It’s that time of year again! The kids are heading back to school, sporting activities are back with a vengeance and you’re returning to the realm of busy days and even busier weekends!

That means finding time for breakfast before everyone rushes out the door for the day. Add some variety to the breakfast mix and enter our Milo Prize Pack giveaway for your kid! Each prize includes an Activity Tracker and three boxes of Milo cereal (Original, Duo and Protein Clusters), both with added vitamin D.

Fuel the kids for the day ahead with a boost of calcium, whole grains, fibre PLUS vitamin D and let them keep track of their daily activity. We have EIGHT prize packs up for grabs, valued at $57.96 each.

Milo competition

Milo + Vitamin D – Food for fuel 

Kids use A LOT of energy. From the moment they wake up to the moment their heads hit the pillow, they don’t seem to stop.

Give them food that will fuel their tanks and keep their engines running, especially when a whole weekend of cricket or swimming lies ahead of them. Milo cereal is an excellent source of calcium, whole grains and fibre.

But now the cereal our kids love also comes with vitamin D – a key ingredient in calcium absorption and essential for kids’ normal growth and development.


More out of their breakfast with every mouthful

You can send them off in the morning knowing they are ready for the day ahead. A single serve of Milo cereal now provides 25% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of vitamin D.

Milo cereal vitamin D

The Milo cereal range includes Original, Duo and Protein Cluster cereals, all of which are up for grabs in our Milo Cereal Prize Pack giveaway.

Eat. Energise. And Go!

In addition to the selection of yummy cereal, each prize pack also contains a Milo Champions band activity tracker. Like many of the advanced wearable fitness devices, the Milo Champions band activity tracker lets your little one monitor their steps, keep track of the time and earn points and rewards through the Milo Champions band app.

Milo cereal vitamin D prize pack

Kids can join the ‘Milo Champ Squad’ where they can learn new sporting skills from some top athletes, including cricketers Holly Ferling and David Warner, through an augmented reality experience. They can also team up with their friends, do challenges together, earn points and rewards for being active and benefit from all the goodness of daily exercise.

Win 1 of 8 Milo Cereal Prize Packs, valued at over $50 each!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


    • janine mcmonagle Reply

      the only thing to eat in the morning is MILO Ceral kids lovvvve it

    • Alice Saracini Reply

      Its the first cereal that my child (fussy) finishes every bowl 🙂

    • My sister lives in the USA & we grew up with Milo, she now travels far to an Oz shop to get her milo fix! Milo, you need to expand so everybody in the world can taste your goodness!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      I love that the new milo cereal is full of calcium, fibre and whole grains. It gets the kids set for a big day of learning and playing.

    • lauren moore Reply

      Vitamin D fortification means I don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying the amazing taste!

    • Milo has been around since I was little but I never knew it was actually that good for you. My kids love it and I feel good about giving it to them now

    • One cereal I can get allof my children to eat with no arguments. They love the taste of milo and now in a cereal I know they are getting vitamins too.

    • Charmaine Barretto Reply

      Taste and texture, vitamins and vitality, fibre and fitness = a BOWLFULL OF BOUNTY ! What better way to start a day ?

    • The new and improved milo has the same great taste – but with added goodness such as 25% of the RDI of Vitamin D – so the fussy kids can’t taste the difference.

  1. Nat hollis Reply

    I love that the kids think they are eating something a bit “naughty” (all that choc flavour) while I know they are getting a great boost of wholegrains and vit d!

  2. Dannielle Watters Reply

    MILO cereal so nutritious and full of vitamins. Australia’s most trusted brand

  3. Kids love milk and they its hard to get them to eat cereal so bingo 2 in 1 and they’ll actually eat some brekkie

      • They make an awesome “on the go” sweet treat snack – that is good nutrition. No need to add milk to devour!

  4. Well the taste is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s be honest I need the energy too so I own up to eating my fair share of Milo “get up and go” in the mornings.

  5. My son is a good eater, however when he sees the milo box he gets so excited and eats the whole bowl no leftovers!

  6. Mandy Gebhard Reply

    My kid love eating it and when the kids are happy, mum is happy!

  7. My kids LOVE MILO! If I can get them to have it in cereal form amd get the nutrients. Winning !

  8. Roberta Ferguson Reply

    My kids are fussy with cereal and there is never any MILO cereal left in the box to go stale. Happy kids and no money wasted.

  9. its delicious, nutritious and the kids love it what more you ask for in a cereal for your kids

  10. I love that it is fortified with vitamin D which is hard to get from the sun down here in TAS!

  11. The fact all of the kids love and eat them. It’s hard to find anything 6 kids will all eat. The older ones usually skip breakfast (even with me pestering them) but they will happily sit and eat Milo. One doesn’t like milk but will use alot in Milo cereal. It’s taken the hassle out of having to buy 4 different types.

  12. What’s not to love , not only these great tasting cereals but kids love milo yogurts , in milk as drink and on top of ice cream,it’s a winner all round

  13. Claire Kelly Reply

    My kids love milo and they are very interested in fitness trackers as I just got myself one.

  14. razan bouzaida Reply

    i love milo so much as a kid!! I would have milo shakes every morning in stead of water or juice!!!!

  15. It’s full of nutritious goodness that will make my son ready to get on with his day.

  16. Nicole England Reply

    Healthy start to the day and a great treat that tastes great too 🙂

  17. Amanda Giffard Reply

    I love that the new Milo cereal is fortified with so many vitamins and minerals! So many other cereals are just wheat, sugar and preservatives. Plus they are appealing to children and taste delicious as a quick snack on the go too!

  18. It is always a hassle to get breakfast done in the morning, this will make it easier and more fun for everone.

  19. Stacey Navarro Reply

    My son loves drinking Milo so Milo cereal is just another way that he can enjoy having milo

  20. I love the the way my kids face light up as soon as they see the green box come out if the pantry! I love that there are so much nutritional benefits and, how it fuels my growing and active child.. all with the delicious and familiar flavour!

  21. Jane Macklin Reply

    My 6 year old loves Milo, drinks it, eats it, with milk, without milk!! He’d love the tracker 🙂

  22. Karen Humphreys Reply

    One cereal I can get both of my daughters to eat with no arguments. They love the taste of milo and now in a cereal I know they are getting vitamins too.

  23. Danielle Tassan Reply

    i Love that my kids like it and that it is not too naughty.

  24. We love the excellent source of calcium, whole grains and fibre and that it’s 25% of the rdi of vitamin D!! Kicking goals all round!!

  25. With a variety of types there is something for everyone! Even the picky eaters love it!

  26. Milo is my childhood and now my kids & such a trusted tasty aussie icon.

  27. Nicola Voice Reply

    Milo has been a family favourite in our household for decades! Tasty but nutritious and a hit with all of the family.

  28. Holly-Anne Reply

    Breakfast is a struggle and the Turks love milo so the taste is a win!

  29. I love the fact that it’s been out for ages yet it’s still loved by so many kids & adults(brings out that inner kid in all of us)

  30. kathryn kircos Reply

    Milo is an old favorite with the good tag it gets the kids enjoying some healthy options like milk and it makes us adults enjoy being kids again liking it off the spoon Yummo and now to have it as a cereal OMG this makes my morning time easy with my daughter loving every mouthful ‘cos mummy you know milo is good for you so i have to have my milo breaky as well’ 😀

  31. Milk cereal is a favourite, with the great taste of milo & with added vitamins – a fav brekkie of my grandsons when visiting Nan

  32. My kids love it because it’s crunchy and chocolatey, I love it because it’s a nutritious and healthy cereal and they want to eat it.

    • Kylie Overstone Reply

      I like how you have vitamin D in it. The more vitamins I can get in my sons diet even my own diet is great. Thanks Milo

  33. I love that it gives my kids the energy to last all day at school

  34. My daughter can’t have milk with cereal as it makes her feel sick.
    She gets out the milo cereal and will eat a bowl of it on its own without milk.
    She loves that it has lots of flavour, tastes delicious and has all the vitamins needed.
    She says MILO is the best for everything, not just for the new cereal..
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway. Xx

  35. silvana Rossington Reply

    My young man is a true milo kid and it’s the first thing he has as soon as he races home from school. It’s like a comfort drink for him.

  36. JULIE MORTON Reply

    the chocolate hit and the energy it gives me to keep me going,and the way it feels in my mouth, heavenly bliss

  37. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    Milo cereal is the best as it is the only one that my kids eat

  38. We love Milo as it keeps our son energized with all his active sports he participates in!

  39. My kids and I love milo cereal. Between the orignal and the duo tastes great.

  40. Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    I’ve always loved milo … even dry straight from the tin !

  41. loznluke100 Reply

    I start my day with a milo every single day – as do my 4 daughters.. Its great to have hot or cold.. Its great on ice cream too or straight from the tin…

  42. Merryl Donn Reply

    Milo is nutritious and delicious, but what I really love is that everyone eats it with no arguments.

  43. Christine B Reply

    I love that it actually tastes like Milo! And I love the clusters. I put them in my lunch box for a sweet snack.

  44. My kids love Milo cereal, Milo bars, Milo drinking yoghurt, literaly anything to do with Milo!

  45. Milo gives my 3 children the energy to make it through the school day and it tastes great too

  46. I love that I can give my kids a breakfast option that they will enjoy eating.

  47. Finally no more breakfast time arguments, breakfast is a breeze when the kids eat milo cereal- and this mum even joins in for the yummy breakfast food!

  48. Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    My daughter very rarely will eat any breakfast but since trying the milo cereal thank goodness she doesnt go to school without something in her tummy

  49. I love Milo cereal because it shows that things aren’t always as they seem – underneath the coating that looks chocolatey hides a huge burst of wholegrain goodness that gives kids the energy to make it through the morning at school, able to perform at their best.

  50. Miss 7 actually eats the new milo cereal. She dont eat ANY cereal normally

  51. I love that Milo cereal can be offered as a snack any time of the day and just a couple is enough to keep the kiddies from asking for more snacks.

  52. Although we’ve never tried milo cereal…due to a preconceived notion that milo is filled with sugar and every possible bad thing under the sun…after reading the packaging and various reviews i have changed my opinion…now i think my favourite thing about milo cereal is that it’s healthy for my kids but is presented in a way that kids won’t realize this fact and will devour the ‘chocolatey goodness”.

  53. Kristy Winters Reply

    My kids enjoy it as a snack a breakfast and some times a dessert it is versatile

  54. Dianne Dyer Reply

    My kids love Milo, and would eat it for lunch and dinner as well if I let them.

  55. Tashana purkis Reply

    I love the the flavour is still the same since the day the first tin was sold family fav in every househole

  56. Milo is not just great for the kids but parents can enjoy it too 🙂

  57. Crunchy and delicious can’t wait to give some to the kids! They’ll love it

  58. 1. My kids actually eat it – so no wastage makes me a happy mum
    2. The added vitamin D – I cover my kids in sunscreen and make them wear hats/stay in the shade etc to protect their pale skin from the sun; so they aren’t getting the vitamin D they need….. Added vitamin D helps solve this problem without me worrying that they’re getting burnt 🙂
    3. I like them too…. – 🙂 🙂

  59. Daniel Gardner Reply

    I love that it stays crunchy for longer than other cereals.

  60. Such a yummy and nutritious start to the day. My son loves Milo and eats it all up

  61. I love Milo cereal because it’s yummy, the kids love it and it’s full of good ingredients 🙂

  62. Aimee McCloy Reply

    Super yum and the addition of vitamin D makes it ecen more awesome! The true test is stopping hubby from eating it all before my son gets a look in.

  63. Maria Gillies Reply

    I love the fact that you can give this cereal as a snack too! The Protein Clusters are a big hit in our household including the adults1

  64. Sara Johnston Reply

    To be honest, the thing I love the most:
    Are the excellent fibre levels Milo cereal boasts!
    Keeping my boys fuller for longer:
    Giving them energy to grow stronger 🙂

  65. I love that the new Milo cereal is high in protein and is made from whole grains. My kids think that they’re getting a treat for breakfast but it’s actually got really good stuff in their for them!

  66. Janet Marsh Reply

    I love that milo has been around for generations and now my grandsons also love milo

  67. Lori-Anne Grosse Reply

    I love that it tastes good and is fortified with vitamin D.

  68. Casey Sheppard Reply

    Kids love the new taste! And that’s the most important thing for me as breakfast is always a struggle with 4 kids!

  69. ive loved milo since i was a child 33 years ago and yet its still going strong and now my kids are in the same band wagon as i was as a kid

  70. I love that it is a cereal my daughter will actually eat! She loves it with and without milk.

  71. Julia Todd Reply

    I love that my boys love the taste of Milo cereal and they enjoy it for a breakfast packed with the goodness of vitamin D.

  72. It’s a quick and easy breakfast that I know my kids will eat

  73. My kids love Milo, it is considered a treat and they would love this prize!

  74. The health star rating which is far superior to most out there on the market!

  75. it seems to keep the kids full and its tasty enough for them to want to pick at some when they are peckish or bored

  76. brett clough Reply

    my kids love the taste and the energy before sport it gives them 🙂

  77. Great whole grain cereal with the added benefit of delicious Mo!

  78. Lisa Fairbridge Reply

    My kids love the taste and it gives them energy to start the day and keep them going.

  79. I love how the new Milo Cereal is jam packed full of sneaky goodness for healthy bones, gut and mental health!

  80. Viny Vabriany Reply

    I love that the new Milo cereal now has vitamin D in addition to the ingredients of calcium, wholegrain and fibre. Good to know my kids having all the good stuff to get them ready in the morning.

  81. Finding a cereal that kids will eat that you are happy to give them isn’t always easy. Sounds like this ticks both of those boxes

  82. Christine Dean Reply

    Cereal that my kids love and I know they are getting the energy and nutrients they need for a good start to the day.

  83. Love that Milo cereal is an excellent source of calcium, whole grains and fibre.

  84. Jess Wolff Reply

    I love Milo cereal because it’s tasty, fulfilling and packed with vitamins and fibre. It makes a great snack for kids at school too.

  85. Cereal whole family love now i only buy this and not 6 other type of cereal

  86. Mandy Smith Reply

    I love that the Milo cereal now has vitamin D which helps calcium to store in our bones. With the kids back at school this would be a great treat for them.

  87. A great breakfast treat while still getting their vitamins and fibre content for the day.

  88. Grew up in a household where large tins of MILO were always in the pantry for after school snacks. Now the current generation have MILO cereal for breakfast .. Yum! .. and Gran has put MILO CEREAL as well on her shopping list.

  89. Awesome taste. Also love that it’s whole grains, full of fibre and Vit D- which we all need

  90. I love that were taking a childhood favourite and making it even more healthier and nutritious for our kids given that we are more aware and conscious of healthy eating and living.

  91. Michelle Fay Reply

    I love how after eating the delicious cereal the left over milk is like drinking Milo in a glass, the kids drink it straight from the bowl and oh who cares soooo dooooo iiiii haahahahaha

  92. Clair Gill Reply

    The new Milo cereal is healthy, delicious and everyone in the house loves it!

  93. It’s a fun exciting nutritious breakfast to help keep their busy bodies going all day long

  94. Caroline Roeger Reply

    A great Australian cereal that tastes great and has health benefits.

  95. Ros Spawton Reply

    We love that its got a great taste. Bonus that its whole grains, full of fibre and contains vitamin D and calcium

  96. I love milo cereal cause I know not only will my kids eat it for breakfast they will also just grab a bowl of it without milk and snack on it.

  97. Melissa Simcocks Reply

    I love that it is something I know my kids will eat without a fuss

  98. It’s all about the taste, just delicious, kids come back for more.

  99. Finally, something the whole family can enjoy for breaky … even the fussy toddlers! Milo cereal is delicious!

  100. Erin Rennie Reply

    I LOVE that I can make out to the kids that they are getting a treat (you know, awesome Mum moment), but know that it’s really good for them at the same time!

  101. Leanne Burton Reply

    My daughter with Allergies can actually eat this breakfast cereal, the milo drink and the milo custard, win win for our family that we can all enjoy the same product. Thanks to Milo not having shared Lines.

  102. Karen Edwards Reply

    I know the kids will eat it who doesn’t love Milo YUM!! high in protein and nutritious

  103. Toni Rowland Reply

    I love how my childhood favorite drink is now my daughters and now in the form of the best cereal

  104. Keeps the kids going all day and they don’t get those terrible sugar crashes

  105. Bronwyn Evans Reply

    I love that my girls love it. Finally they like something that is actually good for them.

  106. I love MILO’s crunch
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    we munch!
    Nutricious, tasty, yum!
    I love it in my tum 😀

  107. Jo Nemeton Reply

    I was talking about Milo yesterday and my daughter didn’t know what it was because it’s been so long since I bought it. We ended up having Milo on ice cream for dessert. Would love to try the cereal.

  108. Catherine Howard Reply

    I love that my kids are getting calcium, whole grains and fibre when they eat Milo cereal

  109. Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    Milo cereal is a delicious and nutritious way to start the day

  110. Kate Slack Reply

    I love knowing my kids are getting the vitamins they need eating something they love.

  111. Summer Hinaki-McDade Reply

    Its so tasty. Like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy

  112. My kids are always in a rush to get to school. If we have Milo cereal then they will make time for breakfast. And it not only tastes great but is nutritious.

  113. Adele Smith Reply

    I love that Milo cereal has no artificial colours and yet contains over 12 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D. As much as I want the kids outside playing I also want them protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and knowing they get this essential vitamin D from their breakfast cereal is just fantastic.

  114. kids love Milo for breakfast not knowing it has vitamins, minerals and less sugar than most cereals

  115. Love the taste of the new milo and the fact it has vitamins and minerals. Perfect

  116. Sarah Dancer Reply

    We are big lovers of Milo Cereal in this house!! A sport-crazy family, I like to feel as though I have given my kids plenty of energy to start the day! With school, lunch time sports (even when it’s 30+ degrees ) followed by sporting activities every night of the week (ballet, calisthenics, swimming, basketball and football) my kids have to eat energy fuelled foods to keep them going! The added bonus of vitamin D is excellent as we don’t have time for broken bones in this house!! Strong bones are a necessity! *touch wood*

  117. As a sport-loving family, Milo is a daily necessity in keeping us full of energy everyday!

  118. My kids love the flavour and I love that it has all the good stuff to help them grow and have enough energy each day.

  119. I love that my boys can eat a yummy cereal that is also wholesome & good for them!

  120. I love that it has vitamin D now so it’s delicious and nutritious.

  121. Paul Heazlewood Reply

    My family loves the taste of Milo and I feel like it gives the kids enough energy to make it through the school day.

  122. I am always on the look out for high calcium and high protein snacks which my active, soccer playing, 8 year old vegetarian son will devour… and anything Milo gets his (and my) thumbs up every time!

  123. Milo is the best part of breakfast ever…. great for all of the family 🙂

  124. Jenny Wright Reply

    I throw some into the kids lunchboxes instead of something baked. The kids love it.

  125. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    I LOVE it when my kids LOVE it, easily available, nutritious and taste amazing!

  126. Milo Cereal ticks all the boxes…tastes great, well-loved brand, provides energy and the best start to the day. Now with Vitamin D! What’s not to love? Win-win!

  127. My four kids love milo and they think it’s very cool that they get to have chocolate cereal for breakfast!

  128. Very tasty and my kids knows how to pour himself a bowl for breakfast and whenever he is hungry.

  129. Janice Greaves Reply

    The fact that it’s nutritious, tasty and can be used for breakfast and a quick snack on the go.

  130. Milo soothes and invigorates me and my kids souls everyday, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon. or at night. One of the greatest things about Milo lies in it’s broad range of different products, which caters to many different target markets.

  131. It has always been delicious and now that added vitamin D makes it an ideal start to each day

  132. Susanna Martin Reply

    My girl loves them as a snack and I don’t feel so bad giving them to her as a treat compared to other products out there. I grew up on the stuff and we love MILO any way we can get it in our house!

  133. Rachel faint Reply

    Why is this just for kids I love Milo with or without milk .
    When my daughter was little she’d only eat the white milo cereal no complaints here more chocolate for me .

  134. Laura Power Reply

    I love that my kids actually eat this one! and really enjoy it

  135. rebecca foster-noble Reply

    The grandkids never whinge about boring old cereal here when there is Milo breakfast cereal ready for them

  136. I love that its easy to get my son to eat in the morning with milo cereal.

  137. Stephanie Veljanovski Reply

    The Vitamin D it is such an important nutrient and I always wonder whether my children are getting enough , having it in a delicious milo product is awesome

  138. Kylie Embury Reply

    The added Vitamin D! My 6 year old an I are both lacking in Vitamin D, and need to take supplements for the 6 cooler months here in Tassie. It’s hard to get food that contains Vitamin D, and too much sun exposure in the Summer has risks we don’t want to take! To have a way of giving him a little extra Vitamin D throughout the Spring/Summer months especially, would be brilliant, and as he loves Milo – he’d be getting it without even knowing it, not only ensuring he’s healthier, but also making my life easier!

  139. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Everyone loves the new Milo cereal for the way it keeps you going all throughout the day.

  140. I love that my entire family loves it and I know that they will be going to school with full bellies and I won’t need to worry about them being hungry.
    The added benefit of vitamin D is fantastic because with everyone wearing sunscreen vitamin d deficiency is becoming issues for people.

  141. Melissa Zammit Reply

    I love that it sustains my child’s energy for longer, that is tastes great even I like it and that it’s packs full of vitamins and minerals

  142. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I love the taste and I love that energy it gives me and the kids

  143. Kodie McMullen Reply

    I love how tasty it is and that my daughter will now eat breakfast

  144. I love that it’s nutritious without tasting bland – it’s delicious!!!

  145. Maree Gray Reply

    I love that a single serve of Milo cereal now provides 25% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of vitamin D, so the kids can have a fun breakfast that tastes good and is also good for them

  146. Cassandra Pocock Reply

    Just secretly, I think I am the biggest Milo fan in this household.

  147. Both our kids love milo cereal and the vitamin D is a bonus enabling better calcium absorption

  148. MARY WHITTA Reply

    The fact that it has Vitamin D aiding in the absorption of calcium and fibre on board too so that /granny can enjoy it as well as the grandkids!

  149. Ashlee Proctor Reply

    My daughter loves milo, it’s her favourite when she has milk

  150. Mary Irwin Reply

    I love Milo because you don’t have to argue with the kids. They know it tastes good, it looks and tastes chocolatey so they are happy, plus it gives them fibre and calcium so Mum and Dad are happy too 🙂 Winner winner chocolatey dinner!

  151. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    That it is tasty and it gives energy to my kid at the start of the day

  152. My sons favorite breakfast/ snack to eat and i love that it has calcium, whole grains and fibre.

  153. SIMPLICITY Reply

    It can be hard to get my kids to eat at breakfast time some days buy they are always thrilled with Milo cereal! They are very active and it gives them all the energy they need for the morning.

  154. Both of my children adore Milo it doesn’t matter which product I purchase, each and everyone is a hit in our home and their tummys! Keep it up!

  155. Julie Parsons Reply

    It’s so yummy my son & hubby love it. It’s healthy and gives sustained energy throughout the day

  156. It tastes so good and has lots of fibre – what a great way to sneak some extra in!

  157. Mary Phillip Reply

    A healthy breakfast/snack for the active kids who need lots of energy.

  158. Roz Nordin Reply

    Love Milo! Grew up with it and still am. Love the taste that never change. Great pick up. Warm or cold.

  159. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    Milo certainly has become more popular these days. Getting kids to play sports and be active, instead of being inside glued to computers, tablets, games.. etc.. Well done Milo – keep up the “Active Work”

  160. Paige Yang Reply

    Vitamin D is perfect for the calcium absorption. With the milk, it’s very helpful for the growth of kids.

  161. It helps with my kids as they are very picky when it comes to food.

  162. It is a great way to get the children keen to have breakfast in the morning!

  163. Vitamin D boost, so all the calcium from with the milk in their cereal is going to be used quicker for strong healthy bones.

  164. I love that the new Milo Cereal is nutritious and a meal where I wouldn’t have to hover around the breakfast table to try to convince my daughter to take another bite. Breakfast made easy I say!

  165. Skye Leigh Reply

    I love the taste of milo and my son is starting to h ave milo now too. Yet to try the new ones.

  166. Ive never heard the kids say no to milo ever. The cereal is my go to snack aswell. Just all around family bonding

  167. Jessica Bennett Reply

    Milo is just amazing, in a cereal its even better, It gives energy, whilst tasting amazing.

  168. Kathleen Gaza Reply

    I like that he thinks he is having a ‘naughty’ breakfast before school, when he is actually getting his energy.

  169. Sarah Blockley Reply

    I love that it’s still the same great taste of Milo that Aussie kids grow up with, while still having the added bonus of vitamin D. I also like the new cluster style, they’re nice and crunchy and perhaps a bit better texture than the original cereal design.

  170. Nicola Busch Reply

    It’s healthy and something the kids actually WANT to eat.

  171. It’s delicious & nutritious & it keeps the kids energised all day. I was brought up on milo & so glad my kids are milo kids too.

  172. Taylor Grummett Reply

    Milo is so delicious, my 3 year old loves having his cuppa in the morning with his mummy. The new milk cereal is just as delicious, he loves eating the milk cereal as it’s different to all the other cereals on the market. It looks just as exciting as the other sugar filled boxes but contains much more nutritious ingredients.

  173. adamwighton Reply

    Milo cereal is the second best way to eat milo with a spoon.

  174. The children love it and I know that they will eat it and start their day off right.,

  175. Sophie Low Reply

    I’m new to eating Milo so what’s not to love, nutrious, chocolaty, yummy!!

  176. That both my kids love it so there’s no arguing over which cereal to get – plus it keeps them full until morning tea

  177. My daughter loves Milo cereal, it’s her favourite breakfast, it fills her up and gives her energy to get through her busy school day!

  178. Delicious , nutritional , packed with goodness and plus I love them

  179. So delicious! Even on breakfast people like me will eat it first thing in the morning 🙂

  180. Shanayn Tessmer Reply

    Milo is great for my kids, they love it before sport and on ice cream.

  181. Milo is the most versatile substance! From just mixed with half milk and half Milo (delicious ratio), pilled on ice cream or used in baking. Everything it touches turns delicious except poo, but hey don’t knock it till you try it which I probably won’t.

  182. Milo cereal provides the ‘Get up and Go!’
    When my little person has the morning ‘Go Slow!’

  183. My girls love the chocolate and I love the fact there is goodness in every bowl, like a little Mum secret lol

  184. My child loves MILO and so do I.
    If I can get him to have it in cereal form and get the nutrients I think I am definitely winning !

  185. love thats its healthier than a lot of the sugary cereals available!

  186. Andreea Nicolesuc Reply

    The best of everything in one box..healthy, tasty, full of goodness, love that it is one that the whole family enjoys

  187. Milo cereal is the bomb. When that Milo milk is left my daughter leans in on my arm and waits for me to share it with her. She is so cute when she says more please. Followed by an mm mm mm.

  188. Candice mackie Reply

    Gives the kiddos fule for the day and a pick me up for me ☺

  189. MILO has been part of our life for many years. Whether it’s a breakfast cereal, drink or snack, MILO is the only choice for our family.

  190. Jessie Chibber Reply

    It’s super yummy and a great start to the kids and my day. Love just organising one cereal for all of us

  191. M ~ y family’s favourite cereal choice,
    I ~ love to share with the kids every day!
    L ~ ots of wholgrain goodness,
    O ~ MG it’s the best l say!

  192. Jodi Matthews Reply

    My boys love this before they go to school each day, helps with motivation and a pick me up before they go to their morning sports before school!

  193. Rowan Barber Reply

    That my kids will happily use it and make themselves some breakfast before school.

  194. Love that it not only tastes great but is also good for you with all the whole grains. Well done Milo.

  195. Dale Pearce Reply

    My kids have ALWAYS loved Milo cereal but with vitamin D added to help with growing bones makes me happy they are eating something they enjoy and is good for them.

  196. The kids already love the taste. I love the fact that it gives them a Vitamin D boost!

  197. When breakfast is sometimes too difficult for my 6 and 10 year olds, at least I know that they will enjoy their big glass of Milo before school. Enough to fill their tummies, and give them some energy until snack time!

  198. Kate Smith Reply

    My children love the magic of chocolatey Milo cereal. With vitamin D and its other goodness we know that it’s much more than just an energy kick.

  199. It’s delicious and my children can even get it ready themselves! SLEEP IN!

  200. I love the fact my kids can have Milo any time of the year hot or cold.

  201. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    It tastes so yummy that not only the kids but mum and dad also think it’s great.Gives a well deserved boost to our family’s mornings.

  202. Ruth Walker Reply

    Milo reminds me of my childhood. Now I share it’s goodness with my kids.

  203. Tammy Campion Reply

    It’s hard to keep a tin if Milo for any amount of time with my 7, lol. They absolutely love it

  204. Nowadays kids don’t get enough sun so I love the fact that there is a good source of vitamin D in the cereal my kids love.

  205. As some who has a Vitamin D deficiency, I think the idea of Milo + Vitamin D is a fantastic idea! Plus it’s easier to get the kids to eat Milo cereal rather than take a tablet haha!

  206. Chelsea Hurring Reply

    It’s great tasting, quick and easy on school mornings and my sons love it

  207. Great tasting cereal, lots of variety and perfect for active kids

  208. Only drama with Milo Cereal is it only lasts a few hours in our house, Yum

  209. Knowing my baby girl will be energised and jumping for joy every morning the milo cereal comes out!
    No more arguments to have cereal anymore

  210. Louise Hopper Reply

    My daughter won’t eat anything else, & i love that it’s quick and easy in the mornings xx

  211. Clay Pettit Reply

    Hard to get her to eat at the best of times, but Milo cereal she loves.

  212. Gina Jongsma Reply

    I love that my kids actually love this cereal. And it’s one that I will let them eat.

  213. MonkeyLovesMilo Reply

    Hopefully I will win so I don’t have to spend money on Milo for a while!

  214. Alicia Khanh Reply

    Milo is the only thing my kids eat. Knowing they’re getting all the nutrients for breakfast, it’s a product I’m happy to buy.

  215. I love giving my boys Milo cereal for breakfast. They love it and it gives them the energy they need to start their day off right. Now with Vitamin D it will help them absorb the calcium from the milk.

  216. Carlee Tredrea Reply

    The fact that my extremely fussy 6 year old loves it!!! The vitamins make it a winner all round in our house!

  217. Kaila florence Reply

    Milo has always been a go to family favourite And with vitamin D added you cant go wrong!! Love MILO

  218. When I first Pur hazed this cereal I was surprised to find that a cereal so yummy is healthy and vitamin fortified. It also makes a great snack after school.. All with the flavour of Milo. Yum!

    • Sorry for the typos. It was meant to read… When I first purchased***

  219. My childhood and still all-time favourite! Anything from Milo is a great start for the day for anyone!

  220. Tahlia sweatman Reply

    It’s a quick and easy breakfast choice that’s a sure fire way of getting breakfast into the kids and quickly. They demolish it!!

  221. Sarah Edwards Reply

    What an incredible mix of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. This would be perfect to start my day full of energy and fibre! Great for my families very active lifestyle!

  222. they say eat more greens…. milo is green I told them. And also if you didn’t eat any milo product or drink any milo during your childhood you ain’t lit enough.

  223. Louisa Frail Reply

    Yummy tasting choc flavoured wholesome goodies. Milo is the bomb.

  224. I love how MILO is jam-packed full of a major Vitamin that is crucial for a healthy existence – Vitamin D.

  225. My kids love the milo duo…. its there favorite up n get go cereal. crunch crunch yum yum

  226. Leicia Mathers Reply

    My grandson loves Milo in any way and with the added vitamins to the cereal this is a great way for him to start his day with lots of energy

  227. The kids love it so I know they will eat breakfast and its now even better as its packed for Vitamin D.

  228. Nicole Bev Reply

    A nutritious breakfast for the kids to get a great start to the day

  229. Ra Jakobasch Reply

    I love that the kids love it and get vitamins every morning.

  230. Christina Crellin Reply

    I love how Milo now has 25% RDI of vitamin D for our kids growing bodies.

  231. Milo is packed with everything good. Taste and nutritions are equally great.

  232. milo cereal – making kids believe it’s not as healthy as it really is…

  233. Michele Jones Reply

    We all love eating Milo cereal infact my kids eat everything thats made from Milo, my kids would love the activity tracker as 1 child would probably do more exercise if she had one of these and it’s her favourite colour added bonus.

  234. Cathy Aplin Reply

    I love the Milo cereal because not only does the taste of it attract the kiddies to It, but you know its got all the goodness of Milo vitamins and minerals

  235. The delicious taste coupled with the fact that my kids are actually eating something good for them without complaint – definitely a win/win!

  236. Caroline avard Reply

    Milo cereal is the only one my grandkids adl me to buy. They love it and they eat it all.

  237. Fiona Cunningham Reply

    I’ve loved Milo for 40 years. What better to give the kids then something that I myself grew up on!

  238. Georgina Daniels Reply

    My kids love milo cereal, and I love them. Also my fav colour is green.

  239. caroline spencer Reply

    Number one son eats Milo straight from the tin with a spoon . My twin daughters leant from him they also like it on Greek yogurt. I just love it any time any how.

  240. Lisa Summerell Reply

    We love that milo is constantly thinking about the whole family with their cereals, to know that both the kids, teens and mum and dad can all share the same cereal knowing that is is giving us all good nutrients and vitamins with long lasting energy to keep us all going all day.
    Plus i can munch on a handful for a chocolaty snack without feeling guilty

  241. Karli Elix Reply

    Milo isn’t just a fave for the kids, my husband and I love it too. With milk or as a snack

  242. Harry Cornish Reply

    I love that is is so nutritious and tasty! Gotta be made of Milo!

  243. I love that it tastes great for the kids and they are getting extra Vitamin D daily to help with their growing bones.

  244. My boys love Milo an Milo cereal an with added vitamins its a bonus!

  245. Lesley Olariu Reply

    Same great taste with added vitamin D….. Milo is a classic drink and breakfast favourite!

  246. Samantha Wiesman Reply

    I just love the taste it is so so yummy. I’ve been eating it for ages, oh bugger I need to get some more

  247. Tracey lee Seckold Reply

    They taste so yummy We’ve added vitamins a definite bonus gives myself and my kids heaps of energy chocolate yum

  248. samiksha joshi Reply

    my house is actually filled with milo products like:

    – milo chocolate powder
    – cereals
    – cluster granola
    – milo bars
    – i also have a milo tumbler that my brother bought for himself

  249. Lynne Fallows Reply

    they enjoy every mouth full, chocolate flavor, the 5 year old would eat it for each meal of the day if allowed and when not allowed he sneaks a bowl, its yummy

  250. I totally love tgat the Milo cereals taste and look like a treat but are full of helpful daily vitamins and calcium to keep my kids full of energy and help them stay focused.

  251. Alicia Kimberley Reply

    Not only do the kids love it I do too!!! Milo tasty goodness full of energy what’s not to love!

  252. It means my son will actually eat breakfast for a change. No more battles at breakfast time!

  253. Jasmine Valerie Stanford Reply

    It tastes great and the added vitamin d is great as well

  254. The new Milo cereal is full of goodness, yumminess and most importantly Miloness. What more could a growing, active kid ask for!?!

  255. As if the cereal itself isn’t tasty enough, you’re left with a bowl of delicious chocolate milk… which I’m a total sucker for.

  256. Renee Waite Reply

    I love milo the taste especially with lots of milk great snack

  257. I love the crunch and that each mouthful contains the fibre, protein and vitamins that my family needs to start the day with.

  258. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    We Adults enjoy it too and it gives me all the energy that I need to start the day with the kids too.

  259. i loved milo as a kid and now i love that my kids have it as a cereal and love it.

  260. My kids love the taste and knowing that it’s full of vitamins for extra energy is great too

  261. Christie Majorek Reply

    The fact that it has MILO branding has my kids won over! They love everything Milo!!! Tastes great, and encourages my kids to eat breakfast which is the most important meal of the day!

  262. We like it hot, we like it cold,
    At breakfast time, the kids are sold.
    “I love this mum,” they always say,
    Milo’s the perfect start to our every day.

  263. Allycatz82 Reply

    It’s delicious and the children are guaranteed to eat it. It has nutritional values as well so I’m not guilty giving it

  264. Pamela Dark Reply

    Busy mornings and fussy eaters can be easily overcome with a bowl of Milo cereal.

  265. Melanie Adams Reply

    Who doesn’t love milo?! I love that my whole family enjoys it, as such don’t need to buy 3 separate cereal boxes at the shops!

  266. I love the sports stars on the packaging. Kids love to look at pictures and anything that doesn’t have a princess or a unicorn on it is a great break for me. I would much rather my daughter emulating a sports star than a mythical creature.

  267. Renee Bolton Reply

    My son loves Milo, and the cereal looks great! Be good to know his getting some vitamin D, and energy for the day at school. And knowing its healthy is great!

  268. I love the extra vitamins in the Milo cereal to keep the bones and body fit and healthy

  269. Penny Wiltshire Reply

    Tastes great with an extra energy boost for sporty kids

  270. Nancy Santos Reply

    Packed with vitamins and minerals and the taste is fantastic, what more could I ask for? My kids go crazy over Milo!

  271. The extra energy it gives my tot to perform better throughout the day to avoid that dreaded afternoon slump!

  272. cheerie murnane Reply

    Kids love it, not just for breakfast, but as an after school snack, they like cereal when they get home, and this is the best for them and they love it. A glass of milk at bedtime with the chocolate floating on the top, they don’t want it mixed in, and that gives them all the vitamins and calcium they need.

  273. Milo cereal is almost the only thing my fussy toddler will eat at the moment so I love knowing that he is at least getting a bowl full of wholegrains, vitamins, minerals and milk for the day.

  274. I love that the Milo ceral has 25% of my son’s RDI of Vitamin D, I can send him to Daycare feeling a bit better after he’s had this.

  275. It is delicious and I know it has long lasting nutrition and energy!

  276. Pip Thomson Reply

    I love the fact that with a bowl of Milo cereal I know they’ll eat it all up and have fuel for their busy day at Little Athletics.

  277. C Thompson Reply

    My little one is always getting lost. This would be helpful accessory

  278. It tastes soo good. Gotta go the double, putting milo on the milo cereal. Amazing!

  279. My twin boys love Milo as do I! It’s the best part of my day and it is super tasty!!

  280. Milo has always been my favourite as a kid and now it’s my family’s favourite too!

  281. I like that Milo is always keeps my children happy and full. It has become a firm family favourite.

  282. Milo has been a breakfast staple in this house for too many years to remember lol!

  283. stephen elsworthy Reply

    i know its ful of chocolate but they dont eat it everyday and it it is made with wholegrains; so some good some bad! I sneek some myself every now and then because why should they get all of the fun cereal

  284. Tania Hardman Reply

    Milo Cereal makes the perfect ‘after school – pre sports’ snack!! Give the kids loads of energy to play well without ruining their dinner.

  285. I love that when I feel the need for a bit of a treat, I can steal some of the kids’ Milo cereal and know there’s some nutritional value to it!

  286. Milo Cereal is great for breakfast and an after school snack. My four children love Milo.

  287. Heidi O'Day Reply

    I love the vitamin D fortification for all those of us with kids who spend way too little time outside. A flavor the kids I feed will eat too. Good one Milo.

  288. I love that Milo cereal is just so delicious,
    A number one in our house and oh so nutritious!
    It’s not just the kids who love it but Mum and Dad too,
    The perfect tasty breakfast which we give a 5 star review!

  289. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    That it’s even better for my kids now, with added Vitamine D!!

  290. hayley murrells Reply

    The new milo cereal is a fun for the kids and got extra nutrition which keeps parents happy!

  291. Tasty and wholesome …what more could you want…. Malticious!!!!!

  292. Sonja Henderson Reply

    I love that it contains all of the goodness kids need and now vitamin D as well, not often kids will eat something healthy for them, no fights over this one

  293. Lara Haynes Reply

    Who doesn’t love Milo the Milo cereal is so tasty I usually have it at midnight for a snack kids love the taste & is so nutritious

  294. Milo is a fabulous breakfast treat when you’re on the go or are running late to school. It provides all the goodness my child needs to keep up her fitness and brain functions for a day at school or afternoon or sporting activities. It is perfect for any time of the day not just breakfast.

  295. Milo is not only a great breakfast for the kids (and big kids) but it makes a great snack as well! It can be eaten with or without milk and still tastes awesome.

  296. My 3 very active boys love everything milo! We love this cereal because
    A. They eat everything in their bowl, nothing is wasted and they have a healthy start to the day.
    B. It’s a good snack to send to school without milk.
    C. Mum and dad enjoy it too. Winning


    My son calls Milo – ‘tasty choccie brain-vroom goodies’ . He has it every morning for breakfast and again for an afternoon snack without milk!

  298. The kids love the taste (especially my picky eater) and I know that they are getting a good dose of vitamin D and calcium. A great healthy way to start their day.

  299. Michelle Ward Reply

    My kids are fair skinned and so have to be particularly careful in the sun so a Vitamin D boost is just what they need. Plus it tastes incredible and the kids eat them without any fuss. In fact they ask for more.

  300. it promotes exercise being active to kids and it’s a cereal that looks like it should be bad for you e.g chocolate yumminess but is nutritious and delicious not just the kids love it but us big kids too!

  301. I love eating Milo cereal straight out of the packet as a snack, or put a handful in a container for a snack on the go!

  302. Lisa Singh Reply

    The flavour of Milo’s chocolately cereal I can’t resist-
    It’s a part of my morning schedule that just can’t be missed!
    With calcium, protein and fibre galore-
    The best part of my morning is indulging in the Milo Protein Cluster cereal that I adore!

  303. Anything made from Milo taste good yum
    My kids love it and so do I

  304. My three munchkins can’t get enough of Milo, cos it’s simply “scrum-diddly-umptious”

  305. Cherie Cooper Reply

    Get your crunch on,
    Perfect to munch on
    For brekky or afternoon tea,
    It’s very delicious
    Decievingly nutritious
    Not just for kids, also for me!

  306. Nerys Lewis Reply

    Gives my kids a great start to the day and the much needed energy boost to start their learning.

  307. My kids love the flavour of Milo cereals and the chocolate milk at the end and I love that it is healthy and not full of sugar

  308. james pizzey Reply

    Always have have milo cereal at home when the grand children stay over knowing they love it empty bowl every time

  309. My son loves the white ones and my daughter loves the brown ones. They are happy to divvy up their milo into their favourite colour one of the only times they are happy to share their food!

  310. Rebecca Biber Reply

    The kids love the chocolatey milo taste, and it fills them for a good start to the day

  311. That the kids love it and its not a struggle at breakfast time anymore.

  312. Milo brings a smile to my little ones’ faces! Not only are Milo bars nutritious, they are delicious and are a crowdpleaser! We put the bars in the little ones lunch boxes and always comes home asking for more!

  313. Lizzy Archer Reply

    The taste – it’s exactly what I need to eat to wake me up for the day. I’m pretty sure Nestle received straight A’s in culinary perfection and went on to graduate with a PHD in delicious from the University of YES LORD!!!

  314. Seriously the taste. Wish this cereal had been around when I was a kid.

  315. Kristina S Reply

    Great breakfast or snack. We love adding it to other things like yoghurt, weetbix, ice cream or just eating dry treat after school.

  316. adrienne harries Reply

    Milo cereal is chocolate with crunch
    it satisfies the tastebuds of my bunch
    Milo the taste we know, and love to eat
    for breakfast or afternoon treat

  317. Milo has always been a great tasting cereal – its just even better now 🙂

  318. I’ve been drinking Milo since I was a kid, and will still be drinking it when I’m an old man.

  319. Fiona Safadi Reply

    The great taste of Milo that everyone loves in a breakfast packed with protein to give my kids the morning energy boost they need.

  320. Summergirl Reply

    My kids have a glass of milo with milk for breakfast and before bed,
    sometimes also as a milkshake in the afternoon. They love it.

  321. Colin Burt Reply

    Ah milo, grew up with it, milo moustache, sneaking extra spoonfuls to make super thick shakes, great drink lotsa energy after a good game of footy

  322. milo is a brand i trust, and the kids and grandkids love it. and thats half the beetle at breakfast.

  323. Milo is my favourite on top of vanilla ice cream. Can’t beat that.

  324. cheryl ellis Reply

    I love the fact it has vitamin D and it will be a great treat for my grandkids

  325. Sarahmary Sarahmary Reply

    I love that my kids love it. No more breakfast arguments before school

  326. Nicole McCrohon Reply

    My kids love milo cereal. It’s considered a “treat” for them. Great way to get them eating breakfast.

  327. That cheeky crunch that’s oh so full of nutrition and most importantly… yummy Milo goodness!

  328. I love that no child is going to claim to ‘not want’ breakfast when Milo is put in front of them!

  329. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    Not just for the kiddies..loved Milo since a child myself.

  330. Craig White Reply

    I like how cereals these days put more effort into supplementing missing nutrients than they used to.

  331. Our family loves that the new Milo Cereal is one of a kind
    With a boost of calcium, whole grains, fibre and vitamin D; deliciously entwined
    Each bowlful captivates hearts, bringing smiles all around
    Adds a spring in our step as each spoonful lets creativity and fun abound
    It helps keep little minds active, supported, fuelled up all ready to go
    Amidst the tradition and reliable family-friendliness we appreciate and know.

  332. I dont have to worry that the havent eaten breakfast. This cereal guarantees that!

  333. I love the delicious and convenient way to get breakfast in when I’m often so rushed in the morning!

  334. Not only for the kids but we love it as well. So quick and easy.
    Anything to make my morning easier 🙂

  335. Everyone in our house will get up earlier to make sure they don’t miss out on the Milo cereal 😀

  336. My son’s always loved Milo cereal & even I was super excited when DUO came out & we’re yet to taste the protein clusters. That will be on the next shopping list!! It’s such an easy & tasty way to do breakfast!!

  337. Zoe Marshall Reply

    The fact that the cereal is packed with vitamins and necessary nutrients means I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it every morning!

  338. Stefanie Kay Reply

    It tastes like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited.

  339. I love that all my kids agree on milo cereal , the added Vitamin D is a really great addition.

  340. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    I love that my son gains 25% of his dietary vitamin intake from his favourite drink. He enjoys a nutritious drink and I gain peace of mind as a Mum that he is growing healthy and happy.

  341. Eva Kiraly Reply

    I’m in the office at work all and the kids are at school, we don’t get enough Vit D so that’s why we love Milo even more!

  342. Delicious mum has to hide some for herself love Milo best invention ever

  343. It tastes delicious and uses wholegrains so its not bad for you either

  344. Jennifer Collins Reply

    It is my kids favourite cereal, we go through 2 boxes per week.

  345. Dominic Guerrera Reply

    It taste like Milo, so its a product that lives up to its name and it goes well with soy milk.

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