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Yep, There’s a Vagina Museum and It’s a Wild Ride!

Once upon a time, a science communicator named Florence Schechter visited a museum in Iceland dedicated to the peen. Yes, ladies and gents – there’s an entire museum of penises. There’s also a Penis-themed park in South Korea too where you can picnic next to pork whistles of all shapes and sizes. 

There are penises to sit on, to play on, to ponder on. You can read scripture on penises and even listen to the penis wind chimes blowing in the breeze. It’s a great day out for the entire family.

South Korea Penis park
Penis Park has been a huge hit for years now. Source: Instagram

But what about vaginas? Where’s the love for the vajaja, people??? 

This is the question Florence asked herself and the very reason she founded the one and only Vagina Museum. 

Take a trip down vagina lane at the Vagina Museum

The goal is simple – to celebrate the vagina – with four main areas on display: anatomy, health, vulva diversity and activism.

Vagina Museum
Celebrating the vagina. Source: Instagram

According to the Vagina Museum website,

“The Vagina Museum was founded with the intention of busting the stigma of the gynaecological anatomy and be part of a societal shift from bodily shame to celebration.” 

The museum is free for everyone, which is pretty cool, and the exhibitions vary every few months. You’ll find artwork on display as well as sculptures and cliterature to peruse at your leisure. 

Past exhibitions include Entrometrisis: Into the Unknown, Muff Busters and Periods: A Brief History. 

“The gynaecological anatomy is a part of the body roughly half of all humans have, yet it is shrouded in stigma and shame.

The lack of understanding, representation and information around the vagina, vulva and whole gynaecological anatomy means that it is a taboo subject for many people. This build up of stigma leads to many negative impacts on people’s lives. We believe it is a part of the body that should be celebrated. 

Through dedication to learning, open discussion and intersectional feminism, we can make this happen. We believe all people should know that there is nothing offensive or shameful about our bodies,” the website reads. 

Hoo-Haws for sale

In addition to taking in the exhibitions, there are heaps of merch on sale as well including postcards, art prints and accessories.

Vagina Museum Gift shop
Vulva Galore! Source: Vagina Museum

There are vulva candles and vulva craft kits and clitoris cushions for your home. You can also get a Vadge Badge or visit the Vagina Museum cafe for a sweet treat like a Bleedin’ Bun. 

Vagina Museum cafe
Lots of sweet vagina-themed treats to try. Source: Instagram

While you can’t ride a vagina quite like you can at the Penis Park, there are still plenty of things to look at and learn about and, honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a museum that celebrates the Magic of the Minky, Big V Energy and feminine sexuality. It’s about damned time. 

Vagina Museum gift shop
Source: Vagina Museum

Vagina Power 

The Vagina Museum is located in London and is free for all to enjoy.  If you’re not planning a trek across the pond anytime soon, we’ve uncovered a few other vagina-related products that might tickle your fanny. 

First out of the box is the wonder that are Vagina Nails. Ready to nail the look? Simply ask for a mini clit on your index finger and you’re good to go. 

vagina nail art
Vagina Nails are a vibe. Source: Instagram


Next up we have a very specific vagina to worship – Gwynny’s fantastic fufu which is the inspo behind the best-selling Goop candle that smells just like G’s Vee. 

mum central
Gwyn’s vagina candle continues to sell out. Photo: Goop

For those who enjoy a cool bevy on a hot day, there’s a new VB to try. It’s not Victorian or Bitter, but rather Vagina Beer. Yep, someone went there. A Polish beer company to be specific. The company brewed up a batch of yeasty deliciousness made from the “essence of hot underwear models”.

vagina beer
Tap that! Vagina Beer is a thing too. Source: The Order of Yoni

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