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NEW: Meet RUKUSfx – the Portable Music Maker Taking the World by Storm!

BIG NEWS – we just discovered THE toy of the year for older kids, tweens, and teens. It’s new to Australia – the world in fact – and it’s going to be the hottest thing since TikTok.

It’s name? RUKUSfx. Essentially it’s a handheld motion-controlled music maker that allows kids to move, mix and upload their creations to social media. We’ve never seen anything like it before – probably because it’s the first of its kind, but it’s seriously such a cool idea.

For tweens and teens who love to dance or follow dance trends on TikTok, and then attempt to make their super un-co mum rehash said dance trend with them (which never ends well), this little device is a game-changer!

Mix music with motion

In a nutshell, RUKUSfx is a portable speaker, a music maker, a sound effect device and a microphone, all in one.

RUKUSfx is small but so incredibly cool. It’s meant to be able to fit in the palm of your hand, which it does, so kids can hold it and create music and move while they groove.

It also features a build-in LED display that pulses and changes colour with every move too – because you need sound AND lights when having a dance party, right?!

Millions of mixes in the palm of your hand

The best thing about RUKUSfx is that it’s also a music maker, which works on your own movement.

RUKUSfx portable music maker
The next big thing for older kids is here. Source: Just Play

How does it work?

There are four simple moves involved – a punch, a swipe, a twist and a flick. Every move makes a different beat. You can loop, mix and remix with just these four moves and create your own unique content with the 120 different mixable music tracks or by uploading your own music. 

It also features 80 different sound effects including kid favourites like farting. That’s going to be pretty popular with my kids, I’m sure! There’s also maniacal screaming, fighting, horses neighing and the sound of crickets (which will come in handy whenever I ask my teen son a question).

And it’s a microphone too. Simply record your own vocal tracks or sound effects and include them in your own viral RUKUSfx remixes.

You can also record performances and share them with friends on social media. We predict RUKUSfx is going to be huge for tweens, teens and TikTokkers. It’s just landed in America and people are going NUTSO for it!

I know for a fact my 10-year-old dance-obsessed daughter will be begging me for one as soon as she sees it.

rukusfx music maker
Source: Just Play

What’s the story behind RUKUSfx? 

RUKUSfx is the brainchild of creator Eitan Kramer, product developer, former pro-action sports athlete, Guinness World Record holder and Uncle.

While visiting his niece and nephew one day Eitan observed the high-energy games they were playing and how creating sound and loud noises like animals roaring, maniacal laughter and farts (as kids do)was a part of their crazy play.

Eitan’s creative mind felt inspired! He went through that whole “lightbulb” moment and got a cool product idea–something fostered this childlike creative energy, made its own sound effects, and inspired movement! 

With that in mind, RUKUSfx was born.


See RUKUSfx in action

It can be hard to really see what a new product can do without experiencing it first-hand. But these adorable teens in the video below do a great job of taking us through the RUKUSfx motions:


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Create right out of the box

RUKUSfx is the perfect solution for so many families too, not just mums who miss going out dancing.


  • Energetic kids that need a creative outlet. RUKUSfx will bring this creative exuberance to life. Heck, it might even wear them out!
  • Kids who love to dance. There are pre-recorded sounds for all dance styles – ballet, hip-hop, freestyle, anything really!
  • Hard-to-shop for tweens and teens who need something to entertain them that isn’t a screen.
  • Music lovers. The great thing about RUKUSfx is that it allows kids to make their own music and remixes with various sounds and effects – a great gift for any aspiring DJ!
  • Content creators. This little device offers such an easy way to bring content to the next level and share this passion on social. Even if your teen doesn’t have their own social media account, it’s great for performing for family, friends, or just alone. Use it in the backyard, at the park, in their room – anywhere.

Plus it will bring a lot of fun to family outings, even dinner time. I can already picture my son using the farting sound effect anytime we sit down for a meal.

Move.Mix.Create for under $80 too!

RUKUSfx is ready to rock right out of the box and it retails for $75. This was one of the things that surprised us most about this portable music maker – it’s incredibly affordable! I mean, portable speakers can retail for double this amount!

Grab yourself one from Big W. Source: Just Play

RUKUSfx comes with batteries (3 x AAA) and is suitable for children 6+. It’s brand new to Australia and is currently selling at Big W. 

mum central

But be quick – RUKUSfx is selling like hotcakes! And we can see why! 

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