Who wouldn’t want to be married to Ryan Reynolds? He’s hilarious, charming, a philanthropist and not to mention, oh so hot. Lucky Blake Lively, or maybe not…

Because Reynolds is also known as the king of Twitter, trolling everyone from Hugh Jackman to his daughter and not to mention, his wife, Blake.

#nofilter on marriage

Just this week he switched his Twitter throne for Instagram to share a not-so-flattering photo of Blake on set in Dublin:

Which comes only a few months after this comedy birthday post:

Although she was probably prepared for that after last year’s effort:

At least he supports her acting career:

And he’s there for her during all the most important moments:

Like labour, for instance.

He defends her honour on social media:

Although looking at Blake’s birthday tweet in response, it looks like she can stand up for herself just fine:

Well they say all’s fair in love and war, and let’s face it, we still think she’s a pretty lucky lady.

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