NEW: Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop Delivers Powerful Floor Cleaning

What’s your cleaning style? Are you of the ‘do a bit everyday’ style or are you more of the ‘Saturday hour of power’ cleaning type? There’s no right or wrong answer, and, let’s face it, at some point everyone has to clean. Ugh. Good news, you can make light work of it with Sabco!

No matter HOW you like to clean, it’s safe to say Sabco KNOW not only how much cleaning matters in the family home, but they’ve also nailed how to make cleaning easier and quicker. Founded in South Australia, Sabco has a long and brilliantly successful history and celebrates being in Australian homes and helping families clean for a HUGE 130 years this year. That’s quite a milestone – and a lot of cleaning!

Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop side on
Sabco has been a staple in Aussie homes for 130 years! Source: Mum Central

Lift your cleaning game with the Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop!

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear green! More than just a mop, the Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop is an absolute cleaning superhero. And if you thought keeping your floors clean with a regular, soaking-wet mop was as good as it gets, you’re in for a REAL HOT TREAT.

Sabco makes floor cleaning easy with an awesomely impressive spin mop packed with HANDY FEATURES and TERRIFIC VALUE. The all-new Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop is stylish in design and function and is the pinnacle of mops for busy family homes that bear the brunt (and dirt) of family life.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop overhead
Presenting the glorious, all-new Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop. Source: Mum Central

Our floors are a canvas for family life

Let’s be honest, family life can be very messy in EVERY season from toddlers to teens. There are toilet training accidents, toddlers who seem to spread their food from one end of the house to the other, muddy footy bootprints and a dog who insists on splashing his water bowl every single time he drinks. We’re ALL always cleaning something – and this Sabco mop can CLEAN IT ALL (even those weird unexplained floor messes).

Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop head
Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop removes 99% of bacteria with water alone! Source: Mum Central

The Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop adjusts – so you don’t have to!

Without a doubt, one of my favourite features is the adjustable and extendable handle. FINALLY, a height-adjustable mop handle locks into place, slightly shortened to suit my (vertically challenged) height or have it at full extension so my husband can also have a turn. No excuses now, are there?

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop chrome handle
Lock the handle at your preferred height and unlock it to wring and spin. Source: Mum Central

You’ll also LOVE the simple hand-controlled wringing for greater spin and wring control. Simply release the locking lever, push the handle down to wring, then relock and mop!

The Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop gives you ultimate control with your cleaning! For heavy-duty mopping, spin the mop head 1-3 times, leaving more water in the mop head to help budge heavier dirt and grime. For lighter cleaning or more delicate flooring like timber, wring the mop around five times, leaving it just damp is perfect for a quick refresh! Its super-fast, stainless steel spinning action removes more water, resulting in drier, streak-free floors EVERY TIME.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop overhead
AMAZING hand-controlled wring speed! Source: Mum Central

Premium microfibre mop head traps it all!

Thanks to the cleaning power of the microfibre head, the Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces with water alone! AMAZING.

The premium microfibre mop head effortlessly traps dirt, hair and grime and lifts it away easily! It snaps onto the handle with a firm press of the foot and is very secure so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose as you mop. You can also adjust the handle to tilt and lock into place so you can mop at an angle or have the mop handle directly upright.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop foot
Attach the microfibre head to the mop handle with your foot. Source: Mum Central

You needn’t be worried about not being able to clean in corners either. The long and thick microfibre fibres do a brilliant job of reaching into every nook and cranny!

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop corner
No corner is safe, this generous microfibre mop head gets it all! Source: Mum Central

CLEANING TIP: Keep your mop head fresh and looking new by giving it a wash in the washing machine after you’ve mopped. But be warned, steer clear of fabric softener as this will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibre!

A game-changing bucket takes the sting out of the wring!

A bucket to put any other bucket to shame, the Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop bucket features a NEW built-in spin plate that effectively agitates the mop head in the water to rinse it clean, removing dirt and debris from the fibres so you’re not pushing them back onto the floor. Genius. It’s enough of a task picking up after the kids, no one wants to have to pick up after their mop too.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop bucket
A new built-in spin plate helps agitate the mop head to rinse it free of dirt and debris. Source: Mum Central

The spin basket will have you so impressed it will leave you in an actual spin. Made from quality stainless steel, it makes light work of wringing the mop, literally taking the sting out of the wring! Not only that, you can easily remove the spin basket for cleaning or if you want to use the bucket for another cleaning task – it has its own handle for easy removal.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop spin bucket
The stainless steel spin basket wrings the mop with ease. Source: Mum Central

And when you’re all done cleaning floors you can forget having to wrestle with tipping a bucket of water into the sink or over the garden. Sabco will be saving many backs with the clever water release plug. Now you can do heavy-duty cleaning without any heavy-duty lifting. Simply pull the rubber plug out, release the water on the grass and then push it back in.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop drain plug
NO SPLASHING! Tip water out easily with the water release plug. Source: Mum Central

Buy your Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop TODAY

Ready to hit the shops and try Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop for yourself? You can’t miss this box on the shelf, the new version has a bold new-look green and gold box, with Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop, clearly marked on the packaging. It’s easy to spot!

Everything you need is in the box too – the game-changing bucket, mop handle, mop fibre head and you even get a BONUS mop head refill,lolso there’s no need to ‘tools down’ while you wait for your mop head to be washed clean. BOOM.

Sabco Supa Dry Gen2 Spin Mop box
Look for the new-look Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop box on the shelf! Source: Mum Central

Ready to take this mop for a spin and blitz the mopping chore? Head to Bunnings to pick up a Sabco SupaDry Gen2 Spin Mop, for just RRP$49 at Bunnings stores Australia-wide, today!

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