young boys, 2 crazy dogs and renovations our carpet has seen better days! Would love to try it out, seems so easy to use.

  154. Avatar of Isabeau jane
    Isabeau jane Reply

    With 3 kids 2 dogs and a man child a portable rug doctor would be amazing with is versatility for breathing new life into my carpets, rugs and the car I would be the envy of all my Mum friends
    But I would share with them

  155. Avatar of Kendal

    With two big messy pups (who have left paw print marks on the carpet in our new rental that won’t come off!), my partner and I, a toddler who just started walking and another one on the way this would be such a great cleaner to have. It would be used often and would be a great addition, thank you for this opportunity.

  156. Avatar of James

    I desperately need one to bring this grouse house and car into line

  157. Avatar of Sarah-Jane
    Sarah-Jane Reply

    With a 3 year old and and a 3 month old I love that it’s a safe and chemical-free way to clean your house without harming the environment or the family.

  158. Avatar of Mel A

    3 kids, a husband that often forgets to take his work boots off before traipsing through the house and a spoilt Labrador that is inside more often than not! Dirty carpets, dirty couch and a dirty car! I’d love to put the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner to the test! It’s so handy that it’s portable, allowing me to use it both in the house and in the car. I also love the fact it’s chemical free – super important to me with eczema prone kiddies!

  159. Avatar of Leonie Jayne Nanotti
    Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    This machine sounds awesome ! My carpets look a bit worse for wear and could definitely use a spot clean … quite a few spots actually

  160. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy Clark Reply

    We have marks all over our carpet from dogs accidents and Coffee accidents , that we have never got out and just cover up

  161. Avatar of Kelli

    We have 2 kids, 2 dogs that spend most of the time inside…. That leads to messes, spills and accidents.
    Our 6 chickens decided they needed to explore inside when the door was left open. The picture of my floors that is in your head is real . We really need a reliable,easy to use, cleaner for our carpet and mats

  162. Avatar of Alyshia Sokor
    Alyshia Sokor Reply

    The chance to review this product couldn’t have come at a better time. With 2 children who I swear love to throw food at one another, a cat who thinks it great fun to vomit on the what I would once of said white carpets my carpets are looking worse for wear. The chance to trial and see how this product really works would be amazing,

  163. Avatar of Mandy Joyce
    Mandy Joyce Reply

    Oh I need this in my life!!! I love that its portable and easily stored away! I have a 4yo and 19 month old twins, and our rug and carpeted house are never clean! From poo-splosions, cats footprints, food stains, drink stains, sticky fingers, and arts and crafts, our household is desperate for one of these!! I also would loooooove to clean out our 3 car seats with it as well!! Please choose us!!

  164. Avatar of Rhiannon

    This would be so awesome!! My 18 month old loves getting fruit and yogurt mushed into the carpet at home and in the car!!!

  165. Avatar of Tracee

    Wine drops on carpets, and snot on the couches.
    Paint on the curtains and spew on the mattress.
    Dog urine patches and icy pole stains, these are a few of my daily complaints!
    When the kids scream, when the dog barks, When the husband moans, please let me review this machine before my workload grows!

  166. Avatar of Onitina

    Portable!! Sweet!!
    If there is any man made device that you can DIY and clean MY carpets…I’d be absolutely amazed!! I dont believe it but ready to accept the challenge! Bring it on!!

  167. Avatar of julesm

    i love that you can see the clean water on one side and the dirty water on the other ,i need it just to see what colour the water from my carpet will be

  168. Avatar of LynetteR

    I have 3 small messy boys. We rent, so we are stuck with a grubby carpet. I’d love to give the rug dr a workout on our floors. I think we have the perfect testing ground

  169. Avatar of Kerri Nixon
    Kerri Nixon Reply

    I love the portability of this product. As a mum of 4 crazy little monkeys you can imagine everywhere gets a good workout.
    The lounge needs a good loving by rhis machine. The car seats, floors and then the bedrooms and lounge area. It will be a god send!

  170. Avatar of Patricia Perrott
    Patricia Perrott Reply

    I love that it is portable and quick to get ready to use! I would love one permanently in our home! My husband is literally scrubbing down our couch as I type this after our 2 year old son decided it made the perfect napkin! With another son due in 8 weeks and a 6 year old art and craft addicted daughter, The Rug Doctor would become part of the family and definitely get a good use from our couches, rugs, dining chairs, car seats and so so much more!!!

  171. Avatar of BridgetteR
    BridgetteR Reply

    This would be amazing to spot clean my lounge and carpet which I feel like I can never get clean! I have 2 kids that are constantly spilling things and even peeing on our carpet not to mention the tiny dog with a mini bladder that seems to always do an excitement pee whenever anything makes a noise it feels like I’m cleaning the floors and lounge more often then I shower (which is once a day btw) I would love to test this out and report back how wonderful this product is!

  172. Avatar of Rita

    Recarpeted recently and hubby wanted some disgusting chocolate brown colour. No, I insisted on cream to match our wooden furniture. Looks beautiful until the first drop of coffee, tomato sauce, gravy and mud from the garden. Alse recently became a grandparent, so upchucks of lamb and vegetables are common. The Rug Doctor helps me clean those annoying spots without chemicals and keeps my carpet looking new!

  173. Avatar of Amy O'M

    I love the portability of the rug doctor spot cleaner
    With three boys , a quick easy spot cleaner is just the thing our family could use!

  174. Avatar of SimoneB

    Two kids, two inside cats, a puppy toilet training and an old dog, this would be my dream appliance to keep my Lounges, carpets and car hygienic and clean.

  175. Avatar of Jane C

    How awesome would this be? I have two dogs and a toddler, so spills and messes are just a part of my life now haha!
    I would love to be involved in testing this cleaner and giving it a run for it’s money.

  176. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    With 2 boys under 4, a dog with dark long fur that sheds most of the year, and 6 cousins that love to visit and picnic on the lounge room rug – a portable wet dry cleaner wind be a go-to send.
    Add in aus-kick muddy shoes, Kindy muddy gum boots and living near the beach – and our cars and child seats would love a Depp clean.

  177. Avatar of Hayley Jennings
    Hayley Jennings Reply

    I would LOVE LOVE to try this out. I have 3 kids under the age of 6 plus a dog & our carpets (especially the toy room) is disgusting! No matter how many times I clean up & scrub after them (biscuit crumbs, cake, lollipops, glitter, poo/wee accidents, chewed tissue, vomit, dribble, dirt, dog food, spilt milk…you name it, we have it on our carpet) it gets dirty again within seconds & some of the smells leftover seemed permanently ingrained into the material now. I would do anything to test this machine as i just can’t seem to get our carpets clean (& they’re not even a year old!) and it’s too expensive & time consuming to get a professional cleaner out on a regular basis. Not only would I like to test it on our carpets but also some cushions that don’t have removable covers & potentially even our curtains & mattesses that also have unsavoury stains.

  178. Avatar of Courtney Austin
    Courtney Austin Reply

    I love the compact size! It would make it easy to get it out for a quick clean! With two toddlers and a newborn I would appreciate this so clean up the food mess and spit ups from the baby! My car seats could also do with a good clean!!

  179. Avatar of Angela Gordon
    Angela Gordon Reply

    With a 9 year old boy, a dog, a cat and a husband who are always in and out with dirty feet and shoes the rug doctor machine would come in handy! Don’t want the stress of having to rent the cleaning machines that you have to lug upstairs. This is just the right size and would love to see how good our carpets come up!

  180. Avatar of Nicole Pettifor
    Nicole Pettifor Reply

    I would love to be involved with testing and reviewing the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner as with a newborn baby, a Labrador x Great Dane, a turtle who likes to roam around and a husband with a dirty job; our carpets go from looking beautiful and clean, to filthy in the blink of an eye!
    Living in a new development, there is plenty of dust around from all the vacant blocks and with winter soon to be arriving, muddy paw prints are a given!
    I would also love the opportunity to test out the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner on our vehicles.
    The most appealing feature to me is that the cleaning is chemical free! I’m also extremely intrigued and would love to test the suction on our thick carpets!

  181. Avatar of Deb Herdegen
    Deb Herdegen Reply

    This would be amazing to trust such a compact rug doctor. With 2 young boys, a dog, a hubby and living rural with a drought and lists of dust walked into the house I certainly could give this a real try for every other family.

  182. Avatar of Juanita

    I have a gorgeous little kitty, he’s a Maine Coone breed and has that much hair, which in turn leads to furball’s all over the place….plus I always spill my mugs of tea as I walk it from the kitchen to the lounge…I would probably use this on a daily basis, actually I definitely would….

  183. Avatar of Debbie

    I have 3 boys 8 4 and 6 months I can see this being very useful to my life

  184. Avatar of Rebecca

    OMG yes, my carpets are disgusting and we’re in a rental, I have 3 outdoor mud loving sons and a tradie husband…. u get the picture

  185. Avatar of Ellen Grieve
    Ellen Grieve Reply

    I would love a rug dr at home so I could clean up the yucky spills and messes made by my 3 beautiful daughters. I love them, but gee they can make a mess!

  186. Avatar of Leanne

    My family would love one of these machines. With a 10 and 8 year old boys plus a 3 year old daughter who loves play dough and paint. Plus a newborn mess is everyday always. I can not express how handy and well used the rug Doctor would be in our house.

  187. Avatar of Melissa Johnston
    Melissa Johnston Reply

    I love that it is portable and easy to use with a murderous cat and hyperactive 5 year old running around me!

  188. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    I love that it is portable and easy to be able to use in the car – car seats always get stained.

  189. Avatar of Karen yan

    I love a portable cleaning tool for sure. With 2 little ones the house and car keep getting messy and full of hard to remove stains. This will be super handy throughout the day. I would love to review it.

  190. Avatar of cleo

    Eliminating all mess and stains with ease, would be a breeze. No nasty chemicals making easier to breathe.

  191. Avatar of KarinaJ

    With 2 boys, one 7 and one 2, living with carpets is a very scary thing. I feel like I’m constantly running after them trying to scrub up messes they make before it stains. Especially in a rental!!
    My 2 year old recently got into my make up and painted the floor with my Kylie Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette (R. I. P.) and despite trying different brands of carpet cleaners as well as home methods, I just can’t get the stain out!!
    Ive previously only lived in houses with hardwood floors so carpets are stressing me out majorly. Having a carpet cleaner would definitely help with the stress of it all.

  192. Avatar of Cheryl Goddard
    Cheryl Goddard Reply

    We are selling our house and am I desperately trying to keep the carpets and couches clean with the three kids and the dog! Muddy feet, food and drink spills and greasy finger marks will be so easy to clean with the rug doctor portable spot cleaner!

  193. Avatar of Tamika Wickham
    Tamika Wickham Reply

    I love how portable this is? Can easy move to any room that needs a clean or out to the car.

  194. Avatar of Karen

    I have three girls, one is still toilet training and two dogs. I would love to use a machine like this to see what my carpet really looks like. I really like that it is portable so I could also clean my car with it as well.

  195. Avatar of Emma-Leigh
    Emma-Leigh Reply

    It’s not only my saviour for children’s spills and our two dogs’ fur and accidents, but it’s portable making my life so much easier and reaching those places that I can’t usually get to with a plug in cord.

  196. Avatar of Tammy

    I would love to try one
    with a 2.5 year old toilet training and a Dog this would be amazing

  197. Avatar of Samantha

    The amount of use I’d get out of a rug doctor would be unbelievable. I feel like I’d have a use for it everyday for a year then start back at the beginning again! I’ve got 2 kids 3 including the husband and a very energetic, loves to dig dog so don’t think I need to say anymore lol

  198. Avatar of Olivia Furner
    Olivia Furner Reply

    My carpet is covered in stains and there never seems to be the time to hire a cleaner! I’d love to have my own spot cleaner at home so I can get rid of them Chemical free all by myself!!

  199. Avatar of K sisson

    As a home owner and a renter this is perfect! I have 3 kids a dog and a cat and i am always faced with stubborn stains. My car seats are disgusting. Thr fact i can bring this with me anywhere is amazing!

  200. Avatar of Brodie

    I’d love to test out the Rug Doctor carpet spot cleaner as our house contains two young boys and a large dog – which means an endless supply of muddy stains and spilled drinks!

  201. Avatar of Laurinda Kelly
    Laurinda Kelly Reply

    My photo is from the lounge room in front of tv. As you can see it’s got spills & marks and desperately needs a clean. I have 3 kids & 2 little dogs that all add to the stains. One Puppy has started going to the toilet on the carpet now and then mistaking it for her grass pee mat. We moved here recently from a house with no carpet and the adjustment for all the young ones is making a lot of work. It would be so tremendously helpful to be able to do spot cleaning as that’s exactly the issue in my home. It’s just individual spot marks. We were in drought in townsville until recently also. So all of a sudden the mud was being brought in from outside. Would love a chance to be a tester. I’m a reviewer for other companies but never had a chance to test a cleaning product. Amazing chance for whoever you choose. Thank you.

  202. Avatar of Natalie Power
    Natalie Power Reply

    With 5 kids aged between 11 and 11months it would be great to be able to really clean the carpets and dining chairs!!

  203. Avatar of Rachel Weldon
    Rachel Weldon Reply

    I love that I would be able to clean up after my kids and pets ( and husband) straight away with the rug doctor spot cleaner. With it being lightweight and easy to use my sofa, rugs, carpet and even car will always look like new.

  204. Avatar of Raquel

    This would be awesome, we have 3 boys and live on acreage. The machine being lightweight, portable and having the retractable handle to reach tricky spaces is ideal.

  205. Avatar of Elena Krivickas
    Elena Krivickas Reply

    We previously had an elderly cat who peed everywhere and though we did our best, the floors have never recovered after she passed in Feb. Add to that a dog, cat and a newborn our already crappy carpet is really start to look sad with mystery stains appearing weekly, we can’t afford new flooring at this point in time so the Rug Doctor sounds like a godsend.

  206. Avatar of nikki

    with a little one year old baby whirl wind this would be so so handy. We already have hand marks on our couch.

  207. Avatar of Belinda LS
    Belinda LS Reply

    Having 2 kids and one crawling soon, keeping the floor exceptional clean is a must. Rug Doctor sounds like a godsend.

  208. Avatar of Leia

    we are a family of 4 with 2 children and own an English mastiff 100kg dog that slobbering is his day time job. i am constantly trying to keep my rug clean and this looks like it would be a handy and easy way to regularly keep ontop of the mess.

  209. Avatar of Penny

    I could uae it daily with toddler, teens, husband & animals! The compact size and the simplicity would be a huge hit.

  210. Avatar of Laura Wood

    I am always hiring a carpet cleaner to clean my carpets and rugs. With carpet in 2 thirds of the house it’s a big job. I would love the rug doctor so that I could clean the carpets in my own time and it would be such a healthier environment for the family to be in. It would also be fantastic for cleaning our fabric couches that get so dirty with 3 kids.

  211. Avatar of Hanfishhh_
    Hanfishhh_ Reply

    I have a family of 3… Soon to be 4 (in a week!) and with all bedrooms carpeted with a family who drags mess into the house and a dog who WAS in the toilet training, we are desperate to try this! Even if we have to send it back!!!

  212. Avatar of Alison

    I love that is chemical free, my 4 month old often throws up after her feeds which has resulted in our poor couch and shag pile rug taking a beating and require a deep clean.

  213. Avatar of Lisa Nichols
    Lisa Nichols Reply

    I love that it cleans a spot or a whole room and our carpet has kiddie fun stains that I need gone!!!!

  214. Avatar of JulesWT05

    Between a headstrong and determined toddler and a house rabbit, the dark carpets in our rental take a beating. They are forever dropping food – of course not an easy food to pick up like mushy banan or a meat pie which has fallen tomato sauce face down! The little one is now at an age where he tries to help or copies our actions so where he tries to help clean up said pie, he ends up smooshing it further into the carpet! We’ve had to hire professional carpet cleaning ahead of each rental inspection which is quite costly, and have our car interior professionally cleaned because the food dropping doesn’t end at home.. we’d certainly put the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner to the test!

  215. Avatar of Adrienne22
    Adrienne22 Reply

    Between 4 kids, a sloppy as heck hubby, neighbours and friends who call our place home and a pesky (but snuggly) rabbit that owns the joint, our house is always a mix of clean, dirty, spills, ‘accidents’ and spots!!! We are longing for a way to clean up Nibbles’ accidents, the kids nailpolish woopsies, and the odd squished in food stain, and this looks perfect! My car seats have also been treated poorly and the easy to carry unit would help immensely!! Please consider me 😉

  216. Avatar of Dewi

    I have a Bissell spot cleaner and I love it. But if this rug doctor is as good as they say it should clean up the mess from my house full of boys better than my Bissell.

  217. Avatar of Courtney Hawe
    Courtney Hawe Reply

    2 kids at school who track who knows what inside, a 1yo who loves to squish anything she can into the carpet, a husband with dirty boots and two cats who leave dirt on beds, lounges and the carpet, this rug doctor spot cleaner would be my new bestie!!!

  218. Avatar of Tess m

    Two dogs + one cat + one toddler + one muddy husband = yucky carpets!
    I love that the rug doctor can spot clean easily making keeping our floors tidy and free from dirt that mr almost one can pick up and eat off the floor!

  219. Avatar of Josie

    Where do I start with 2 kids and a dog and hubby our carpets are disgusting. This product looks amazing the spot treatment is definitely what stood out for me.

  220. Avatar of Sheena grey
    Sheena grey Reply

    I’m in a rental home and I love the fact that this would get rid of any stain imaginable and keep my carpet looking like new especially before a house inspection

  221. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline White Reply

    I love how its portable and convient to use and relocate. and it really gets to stubborn stains.

  222. Avatar of Letitia overmyer
    Letitia overmyer Reply

    With 2 kids and a little dog what more could i want. Other the the rug doctor to c9ne to my rescue and save my carpets.

  223. Avatar of Emilee Body
    Emilee Body Reply

    Being a mother of four boys our home can get pretty hectic especially around meal times. There generally isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself scrubbing off some foreign mark from the carpet, just recently it was red food dye and I’ll be honest it took hours to get out and a fair few adult worlds circling in my head but I eventually got there, having a Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner would have been a sanity saver with cleaning that mess us. I will say though, with having four boys this is definitely not the first food dye stain and knowing my boys it’s fair to say it will not be the last either. So to save my sanity I will say I beg you to let me try this (what some would call) lifesaving product.

  224. Avatar of Danni-elle M
    Danni-elle M Reply

    I love that this is portable enough to clean the couch, carpets and car interior. Between my partner, son and dog there is always a mess, particularly on my upholstered couch, to clean.

  225. Avatar of Emily

    I love that it’s safe and chemical free. With 2 young children I need to know my carpets are safe for them especially given they’ve been known to eat off the floor.

  226. Avatar of Jodie Johnston
    Jodie Johnston Reply

    I love how functional it’s portability makes it. Not only would it make it so easy to whip it out for those ‘unavoidable’ stains that comes from having 3 little kids, but it would be perfect for those times that one of them spills a drink on the carpet. Or when you clean their bedroom and a mouldy apple (why must they hide them?) has made a nice little mark on the carpet under their bed it makes it so easy to pull out the Rug Doctor and voila it’s gone. Plus I’d love to be able to sit back in hubbys car again… spilt orange juice and coffee are the bane of my existence and I’m at my wits end trying to remove the smell and the unsightly stain that just won’t budge! Help me Rug Doctor, you’re my only hope!

  227. Avatar of Rebecca McCrae
    Rebecca McCrae Reply

    Portable, so I can take it from my kids messy bedroom carpets full of pen, paint & dirt, & then out to my car to clean the mess on my car seats from food & drink from every imaginable source, & then back in to clean all my house rugs from all the general dirt & grime!

  228. Avatar of Casey

    Love the fact that it has a motorized head! Would do such a better job than elbow grease alone

  229. Avatar of Holly-Anne
    Holly-Anne Reply

    I love that this is portable and will be easier to use than the large clunky ones. I look forward to removing the tough stains from kids and pets and refresh the house!

  230. Avatar of Skubi

    I have 2 poodles, while they are pretty clean and don’t shed fur, they can be rough on the furniture. One used to love to use the armchair to rub his face and despite regular scolding, it continued for years. This handsome old chair now has a horrible brown stain and no-one will sit on that chair! I would love to have a Portable Spot Cleaner from Rug Doctor to renew the poor old chair. Then I can go clean the stain of my daughter’s carpet too!

  231. Avatar of Amber C

    With two kids under three, a dog and a clumsy husband my carpet has definitely seen better days and could use some super loving! I love that this rug doctor is portable so I can spot clean under the high chair or the car seat with ease and effectiveness

  232. Avatar of Vivienne Dobin
    Vivienne Dobin Reply

    I love that you can clean chemical free and I would love to have one of these carpet cleaners because my husband is worse than a child constantly dropping things and refusing to take off his dirty shoes

  233. Avatar of Brittany D
    Brittany D Reply

    I would love to review this product as being a mum of a toddler, along with being a pet owner of a dog, my house gets thrashed each & everyday!! This product looks amazing & would help me make our home a better environment for our whole family, our pet included!!

  234. Avatar of Sarah

    3 kids , 2 dogs , a cat , hermit crabs……. Need i say more
    My lounge , rugs , carpets and stairs are long overdue for a clean and this product looks perfect for this mummy !!

  235. Avatar of Leeann

    With 2 kids a dog and a cat plus the hubby this mumma is busy cleaning all the time. This little beauty would help sooo much

  236. Avatar of Kristy S

    Omg!! Where has this been all my life!?! With three ‘creative’ kids, a cat who has kidney problems and a hubby who is like an extra child this would be a saviour in our home!

  237. Avatar of Emma Drew

    I have a husband, a 5 yo son, a 2 yo daughter and a 6 month old puppy. Our carpets have seen every stain imaginable – food of all sorts, drinks galore, and countless body fluids from the 3 smaller family members we don’t want a carpet cleaner, we NEED a carpet cleaner… desperately. And don’t even look in my car (I’ve lost count the number of times someone/something has vomited in there)

  238. Avatar of Carissa M

    We have 2 children, a small bird (who poos alot) and live in a rental. We are forever cleaning up spills and messes and wet bedding. So the Rug Doctor would be really family-friendly in our house. Couches, mattresses and carpets could all do with a good, regular clean. We also go 4wd, so I love that it’s portable for ease of use on all areas.

  239. Avatar of Rebecca Gillett
    Rebecca Gillett Reply

    With a husband, a toddler, a just crawling baby, a dog and 2 cats, there are endless snaccidents, mishaps, trips, spills and thrills. We need a spot cleaner like this so I can treat spots properly and hygenically right away, easily, instead of on my hands and knees scrubbing!

  240. Avatar of Bec

    I have 2 boys and a husband. That should be enough reason to give out 5 machines. However it looks amazing and I am sure 1 will do the job just fine. Thanks.

  241. Avatar of Jlongshaw

    With 3 kids, one a 6yr old boy who sleep walks at night to find the toilet and doesn’t actually find the toilet, this would be life changing for us!! Cream coloured carpets could be kept that way with this carpet cleaner!!

  242. Avatar of Lauren Griffin
    Lauren Griffin Reply

    That it’s a safe and chemical free way to clean ur family home.

  243. Avatar of Shana Pickering
    Shana Pickering Reply

    I love the rug doctor machines, i have hired them plenty of times. Having 2 dogs, a cat and 2 toddlers my carpets & couches have seen better days! Id love to be given yhe chance go trial the portable version or the rug dr!

  244. Avatar of Mrsblack2250
    Mrsblack2250 Reply

    2 dogs + 1 kid + 1 husband = extremely dirty carpets.
    Would absolutely love to have the opportunity to test this out.

  245. Avatar of Sara

    With 5 boys plus a husband a dog and a cat lets just say my carpets get neglected a egole bunch i would absolutely love to win one of these so i could keep on top of my carpets as much as my boys tend to trash it

  246. Avatar of Felicity I
    Felicity I Reply

    With a mechanic, 3 kids under 6 and a dog my carpets get lots of stains. My kids like to steal milo or chocolate or peanut butter from the pantry and eat it on their long pile beige carpet… milo doesnt come out easily. We rent so we professiobally clean our carpets every 3 monthz to keep the stains at bay. One of these machines is what ive always needed maybe ill save money on professional cleans.

  247. Avatar of Viv

    Dirt, spills, dirt, fur and more dirt…
    A child and a dog and that means dirt…
    I NEED a rug doctor too clan clean clean.

  248. Avatar of Narelle Allen
    Narelle Allen Reply

    The fact that it’s portable is perfect for the kids messes and when the dogs pee inside. Or when the cat knocks over your drink…..

  249. Avatar of Jacinta H

    With 3 kids, an elderly cat and an endless energy border collie our carpet is constantly needing a deep spot clean which would be made so much easier with a portable rug doctor so the mess could be instantly and easily cleaned.

  250. Avatar of Beverley Brand
    Beverley Brand Reply

    Yuk ! I have just dragged the rugs out now it is getting cooler and I wonder what colour they really are and then there are the ‘spots’ on the carpet – courtesy of my grandson ! Who can shift those !!!

    Prove it if you can !

  251. Avatar of Imogen Hay
    Imogen Hay Reply

    It looks so easy and convention to use!! My kids are forever spilling their food and drinks all over the rug and couch. This would be the biggest blessing in our lives

  252. Avatar of NJ

    With two kids, two dogs and two cats a little extra help would be great. This would be the perfect helping hand for our family

  253. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen Stevens Reply

    With 2 children and a rental property full of carpet and rugs trying to keep the carpets and rugs clean is a full time job. I would love to trial the rug doctor portable spot cleaner to test the capability and results. Couches, car and carpet and rugs, put this machine to the test to see if it has what it takes and share the results with everyone.

  254. Avatar of D83

    Carpets vs 3 kids, a labradoodle puppy and a stubborn cat.

    It would be great to even out the score!

  255. Avatar of Emma Collins
    Emma Collins Reply

    OH MY GOSH! I would love to give this a whirl on our cat hair covered couches to get all the kids grimey finger prints and smells off!

  256. Avatar of Veronica Halpin
    Veronica Halpin Reply

    With my dogs, kids and friends coming over all the time. Dirty rugs are a hassle to clean, especially coffee stains and dog paw prints/urine smell.

  257. Avatar of Danielle Thompson
    Danielle Thompson Reply

    This is literally the funniest timing! We have a rental inspection tomorrow (ugh), and the house we live in has disgusting carpets from the 70s that the owners aren’t keen on changing up. So we have to deal with crazy messy naughty boys taking food in the loungeroom and we have a plastic mat under our dining table because oh I forgot to mention the dining room is carpeted too!! Classic 70s style! So not only are the carpets old, they seem to cling onto old stains like a hoarder to their sentimental junk. How fun. And the result is gross stain decorated carpets. Oh and I didn’t get back to why the timing was so funny! In our desperation (to clean but also save $$) we hired a wet vac thingy from Bunnings and I swear it’s made the stains worse! So please please please please pretty pretty please can I try the rug doctor I would so love to actually not be ashamed of my house and let people into it on account of my lovely clean carpets. (I’m on my knees here!!) Lol please pick me haha I’d love to see the difference now that we’ve also tried the Bunnings one. Be an awesome comparison.

  258. Avatar of Emily

    I need this so bad! My 6 year old vomited all over her carpet last week and I just can’t get rid of the smell. We also have black couches that are filthy and my car is a horror scene. I have a 2 year old as well so there are always messes!

  259. Avatar of Karin A

    I love that The Rug Doctor is portable and would be great to use on my car’s upholstery which gets grubby from handcream marks and moisturisers. My grandchildren 2 and 4 are also quite messy and accident prone leaving stains on the carpet. The Rug Doctor would certainly be a very useful addition in my household.

  260. Avatar of Jena crosbie
    Jena crosbie Reply

    Living in a farming community, my house is prone to having dust everywhere through the house, the carpet being the hardest place to keep cleAn. So every month I hire the rug doctor to do the carpets. And for a night the carpets look an smell amazing. Then my toilet training son decides he can’t make it to the toilet, my newborn power chucks all over the carpet and couches. The kids spill their drinks, the dog come in covered in mud. The list continues. So to be able to spot clean instead of dreading the scrubbing would be amazing!

  261. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that it is easily movable and portable. I need a Rug Doctor because our two dogs, two kids, two guinea pigs and my husband are so grotty. Not to mention the boots that get walked through the house after being out in the chicken coop.

  262. Avatar of Jacqui

    I have two young children, a naughty cat and a giant puppy who slobbers like mad and loves to roll in any dirt she can find. Between the 4 of them, I struggle to keep our carpets and car clean. I love that the Rug Doctor spot cleaner looks easy to move around when needed, but powerful enough to get the job done well. I would love one of my own.

  263. Avatar of Amy woods

    With 5 kids aged 10, 8, 7, 5 1/2 and a 3 month old. 2 cats and 1 dog. this product would be a dream come true. With 3 doing footy and not always taking there footy boots off before coming inside and a daughter who is always dropping some sort of make up that she has snuck out of my room lol or the water she has spilt in her room and not told me about till I see the mark in the carpet lol. And also with my baby who is a very chucky baby who has got the carpet rug and couch this product would be fantastic to get all the nasty things out. Also with my car it would be great to get all the marks off the seats and roof from were my grubby children have been. Also would be great to not have to scrub the carpet from were a cat has been sick as well as getting rid off the doggie smell from the couch. Being in a rental property as well it would be great to keep the place looking great all year round. Kids can be messy and a product like this would definitely be one I would love in my life and would definitely make life so much easier and take away the cost of professional carpet cleaners all the time. I would love the chance to review this awesome product please.

    • Avatar of Amy woods

      Also being chemical free is an added bonus as with a son who has serve asthma
      A lot of chemicals flare it up so chemical free is definitely a win in this house hold.

  264. Avatar of Alana

    I live in a rental, I have 3 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats and I am also a foster carer for dogs and puppies. I couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be to have a carpet cleaner available for when ever I needed it (which is a lot LOL) I always say to myself I’ll pay someone to clean it or I’ll hire the machine and do it myself but I never get around to it. I could clean the messes as they happen, freshen the carpets for house inspections, the possibilities are endless!!

  265. Avatar of carole

    single mum of a master 7 and miss furry meow 3 with personal issues and struggles the performance and versatility of this machine would be a blessing, to be honest it looks like this machine really sucks which is what my carpets need, although my couches even more lol

  266. Avatar of Vera N

    My carpet used to be white a blue, now it looks yellow and green with hints of brown. I’ve wasted money on “professionals” but if i want it done right I’ll have to do it myself, that’s why I’d love to give this a go!

  267. Avatar of Amy Murdoch
    Amy Murdoch Reply

    My rug needs major doctor’ing! I have four kids (endless food stains), a 9week old puppy (accidents!!!), and a tradie partner walking all manner of work boot dirt! My rug has seen better days and the grimy stains from sticky fingers all over my couch, my once beautiful ‘BLACK’ couch.
    We also live in a rental so this could be the godsend we need to keep carpets looking clean and fresh.

  268. Avatar of Angela

    We have a young puppy without bladder control so it would be awesome to spot clean the carpet after each mishap with the Rug Doctor

  269. Avatar of Peta Bown

    I would love the rug doctor portable cleaner as not only do I have two children of my own and a dog but I also run a family day care service . With this I can keep the carpets and couch looking and smelling clean and sanitary.

  270. Avatar of Simone

    I would love to try the rug doctor portable cleaner ! With 4 kids and 3 cats my carlets mats and couches could all do with a decent clean however it is hard to find something that actually works . The rug doctor looks like a great product.

  271. Avatar of compingKaz
    compingKaz Reply

    A messy husband and grubby kids, plus
    a muddy dog, makes carpet cleaning a constant slog.

  272. Avatar of Trina

    With 3 very messy kids I need this in my life. We live in a rental so this would be awesome to take this with us whatever house we are living in. Please let me win this

  273. Avatar of Stacey Bennett
    Stacey Bennett Reply

    I have a black kelpie dog who is always rolling around outside and coming inside. I also have 2 grubby boys who love to make mess! Of course I picked a light cream carpet for my house! I’m losing the battle to keep it presentable! Help!

  274. Avatar of Amy Quinn

    Four kids. Two (aging) cats. A whole flock of chooks and mud outside. There are areas of carpet here which are more stain than carpet!

  275. Avatar of Stephanie P
    Stephanie P Reply

    This could not have come past me at a better time! I am in the process of moving my family in with my elderly father to assist day to day and am in the process of scrubbing the house top to bottom including the carpets, couches and mattresses which are in desperate need of some TLC! With a grubby hubby who tracks mud though the house, a tradie brother that comes for dinner daily with he’s dirty work boots and dusty hands, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a two year old who loves mud and anything messy and a newborn on the way we always have new spots to clean. The fact that the cleaner is chemical free andcan also be used on mattresses, couches, car seats, prams the possibilities are endless with what I can give a good clean!

  276. Avatar of Linda

    My couch is full of baby vomit, wee and random food stains…. I need this product to get these out!

  277. Avatar of Share Ussher
    Share Ussher Reply

    We love it because it’s portable! With 4 young, adventurous boys & 1 messy Quaker parrot; our poor carpet & rugs get trashed daily. No matter how many times we don’t say “don’t eat or drink in the lounge/bedrooms” they still do. We’d love to try Rug Doctor & have it permanently live in our home.

  278. Avatar of Share Ussher
    Share Ussher Reply

    Whoops I missed a letter in my name when posting my comment, it’s meant to be
    “Sharee Ussher”

  279. Avatar of Helenandjohn Pearce
    Helenandjohn Pearce Reply

    Living on a farm the dirt grime and mess we get through our cars and home, the rug doctor would be a godsend. It will make everything look so sparkly new.

  280. Avatar of Neha

    Being a first time working mum to an 8 months old who has just started learning to walk and feed herself, days are hard with li’l to no time for cleaning and a need to to keep the house clean for the young one. I believe rug doctor can help me clean my entire house and car and keep them spotless as it’s portable and the pictures show that it is effective too so would love to try it

  281. Avatar of Natalie

    My two dogs, cat and two toddlers make quick work of making my carpet, rugs a D especially lounges a huge mess! Living in the country with red soil and dusty roads only adds to the problem. I would love to opportunity to try the Rug Doctor spot cleaner!

  282. Avatar of Angel

    With a husband, three young kids and a cat i would love to try this.

  283. Avatar of Clean freak needs help
    Clean freak needs help Reply

    With a 3 yro and a puppy both toilet training I need all the help I can get keeping my lounge and carpet clean!! I thought my son would be easier than the dog to train, boy was I wrong!!

  284. Avatar of Ione

    The babys favourite way to say she is done is to throw her food and drink. Some days I think the carpet eats more food then she does.

  285. Avatar of Lauren

    Our old dog is constantly peeing on the floor. We have one dark stain that just won’t budge. I’d love to try this spot cleaner on it! We also need to detail my car for the arrival of our new baby so once again this would be perfect!

  286. Avatar of Angela bourke
    Angela bourke Reply

    I need this product, with two super messy boys and a husband who says he’s not messy, you can guess the state of my carpets.

  287. Avatar of Char

    4 kids, a dog and a husband as well,
    Ensures our carpets go through hell,
    Spills and stains and doggy doo
    Leave me wondering what to do,
    The portable rug doctor steam cleaner would be a dream,
    To help make our carpets sparkling clean.

  288. Avatar of Kat Dodd

    With 2 kids under 3, a husband who is a tradesman and loving in the bush, our house can get very dirty.
    Would love a easy solution to keep all our carpets and couches looking clean and fresh

  289. Avatar of Jessica Quilty
    Jessica Quilty Reply

    I have 3 kids and 2 dogs and not one of them understands that food stays on the plates not the carpet!

  290. Avatar of Tamara Pincott
    Tamara Pincott Reply

    Have I got some epic stains for you! Oh yes. Light carpets plus kids and an old cat who has to vomit on the carpet = perfect opportunity for you to show how awesome your product is!

    What I like most about the stain remover is that it’s on hand to tackle stains right as they happen, before they get in deeper and become more stubborn than a two year old. Winning!

  291. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    Two dogs, a cat, a ten year old and a super-active toddler, Need one of these so bad. Love that retractable handle for hard-to-reach areas!

  292. Avatar of michelle calleja

    I have 2 young girls and light coloured carpet. Unfortunately the 2 don’t go hand in hand! Also my husband never lets me live it down with ‘you wanted light coloured carpet – see we should not have gotten this colour’. I need this!

  293. Avatar of Tami Bird

    I love that I could have a professional quality cleaner on hand so that small stains and mishaps can be dealt with straight away and with 2 times the suction power of other similar products it will be dry and ready to walk on again much sooner. With two kids – a footy playing boy (who forgets to take his boots off after a muddy game!) and a girl who lives to craft up a storm – plus a dog who still hasn’t learned to wipe her paws and free range chickens that love to leave land mines that sometimes get walked into the house – this would be very helpful indeed!!!

  294. Avatar of Carolyn frances Jurgens
    Carolyn frances Jurgens Reply

    With three small children, two who have accidents and a dog who forgets toilet trading when it rains and a rabbit who is often in the house we need to try this. Getting desperate. We buy litres of enzyme spray and hubby is gearing up to ban our dear dog from the house.

  295. Avatar of Jenna Gibson
    Jenna Gibson Reply

    With four little ones on my floor,
    Keeping my carpet clean is a real chore!
    Traffic stains and spills,
    Can really give me the chills!
    I could really use a rug doctor,
    It’s a prescription,
    for fixin’.
    The oscillating motorized brush,
    Will scrub them clean in a rush.

  296. Avatar of Zoe

    Any carpet cleaner but in particular one small enough to move around the house and put away easily would be wonderful in my rental with light coloured carpeted bedrooms especially while toilet training my son and a young Border Collie puppy, along with all other messes from the two of them and keeping the car upholstery, rugs, light green lounge chairs etc clean.
    There are also multiple long time stains from before I moved in that would be wonderful to test this product on and show how well it works.

  297. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    With Kids, Pets, and a husband, I am always cleaning spots of the floors and the couches!

  298. Avatar of Dianne

    Im a single mum of 2 kids i have an almost 7 year old daughter who is behind for her age by nearly 3 years she has autism and adhd and i have a 3 year old little boy who follows his sisters behaviour. If i had the money for someone to clean my kids rooms carpets, my lounge and my car i would probbly have to have them done nearly every week. I would love to test 1 of these and see for myself how good 1 of these are

  299. Avatar of Karen Wilson
    Karen Wilson Reply

    The Rug Doctor would be a convenient life saver in my home. I am currently house training a 13 week old puppy and the toilet training seems to be her peeing in the house and me cleaning it at the moment. The surprise puddles are just a small part of why I would love a Rug Doctor. I have 4 sons, 23,20,15 and our 7 year old has autism plus other issues. We have been his guardians since he was 9 mths old and we have multiple stains on carpets and rugs from bathroom accidents and even Euky Bear cream and Sudocream rubbed into the carpet. That stuff just doesn’t scrub out. It would be amazing if the Rug Doctor got the stains out. Thank you for the opportunity to test it.

  300. Avatar of Tara

    Between the dog, child and renovations the rugs, couches and car seats are all filthy!! In desperate need of a deep clean!

  301. Avatar of Jen

    Being a new mum I have made the rookie mistakes of not covering the couch pre baby. Now we have milk stains, food stains, cleaning stains etc everywhere. We’ve also had many a coffee spill in the bedrooms from late nights and early mornings. We also have some stains on the mattress from bub too.

  302. Avatar of Amanda

    I need one because with bub on the way and two dogs at home running a muck my carpets are always getting stains! the cons of having cream coloured carpet and indoor/outdoor dogs!!!! with the frost coming they keep bringing dirt in, and it would be amazing to spot clean the nasty spots so when bugs starts crawling I will have no heart attacks!

  303. Avatar of Emily

    I love the idea of having a machine to do all the scrubbing for me. Being a household of 2 turdlers and 2 big energetic puppies (4 under 3.5 if you count the furbabies) you can only imagine the endless mess and stains I deal with on a day to day basis add that as well as living on a farm and my house may as well be a massive mud pie full of questionable flavours.

  304. Avatar of Sharon E

    Wow! I love that it’s chemical free AND looks so easy to use. Being able to clean my carpets regularly without all the expense would be great!
    With a dog, 2 cats and 3 kids, 10 year old carpet, rugs & 3 couches, our house would be completely renewed with this! And I’d be able to clean my dads rugs too! With Parkinson’s he tends to spill things a LOT.

  305. Avatar of Katy Dingwall
    Katy Dingwall Reply

    I’d be ver happy to test the rug doctor spot cleaner, we hire the rug doctor deep cleaner every few months and to be able to spot clean in between the deep cleans would be amazing. I love that it’s portable and it’s a solid reputable brand so you already know it’s going to be good. With 3 kids- one being a very messy toddler! Plus a dog and 2 birds our carpet gets quite disgusting. I did have a bissell spot cleaner but it broke hence the state my carpet is in now. I would love love love to try the rug doctor and let everyone know how great it is

  306. Avatar of Kayla

    Would love to give it a go with 4 children full time (6 every 2nd weekend) and an inside cat the carpets and lounge get a little messy

  307. Avatar of Larissa72

    Definitely something that would be like a god sent in my home. With a very fluffy cat, a toddler who loves painting and playdoh and a mother who spills everything she eats and drinks. It would be put to good use.

  308. Avatar of Aleisha G

    I would like to try this because with 3 children (5, 2, 9m) and 2 dogs, our couch could use a really good clean. We have had 2 children toilet train on it, 3 babys spew on it and the dogs get excited on it. Our main couch is covered in dog hair and has had a few little accidents as well. Not to mention the hall runner because that leads to the toilet. Lastly, inside anyway, our house is 21 years old and looks to have the origional carpet. No amount of hand scrubbing has gotten it clean, even having them steam cleaned didnt help with the ground in dirt. I would really like to try this in the car too! Our third row seats are dirty. We didnt know that till we got the car home (didnt notice it at the dealership). So many possibilities here!

  309. Avatar of Tash P

    The double suction sounds fantastic as getting the carpets dry as quick as possible is really important with a puppy and 2 kids eager to get back to playing. This would be an amazing opportunity and it would get a real workout at our house!!

  310. Avatar of Melissa K

    Our carpets are so spotty. Carpet cleaners don’t seem to have any effect. We would love to have stain free carpet for once.

  311. Avatar of KatieG

    With an 8 year old who still has regular accidents (carpet, couch, bed, wherever), a husband who thinks bikes should be stored in the house and that shoes aren’t necessary out the back in the mud and dirt as well as the family’s believing that they don’t need to wipe up their spill because someone else will do it our carpet is getting destroyed! We are renters ok, so I’m not looking forward to the day we move out. Anything to help get the marks out without regular professional cleaning will help so much! It will also help keep the place smelling more fresh and less like a urinal.

  312. Avatar of Cindy

    With 3 kids there’s always cleaning to be done and I won’t even get started on my car! This will be a time saver and so easy to get rid of all those stains.

  313. Avatar of Elizabeth Rigby
    Elizabeth Rigby Reply

    With 2 very messy boys and a big dog there are no shortage of stains that I need to clean. It’s hard to keep the carpet looking good and in a rental its important to look after carpets so you can get your bond back when you leave.
    I love that it is portable also as our car interior is always in need of a good clean, its amazing the mess that gets under a booster seat!
    I would also take it to me parents house to help clean their carpets as they look after my messy boys also!

  314. Avatar of Becky Jackson
    Becky Jackson Reply

    I love that its portable! My poor carpet has some awful looking stains on it as my miss 2.5 gets sick every change of the weather…which means projectile vomit being portable means my poor lounge can also get a good clean from vomit and dog smells gag!!

  315. Avatar of Nicole H

    As if having 3 kids and an inside/outside dog wasn’t enough, we also live in an area where the dirt is red. This leaves our cream coloured carpets so grubby! We’ve tried other carpet cleaners that were large, heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, and they haven’t been able to lift all the marks. I’d love to try the portable rug doctor and see how it compares to other machines we’ve used in the past. Hopefully it’s the answer to my carpet stain sorrows!

  316. Avatar of Melissa Chapman
    Melissa Chapman Reply

    With a busy house 2 adults, 4 children 10 and under plus two inside cats and a brand new puppy my carpets are in bad shape, i was looking to hire a cleaner soon but having one here for when the mess gets crazy would be so much easier

  317. Avatar of Rebecca1989
    Rebecca1989 Reply

    I would love to try the rug doctor spot cleaner I’ve only ever used bissel. Thanks for the opportunity.

  318. Avatar of Jeynelle

    We have 2 grown Huskies that love the wet grass and mud, as well as a toddler that loves banana and watermelon, but also loves to smish it into the carpet! Our only non carpet space in the house is the bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry! Sooo much smelly Banana and smelly wet dog!

  319. Avatar of Aleisia

    With 5 kids, a husband and a dalmatian dog who thinks she is people, keeping my rugs, carpet and furniture protected from spilled juice, muddy footy boots, and other unmentionables is like trying to wallpaper fog – impossible!

    Help me rug doctor! You’re my only hope!

  320. Avatar of Louise

    I have husband,3 kids one who is a newborn and no time to scrub the carpet. We live in a house with 30 year old carpet which was dirty and stained when we moved in and until we can afford to replace the carpet we have to live with the current carpet there are spots everywhere and will only get worse.

  321. Avatar of karina l

    I need something that sucks. Literally. Sucks and cleans manky carpet and furniture that once was shone bright and clean, but that’s no more thanks to my two kids.

  322. Avatar of Amelia-Jayne Day
    Amelia-Jayne Day Reply

    Would love to try this on my rugs, kids bedrooms and the car carpet

  323. Avatar of Lozz

    3 young sons and an 8month old baby with carpet and area rugs all round…. need I say more! I would love the opportunity to give our carpets, rugs and family lounge a new lease on life after years of love from four very small tenants. My soccer mum van could also do with a good spot clean. The portable rug doctor could be worth its weight in gold and just what the doctor ordered for a family such as ours.

  324. Avatar of Alisha Bennett
    Alisha Bennett Reply

    With 3 kids and two dogs our upholstery is always filthy. Because we live in the Pilbara the dirt is bright red and stains everything, especially the car. As a family of scouts we end up dragging mud and dirt all through our house and car so would love to have the chance to give it a deep clean!! Also want to give it a go on our swags!!

  325. Avatar of Aleisha

    We regularly Hire the carpet cleaner from bunnings and feel it doesn’t really do a great job. It would be awesome to do a camparrison of the Two. We are a family of two adults, two young children, one inside dog and one inside cat.

  326. Avatar of Kirsty s

    I’d love a rug doctor to clean my daughters wheelchair marks off of her carpet. There’s nothing grosser than wheelchair tyres on a rainy day and of course, there’s no choice but to bring it in the house.
    A rug doctor would help me stay on top of it!

  327. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally Louise Reply

    Our rental have cream carpet in the lounge room and 1 of our bedrooms – dirt and grime is an everyday occurrence!

  328. Avatar of Candice

    4 kids, 2 dogs, a fish, a snake, a full time job and a messy husband…. please save the tiny bit of sanity I have left ‍♀️

  329. Avatar of Aldo

    Wiith 4 kids under 9 and a disabled wife, and working full time… this will help our quality of life in ensuring that the place is clean and looks and feels great with ease. Yippeeecayay!

  330. Avatar of Kim F

    Between all of my kids, my foster kids, 2 big dogs plus their pups, there is always something that needs to be mopped up. I like the idea of this product being so portable and quick and easy to use. This would be a god sent to all of us with so much to do in our busy lives, and not enough hours in the day.

  331. Avatar of Skapteinis
    Skapteinis Reply

    From fresh strawberry stains, to milk stains to cordial to … well I don’t even know what that is. Two kids, 3 cats and a dog, you name it we’ve got it.

  332. Avatar of Amy R

    As a mum to 5 kids I’m always cleaning stains and a portable carpet cleaner has been on my wish list for a long time. Today along I’ve cleaned milk out of the carpet and of the lounge

  333. Avatar of Bec S

    With 2 kids, a dog & cat that malt, & a messy tradie husband, all my carpets, rugs, couches & car seats need a good old clean! I’d love to be able to do this myself & not have to arrange a carpet cleaner every other month!!!

  334. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    I love that it’s small and lightweight unlike the big lumps you can hire from the supermarket. It’s an easy solution to clean carpets or furniture

  335. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah Blockley Reply

    Further to the above, I need one because I have kids that are very messy little creatures, as well as a husband who likes to wear his shoes inside. I have had many instances where someone has peed or gotten a blood nose or spilt something, this would be a much easier solution!

  336. Avatar of Chantel

    I currently live in a rental with cream carpets. Coming into winter, the eed mud gets tracked onto by my older two who never remember to take their shoes off. Together with a 16mo who constantly throws her food and a long haired cat that sheds everywhere, a rug doctor is exactly what I need.

  337. Avatar of Bianca Kaipara
    Bianca Kaipara Reply

    Love that its lightweight, small and easy to use. We have Primary aged children and a toddler – so we’re always cleaning up spills and stains on the carpet and furniture.

    The Easter bunnies footprints (man-made with baby powder) are to this day still visible on our carpet and our chocolate stained furniture could do with some TLC too

  338. Avatar of Janice

    With being portable and so easy to use would make so much easier cleaning up after two kids and a cat with loves to make mess on the carpets. From juice stains to sticky finger marks would love to tackle the problem straight away.

  339. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna Martin Reply

    I have a very messy toddler who loves to wipe everything into the carpet from paint, textas, vegemite, spaghetti – you name it! I also have a little staffy who is lazy when it’s cold outside and she does her business inside! This would be amazing to help keep me and my landlord happy!

  340. Avatar of KIM

    Two pugs and two kids… you can just imagine the test we’ll give your machine!

  341. Avatar of Gwen

    With 2 Grandchildren and a messy husband, I need a “carpet cleaning fairy” ! The Rug Doctor would definitely assist in this mission !!

  342. Avatar of Sheryl

    I would love to try the Rug as Larissa who is currently 1, has eczema. We have found that the carpet (most likely due to dust mites) irritates her skin and no matter how many times we vacuum, it does not eliminate dust mites. Larissa also refuses to sit on a high chair during meal times, so there are quite a few food stains due from that. I love how the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is able to reach hard to reach spots, allowing us to pick up every piece of crumb and dust and how it is chemical free, which is beneficial for the whole family.

  343. Avatar of Nicole S

    I need this in my life. Our carpet is terrible, if you even look at it the wrong way it stains.

  344. Avatar of Jo Dunstan
    Jo Dunstan Reply

    As a single mum of four sensory ASD kids and 4 cats, my carpets have been absolutely hammered! I would love to see what the rug doctor could do in my home, I am certainly in dire need it!

  345. Avatar of Krista W

    I need the Rug Doctor in my life. I had no idea kids could make such a mess if carpet especially with cheese..

  346. Avatar of Natasha

    As my daughter thinks that the lounge room rug would be the best place to do her arts & crafts my rug is crying out to be cleaned. Also the “no eating in the new car” thing you do didn’t last long before the seats were stained so it would be awesome to restore my 2 year old car seats to their original glory.

  347. Avatar of Eleanor