10 Game-Changing TikTok Cleaning Hacks You Can’t Afford to Miss

TikTok, the land of viral dances, catchy tunes, a million cute puppies, babies and ENDLESS epic cleaning hacks! Not even joking. If you haven’t discovered #cleantok yet, make it a priority for your late-night scrolling. You’ll be amazed at just what clever ideas, inspiration and education there is!

Cleaning can really suck, it really can. Thanks to these clever TikTok cleaning hacks, it can suck a whole lot less. Pair your cleaning hacks with a viral TikTok song and dare I suggest it could even be fun? Let’s not get crazy.

So we’ve done the legwork for you and pulled together 10 terrific TikTok cleaning hacks to have caught our eye!

#cleantok is a thing and I’m here for it

Nothing brings a group of like-minded people together quite like TikTok and cleaning. There are two groups – those who KNOW and share all their cleaning hacks, and those that are completely there for it, full of appreciation for the time saving and money-saving tricks.

10 TikTok cleaning hacks we all need to start doing

1. Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan

This ceiling fan cleaning hack is SO genius, I now keep a couple of old pillowcases purely for ceiling fan cleaning purposes. No more getting dust all over your bed or in your face, simply place the pillowcase over the fan blade and wipe it off, into the pillowcase. #GAMECHANGER

TikTok cleaning hack
No dust bunnies on the bed ever again. Source: TikTok

2. Forget candles, home fragrances made easy

There’s no need to buy expensive diffusers or candles to rid your home of smelling like… family life. The dog, cooking smells, footy training gear – it all starts to stink after a while. Save your money on home fragrance, the answer is a simmer pot! Simply set a pot of boiling water on the stove and add some lemon slices, mint and cinnamon to the pot, simmer for 15 minutes and let the fresh odour cleanse your home.

TikTok cleaning hacks
So easy, SO CHEAP! Source: TikTok

3. We mop our walls and doors clean now

Forget the endless cloths, ladders and bending up and down to a bucket, use wash your walls and doors with a mop! Just as a precaution, It’s probably best to have a dedicated wall mop than what you use on your floors (no one wants their floor dirt all over their walls). An excellent tip if you have kids who just can’t resist touching (or drawing) on walls!

TikTok cleaning hacks
The greatest mum hack to ever exist, surely? Source: TikTok

4. Deep cleaning your toilet is a thing

If you clean the toilet every week and it STILL smells, TikTok tells me the whole seat can come off for proper, toilet deep cleaning. Be warned though, that what’s hiding under there is not for the faint of heart. Guaranteed though, that caked on urine hiding under there is likely where the smell is coming from!

TikTok cleaning hacks
Unclip, unscrew, just get that seat off and have a look! Source: TikTok

5. Keep bathrooms smelling FRESH

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh can be a real struggle, especially as we head into the cooler weather and no one wants to open a window to let fresh air in and towels stay damp for longer. Alas, this is where essential oils come in SO handy. Add a few drops to a couple of cotton balls and place them in the bathroom bin under the liner, also add a few drops of essential oils to the inside of your toilet paper roll. Sneaky, but smelling fresh!

TikTok cleaning hacks
Essential oils, the real MVP. Source: TikTok

6. Clean sneaky grease traps with a toothpick

We all clean our kitchen benches and our stovetops but there’s a whole lot of greasy gunk that gets trapped between the two. Give it a spray with your regular bench cleaner and use a toothpick wrapped in a piece of kitchen paper towel to run along the lip of where your stovetop sits on the bench. It’s gross but also deeply satisfying, not going to lie.

TikTok cleaning hacks
So satisfying, watch that grease curl in defeat! Source: TikTok

7. Toilet rolls moonlight as vacuum attachments

Perhaps my favourite TikTok cleaning hack of them all, the toilet roll vacuum attachment for door tracks is nearly award-winning – especially if your vacuum didn’t come with handy attachments (or they’re annoyingly too big for your door tracks). Just take an empty toilet roll, pop it over the end of your vacuum hose, squash the end flat and voila, door dirt be gone! For extra suction, tape over where it fits the vacuum so there’s no suction is lost!

TikTok cleaning hacks
GENIUS. Source: TikTok

8. DIY toilet cleaning bombs

Another toilet cleaning hack but this one for toilet cleaning bombs is a goodie for hard to shift stains and deodorising! Mix baking soda, citric acid and water together and push into moulds and dry overnight. Drop one in your loo, let it fizz and dissolve, give a quick scrub and flush! You could even add some essential oil to the mix for a fragrant toilet cleaning bomb.

TikTok cleaning hacks
Weekend craft activity meets cleaning. Most excellent. Source: TikTok

9. Dirt trapped wood-look vinyl

If you’re feeling brave, take a CLOSE look at your wood-look vinyl flooring are they clean?. Those ‘textured’ planks are complete dirt traps and dull the look of your floors after a while. Take to it with a hard-bristled scrubbing brush and soapy water to transform and clean them. Or for added cleaning power, throw this denture tablet cleaning hack at them. Crazy!

TikTok cleaning hacks
You’ve mopped your floor so it’s clean? WRONG. Source: TikTok

10. Forever our favourite shower cleaning hack

Let’s not forget this epic viral shower cleaning hack that had us all running to Woolworths for a Dishmatic to keep in the shower. Keep the Dishmatic filled with a 50:50 mix of dishwashing soap and vinegar and the last person to take a shower in the morning can give it a quick scrub to keep it clean. Say goodbye to back busting shower scrub days of old!

TikTok cleaning hacks
Scrub a dub-dub, clean your body, clean the shower, what a cleaning hack! Source: TikTok

There you have it, folks, 10 terrific TikTok cleaning hacks that are so clever, they would make even MacGyver quiver.

Furthermore, this is just the tip of the #cleantok iceberg – I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more TikTok cleaning hacks for a sequel, so stay tuned to this space. In the meantime, go purchase a wall-cleaning mop and get busy!

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