Ron Weasley Baby! Rupert Grint Shares Pic and Name of Baby Girl

Celebrities are popping out babies left, right and centre. One of those celebs is Ron Weasley (sorry, we mean Rupert Grint, who will forever and always be RON). Rupert Ron welcomed his daughter back in May with his partner, Georgia Groome.

You probably know her too. Georgia is the quirky teen from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I know. We’re old. So. So. Old. Georgia is now 28 and Rupert is 32, which is crazy because weren’t they 15 like 3 years ago???

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No longer school kids! Rupert and Georgia in their most famous roles. Source: Instagram

Rupert Grint baby news

Anyhoo, these two English lovers didn’t share any details of the birth except that, yes, they had a baby. No pictures, no name, no details. Because that’s how celebs roll these days.

Until now!

Rupert decided to finally join the Gram to update the world on his adorable daughter, sharing a sneaky daddy/daughter pic and revealing her name – Wednesday Grint. 

Hellooo Wednesday!

Hey Instagram….only 10 years late, but here I am. Grint on the Gram! Here to introduce you all to Wednesday G. Grint. Stay safe, Rupert.”

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Rupert Grint and baby Wednesday. Source: Instagram


Baby Wednesday looks pretty snug in her daddy’s arms and fatherhood certainly looks good on Rupert. It’s still so crazy that the ginger-haired schoolboy from Harry Potter is now a father.

Year of the daughters

Who else welcomed babies this year? So many celebs and a lot of them had little girls too! #YearoftheGirls

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove. Ed Sheeran and his misses, Cherry Seaborn also had a daughter – Lyra Antartica. 

katy perry baby news
Katy shared her baby joy with the world. Daisy Dove Bloom. Source: UNICEF/INSTAGRAM

Usain Bolt became a daddy to a daughter too – Olympia Lightning Bolt. And it was daughters X 2 for Purple Wiggle Lachy and his fiance, Dana, who welcomed twins Lulu and Lottie.

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Little Wiggles! Lulu and Lottie. Source: Instagram

Check out these celebrity babies born in 2020 and the adorable/wacky/WTF names their parents chose.


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