We  know it can be confusing to keep up with the latest in safe sleeping practices.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at SIDS & Kids SA to help you understand current safe sleeping guidelines, ensuring your little one is safe and avoid heartache.

While it’s nice to have gorgeous frilly bumpers, soft toys and pretties in our children’s cots, their purpose is to sleep your little one safely, without risk of harm.

You might think it’ll never happen to me, but it does … to well meaning parents just like you.  Avoid the heartache and tragedy by adhering to the current safe sleeping guidelines and avoid ALL risks in your baby’s cot/basinette by eliminating ALL of the risks below.

Some things that you should not see in and around a baby’s cot:

  • Pillows (safer to wait until child starts to sleep in a bed before introducing a pillow or other soft bedding)
  • Quilts/doonas (as above)
  • Cot bumpers (never)
  • Lambswools (never)
  • Soft toys (not recommended under 7 months of age). If used after 7 months of age allow 1 small soft toy, not lots!
  • Blankees (pieces of material/cloth with or without toy attached) not at any age
  • Dummy chains (risk of wrapping around neck or another body part such as arm/leg or if a beaded one risk of it breaking and the beads becoming loose)
  • Hooded infant sleeping bags/baby’s wearing bonnets/hats/beanies (risk of over heating)
  • Sleep positioners/Positional devices (can be dangerous and also impeded baby’s natural development)
  • Tilted/elevated mattress or cot (baby can slip down the mattress)
  • Hanging cords/string (e.g. from blinds/curtains)
  • Cords (e.g. from electrical devices/lamps)
  • Hanging netting (once baby is able to reach up)
  • Decorative mobiles (once baby is able to reach up)
  • Heaters/electrical devices (can cause over heating/burns)

Take a look at the illustration below and be sure to share with grandparents and carers to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest safe sleeping practices.


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        Keep vaccinating your kids & keep drinking the fluoridated water & keep eating the GMOs & Keep buying into the Big Pharma/Govt propaganda! Maybe if you actually did some real research you might WAKE UP! but you are too scared to do any real research because you know the truth is out there, but you don’t want to live in the light of the truth , you would rather live in darkness. Good luck sheep

        • Jan Plummer Reply

          And you keep on ignoring every reputable Doctor and Scientist who states that vaccinating against diseases is safe. You keep on allowing your children to get and spread preventable communicable diseases that can leave them with permanent disabilities or dead. You keep on reading those conspiracy websites and wearing that tin foil hat.

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