10 Rules for Raising Kids in Australia That Every Parent Needs to Know

The barbecue is hot, the tennis is on and the kids are driving you mental. Yep. It’s summer in Australia! 

Before you head to the beach or jump in the pool, let’s take a few moments to not only celebrate Australia, but also ourselves. Why? Because we’re lucky enough to call Australia home and raise our little rugrats in a beautiful country.

So raise your glass as we toast Australia and all of us parents raising Aussie kids. And doing a damned fine job at it too!

Not your average parenting experience

Sure, all parents go through the daily debates with their kids about whose turn it is to pick the movie or unload the dishwasher, but some parenting moments are truly unique to Australia. Like these 10 ‘Aussie-kid-raising’ rules, to start…

1.Shoes are optional. Sunscreen is not.

And don’t even bother coming out of the house without a sun safe hat on your head!

2. Tomato sauce goes with everything.

Chips. Nuggets. Eggs. Pies. My youngest would eat sauce as a side dish if I let her.

3. Hearing, “Mum, there’s a frog/spider/cockroach/stick insect/snake in the bathroom!” is perfectly normal.

Followed by, “Get mummy the spray and a thong.”

4. Sand in jocks is also a common occurrence.

If you’re been to the beach or creek, empty your sandy jocks BEFORE you enter the house.

5. Silence means one of two things – your toddler is into the Sudocreme. Or your older child is playing Minecraft.

Either way, it means you get to enjoy a quiet glass of wine.

6. Fairy bread is life. 

Don’t even think about hosting a birthday party and not serving it!

7. Tantrums, tears, bruises and scrapes can all be cured with one thing – a Golden Gaytime. 

Paddlepops, Bubble’O Bills and Drumsticks work too.

8. UNO is a staple on all family camping trips.

And probably one of the main causes of fights between the kids.

9. No matter how sunny it is, it will ALWAYS rain at school pick-up. 

And especially hard on those days you left the umbrella at home.

10. Finally, dinner is timed by what ABC for Kids show just ended. 

Peter Rabbit’s over. Dinner time. Hurry up and eat before Ben and Holly start.”

Happy Australia Day to our wonderful Mum Central community! And cheers on mastering the fine art of raising kids in Australia!

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.

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  1. Avatar of Jenny

    This is so gold. Spot on!! Yesterday first day back at school and yep it rains at pick up.. It’s January!!!!!! Hehe

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